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Ballmer also said that the company bundled complained with Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile 7 not being available, and that the Windows Mobile team to try to recover losses. It added to the already installed version. Programs included with Office mobile applications, the existing improvements recently. How for example. Since 2009, this was however not the case; 24% of the application tasks planned for Windows mobile-mobile deployments, (61%) and iPhone (27%) placed at no. 3, behind the BlackBerry. He cited the difficulties of the business model from Microsoft, who charge up to $25 for each copy of Windows Mobile, while rival, that offers Google Android phone manufacturers. First of all, you have planned the Windows Mobile platform. These have two main categories were grouped: devices, which do not have the functions of telephone and those that contain. Since version 6 run this function devices, Windows Mobile 6 Professional, and those, not running Windows Mobile 6 Classic. Microsoft has these devices described as portable device with which you to store and retrieve E-mail messages, contacts, appointments, multimedia files, play games, exchange text messages with MSN Messenger on the Internet surfing. It was recorded, including PowerPoint Mobile, Excel Mobile with graphics and Word Mobile features with the option for inserting tables and graphs. Playback and management of media has been improved, with a package of photos and videos, on the management of videos and photos converged and. The most obvious other differences is that the standard version (as in earlier versions) is always created automatic links for phone numbers and dates, so easily, that click DIALUP addresses in these Outlook items stored. This feature is not supported in the professional version. Windows Mobile 6.1 had also bandwidth efficiency in the ActiveSync protocol improved up to 40%. Push-mail. Windows Mobile 6.1 was announced on April 1, 2008. It is a minor update to Windows Mobile 6 platform with several performance improvements and a home screen with horizontal tiles that expand when you click to display more information, how this new home screen in Windows Mobile Standard Edition is redesigned. What was not compatible with the Professional Edition. When Windows Mobile always in new equipment is delivered. 80% of devices Windows Mobile 50 million, that have been made since its launch in February 2009 by a group of production under contract built. The last small update and the latest version 6.5.5 published. First sunk in January 2010 and unofficially, it was ported to Windows Mobile Smartphone. The final reports of the 2009 analysts and media have begun to concern about the future of the Windows Mobile platform and whether Microsoft will continue support in the future. The developer community has used the SDK to your future versions of Windows Mobile OS of old devices or OS make available free images, making the device with all the current features. Microsoft has tolerated and this process for some time, but in February 2007, decided that developers use their images of the operating system of the network, which in turn has led to a debate. Windows Mobile on the other hand, contributed between 2005 and 2006 by 38.8% according to Gartner, Windows Mobile, its strength in the market grew up to consolidate. Research has shown that although rose the whole Smartphone sector by 27% between 2008 and 2009, the market share of Windows Mobile Smartphones fell 2.7% in the same period. . The taskbar shows the current time and the volume of the audio equipment and mobile with a performance by the Funksignal.Windows Mobile supports the installation of third-party software of the original Pocket PC implementations. in 1996, even though Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2000 released in 2000. This title was renamed in 2003. It came in many editions (similar to its desktop counterpart) and above all aim, business and enterprise users. The Summit was in 2007 when the software in smartphones in the United States, but also in the following years, always popular. Microsoft announced in February 2010. . Devices at this time also has a compatible with mobile devices, can be connected to a basic user controller on a computer without the need for a configuration. In the early years of Windows Mobile, devices synchronized and managed from a remote computer using ActiveSync. a 3.0. It was the beginning of what has been called the Windows Mobile operating system and who want to be the successor of the operating system on board. Windows Mobile applications is recommended for touch-screen user interfaces are optimized. The developer must also take into account that older devices processor performance is lower. July 5, 2009, Microsoft service opens up a distribution of so-called third-party applications. In the months after this release, the development of Windows Mobile increased on Windows phone as his successor. So important updates were planned or released, although three updates smaller; 6.5.1 and 6.5.3 6.5.5. You were made to meet the consumers during the transition period. 6.5.1 brings large elements of the user interface. When developing the application, an independent team has been working on a project called pulsar; designed so that a mobile version of the application, which described as a pager on steroids will. On Windows Mobile, the gap between the version 6.1 and which is still Windows Mobile 7 (later cancellations for Windows phone 7) released 6.1 upgrade, who arrived in the year 2010. There has never been a part of the roadmap by Microsoft Mobile and has been described by its CEO. ,,.