Before taking action, until it is possible to avoid loss of chance. If the start in childhood, you have on the life of his son. Childhood is the time where they develop social skills with regard to the challenges of youth and adulthood. Children often suffer from SAD do not develop appropriate social behaviors. How the children with the disease can develop design-a life based on Dodge and used social fears. What are the sad results in the long term if left untreated? Disorder social anxiety can have devastating effects on their personal relationships, career success, financial independence and education. It often leads to a kind of isolated life and subsequent depression or drug abuse. While screening tools are very useful in the identification of potential problems with social anxiety disorder, nothing replaces a maintenance complete diagnosis by a mental health professional. Your doctor will be able to get a full assessment, or makes reference to another doctor with more experience in the diagnosis of the disease. Shyness and social phobia share many characteristics. If it had the feeling of life as if you are a shy person, how do you know if it's something more serious? Or, if concerned parents wondering if your child afraid to foreigners or not new friends at school. In both cases as you know, this is a serious problem. . In general the primary symptoms that distinguish the timidity of the SAD are in a person's life the intensity of fear, evasion and operational problems. People with SAD spread not only feel adheres nervous before a speech. You can do the speech for weeks or months in advance, for fear of losing sleep and have intense symptoms of anxiety during the situation feared as an accelerated heart, shortness of breathing, sweating or shaking breath. Symptoms, regressions advance but often making the situation worse. The person with SAD recognize that their fears are groundless, but it is still able to control them. Start taking your child to a doctor (for example, a pediatrician or family doctor) and describe the needs of his son and ’ to situations that cause anxiety. Your doctor may check for health problems. Your doctor can also help connect with psychologists or social workers. You can snowshoe in children and an easy target for a bully, like a lot of young people with social anxiety disorder, because it can contribute to social anxiety disorder: Genetics: some children are born with a temper or the tendency to be timid and apprehensive. A child is more including the social anxiety disorder, to be afraid, if the family members have had problems with anxiety.Life events: children or young people may be shy or anxious in social situations if it: many of us feel shy at one time or another. And some cultures shy value more than others. Feels shy sometimes is no problem ’. In fact, quite ’ ‘ shyness in many situations prevent us, things may be embarrassing for ourselves or others to do. But the feeling is sometimes more timid social anxiety. It is fear that bothers enjoy school, friends and the pleasure to participate in the activities. Children and young persons disorders social anxiety trying to avoid (or bear with agony) social, such as situations.:. Is understanding and support, a child or a teenager who strive ’ isn t easy. Here is ’, how you can help: 1 set of t Don ’ blame game ’ ‘. Don ’ t accuse if you or your child's problems, won social anxiety ’ t. help instead to focus their energy to try to improve things. “ Ask yourself, what can I do to help my child? ” 2. Let your child, their fears to do. It is of course wanting to, the protection of children and minors, things that concern them. And it is difficult to help your child through these feelings at work. But do even worse, because the child loses the you the chance which must raise the skills and friends keep situations that complicate the wishing to avoid child. 3. all the feelings are acceptable. This is for parents who want to change the feelings of their children of course la ’ a child is sad or worried. But what about things like: “ Don ’ t be sad, there's nothing the ’ be sad! ” said that the child that his feelings are wrong. So, your child can keep their feelings inside. Encourage your child to say how you feel, if you have a little privacy. 4. in the startup you don success t. ’ try it! Children and adolescents with anxiety usually try things to avoid, the challenge and focus on them. In seeking your child in certain situations. A consultant can work with your child to understand what the problems are on the way. The consultant helps the child to solve problems. This includes children discovered step by step and what they fear, until she is no longer afraid. A Advisor place step by step, stuff, simple and works up until things are too heavy. For example, if your child is to speak of fear with teachers, the plan could be a:. Because children with social anxiety disorder avoid social situations, are not the same ’ are looking for the opportunity to learn, friendships, help, or invite someone with that play. A consultant can teach your child the rules ’ and ‘ stages, to connect with others in a positive way. Disorder of anxiety social (social phobia known) is a problem for children and young people, which makes them very anxious or worried in many day-to-day situations. Studies show that these Erkrankung.Kinder and young people with social anxiety disorder may 20 young 1 to get very concerned. ’ Do not have the opportunity to learn, as in social situations (e.g. If the parents for their dealing with these situations is protected). Many children and young people with social anxiety feel that he left to try and not good for anything. Advisor can children learn to think differently and positively to yourself and others. Although it can be very scary for children or adolescents, need to learn with other skills to make and friends. It may be helpful: 1 programme with other parents and children. But you are not too ’ at the same time. There are many people at the same time, or too many group activities can be very stressful for your child. 2 but not both ask for your child or your teenager. Start with something simple, like a movie or a computer game with another piece of child or young person, if they are nearby. If it works well, is something, more talk, like a a deck of cards or a table. You have something ‘ do ’ contributes to the pressure to talk. Work not with more children, or those who ’ many rules, incorrect ’ ‘ games, or just go ’ ‘. Try not to take. Because anxious children is difficult, social, parents sometimes speakers and management a little too much things. This eliminates the possibility that children learn to manage their social life. Help your child to plan and solve problems through questions and gentle suggestions. The anxiety is so serious that the Council is not possible (if the child is afraid to speak with the Director). ,,.