Shyness and social phobia have several things in common. If you have passed the life feeling as if you are a shy person, how do you know if it's something more serious? Or, if a concerned parent to do questions themselves perhaps, if your child has a fear of foreigners or new friends at school. In both cases, as you know that this is a serious problem? You act before, until it is possible to avoid the loss of opportunity. When the childhood-onset, can release your child to participate. Childhood is the time where to develop social skills, the challenges of adolescence and adulthood. Children often suffer from SAD do not develop appropriate social behaviors. How can children with the disorder grow accustomed to that design, a life of fugitive and social fears. What are the sad results in the long run if it is not? Social anxiety disorder have devastating effects on relationships, career success, financial independence and education. It often leads to a style of isolated life and subsequent depression or drug abuse. For the majority of people (studies show that around 70 per cent) SAD can be treated successfully. Therefore, it is regrettable that people wait so long or never get help if this disorder is very sensitive to the treatment. While screening tools are very useful in the identification of potential problems of social anxiety disorder, there is no complete substitute for a diagnostic interview by a mental health professional. Your doctor will be able to perform an inventory or referred to another physician in the diagnosis of the illness experience. . The main symptoms are generally the shyness of SAD vary, the intensity of the fear, the amount of tax evasion and change the operation that causes in a person's life. People with SAD widespread nervous not just before giving a speech. Keep it for weeks or months of anticipation, sleep disorders have been crushed for fear of losing and intense symptoms of anxiety about the situation, as a palpitations, shortness of breath feared breath, sweating, or concern. Usually, the symptoms return, but worsen the course of the situation. The person with SAD occurs is that their fears are unfounded, but is still in a position to control them. ,,.