Great article and a good initial consultation. Tell us about your homework and talk intelligently during the interview, the two are critical. But, my experience is a round a long with the agency requests is an important step and a large part of it is important all tasks. I believe that in this way that you can understand what you need them can fill the current problems in the Department, and really shows in a chip, while you are ready. The image that you present is one of the most important elements in all the arrangements to take into account the fact that beams in your oral interview police.Present a more positive image is one that shows the characteristics of the character, which generally considered positive. It is a safe way to What Is Police Oral Board Interview make an impression winner has decided to bring a powerful combination of positive they bring images to your interview, this goes a little more to your goal is – a Polizist.Was is always a good positive would be the elements of the image IMAGESome in the result of the interview: – recognition for the occasion, the position of interview. – enthusiasm for the work. Their interests must be informed and safe. – empathy for others and show understanding of the role sympathy plays in the work of the police. – confidence in yourself and your abilities. Feel good about your beliefs and show their confidence in the capabilities of the other.Practical application of these elements of image for all make every encounter with another person, and soon a part of you is natural and – for their social interactions – loans to other nature and social competence.The number of significant actions DOA strictly under its control for the best chance of success in his interview: don't be too late! Your destination to arrive at least 20 minutes before the scheduled Interview.Sie enters the room, smiles, head and interview with Haltung.Auge excellent reach with each interviewer and speak – give a handshake – if the courtesy is offered.Wait, sit, then sit, if invited to smile and say thank you ’.Allow that the interviewers start talking.Gossip must respond with a punishment appropriate, friendly police service not. Yes, Sir, – Sir, Yes, but I'm not ’, but ’ am – cuts and they say it's Punkt.Was the interview, a positive image, which should set out so far are not given reality of depth and talk with working power begins with comments. The possibility to present their ideas in a clear and concise manner is an important factor for success in your Interview.Um to achieve successful communication, you should check what you say.Do your homework and be prepared to respond intelligently.Take your time – think before you speak. Control, as you say.Their emotional attitude should remain moderate.Your tone of voice to convey trust.The intervention model must relax and be natural.Posture should be composed, attentive and proactive. Sergeant (retired) George Godoy is a 22 year veteran of the Denver, Colorado police. In the last five years of his law enforcement career was a recruiter and police to establish the police investigator. Its tasks include the verification of applicants for police, administration of oral Board interviews, written tests and fill background involved police.George is the founder of the learning system review 911 police for police applicants. Police process Cadet Council, psychiatry, through application, polygraph and written examinations using digital technology and video streaming, testing. Examination of police 911 played a decisive role, his dream for a policeman of hundreds of police candidates details:-visit. Frankly, all cases are plants and twist, which goes hand in hand with a person, you can't go but you may not show every emotion say back to the gas station. It is not as difficult as you think to this Panel interview. Yes, there are some fundamental questions of the situation, but if you read what questions are asked, you should be good. I suggest to obtain a preparation for a job interview guide to preparing for the interview. I used the suggestions here and find the interview in this book of police. All but one of them cursed and gave me 5 or 6 of them. I think what has helped me, he has confidence in my answers and my decisions to defend. Swimwear for men. It is really successful for the interview and it also has two of the three investigators laugh, but this does not necessarily mean that I wanted to be rented. The interview is only half the battle. I do not put, but you can not, you try to stop me again. Don't be discouraged if you do not have to keep trying it. your organization with the best candidate for the job. I think it is a much better policy than trying to memorize the General questions of the interview. Only the experiences and conversations bring first-hand answers with the current staff of the Control Panel. Yes, there are some fundamental questions of the situation, but if you read what questions are asked, you should be good. ,,.