Now, the key word here is ’ m “ perfect. ” just because I Don t “ power ’ ” in addition to the range of 10-12 Rep ’ not say that mai is able to increase the power of 10-12 repetitions of an exercise. The ’ is not at all true.In fact, each Rep range shows can a number of results of strength and muscle to produce. However, representatives of the most ideal choice for your specific needs, by ’ one for the best results, you want to.And if you ’ ri questions because there is no perfect area representative for “ sound ” or “ ” or “ definition ” grease or something similar, ’ training page really s metabolic (a topic for another day), does not exist.All high representatives “ makes ringtones/defined/ripped/lean/etc ” concept is a pure lie. I cover this Weight Lifting Fast Reps in more detail in my post. Samples very quickly in the middle that is it really seems more ideal for muscle strengthening (moderate intensity) and on what to improve the shape of your body (not executed). If your main objective is to increase the power, then you should especially in the lower range (between 1 to 8 reps per set)-Rep and then train with more intensity. Determine, you know how much weight to LiftOnce many of ’ make an operating system, you need the following to find out how many pounds, which should increase each at the end of the year on this ideal Rep range. Explains here how to do it:. Recruitment of muscle fibers, etc).This leads to an important question: which strength training intensity for your aim is better suited?Or, to set an other passers by, how many representatives need an operating system? Let s learn … ’. Weight training intensity is raised mainly is how much weight and heavy or light, which weighs within a certain period of time.This is a light weight/easy for you, more intensity. That harder calculated for you, more heavy and Eastern intensity Gewicht. Und this intensity usually of one thing: how many representatives ’ taken to the System. Proben (abbreviation for “ repeat ”) are the number of times to move weight from point a to point B in a set of an exercise. The most representative can make the lighter weight. More weight less reps, ’ are able to raise.Sure, I know. But as you can see, repetitions and intensity of hand most of the time. That means …. Well, you know, how many representatives system is ideal for your goal, what follows, you have to know, how many total representatives, games and exercises, training, should do per week, for each muscle group. Let s learn … ’. Before leaving the topic of weight training intensity, there is no ’ is actually two other questions/topics that are directly concerned, which is why representative area you end up with. They are:. So, if the intensity and discover how many representatives are the most of system here accepted recommendations based on the findings of science and the real world of …. If your main goal is to build muscle (or something that relates to improving the appearance of your body) to form therefore mostly representatives of moderately (between 5 and 12 repetitions per set) and then with an average intensity. ,,.