This article will help you with half a dozen examples of the spirit. “ Family and friends, today is one of the most beautiful days of life (bride) and (groom). It is also important for me to be because he wants to not only his brother, but also one of his closest friends showed me his best man (husband).Several years ago, I remember that I asked my mother, why people get married. It seemed a burden and why someone would want to give up their personal freedom. It was agreed that marriage entails a change in lifestyle and give you more than you, but there is a reason why we invite. Marriage is sharing. My mother said that the world full laugh out loud, sunsets and understanding people. But experience everything this world has to offer, you need to share, you love this moment with someone. Benefit is the day a different way to say 'release' your day. When I look at my brother, I see that not by what is an ideal husband (married) be. Wait you brothers of the other be jealous, to fighting for attention and common knowledge. But knew nothing of them with (groom) because a person can easily I know the generous. He is generous with his time, his money - especially good with their time. It is white and (wedding) but less selfish I and they have thousands of delicate moments, to share the rest of their lives.Today, it is also a day to cause so many memories, that I in the course of the years with (married) together. So if you see me, you know the smile I remember something funny or said some of the things we have done. (You can add a story here). But today they are more about the shaping of the future rather than to dust off the history books they.When I see (husband) and (wife) and it seemed to me that the future looks promising out indeed. The manner in which is the hair brushes; the way to the ensure that not anything heavy lifting; in order to ensure that they meet with their eyes, if we enjoy a family meal - examples of love (wedding) (the girlfriend). can you blame him? I am delighted to welcome (bride) in my family as my sister. (Married), but is much nicer, but also the exact person (friend). It contains so that I thought that her family she recorded. He said his dreams and considering renewed a force, to follow their dreams. (Groom) the same has the 1920s when (Marie) and look at the pictures of the wedding, you will see done for them and their Träume.In some lovely ladies (the bride) and a married woman. (The groom) told me that these ladies were all you need to be bridesmaids. I could not agree more. The smiling person in these photos, I'm proud that my brother has found the love of his life at a glance.Thank you very much. — — — — ” — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — – I ’ now talk briefly this talk delivered by his brother as a sponsor at the wedding. Keep in mind, first, that the brother publicly told his relationship with spouse. Don't ’ assume that your audience knows that you of the husband's brother. Secondly, please keep in mind that there is no space for a short story. Often you will find ’ don't have ’ long to count the funny stories of your brother. In fact, more often than not, you have just to tell a story. Most of the men prepared to overestimate a speech of his brother because she how much needed equipment age.If you want to learn more. He writes that a talk of marriage for your brother should be not a difficult task. One of the first things that you can do well is to read an example of wedding speech that was a brother, the godfather of a wedding. Will probably everyone is talking half model or a discourse of the sample from one written and the writer simply fit the Rede.Wenn try to write one,.