Example 1Excuse all talk to me. I have ’ I want about my best friend Jennifer and her new husband mark briefly. me ’ ’, since we young people were seen girlfriend Jennifer. Don't forget dress up play and dream of weddings, we would do when we grew up. Me ’ of course, that the marriage, which took place today goes far beyond the dreams of childhood as Jennifer on your big day!Jennifer is one of the most loving, responsible and kind of ’ beat the view. She has a great sense of humor and a strong — spirit Lookout, mark! Seriously, however, could not ’ be happy to honor my best friend on your wedding day.Jennifer and Marc, I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. Blessed are to celebrate their love in this beautiful day. I know it gives you many years of happiness, love and solidarity to the fore for Sie.Lassen this ’ all lift their glasses, Jennifer and mark and I wish of love and happiness for a lifetime!2Good try night speech, everyone! I have ’ I would like to propose a toast to the bride and groom. Jennifer, his best friend, could not ’ t love this day with you to celebrate. ’ You it's always there for me over the years, and now, I am honored, today your side.As Jennifer until now, mark began, I realized that their relationship would be something casual. Immediately knew he had something special, what we want for us — true Liebe.Mark, I know the love and care for Jennifer, for the rest of his life. ’ I wish I could t by a groom for my best friend!In the spirit of love and unity, the ’ is a toast the bride and groom and I wish you all the happiness you deserve!Looking for more help with your maid of honor wedding speech. Your best friend is getting married and she's a bridesmaid! Examples of sad expression that can match. Speech examples for bridesmaid is a different style, so you can choose which suits you. Find hundreds of wedding dresses, the perfect style for your big day. The list of every style, online and offline, you can get similar resources, dresses, for all areas of the budget. ,,.