If you're the first speaker of the reception will be held, I'd like to thank you from the command prompt and the ceremony at all. You can talk about humor used here. It is up to you to keep it long or short. In addition, you can compare and a wonderful best man speech, who is the father of the groom to invade. And if you try to pick up. With some guidelines will help your speech, the tone of the speech. It is difficult to get the right emotion and humor are the men (usually) not so emotionally in public, but the father of the groom speech should receive, hot and fun. When starting your father married to welcome all speech, then sees with humor from the childhood of his small son antidote that everyone the flavor of your son. Ending his speech with humor advice ensures the married life, his father talk about marie round of applause. Now, if the father of the groom, the best man to do, then he wants to search for information. [The groom traditionally elects a friend of him as the best man. It is often a brother or a cousin of the bridegroom, it was chosen as the best man. But sometimes, in the absence of the brothers, cousins or friends convenient father of the groom has a role, the godfather. Despite the obvious similarities, this article is not the best in speaks of the father of the groom, but it turns out that the father of the groom wedding speech. Married to his son, then and now is the time in which his father, husband and no knows what to say or how to speak, you should be. With the impending marriage better prepare at least two of them to be sure. The first groom speech his father arrives more quickly that you think and need time to practice, first of all to say. His first, which is not in the birds and the bees hope. Traditionally, it was the work of his father - to give advice was one of the most beautiful wedding gifts that his son may be the father. A few days before the wedding will be the father with his son in the study and give their opinion. Today, most likely is that your son give marriage advice. So you can at sea off-hook in this speech. But there's more to treat. His first public speech as the father of the groom are proof of the dinner. This time, it is easy, because it is usually a bargain, even if it is a gala dinner. Here, thanks to the guests, married with valet parking and service on a more personal front bridesmaid. We'd like to thank the parents of the bride, for everything he has done and his beautiful daughter. Dinner is now people, champion and never with the marriage in a place that has contributed to thank and give her a small gift for his help. And of course good food and sleep a good night before the actual wedding. His speech to delivered as the father of the groom at the reception. It is also controversial, but some say that the father of the groom who makes more than speech before. But others say that the father of the bride is the first speech. According to the tradition followed by his family. The family of the bride to his piece of nothing to say, but if it were to give his speech of welcome. The father of the groom in the discourse of reception is a little more formal, once again, is based on the traditions that follow. Some parents take this opportunity to give a long history, which covers the life of children from birth this day there. Do not attempt this type of speech use in what if his father was married to speech, write the following as a guide:,,.