The following models are designed for use in Excel and OpenOffice. Are the same format, calendar, to print the listed above. Templates on the design, which allows to change the color and other changes, see calendar our. Edit you and print their own calendar for 2014 by using our new 2014 for Excel calendar template collection. These calendars are ideal for families, clubs, and other organizations. There is also a selection of 2014 printable calendar in PDF format and images of the calendar year 2014, which can be integrated on your website or in other documents. Print easy ready-made calendars. We have a variety of monthly and yearly calendars in PDF format, so you can download, print out without the risk of confusion. It is our original calendar for Excel template. Each month will be on a separate sheet and annual calendar is included in the list of major events. . Each month Vertex42 Printable Calendar 2014 on a separate tab and the program includes many parties and celebrations are common. It is based on our original. Little calendar to create. . With these pages, it doesn't cost anything to the calendar template download. Pictures of model-top box description of the calendar, click Download. This will download a ZIP file with the name of photo Calendario - models. Check your computer to the location of the zip file download to find. When you open the zip file, it shows an overview of the models for calendar 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Each of these files are in Microsoft Excel format. If you want to extract all of the files, choose Extract all files in the folder window, or double-click on the single template that you want to open. Calendar can advertise on websites to events, get user or other important features will be useful. Add a calendar to Drupal, Ridge, double-click the desired template that is open in Microsoft Excel. You see a blank calendar with celebrations and a space to insert a picture. At the bottom of the worksheet, you will see 12 stones, associated with each month of the year. Each of these tabs is a printable calendar page. To insert images in your calendar, before you delete photos from the work area and then a picture Insert drop file via the Insert menu at the top of the Excel window. 12 calendar, you can repeat this procedure for each page. Add additional holidays, birthdays and special events, click the arrow in the date in the calendar box, and type the text. ,,.