A data view by using a series of images of the symbol, an image is a number. The following Gets the same data used by the histogram example, but uses images of apples, with a full range of 5 eaten apples. Pictograms can be a good way, information and are easy to create for its display in Excel. Creates can a bar graph or a chart and change the columns or beams merge options. Shows a histogram in Excel only a plot of Gantt bars in the form of columns. On the other hand, are tags or categories on the left below. The following example shows, how to create a histogram the data table shows the number of eating apples in a given month. In the example above, it is easy to see that the sausage was the favorite. It is also easy to understand, which peppers meet the same number of votes as all the others. It would be easy to see if they were only in the numbers on the table. A problem with a graph, is that you can pick up a lot of space to show only a bit of information.Another serious problem with graphics makes comparisons between many different things, and especially if you have a lot of small segments. Excel bar graph, some parts in a table separate bars stacked in the breeze of the following example offers his help. They have a hard time to compare the size of the areas if it closes quite large. But it is even more difficult when the forms are. If you tried the sausages and bacon in the previous example to compare (without using the data table), can be a bad result end can say why? Is it part of a Bacon sausage more or less? Probably not without the numbers to help you. In fact, the sausage has received 3 votes and Bacon only 2. It turns out that you can compare the dimensions of the rectangles in the stacked bar chart. The dimensions of the rectangles is not comparable to the size of the segments of cake, not only because of the difficulty of comparing the rectangles and slices of cake, but also because the area total of the stacking bar chart the entire section is identical, it is. Diagrams are used to make information clearer and easier to understand. Pay thousands is a good image. The new is more common that people see the graphics. Graphics of all editors of media time see the and explain important trends for things such as the weather, the price of gas, the crime rate or who wins the elections and in what quantities. Tables and graphs are also crucial for engineers, scientists and the use of financial analysts can display large amounts of information, make better decisions and to communicate their findings with others.There are good reasons, create diagrams to learn how to recognize it, but there are also some useful tools that all should learn at a time, for example in Excel. The purpose of this article is to highlight some common types of graphs and tables that can be created with Excel explain when each type can be used and provide a wealth of resources for learning and teaching in the charts. You must distinguish the coordinate system and then move only the y-coordinate of the point X to find the coordinate and and draw a point up or down. Create a scatter plot in Excel, first create a simple table with a column indicates the coordinates X and and coordinates column, select the data in the table add and then select a menu for the scatter chart. This type of picture in the area is based on time (year of the same survey offered), but Vertex42 Org Chart not really, because the class this year remains unchanged. It is a case where it should be, therefore, the chart is displayed as a stacked column chart (see below), results that represent discrete events. The graph and the table of user data is essentially the same. All you have to do is change the chart type. A graph is a pie chart is used where the pastel exhibition represent a percentage of the total. For example, if you took you a survey of the students in the class and asked each for your favorite pizza, you can do a camembert, the results, which show what the spices more votes. Each triangle is a different Association in this case. The triangle with the largest surface would be the seal that would have received the largest number of votes in the sauce, which received the least represented by triangles votes. A picture in the area or a panel diagram combines some features of the line with the characteristics of bar charts. It appears as a line chart with shadows under the dashboard. Sometimes, shaded to add meaning to a line chart. For example, if a line graph represents the height of the water in a tank over time, shadow could make the area below the line diagram look how real increase of floating and falling.Stacked area and stacked column charts provide a way to compare ratios or differences in time or between different positions or groups of people. The height of each section and an overall height of all the areas can change over time. If a series of graphics, which had the same elements compared to the month, may appear all this information in a single area table. Suppose that a professor is offered even pizza at the head of the survey in one of their courses for a period of 10 years. You can display this information in a graph in areas like the image below. There are many different types of charts and graphs, as well as many other changes in the types mentioned above. But need advanced knowledge of mathematics, statistics and science the more advanced types of diagrams, graphs and diagrams. Some of the names of other types of graphics (but certainly not all): conspiracies and other three-dimensional graphics graphics bubble, sailboards, radar plots plots of forests, glyph plots, surface. ,,.