Download printable calendar for 2014 and 2015, in a variety of different colors and sizes. My free printable calendars are available in PDF format that you can print office or school, at home, on your computer. Would you like a calendar that you can change and customize, locate the Vertex42 to 2014 for the Excel template calendar! He is the original monthly. The calendar on this Vertex42 2011 Calendar page are our sole. Check out some of our other calendars, agendas and schedules at:. -This page has multiple calendars that can be printed for free. Some are in PDF format, and others are html. Unless otherwise noted, all files below are for 12 calendar months with one month per page. Click here for a printable calendar of 2014 or 2015 in the year after the special class. The 'empty' calendars without holidays comfortably. Version: Template Excel calendar 1.4.2 ProsI are partly due to the offer of this company, Vertex42, different after using creations of the worksheet of this person (a large sheet also has time for the resolution of the computer, which can be changed). This calendar is just quotes and elegant, simple events, ConsNone, accounts payable, etc., for my purposes. We recommend SummaryHighly a template or software of this company. Very generous in sharing all these creations. There are many systems complex is really difficult digital calendar, not follow, business contacts, dates for the dog helps the preparation to find a simple and antique printable calendar. This simple template of Excel calendar provides a solution, however.This free template to use from Microsoft Excel. However, its interface is like a spreadsheet. After the elections of the year, a large, easy-to-see, read that it must show a calendar. Each month is available for viewing by clicking on the tabs at the bottom, but also a summary of the year. Every day you have plenty of space to write a note and festivities that are already marked. In addition, users can create using color correction tool in Excel, a simple calendar to your liking.We recommend this model for anyone looking for an easy way to print the calendar year and hang the months in printed form. Looking for other features, notifications and reminders, that you should skip this worksheet template. This Excel calendar template free, you can quickly and easily create and print a monthly calendar, select only a year and a month. You also have a color scheme for your calendar using the form controls. Use the books calendar 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 ready to add events and parties, planning, design, and planning. Version 1.4.2 includes calendars for 2013 and 2014, as well as additional holidays and religious observances. ,,.