Chronic urticaria is a form of hives, still won posted or simply ’ ' t seem to disappear. It can be caused by an allergic reaction to something ’ you put in your body or in your body. Sometimes it is difficult to ’ understand exactly what caused these hives. You may be relieved to know that there are several methods for hives, a condition to heal, the medical experts “ hives. ” symptoms include a rash of flight of the skin in the area affected hot body feeling irritable and develop raised welts. Chronic idiopathic, better known as aquagenic urticaria, urticaria is a physical reaction, normally by interaction with irritants and allergens triggered. Here are some of the more effective than many treatments for hives relief. 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The itch is worse at night. Urticaria is composed of hills isolated are rather painful offer & touch; later, I am angry or purple. A slight fever & skin there is heat, it accompanies urticaria. Burns as a solid competitor in anasarca Arnie Schmerzen. Generalisierte. Change the climate, heat, exercise burns annoying cause, pruritus and urticaria. The rash is worse when it is cold and fever. Sometimes accompanied by urticaria Probleme.An Strumous Constitution adapted asthma; Enlarged glands, hardened; Cancer Escirroso or open. Women, especially widows; Children, falling awkwardly and leave things usually carefully when its use has become.ALBUMArsenic offset arsenic burning hives and agitation. It is also useful for the persistence of allegations during the recession of the hives. Urticaria may occur after eating seafood. The rash is worse, bathing on the banks of the sea and the beach.Great prostration, with rapid sinking of the vital forces; Fainting. The format is: a. depression, melancholy, despair, indifferent b. Anxious, fearful, restless, full of anguish. c. Irritable, sensitive, weeping, a little irritated.Suffering, anxiety, agitation and fear of death. Disturbed mentally, but physically too weak to move. Characterized by the deterioration of its frequency and time: after midnight, 1 and their intense, physical and mental anxiety: fear and Niederwerfungen. BOVISTAThe puffball hives cover almost the entire body. Burn the hotness of a type, not scratching relieves and is available at night. Urticaria caused by tar: itching is worse, still hot. Hives with tendency to diarrhea. Each stool is followed by tenesmus. Other hives symptoms accompanying bad gums. Inflammation of the eyes, bleeding, and several symptoms. people who suffer from mental, dry or humid tettery eruptions. Customize the girl with heart palpitations. Children of stuttering. Flow of the nose and all the membranes mucous, hard, very hard and chewy. Usually strong impression on the finger, sharp objects, scissors, knife, use etc., intolerance of clothing set around the waist. Underarm Sweating, to learn how to draw Zwiebeln. Chloral HYDRATEThe beehives of chloral hydrate smells through its periodicity. Disappears during the day and lights that prevent you from sleeping at night with these severe itching.DULCAMARAHives come at night, especially when the cold day, hot nights with dew heavy after one, or when the time goes from hot to cold and wet; Urticaria with severe coughing and swollen glands; Urticaria fever, forcing you to scrape and burn after scratching, each eruption, have the feeling that the entire body has preceded; Irregular white appearance on the skin, surrounded by a red Halo, heat, they appear and disappear in the cold and the extremities, face, chest and back, itching and burning after scraping, onset of headache, loss of appetite, desire for bitter taste, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and Praecordial of gap dark urine, dark, insomnia, agitation, and area, diarrhea, night sudadolori members. Hives of gastric diseases Verschlimmerung suffering, especially in the afternoon or in the evening, during the peace, better movement. Pain with wall cooling body.NAT.The skin of NAT-Mur is typical yellowish dirty, unhealthy and greasy. There are great rawness and pain of the skin of the feet soon and gradually increasing. Hives around the joints with itching, especially on the toes. Smart, itchy rashes and burning after exposure to moist cold air near the coast and intermittent fever. Itching is worse than physical activity. Intense itching, hives, maybe even in the entire body with large red spots.For the anemic and caquectico, although many vital fluid, the revolutionary mental state, menstrual cycle, or loss. Great emaciation; I miss the meat, while you live well. Throat and neck of the children quickly emaciate during summer complaint. Excellent adhesion to the cold. Irritability: cross the child when he said; Wines from less than zero; Called trifles, especially if console with angry. Awkward, eliminates the things hastily, nervous weakness. Marked tendency to cry; sad mood weeping without cause, but the comfort of others <. Uterine origin or stomach problems. PULSATILLAHives. Hives of desserts or pork or delayed menstruation. With diarrhea, itchy hives are worse tonight. The patient is constantly cold in a warm room.People, slow phlegmatic temperament indeci, adapted for; blue eyes, hair Sandy, face pale, installs easily, laughter or tears; soft, soft, soft, shy, giving them design easily-women ’ cry s. remedy: almost impossible, their complaints without detail of wines.RHUS TOXVesicular hives in wet, rheumatism, chills and fever, worse in cold air. Patient a pica everywhere; hairy bad parts with burn after scratching.Adapted by rheumatic Diathesis; negative effects of wet, especially after excessive heat.SEPIAChronic hives with engraving, nailing and worst itching, opened with exposure to air. Urticaria appeared for the first time spreads on face, neck, forearms and then gradually taking on the whole body. The attacks are nausea and headaches with his face was swollen, preceded as Erysipelas. Hives in the upper part of the body in the cold air and disappears in a hot room. The outbreak in the form of hives as beatings with a whip or Rute.Personas with dark hair, stiff fibers, but soft and easy to customize decomposition.SULPHURThe hives on face of sulphur, arms, back of the neck, hands and legs. Urticaria fever. Urticaria, itching on the body, hands and feet. Eruptions can be modified with other complaints. And itching is worse than the night worse, worse even after washing and voluptuous in her own bed and scratches. Scratch after burning.People, a Diathesis Scrofula, subject to adequate venous congestion; in particular, the portal system. Temperament nervous, agitated people, fast, quickly paid, plethorisch, skin sensitive to climate variations. For thin people, sitting on the implementation of housing and the elders of the shoulders. Patients is the worst position for sulphur; They cannot; Each permanent is awkward. Sales people, sales, prone to skin diseases. Backwashing aversion; always <. After a bad. URENSItching and URTICA Burns of the skin, as if burned. Raised red spots; puncture good points; pale rash require constant friction; Consequences of oppressed hives; Breakout and itch disappears when it is down and immediately Afterrising resurfacing. There is a swelling of the face, chest and limbs without inflammation. Urticaria is patients each year in the same season. Website of urticaria is the face, arms, shoulders and scalp. Vomiting and diarrhea of the removal of urticaria. Urticaria) is red, itchy, raised areas of skin that appear in different shapes and sizes. They vary in size from a few millimeters to several centimeters in diameter. Round, or hives can form rings or large areas. Flare red papule training injuries (bruises), red ” “ at the borders, however are another manifestation of hives. Hives can occur in any place, arms and legs to the body, as the helmet.Hives, often due to allergic reactions; There are however many non-allergic cause. For example, most cases of urticaria is the result of an allergic trigger, a period of less than 6 weeks (acute urticaria). Chronic urticaria (hives, more than six weeks) are rarely due to an allergy. Most of the patients with chronic urticaria has an unknown cause. More than 30-40% of patients will chronic idiopathic urticaria, may actually have an autoimmune cause. Acute viral infection is another common cause of acute Urticaria (viral Exanthem). Less common causes of hives include friction, pressure, temperature, movement and light of the Sun. It may be that the hives are more common in people with fair skin.Their tendency is a registered trademark of hives, rapidly changing size and pass in a place disappear and appear in other places, often within a few hours. Individual hives usually last two to 24 hours. Acute UrticariaIt usually appear a few minutes after contact with the allergen and it can last a few hours to several weeks. Food allergic reactions, which often fall into this category. Allergies to common foods in adults are shellfish and nuts. The most common food allergies in children are shellfish, nuts, peanuts, egg, wheat and soy. It is rare for patients to have more than two true allergies. A less common cause is exposure to certain bacteria such as Streptococcus or possibly Helicobacter pylori. In these cases, hives can be exacerbated by other factors.Chronic UrticariaIt refers to hives that persists for at least 6 weeks. There is no visual difference between acute and chronic urticaria. Some of the severe chronic cases have more than 20 years. One study suggests that chronic urticaria lasted a year or more in more than 50% of patients and 20 years or 20% more. Of course, this means that almost half of people who explain in less than a year and 80% in 20 years or less, explains.UrticariaIt medicine known to be heavy cardiovascular disease. Sulphonylurea glimepiride (trade name Amaryl), diabetes has been manifested documented especially allergic reactions of hives induction. Other cases include dextroamphetamine, aspirin, penicillin, clotrimazole, sulfonamides and anticonvulsants.Physical UrticariasThey are classified according to: • Aquagener: reaction to water (extremely rare) • cholinergic: reaction to body heat, such as in progress or after hot water shower • cold (chronic cold urticaria): reaction to cold as ice, water or cold air – with a sudden change in temperature, • pressure delay worse: reaction belts • Mastocytosis are long periods of timesuspenders, underwear, elastic: reaction to heat • skin (very often) is a response to hot strips: • dishes or objects (rare) solari: response to direct sunlight (rare, but more common in fair-skinned people) • vibration: reaction to vibration (rare) • adrenergic: reaction to adrenaline/noradrenaline (extremely rare). ,,.