(Forms the light reflected into the camera lenses) Offer indefinable flying film forms.The success of these films and many others since the study in the effects-heavy fantasy film led to massive investments. This led to the creation of many independent effects houses, a great deal of improvement existing technologies and the development of new techniques such as CGI. It has painted a greater distinction between special effects and a refinement of the use of funds, in the theatre industry, replacing create inspired images to moving backgrounds. Lifecasting faces was imported from traditional crafts. And advances in makeup you create fantastic masks fits the actor. As science advanced materials, shadowed by the craft of the Horrorfilme.Bald have different techniques, such as the trick of the judgment, completely original film developed. He discovered the same round of the judgment. According to Melies jammed his camera while filming a scene on the street in Paris. When he screened the film, found, that the tip of the judgment turn a truck into a hearse had caused pedestrians to change direction and men women. Méliès, Director at the theatre to develop Robert Houdin, inspired a series of more than 500 short films between 1914, or to invent techniques how develop. ; The latter is used to characterize the work of post-production and optical, are while special effects often mechanical effects, and on the shelf. and atmospheric effects: a car seem even lead and house building wind, rain, fog, snow, clouds blow up a physical, etc, examples of mechanical effects. Mechanical effects often flow into the design of the art direction and makeup. For example, a set can be constructed with broken doors or walls, a fight scene to improve, O. Clark instructed an actor step of the block as Mary dressed. As the executioner has the axe above his head, Clarke has left the Chamber, had all the actors and thaw had Mary step game person outside the plate. Instead a doll Mary the actor restarted filming, and the executioner activates the axe, the phantom head cuts. What techniques will be the centerpiece of the special-effects production for the next century. and precise motion control, to ensure that the elements with precision-home-a surprising return were combined in the time of silent films, but with spectacular results. African opinion Fund at the dawn of man sequence were combined with the new photograph. . The original mat turned to block pieces were cardboard on the exposure of the film, which will be explained later. Dawn combined this technique with the glass. Instead of the cardboard dawn use certain areas who painted block exposure film, just certain black areas to prevent that no light, which exposed the film. Partially exposed film, a single image is then on a mountain ridge, projected where the mat is then drawn. Through the creation of an image directly into the opaque film was incredibly easy to paint a picture of the scope and perspective (the main shortcoming of the glass floor). Alba was created the technical manual for the recordings by natural images.(Baker, 101 4During the technician 1920s and 1930s years, special effects were improved and refined by the film industry). Many techniques, such as, (CGI) came out on top of special effects technologies. CGI control developers add and allows many effects are achieved safely and convincingly - and also improve its technology at a lower cost. As a result, many of the techniques of optical and mechanical effects were replaced by CGI. A.S.C and crew developed many improvements in the existing effects technology. A computer-controlled camera called Dykstraflex platform that allowed precise repeatability of camera movement, makes the composition of the travel mat developed. Reduction in the film image, if the composition was minimized by other innovations: the Dykstraflex used. It is recognized, with Visual effects, referring to digital post production and special effects, with reference to the mechanics in the total effects and optical effects Maschine.Optische effects (called also image effects) are pictures or movies Marcos are photographically, either in the camera created with techniques. Usually with the production of very soon is committed to work closely with the Director and his staff to achieve the desired effect. Direct effects are the effects that are used against an audience, especially if to see sporting events, live concerts, and companies. The types of effects of that are commonly used include: the development of color photography required further refinement of effects techniques. Color was allowed the development of Matt and travel techniques. .1970 provided two profound changes in special effects. The first is economic: during the recession in the 1960s and early 1970s, several studies closed internal effects of their homes. Many technicians have become self-employed, or founded their own effects, sometimes including specialized techniques (optical, animation, etc.).The second was precipitated in 1977 by the success of the two blockbuster movies fantasy and science fiction. In the 1950s and 1960s, that some new special effects have been developed greatly increases the realism in pictures, can be achieved horizontally along the plane of the stock with more of the film frame and emulsion film stocks Disolvente served in the process of composition. Effects of Lucas and Dykstra team was called. Not only the first use of tricks in the film was the first photographic tricks trick is possible only in a movie, i.e. stop.In 1896. With Pedersen and Wally Veevers) rather than a built-in effects unit. In this film, the spaceship miniatures were very detailed and carefully photographed by realist. created in the image of the first round of the world, which brings together the various sections of 30 negative into a single image. in 1895, Alfred Clark created what is commonly recognized as the first special effects of film. During the filming of a reconstruction of the beheading. , or CGI, that has changed almost every aspect of the film's special effects. Digital compositing allows more control and freedom of creation as the optical design, and not the image as analog process (optical) degraded. Digital Imaging has allowed engineers to detailed, tree tables and templates all characters with the malleability of computer programs.The most spectacular use of CGI has been the emergence of photographically realistic images of fanciful creations. Images can be created on a computer that uses techniques of comics or animation model. 1993 stop-motion animators work in realistic dinosaurs. ). Many studies implemented internal services special effects, which are responsible for nearly all optical and mechanical aspects of the Wiles of the moving images.In addition, the challenge have favored simulating spectacle in motion the development of the use of the. ,,.