Hello, my name is Travis Campbell, I run this site. A way to extend what I learned, online marketing over the years is to write about them here. and help you along the way. If superimposed on a map of London red watch, it seems that no Visual logic obvious behind it, the design. Why on Earth, permeating ancient streets of London designed to handle the traffic and exactly like water running downhill only developed an established use paths.? With a website, we can be more restrictive. To be useful, network paths should have the following five. Streets with red stripes are known as red routes: is an important connection of arteries road in London. The idea is that these routes must be cleared to move easily in the capital's traffic (we were told that a pilot could clog the streets). Transport for London is inflexible in the application of the restrictions on the red lines of the parking. The error and buy the car on the daily life of track converge red to stop traffic in you nothing. The driver of the passenger to win is proven loss. Research has shown that the bus rides are 10% 27% faster and more reliable. Travel time reliability is improved by 20% and the Red routes resulted in a decrease of 6% of accidents. Improvements in the speed and accuracy required not only for bus routes. We can get similar benefits by applying the philosophy of tourist sites of Rouge. To accept the role inspires movement and treatment of usability, obstacles in the network routes bad wise driver as we can ruthlessly eliminate obstacles of ease of use during the trip for the user. First, we need to assign the Red routes for our site. ,,.