The incident began after a pedestrian threw something on the car, which was through a partially open window and Travis hit, while they were stopped at a red light. Surprised, Travis released the seat belt, opened the door of the car and runs after the man, but do not take it. When the police arrived, the chimpanzee in the car brought several times only to have Travis let another port and occasionally jump the car officers. Travis could open doors key, clothes, aquatic plants, eating the hay for the horses of his owner to drink wine dinner at a table with the rest of the family and the glass cup wide base. It was like ice, who learned hours of passed the ice cream. He made the images to the computer, made using a TV remote control and clean the teeth with a. and requested assistance. Cree acceptable Travis in the background of the band, as Sandra began to police, originally jokingly lawyers believes that calling until they scream, eat! After 2009, the incident became international news, a woman who had lived in the same area as Travis said that, in 1996, the chimpanzee has bitten the hand and tried to take a vehicle that they greeted him. It maintains that the Herald and police complained. (DEP data execution prevention) The spokesman said that Travis was exempt because does not appear in a danger to public health and belonged before the registration requirement. Blumenthal went to legislative leaders and the DEP Commissioner, would ban requested a Bill supporting all potentially dangerous exotic animals, such as chimpanzees, crocodiles and poisonous snakes to keep them in a gated Connecticut community. DEP was looking for a similar law, large primates and after this incident, they will be announced using, that it requested in 2004 of cancer of the public, police and Jerome died and only the Herald boy died in a car accident; Thus, Sandra Herold, Travis is almost regarded as a child and it spoiled. , and Travis love posing for photos in the store and assemble with crane, safety belt and carrying a Baseball Jersey. Travis came to be known in the city and you knew that the police with the greeting when you tow the car. He grew up among the people, Travis for people had been socialized from birth. A neighbor said that he is in game, with Travis and fight with him. He said that the animal has always knew when to stop and take care of its owner. He felt better my nephew, said the neighbor, when Travis Nash had struck. I do not know why they did. Sandra asleep and topped with Travis, who say they are now empty. He slept with me every night. A monkey do not eat you with a chimpanzee and moisture with a monkey, you know? Police waited before approaching the House. Travis was in a car as wine, tried to open a closed door and smashed the mirror side of passenger. Went quietly to the door on the driver's side open, to what officer Frank Chiafari fired several times. Travis withdrew to his house, where was found dead next to his cage. In October 2003, Travis escaped Herold and traffic at an intersection stopped traffic car and it has been for several hours. His lawyer, Robert Golger, issued the following statement: Ms. Herold had suffered a series of heartbreaking losses in recent years, since the death of their loved ones murdered daughter chimpanzee Travis, as well as the tragic mutilation of the friend and collaborator of talking about Nash in a car accident, and then her husband. His heart, which had so many times before, may no longer be in the end. It has been determined that a defect of the Act prohibits chimpanzee Travis, itself consequence of the accident in 2003 allowed the attack allow Connecticut size 2004 existing. Connecticut. Frank Chiafari, who was detective Travis, mortally hit, at the outset, I can not is your treatment for depression and anxiety to get after the incident. This has led to compensation for mental or emotional impairment after killing an animal under the threat of lethal force would cover the legislation proposed in 2010. Toxicology report confirms that the statement by Sandra gave him strands xanax Travis tea the day of the attack, which may have exacerbated aggressiveness. apply for a permit. The new law came in 2004 and by the death of Traviss, none had applied in the State, he taught a chimpanzee. Connecticut's environmental protection Department do not read the Herald, because she had applied possessed two hundred kilos of Travis so time and why the DEP did not believe that Travis was a danger to public safety. . Sound of 9-1-1 call, original recordings of Travis and the police following traffic hunting serves. Travis knew Nash, who worked pulling even in the Herald, although Nash had a different hairstyle at the time of the attack. ,,.