Look at the crossroads: realistic images of road signs and arrows to take the leadership on the right track, easier, safer and less stressful. His lawyer Robert Golger, made the following statement: Ms. Herold had in recent years a series of heartbreaking losses suffered, starting with the death of his daughter, died in a car accident involved and her husband, then used her beloved Chimp of Travis, as well as the tragic mutilation by friend and Nash. At the end, her heart, which had broken so many times before, could take longer. Toxicology confirmed the statement by Sandra, the Travis xanax had laces, which could have exacerbated his aggressiveness on the day of the bombing. provided by the police before approaching the House. The police car approached Travis, when he arrived, he tried to open a door closed to passengers and broke a mirror. Then I went quietly to the door on the driver's side open, and at the point that Frank Chiafari officer shot multiple times. Travis retreated into the House, where he was found dead next to his cage. Travis knew Nash, who worked also towing company, although Herold Nash had a different hairstyle at the time of the attack. require a license. The new Act entered into force in 2004 and to adopt Traviss death, no one in the State of a chimpanzee. The Ministry of environmental protection in Connecticut do not affect Herald, and why not believe that DEP Travis because Upma had £200 both times made the threat to public safety. . Sound, the so called 9-1-1 road police radio original recordings of Travis and the sequel to the game were used in the episode. The incident began after a pedestrian threw something on the car, which openly went through a window and struck Travis while they were stopped at a red light. First had Travis unclasped belt, opened the door of the car and chased the man but not taken. When the police arrived, chimpanzees in the car several times only to Travis pulled even through another door and occasionally hunting to get agents around the machine. and I prayed for help. Cree Travis at the bottom which felt band Sandra plays in the police, the call initially as a joke believed, until he began to scream, you eat! Sandra sleep and soaked with Travis, said: I said to myself, now empty. He slept with me every night. Until you've eaten up with a chimpanzee and surmounted by a chimpanzee, a chimpanzee, not know you. He pointed out the defect in the existing 2004 Connecticut ban chimpanzees of Traviss size, the result of the incident in 2003, allowed the attack to happen. One in Connecticut. Grew up among the people, that Travis was been socialized to humans from birth. A neighbor said that he with Travis to play and compete with him. He said that the animal always knew when to stop and pay attention to their owners. He listened better than my nieces and nephews, said the neighbor, when Travis to Nash had mutilated. I don't know why you want it. Travis could open the doors with keys, clothing, plants, water, eating the hay for the horses of the owner, a meal at a table with the rest of the family and a glass of wine strains; He was so fond of ice that has taught most of the ice cream truck schedules. Network drives, provided with a remote control to the television to see the pictures and his teeth had a., brushed and Travis would pose for photos in the store and assemble with crane, who wear seat belts and a baseball shirt. Travis became known in the city and was able to welcome the police officers, who meet for two cars. Frank Chiafari, who COP shot could a ball Travis first treatment of depression and anxiety are covered after the incident. The mental or emotional impairment after killing an animal under the threat of lethal force would compensate for this resulted in legislation in 2010. Was news after the incident of 2009 international, a woman who had lived in the same region, which Travis said that in 1996 the chimpanzee had bitten hand, and tried to remove it, as she welcomed him in a vehicle. He said that she the Herolds and have complained to the police. Jérôme died of cancer in 2004, and the Herald's only son died in a car accident; So, Sandra Herold as Travis as a child and pampered. (Data execution prevention DEP) Spokesman clarified that Travis free, because they apparently pose no risk to public health and was prior to the start of registration. Blumenthal, who later sent letters to legislative leaders and the DEP Commissioner, she are asked to support a law, all potentially dangerous exotic, such as chimpanzees, crocodiles, poisonous snakes, ban would be maintained animals in residential buildings of Connecticut. The DEP was looking for a similar law, the large primates, and after the incident, it was announced that he had asked the help of the public, police, and. In the October 2003 Travis escaped from pink Herald traffic at an intersection and traffic was for several hours. ,,.