& #39; I was singing their praises in answer as much as possible. But I say that seriously, started only this Superman as Buffy as Spider-man out of curiosity to take, but it is much better that I always thought it would be. AND & AMP; # 39; s is one of the best of the legend of Superman, and I know the creators of the program into a big screen cinema in an initial phase of interest. As in the film, those records X, but by the genuine revelations (WOW! Mulder saw a UFO. waiting & #39; n t in season 2 saw a UFO or was 3. ). The Smallville team is great. & type #39; Em a chance! Hi guys. Only one voice had more BM replicas, the vain hope to convince parody of J.J. Abrams that go until the last nail in the coffin of the beloved franchise has brought. The sad irony is that, even though WB DC & #39; characters in cool images of the screen faster that I Marvel, managed, that kill just as fast. I knew, that the bat was doomed to failure, as Schumacher, where he saw, well, so her parents are dead, go interview at the top, indicating just how things can be deceived in adaptations of comics into the hands of stereotypical Hollywood. the reason is that Bruce Wayne Batman placed, because it will never be. & #39; the character of Batman and those who need to move only the emotional arc of nature & #39; s turn on the key will not fit to manage the King mythology. Yes you & #39; Dealing with the King of Batman, Superman, Spider-man or another comic icon beloved, that & #39; s for more than 50 years & #39; is exactly what & #39; they have: Mythology. These things were if a long time because work. If you ' don't mess with opera, die. Witness, that Schumacher killed the Batman franchise. Watch Superman IV: the quest for peace. The reason why this kind of thing just happens: adventure Hollywood believes that the character is necessary to change the sheets in the world on the screen. What no & #39; t find out who is important in some respects, these hero Don & #39; they were large arches t in all stories. Except if you & #39; history of origin, the heroes are heroes of the catalyst, which have a strong impact on the world that surrounds them and can do something so that you can learn here, but in general, no decisive change. The problem with the last bit of bat/Superman films was that they forgot that Batman had his parents & # 39 cross; s murder and decide that it wanted as a bat suit, because she loved; Superman was holding the nose of steel in the politics of the people, because there is no longer a part of humanity (is # 39; a strange plot a & #39; charater) feel desired. This script checks for J.J. Abrams that Moriarty sounds more like a history of Elseworlds Superman as a script. Many important elements of Mythology are side swept in vain. Deviations from Don & #39; destroy t the sign or mythology to improve it. & #39; surprising that Abrams was & #39; t forced to sit and watch before this design all the episodes of Smallville. Not all Smallville & #39; my favorite show but she & #39; I did a fantastic character using Clark and lex. & #39; s characters in the film Superman will feed the myths remain faithful. & #39; m is that it does not update the do-re-1978 film is good, as it adapts. John Byrne made an update in the comics at the time, which does not update the legend, but & #39; t throw mythology. Make the character more hip and current, but maintain the character and myth. Why on Earth, Clark had a costume of Red liquid that only is suitable if you & #39;? are you an adult? And & #39; is more than & #39; happens to the script, but # 39 & controls; m assumed that most of the others that the rants are already after him. JJ, back to see the movie in 1978, each Smallville, you have the hands of some and read comic books are visible. Get Byrne & #39; update s. and & #39; s, one of the reasons that Batman: year one, the bat & #39; hope of the resurrection s: builds the myth based on the & #39; origins of s instead of screws with the characters to meet any creative Executive & #39; s feels the emotional arc. I think that me & #39; m chat online with the majority of others, when say, please, for the love of God and love of the fans, piece burn Abrams sh * t now because if it can, if & #39;. LL spend only bother people tons of money and then not constructed as a franchise. -SPYder, outside. Some unrelated differ considerably arrested, I think of him, listen: Cary Bates, who wrote a movie and Superman comics for 20 years before ThatElliot! History who wrote a novel of Superman actually once titled the last son of krypton and & #39; amateurism in who knows what this DaysMike Chabon, loves the characters and won a Pulitzer, bleeding & #39; Iron sky & #39; price will and what? WB - & #39; t, who can afford it, hire it? Jeph Loeb, a writer and a good example of the legend for the adaptation in any way available, one of these guys? Or maybe just Don & #39; Hook t in proper hair salons. How could someone be Superman? I.e., truly. It is not only an original superhero, is a legend in its own right. Personally, I am not ' it is a great admirer of Superman, but this script plays, because it takes the character of Superman, breaking the ass and the Grove, where the face should be. Shit, I mean what the hell is really, all living costume? What is the point? Superman Kung Fu? What is the new range of toys? I think if WB continue to use this script for a complete disaster, and I am sure that I can see. If the death of Superman was the premise of the trilogy, then certainly a story much better than the day of reckoning. that is, after the drawn. The adaptation is ugly word that occurs when the script. You know, what was Kevin Smith wrote Superman here (I've forgotten, but can be the summer Harry) praised as a great writer. & #39; View read. And & #39; s may be the biggest piece of shit & #39; View has read (and that includes the hives are lot of legend). So me & #39; JJ Abrams go m, more confidence in you & #39; I fear. I can't believe that a movie like this same study, done.This will restore a franchise like the TV show, what would used it last nail in the coffin, thought, Batman and Robin in hammered. In these times, we need that has faithfully years remains the nature of truth, justice and the American way. Why film Superman 70 work very well, because it complies with emotion, the heart and the legend and the decades of readers. Even non fans of Superman legend might not have ever a comic book in your life and you are still who is Superman and his Geschichte Das is putting a legend. This movie is not that its people for traders want to be redeemed. Without money, but you think you want to make money each, instead of something to see that each system can be seen. If you want to see success as Spiderman or xmen, which ran these two films remained true to the heart of the stories. Why make a film that will go against what is the legend of Superman.? Take an eye on Smallville, which has the heart of a legend. In 5 minutes, you have a map just above what is Superman, then seen the film all course. This script makes this film also won the name of Superman, spits the legend that spits out fans. If you want to make clear that success makes him a legend. matrix fights were so beautiful because we don't have & #39; t something beautiful in the movie before so I do not see both martial arts technology or even the style of the choreography. Had much to do with the combination and effects of slow motion for a long time bala-n / & #39; t been done before the actual level. and of course & #39; s occurs again as a fashion trend. -The problem and do nothing but to make an epic and timeless * film seems outdated, order only during a certain period. 10 or 15 years, won & #39; t stand the test of time. Fly Superman, lift tons of steel and is inherently kryptoniano. Why fight like a normal human being? I think that his encounter with the martial arts was minimal to say the least. Martial arts, most of the time (apart from religious and spiritual aspects), offers the possibility to increase the speed, strength and defensive counter on normal etc, n & #39; Learn the meaning of t for Superman that none of this as & #39; s not only by the strength/speed, etc., air and all the battles, us & #39; Sega in comics have never been properly the film before the film-tech, now make the jump. It would be a shame, an exception to these occasions only matrix-esque is prepared for things, us & #39; LL probably still other Timeless Legend You're The One films are visible. Remember, as it is called, DD rahms and Jon Peters we've got great reinventing a legend, blah blah.It appears that Peter not only producers, but also a co-author. Corrected the article by the New York Times. This debacle was / in a struggle for power in the World Bank, has nothing to do with the Fund is the meaning of making an interesting movie. How or why is Warner Peters & #39; Once again, able to wield influence after a bath of red ink it had his last master, creative work that Wild Wild West will remain one of the great secrets of the 21st century. & #39; View been sitting in front of the computer every day read the updates for this film comes to Superman, then I read this.All the scripts to damage a need legends. Sie certainly someone to write this script. The team with a good start of FX and the games begins. Updating things by Superman. Do Gotham need updating? No, because you & #39; s not on the map. As a metropolis-si you & #39; films t a great city and try to make modern New York. Metropolis should be in place, frozen in time as Gotham, which combines a sense of the old and the new is completely new, and where a superhero character can work out the schedule, unless they are updated. I want to see a Superman film, it is a sincere film with many sequences of great action and an intelligent Act. A number of episodes of the animated series, has been able to achieve this. It is going to sell toys, if the film as no humiliation to the character. j.j. Abrams and Jon Peters has had the difficult task of the new version of Superman and Arif education epic challenge, provides a good script with emotion, depth and reach, bringing a new dimension to this legendary character. We have & #39; t as the next chapter in the mythology of Superman, Brett Ratner, dynamic address, which transfers a subtle blend of action, comedy and drama has the enthusiasm of the public around the world, said Robinov where press release. Superman is an American icon and a hero timeless, rich in history with teilt. kommentierte Alan Horn, we are very pleased to work with the Board of Directors the Warner Bros.Jon Warner Bros President and j.j. records, this new installment of the old Superman,.