Author Jeffrey Eugenides answers questions from an audience of readers. See more to be dark, reading the book, as a man or a woman and many others. Old-school CHICAGO, IL, put Oprah, reveals how the latest Oprah's Book Club selection, a tale of two cities and great expectations, two novels by Charles Dickens in a special Deluxe Edition. This is the best of all time, players, he added, noting that she has never read Dickens before work. Originally published in 1859, a tale of two cities lives in tensions and conflicts, all set amid the bloody French Revolution. After 18 years of imprisonment in the Bastille in France Dr aging lever is finally freed and reunited with her daughter, Lucie beautiful and cosy lever, England. There, the lives of two very different men-led astray by his love for la belle Lucie Charles Darnay, a French aristocrat exiled and Sydney box, a little awkward but brilliant English Attorney. In the quiet streets of London, they will create the luck and against their will in the treacherous streets of Paris at the height of the terror in the shadow of the guillotine. His dramatic and moving story illustrates the complexities of human nature and how we are formed by our politics and the loyalty they desire. great expectations starts on Christmas Eve, 1812, as a 7-year-old orphan named PIP has a terrifying encounter with a convict who escaped in a graveyard in wild Kent marshes and ends with a PIP for adults in a family garden during the winter of 1840. Almost three decades during which we follow as a series of events-a quote for the bitter, decaying the Miss Havisham and her Ward Estella beautiful, quiet. the sudden generosity seems mysterious benefactor-know, seeds of life change forever. Great expectations was in 1861 as a book published December 1860, that after nine months, from August 1861 is serialized in a magazine. 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