Pokenet is released after 6 months of development. We all Jotho, intense struggle and amazing visual effects. This game is 2D Pokemon game download and free! Enjoy!Homepage:. PVP: games Offer duels, tournaments and team battles and investments in place record held by a player will keep ’ victories and defeats in Pvp. Homepage:. Escape from mechanics: If your Pokemon is not much faster than Pokemon, escape from the wilderness of battles won ’ is constantly working. Moon rising is scheduled in 2015 for Android, iOS and ignition. Although the game differs from other values, said EBG draws, it has enough personality to stand.We have enough differences in other games in the genre, I don't worry about is misinterpreted as a clone, what it really is: an inspiration from many different sources, he said.We think this empty. Is a game that we wanted, which cannot take a step to play yet, so we wanted to make this game. a role in which players to capture and kill the creatures. Is a concept that is familiar, because they have taken up a Pokemon game. In Pokemon, players begin their journey through a teammate with select competencies based on grass, water or fire. Explore the game world with up to six Pokémon in the belt, new skills and develop as you level up.It is very similar to the moon. During a demonstration of the game my character--quickly establish an Archer named-and is a classmate of type of one of the three options. I fell quickly into a battle of tutorials. Through my fingers slipping over the picture of the creature, I can call the fight. The game can bring up to two target creatures in battle and attack with their tutor. You can also at any time withdraw fighters with another movement of the finger. Battles moves rapidly in moonrise and all attacks occur in real time. EBG, dominating the fighting game requires The Online Pokemon Game that discover the best way to manage your turn and cool down. Each creature has four movements, that they can use against the enemy. Some normal damage, while other movements based on primary school. Some elements are weak to others-water on the fire WINS, for example, and file attachment types dominate rock types. If the fundamental weaknesses and strengthen the sound familiar, it's not Zufall. Wir with Convention for many of them, said EBG. Something like the stone, let the equivalent. Pierre eroded or water plants grow through a rock and split rock. Sometimes, you do not have good natural analog, then they must be weighed against other decisions.It was a simple process for me to start new creatures. The game is called a cyclic event, which takes place in the universe of games, infected creatures, which can pinch. Its mission is the subject and then struggling to clean; Occasionally you will be maintained and that can take. With the Moon, a new free-to-play massively multiplayer online mobile game, poor state of undead Labs developer selects a gap in the game inspired to Suletud. a mixture of insbesondere property franchises like Pokemon and folk magic, the gathering, game designer Richard FOGE polygon to PAX Prime. "One of the things that led exists [Moon]-our founder is one thing that we went through when we're launching new ideas of this jeuxEBG. Says that is evidence of the test: is one thing, people want? ,,.