13.03.2013 16, 33-pirate game online Kartuga, you have the option of choosing one ship three classes and coping skills and jump in this game online free-to-play browser, full of action and adventure based on. Explore a mysterious world full of dangers as Captain his own ship! Take the helm and prepare for the world of the adventure in free-to-play, 3D MMORPG Kartuga The Online Pirate Game candle. You have the option of ocean navigation and toe-to-toe with you that robbers have held more value than ever tries to edge of treasures Commander possibles. Comme, must decide how to fly your ship. In Kartuga, there are various kinds of ships, decide that you like the candle and online virtual world to explore. The world offers three different unique areas that can be determined, full of dangers and useless. But you can not afford to take hidden 3D, browser, MMORPG, Kartuga-based admission of treasures to find adventure, you have the option, new skills to unlock objects and ships in all Kartuga.In of experience through battles and missions to win. In this way, you can become a powerful captain in the Lake and can constantly upgrade your ship. If you want to update the helmet or strap on some new weapons, the choice is yours. However, not all those who are fighting with firepower are available only. Kartuga, you need strategies and tactics to defeat your enemies.If you are looking for more action and adventure on what offers the world of Kartuga, you can participate in PvP combat. This gives you the opportunity to show what you're doing and compete against players from all over the world. If you are in a team or alone, it will be defeating a challenge to the other players and take the glory for itself in the claims. International Press 17.07.2013 - 10.10 after the invitation to several events and blow a lot of money in the progression of the game, InnoGames is not, etc.