Computer into a piano keyboard is easy with the help of GarageBand, a music recording comes pre-installed program. A keyboard is a versatile tool that can play almost all sounds. It is type of piano keyboard layouts. Since the birth of the computer, people tried to make music with them. Keyboard Pianos influenced the birth of the synthesizer music. VI. visit the Web site of virtual piano (see resources) and wait for it to load on the piano. Notes on virtual piano correspond to the The Online Piano Game keys on the computer keyboard. Press number 1 is the lowest note, and M is the highest. Notes on more than 1 M from left to right and top to bottom on the keyboard. Virtual piano showing the note is played and allows you to pass in a virtual or sustain pedal turn. Looking for a good way of making music on the Internet visit a Web page, to transform your computer into a piano keyboard. You can play with the sounds of piano MIDI and Flash animation, a virtual piano this key sites. It should not take more than one minute, get the virtual clinking ivory. Visit the piano game (see resources) and displaces the image of the piano. Press the keys on your computer while you play the note with the letters on the keys of a piano; A: seems to be the key of C to the left. The black keys of the piano play the keys. The piano is much less advanced than the other options, only a limited number of keys of the screen. Made possible modern technologies for anyone with a bit of computer skills to turn your computer into a piano. With a minimum. There was a lot of space and money, you should have the luxury of having a piano. Go to the virtual keyboard website (see resources). The buttons of the keyboard of the computer (A L) centerline correspond to the keys of a piano on the screen. Simple melodies, keys through the speaker for listening to keyboards and acoustic piano. Art (black) notes can be read using the top row of the keyboard keys (W, S, T, Y, U, or p). Many people think that a keyboard and piano are the same. The two are different in nature but very good. This collection of sounds offers numerous keyboard instruments, including piano sounds. . Piano sounds include several included factory. ,,.