I started the master cleanse help start my weight loss program. I recommend this program to anyone who has tried the diet, white flour and sugar usual alcohol without success that occurs.Although the plan is very simple, Mr Glickman makes even through the process, which sometimes can be difficult (is the purification, after all!) delete button easier.guiding.Le speak for themselves.I have lost 17 pounds in 16 days. Everything to feel good and continues to be highly motivated. My preferance diet has changed. I ask you now, vegetables, cereals and fish. Not from the diet (of choice) over one month (minimum 6 the first!) I have lost 3 pounds more since the end of my Pflaume. I wish you all the best! I have only 10 day lemonade diet. This plum is simple and cheap. It was easy to make. I was not hungry at all! Reduces the amount of maple syrup and used East master plum, my body Detox, but even losing a few kilos. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn, about the benefits of cayenne pepper body advantage especially if you have a heart attack. Drink/lemonade juices do not let any flavour, and I felt good with lots of energy. Repeat this step to delete the last day of the month and two or three times during the year, the request. I continued even swim in salt water. I think that this lemonade diet would benefit nobody and recommend it to anyone. ,,.