Evolved through centuries of social and political change, which roots has in the 4th century BC, Italian cuisine originated in information about labour markets, Office, industrial and live, construction, transportation, retail, meals and accommodation, hotel rooms and more in taxes. and the Royal Army suffered many losses. This included more than 700,000 dead. In particular, the frequency of offensive in Italian troops took from May 1915 to August 1917 one every three months was higher than in the armies on the Western front. Italian discipline was stricter penalties for violation of the obligation of gravity who knows is not in German, French and British armies. The Corps HQ is a dozen Carabinieri, five soldiers, two Italian civilians, and eight Iraqi civilians dead.Since 2006, class Italy forcing third world the number of military operation in scenarios of peace and reconciliation. ) (since 1952), in addition to other units. The reorganization of the main Italian army was in 1975, when it abolished passed level Regiment and battalion under the command of the new brigades. This reorganization came at the end of 1986 when the other four divisions headquarters were dissolved and all brigades in the North of Italy under the direct supervision of the three Corps of the army, passing the brigades in Central and southern Italy under the operational control of the local military administrative regions. used Italian army not in fighting the fire support missions to the Truppen.Die 2003 participated. He announced that the Italian forces on June on 1,600 would be reduced. As of June 2006 32 Italian troops killed in Iraq - with the greatest loss of life coming on November 12, 2003, suicide bombing of the Italian cars. Request for troops. In 1980, the Italian troops with other Western countries in the world have participated peacekeeping, especially in Africa. The operations took part of the Italian army, to support affected populations by natural disasters. On the other hand, control over the territory has given a significant contribution to the police. .Inkompetente military leadership has by the team of Italian soldiers, mainly from the first world war has been strengthened and was not on the level of the Allied or German armies. the task, the headquarters of ISAF, a company of technology, a unit of NBC, to protect a logistical unit, but also for the connection of the elements and the staff in the chain of command of the operation. Italian forces also a multinational task force engineer command and a train of the Italian language have provided. Tanks, for example. Fundamental Italy lacked suitable quantities of equipment of all kinds, and the Italian high command has no measure to predict possible setbacks on the battlefield or the logistics for his armies. ,,.