I saw the Italian Job in a house in Chicago in the middle of a projection travel summer news. Together know now placed an unbearable film after another Cannes Film Festival for its worst year in memory. It is better than the Italian film, but offers a reminder that, at least sometimes in the cinema, we are going to have a good time and not in a swamp of stuck Thatcherund, existential being. Don't misunderstand me. I love a good Baba in Thatcherund and again, now is only that the Thatcherund in Cannes are unadmirable war.F the. the Italian work of Gary Gray, on the other hand, there is fly anything more or less a film of caper with scenes of persecution with beautiful and a very ingenious way to $35 million in gold bullion in a safe of a Venetian smooth Palacio. The chest is a band led by vol.), which is a thief. Question of right, until join you.A Mini Cooper to bright red star, are important to the plot. In the end, there is a fleet of three. Cheaters in the original Italian job (1969), he drove mini Coopers is one of the few, the similarity between the two films. Well done, the Mini Cooper was restored in time for the placement of the product in this film.In fact, it is unjust; Need mini Coopers because their size allows them through very small spaces, leader although, as cars are not idea if the stairs below and in Los Angeles to ride metro Rails. But they are also in a traffic jam, and there are beautiful sequences where the character of Seth Green, be handled through traffic lights, which insists on the fact that laughter is the true inventor of Napster, his partner was stolen while he was taking a NAP, from which the name.There are some good dialog buttons; Edward Norton is not the first actor that say that I liked it, until I shot him, but certainly not the last. It is the end of irony. It is only the film's two hours of MADCAP escape relatively qualified professionally. When I saw the voice of Cannes. ,,.