If you purchased the training DVD, you can throw most of them now.I have a lot of him (Aikido and judo) and none of them has the value of this statement. If Don t on much more expensive DVD not waste your money, this software doesn't work and Excel in it. In the first hour of the studies it was me made clear, what harm taught (or evil, learned on each case), as well as a tool is the being of inestimable value. I would like to, but they had the story (with pictures), Dojo Bokken, Ukemi, label, fall, version for children of characters manga would be a good idea to introduce them to the world of this martial art. Manfred Domínguez Martínez Otero, Budo UNAM, Mexico. I have the CD (fast deliveries and effcient). Registration and delivery were easy. The content is superb - the techniques are so clear and comments are very helpful and detailed. It's a great help for the formation of (our Dojo members have already bought 2 CD-more to follow). Nick Meishokan, Saffron Walden, United Kingdom. I lost much slept because weapons of Aikido and Aiki yesterday evening after ordering online. Excellent performance of the very complex actions, something difficult to put into words, but it quickly became clear, when seen in action.Aikido is the experience of seeing the results to make good techniques. This is actually how we Aikido lessons. Aikido3D takes the demonstration in the Dojo and available provides anywhere, anytime. Play well! Sam Norris, Pittsburgh, United States of America. Excellent complement to training of the regiment. This is a pretty big screen plasma in the game of Dojo. To ensure that the information transmitted to each student is correct and accurate. An excellent job. Bret Stacy, good concept of Norman, United States of America. This is very useful. In real life, enjoy representation liquid student movements after. Vidio 3D power also clearly shows how Uke against him. Excellent for those times where you are, the Dojo, but are already dreaming of the past and the future. Examples of exercise. Sander Gilles Aikido Pilipinas, Quezon City, Philippines. Matane, I'm still Seaking of good tools for progress in my room for the Yoseikan Aikido. Tools such as blogs, photos, videos, films, meditation, etc.is also my 3 days per week in the Dojo. I am in my fourth year as a Yonkyu. Meeting Aikido 3D, by far, the best tool of all. I put to good use. Now as Aikido 3D my most valuable tool. Although it will never replace Dojo will be 3D procedures of Aikido and increase my progress. As I by other guests and the ideas to read thoughts, I found that it set up many good ideas into 3D of Aikido. Are connected and much more. Congratulations and Domo Arigato Gozaimashita. Marc Seguin, Yoseikan Aikido School of Gatineau, Gatineau, Canada. Just change my Kyu - 4A and was helpful in my preparation during the Aikido3D, that will ever replace practice Dojo. Whenever I'm struggling with a technique only the broken with this software. Excellent work guys! With regard to the next episode? Michael, Toronto, Canada. Excellent program to review the techniques taught in the Dojo. Technology from different angles, in slow motion, with or without dialogue can see, incredible and greatly reinforced, what you've learned. A review before the test of the belt is unmatched. Gray Bob, Prescott, Arizona, United States of America. Is great. I ordered and it showed all night. Is the best tool to learn the right way to the Dojo.Je training techniques likes. It is worth the money. Waikiki, Brabant, Netherlands. Very good program, to study not only the Dojo but also in my house. Joaquin Lalas, Montevideo, Uruguay. Thank you for a nice software create. This best practice is highly all Senpai and Kohai this software wonderful to get advice from his Dojo. Arda Arcasoy, Aikikai-Scott Evans Ankara, Ankara, Turkey. A masterpiece! Excellent program with an easy to use interface, fluidity of movements and powerful 3D graphics. Is a must for beginners like me and advanced aikidokas. Useful, learn quickly, the Japanese terminology, to study the movements (at any angle) and the techniques to be repeated if the teacher with you is! Excellent work, thank you. Ivano Menicucci, Dojo Shinkokyu Aikido, Rome, Italy. ,,.