Sport clubs offer the best program of tennis courts in Wisconsin and one of the best in the country. Our tennis professionals ensure consistency, excellence, best instructor 6: 1 ratio and a more positive statement. We offer Tennis Junior courses for children at the age of three years. Our courses include a variety of games of tennis, exercises and other teaching methods to create the tennis game, create a positive image of itself, promote sportsmanship and teamwork. Elite has a number of programs for children of all ages during the summer. We offer you a villain called summer camp, for 5 years and above. This is the day following and offered in the sessions of 3 weeks. Activities: Tennis, karate and swimming, games, sport, sports, area arts and game time, free swimming, games, etc, we offer well SKIPP average 2 to 4 years. We offer a variety of shop one day, in 3-4 days and many other kinds of 6 weeks for children. Children of TI enjoy the comfort and the activity of the playroom, while parents can leave the Club for errands, shopping, or eating. Login home parents as usual, then emergency contacts, phone numbers and sign the book to the bottom and six records on the way. For rates games personal and restrictions. Karate is unique in Brookfield-Club. Martial arts can be an excellent training for other sports. While physical mobility, studied at the elite Dojo will improve other activities, our code of ethics takes participation in sport to the next level. Way of the Samurai, offers a level of integrity with an emphasis on. The position of the elite sport club-Brookfield has a saltwater swimming pool 25 yards, 81-84 degrees outside our salt water 25-yard swimming pool and pool for children celebrated. The pools are versatile, for all ages and it is ideal for the whole family. Elite offer family and youth, also called swimming, swimming and swimming club. Elite of the playrooms are free for children from a family of elite. Game rooms Elite clubs to investigate it, while they welcome to children in a fun and safe, your fitness goals in the form. Our staff experienced and certified in CPR, infant, child, you can be assured that their children are in good hands. Elite offers sport clubs, a Club for families. We strive for a safe and pleasant environment for our youth and adult members of create. See our. Sport birthday parties are an economic and fun way to celebrate your child's birthday or the anniversary. Members and non-members may be in any part of the time of sport of the host club. Games & tasks available beyond the premises of the Association. We offer you a variety of options and accessories to meet your needs. Elite anniversary parties are a fun and stress-free celebrates the anniversary of someone! Seasonal values, often referred to as a thug, offered in the sports elite clubs. These fields usually occur during spring break, summer and winter. We are a family and a Club. Elite strives to offer to you and your children a fun and safe family environment, fitness and health leisure time to pursue the objectives. We recommend the use of all members of the families and offer activities appropriate to the age, in addition to a variety of different events and programs for our young members. The elite staff is CPR certified and trained in the use of an EPI - pen if necessary. Please let a member of staff and we put on the wrist with a red band allergy bracelet, with a kind of allergy your child. You can bring a snack, is that the child is able to eat, and they will be stored in a separate table. If your child has severe allergies, avoid the child out of the kitchen as a whole. Each athlete elite club has a full size, madera-piso - multi sport. Our members can play pickup sports youth times participate in junior, the judge appointed to the Court against your friends and meet new players. We have created the elite, a small curriculum according to the needs of the children. We offer a suitable living environment and curriculum to promote a positive and unique learning experience. Provides a safe and structured care environment, while children learn necessary preschool preparation. A mixture of professors and son of master graduates as instructors certified swimming pool, gym and tennis courts. We believe that emphasis on self-esteem is important and achieved thanks to the enthusiasm, positive reinforcement and redirection. Each child learns at his own pace. We believe that communication with parents is the key to ensure that the objectives of each child are defined accurately. Age appropriate programs are designed exclusively for the children of TI, the members are not invited. Children should respect the date of birth of the requirements, but must not go to the toilet, are trained to register. Initiate travel education of his son with a small elite and the baby is now with us to grow, etc.