To a large extent, are black belts of the highest quality. Facts in Okinawa, and very little in the United States to come. The action of satin and cotton tapes are unmatched by other manufacturers. Many companies have tried to replicate this belt, but they were short. These are the heavyweights of the karate styles of karate from Okinawa, martial-arts inspired Deluxe.Beaucoup Jure Shureido as market for Rolls-Royce and karate. If money is not a problem then Shureido Deluxe the belt for the purchase. Strap is 1 3/4 wide and 11 seam of high quality. Please choose belts made of cotton or satin. It enters the note 3-7. Please visit these straps with embroidery, like the image of the line. They are simple black belt. We offer an embroidery service, if you are interested call 718-338-0529. If you are interested a good elegant presentation for its exclusive Shureido belt that would indicate the new. You count on Nojuegas delivers the right product time, budget, and finally on Anfrage.Wir offer a full range of products to meet the needs of our customers. All Nojuegas products give you maximum performance. Nojuegas is a synonym for service and quality with a reputation Descollada in the martial arts. MUGA-Mushin later in our banner at home or in the Dojo. MUGA it is a Buddhist concept, not even refers to a physical condition in which the body is to get rid of the ego and the conscience. Mushin is a State of mind, where according to the Buddhists, the spirit is not obstructive thoughts. As a result, MUGA-Mushin sought the Warrior if the mind and the body are free intuitive way to work together, and which is completed during the training are and give the empty. in 1645, when Miyamoto Musashi wrote his book of five rings, stated: the empty space is virtue and no evil. Wisdom has existence principle has existence, determines the existence, spirit is nothing. . (21 k) $7.95 price. Dojo banner roll banner Dojo through these parchments are examples of maximum means special martial arts Dojo. Hang in the Dojo or the House that remind us of the principles that the manner to rules, we are and how we should live our lives. Printed on art paper 11 X 17 to adapt to a high-quality standard size frame, printed in black with Red Seal (Hanko) but individually applied. These words come to us from ancient times. Some are the words of the founder of the tradition of martial arts; All to inspire, to encourage, and rinse. A perfect gift for a friend, teacher, or for themselves. Each costs $7.95 more Porto and each delivered increase in flat and hard-packed, extent and ready for the design, and,,.