In the following you will find a wall, where you can publish your A3s, questions, to train others and trained for themselves. You can read a current A3 column, written by experts in the field of education, taught to solve problems and simplify the management and sharing of resources useful new sparks debate for the Dojo. Customize the menu details. Here I present an example of code to work with Dojo tree view. Start with a simple example, and then in the creation of the programming and manipulation of the tree view. The examples presented here were created with Eclipse. So, what does it mean? We start at the bottom. Lines 39-41, tell Dojo what to do during the startup process. I. SI you know Web sites with information about Dojo tree Widget, please send a link to my email. Dojo. They require (dojo.widget.TreeContextMenu); Now when you right click on an item in the context menu (as in the demo above). You will also need the text entries that match the legends on the labels. Now you have to think many things on XHTML and already violates the rule. Ah, I knew that I would find. Well, I wanted to just as quickly as possible to do and show more ways to do something. So, delete the code that has been added. Now add the following JavaScript code to programmatically create the context menu. Now it is time to build a tree. I'll enable in the way, the current bottling and Dojo to use the alternative method. The reason is that the default method, and to apply custom attributes to html elements. This prevents that the validation pass pages. There are good arguments for both methods. The reason is simply trying keep pages in the w3c standards as the obligation in several organizations. To read more about the Dojo Toolkit. Library (available for each server type) and it is easy, even without generating a library. It is also easy to browse, so that we can concentrate on the Dojo tree, why I'm here finally. I use the same data as HTML. First, go ahead and add to configure script elements to debug mode, get. . At the top of the page, we add some elements of a script, use the Dojo Toolkit configure. The first, in the midst of the configuration of the Dojo the debugging state. In short, you can go beyond. 71-73 lines should seem familiar, only Dojo to create the tree after loading the function call. ,,.