This page is designed to provide a scientific perspective the areas of mental health, nutrition, alternative medicine, and psychotherapy. Many of the files, which were developed project of at Vanderbilt University in this context by the students as a kind of psychology and eating disorders. Each student defines a surface of interest, explore this information of interest on the World Wide Web, then the scientific literature and a summary check prepared. Of course comments on the Andconclusions of opinions are not complete and in any case have right. But in any case, I think you will find interesting and informative information. I have to say, I read the reviews and decided to buy the book, although a critic on the number of calories focused is limited, however. Well, I must say that I am glad that Wort.Es is not only the editors restrictive, author in particular has said he doesn't want people who because they destroy after diets, metabolism, losing those extra pounds to eat. It consists of three phases. The first phase is the phase of the healthy fats, carbohydrates, proteins, two, three. For each step, which makes exercise appropriately for the cardio not proteins carbohydrates and healthy fats for weight training, yoga or massage. Ask him many things, like soy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed, etc. to give, but if you've read the book, have good reasons to do so. Soy can cause for example, swelling and fat belly.Now, when I say I've lost weight in two weeks 16 kilos I also want to say that my metabolism is shot. I have a healthy metabolism. Why start this scheme then? Because my metabolism I, to lose weight, without killing. Those who were for many years probably in the low-carbohydrate have not the results I've had so quickly. But as soon as they get their repaired metabolism to eat, someone can share my results.The first week is steep. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but all must wean before you begin. Week one is hard enough without adding the agony of withdrawal. For some people, that this food can be a struggle when you really, maybe the water, you need a diet drink or maybe the pain and the pain of a crisis of the healing that the intersection of food finally heals. Week one is many reasons difficult, but week two rolls around, you should start to feel the control and has little extra energy. I also recommend as much food as possible to prepare. The recipes in the book are very large and can be easily made and frozen in the coming weeks. List of messages in your refrigerator with lists of food for each stage. Food allowed for each change of phase from each other, so it's easy, something that went very well yesterday, to see that I don't have to this time to eat.The author is very accessible on Facebook and responded to my questions usually within 24 hours. His name is Haylie Pomroy page: author of the fast metabolism diet. He was also a Facebook support group and also helped get the answers to my questions, help with success and low moments and sharing revenue. This review is probably a little long, so I apologize in advance.This book interested me, since there was much science behind it (based on animal feed) and thought it would be interesting to try. I have not much weight to lose (certainly less than 10 books and maybe up to 5), but was long at the same weight. I really thought that this regime for me would work, but finally did.Before I begin, I would like to the excellent review of c. Canfield, mentioned in the book. As I said, I need to lose much weight. If you comply with the formats that are used in the book, would be in a * very * low calorie diet. Which ironically is because the author has said repeatedly low - cal diets are the reason why many people have slow metabolism. Quite contradictory. Completely omitted parts and ate plenty authorized food, I wanted to stage (and I lots of food).Regardless of the size of the segment was not the only aspect I amended. I'm not staying also according to the plans of certain foods (such as carbohydrates + fruits for breakfast - lunch dinner). I ate only lists of foods, which enacted it, but I ate them in any combination wanted. I hope that this makes sense.Although this regime is restrictive, I find it very difficult at first glance. I am a vegetarian and not as dairy products, so those that were easy. However, the implementation of the diet was more complicated, that they had in the first place.The first phase is really fantastic for me - I love carbs and fruit eaten, for my taste. He likes. Phase two was very, very difficult. Since I am a vegetarian, allows me, tofu and tempeh, but in terms of food proteins. No beans or nothing! There more sugar-free in the second phase (and I have a weakness for sweets), so I really use this stage to fight. Literally waited, until the clock was midnight and was able to eat three phases no joke! You two days per Woche.Am were very unhappy at the end of 28 days, but approximately 4 pounds, to my surprise had fallen. Yes, that seems not much, but it is for me. I remember that weighed so little the last time. I think that more would have lost, if it remained faithful to the assigned portion sizes, but it sounded very restrictive and I know that it would have been unhappy.But the real question is to know whether it remains off. It was a few weeks ago I ended up (was lucky enough to get a copy to start with screws) and ate like a stupid pig for one or two weeks later. But I've won, only on the back of a book. So this might work after all. I'm updating if no change noticed.Recommended. I was in 7 days so far in this program. I know, a comment like it a little early, but I now wanted to do for two reasons. First of all, I am thrilled with my results so far--as I have 9 pounds - and secondly, I has dismayed inaccurate report (c. Canfield) has let hold, try this arrangement before Monaten.Prolog I so you already know what it is. This is my first Amazon review. I'm at least 60 pounds of weight on. I have (and also again won back) in at least three different programs of weight and I know what I want, lose weight with weight watchers, if they are really working and I'm very patient, but I knew it would take too long and everything I lose much lack to lose my health. Before the search for that book, I was pretty discouraged. I'm tired, calorie counting and worked for me, the calories an inaccurate concept considerably, if food will be applied. I'm against diabetes and skin and have problems in the joints. If this sounds to communicate, I apologize. Personally, like I don't read comments without sufficient information to understand the point of view of the author.I have read the information on the basis above indicated and knew this link this program includes a major change in my life. I have a friend (friend had to lose about 20 pounds), that she had lost weight on the foot - and -mouth disease and she liked. I liked the app, I just followed - but I needed more convincing. More motivation. When I read about the diet I was expecting something easier, you are looking for a way to eat more like (cheese, sugar, and corn), and they want a magic wand that shot him. Then I read the magazine about c. Canfield and he gave me the excuse that was looking for, I said to my friend, that the diet, which was a program of hunger would be healthy to eat so little calories. He was surprised and told me, I was never hungry and a hard-to-eat, the food in the program had, he said. I used WW program, simply fill out and I would be fine, except that I had to die to work hungry and AƱos Suspiro. I have 3 kilos in two weeks and then have,. and another.I went to the site of the FMD and learn more. Desperate to avoid impending diabetes, I decided I would buy the book and read. I've read it twice. I'm excited about the science and psychology of the continuous development of the things every day. It took 3 weeks for organisation, food and wine tasting of the tests be willing to try the diet. Cleaned and finally convinced my husband give a chance at least half of my pantry and fridge (missing lose 35 pounds).Constantly eat. Sometimes I feel that I can eat everything. Never love hungrig-and I the food. I hate lettuce and celery and really prefer fried grilled; I can not tell you how much I love frosting but I have discovered something new: I like real food. Who would have thought that? Sweet Strawberry and blueberry for me and I didn't know how much organic humus knows best. And the calories? Today I'm going to consume 1785 calories. I'm at the end of the 9 pounds, and my husband has lost 7. My skin is clearer. Surprisingly, both can see a difference in our stomachs have - I lost 15 pounds above and you can not see this change. This is exciting.It seems to me to be very sad that the inaccurate representation v. Program Office (counties calorie artificially assumes, that only, select some very thin recipes Cookbook food, and then ignore that vegetables are unlimited) review has made many people in this program.If you have more please by c. Canfield - read before booking townscape of the FMD y. Note, that influenced, this regime has a number of commendable and prone to obviously has worked for many people. I was looking for opponents and really could not Paso Otros c. Canfield, who is not only a kind of semi professional commentator, but seems to be on the basis of the review, the program has not tested yet.The change requires work. More than a meal is a program that does the job, it is not a life full of hardships. My wife Sarah: this regime has no meaning for me on multiple levels. The author has used a vet in collaboration with cattle for fattening and make strong, sleek and fast horses. He took these principles, he learned of the animals and turns around they man-made so slim, it's healthy, keeps muscles and metabolism speeds up. He found that it works. There is now a consultant for the rich and famous.Certain principles in this book are those who read a variety of books was discovered and a lot of research. I've lost my diet and 40 pounds. But another 30 pounds to go with, my weight loss in idle position. No matter what you have tried I could not lose me more in my diet.After reading this book, I'm saying that there were some things that I did and that can slow down my metabolism. I use some principles in this book will be accelerated if all goes well.I can not say that this regime is easy, but I can say that it is healthy and balanced. And always and maintain in a good state of health is located in the heart of what I support very. It is similar to the diet, which is make it for chronic diseases and a difference.The author removed anything from food, the loss of weight, so if you limit your program not wheat, dairy, soy, sugar, maize, coffee, fruit juice or artificial sweeteners food can prevent. Natural sweetener stevia you can as a couple (is not my favorite, but bearable).The author speaks about gluten to eliminate, because it can affect weight loss, but removed only the grain so that the other grains, gluten contain. If gluten intolerant, you free restaurants are gluten in any form could delay the loss of weight, and many people have this problem without knowing. If you figure out what is difficult to remove with this diet, that you want to remove all forms of gluten.The diet takes some preparation and planning, but might be worth. It will be easier for those to Cook, but I think that this of those that could not be achieved.For those who eat not already as well, can it is very hard to organize, to plan and to respect. I think that food could be a challenge, but not impossible. The good news is that this regime is limited and can be for 28 days. You can to lose weight healthy and out of it. However, you might find that you eat this way better feel and that they remain!Moreover, Sosa is on the table, but questioned the author and is called Zevia soda that is sweetened with stevia, according to which it would be perfect for the phase 1 and phase 3 of the diet. In addition the author has answered a page on Facebook under his own name and questions. If you have any questions, you can answer them.So if you are looking for a way to take off, healthy and without damaging the muscle it is compatible with the systems of the body, I recommend this Buch.Update: am constantly lost per day without delay an average of 1/2 kg. I don't use this regime, but I have incorporated the principles of this book in my diet and so far am will you not the plateau usually met. Surprisingly food is, most before the fact, which I did. I think that this isn't all about calories, but which foods you eat, and when eaten.The author shows, if must you have to lose more, eat more calories. This works well for me. My metabolism will not stand. Even if I'm eating low-calorie, not hungry go. I eat healthy (salads one) and strategically. Use lower calorie ingredients, healthy foods are more filling.That's what I'm doing: are the kinds of rotation of food every day. So I did the following:-low fat and no days of wheat with a little healthy fat, but Grano slides with a small amount of carbohydrates by Maiz slides with some healthy fats and carbohydrates from Getreide.Der author of food taboos the list, which I'm doing here:-Gluten ever came out, so this is not new for me - I used soy, radically reduced, although here and there small amounts. -only rarely eat sugar that fruit, and I trying less to put sugar berry like fruit. I'm avoid corn. J ' small amounts of chocolate from low sugar, who drink a small amount of caffeine and Decaf Coffee, it is so not leave but on a minimum have reduced. J ', which never radically - I drank the juice my use of SPLENDA reduced and I have never used other artificial sweeteners. I drink soda Zevia and stopped pop diet with SPLENDA Sweetener. -I'm always still eat dairy products, but I built it. I have this ice cream low calorie (-), then, when the book arrived in the mail, which I read to see what this plan. It seemed much promise mucho.Come (says on the back of the book). Are actually eaten, food delicious, satisfying (says on the back of the book). It is the silver bullet (says the back of the book, etc.). I'm not single calorie or only one gram of fat (says the back of the book, etc.) count. Why it has to be mentioned, what it says on the back of the book? THERE IS THE INTERIOR NOT AS THE BACK COVER OF THE BOOK! I can't in all phases and grocery lists. We say almost daily and almost resignation, wheat, maize, sugar, dairy products, processed foods and Ernst sweetener is low in fat. This not very poorly as like it is only for 28 days. And you've got to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks. But then they must be to discover size 104, the limited from the side. This structure is more how many servings of each food to say, you have one day. Let not a lot to tell me. I'm not saying that it won't work. Probably need, but know what is expected of you and decide whether you can stick with it.After reading the book, I have decided that the promises not everything what they are cracked. The vemos.Come of course lots and lots of vegetables. Starchy vegetables are not inexhaustible, as any other diet. Everything else is in small portions you eat to real, delicious food, that food is real could be tasty, route, since almost every day, you have a list of very limited ways. 4 days are free fatty acids, fat seriously. I don't know anything about you, but only for much time before the uprising with broth, lemon juice and vinegar to boil.It is the silver bullet, - well, I think if you in the diet of hunger. you don't have to count calories or fat - of course, that you not follow very little whether automatically keep meal plans. In addition, 2 of those days are extremely low carbohydrates and little Fett.Jetzt, an hour break on day 1 of each step type that have suggested the number of calories on the menu, with the recipes of the author. Calories are for sizes, which would this time you lose 20 pounds of less, regardless of their age, gender or Gewicht.Phase 1 (there for 2 days of the week) breakfast CaloriesSnack 40 CaloriesLunch 127 CaloriesSnack 53-158 CaloriesDinner 390 calories (you're it for two days in the week) breakfast calories 768 for DayPhase 2 CaloriesSnack 88 CaloriesLunch 74 CaloriesSnack 174 218 CaloriesDinner 118 total 672 calories calories for 3 DayPhase (there 3 days per week) breakfast CaloriesSnack 197-254-60 CaloriesLunch CaloriesSnack CaloriesDinner 438 258 total calories 1 207 calories through day, if I don't think you a recipe from the book with the calories twice cooked food chicken and spinach/garlic lemon mustard serves 6-8 82 T lemon juice / 4 t cinnamon calories1 calories1 0