Boss for life is the largest nutrition and lifestyle, as well as an optimal alkaline global resource store. We are specialized on gives you all the tools to transform your health and your energy level.Our approach is very different from the others out there.We focus on a holistic approach and shows you exactly what you need to do to achieve your health goals. We have developed a system that includes diet, exercise, supplements of spirit community essential equipment and produce major results. . The benefits of alkaline diet, to insure by a team of scientists who work this life style already tested!Be alkaline enough, start on 70 to 80% of its diet in the. When you are ready, have a basic body, but I'm not sure to you on your way, where the fundamentals are at the beginning, to pass now! New monthly meetings with alkaline diet expert of Gareth Edwards: speaker co & Saskia Fraser freedom. Gross, Saskia was life coach, author and mentor roh for more than 5 years. Trainer and teaches, what is finding out, as more bare in the hustle and bustle you see integration food energy and clarity and emotional balance, great to make increases first-hand. With dishes for you to try a fun game in the evening of inspiration and practical demonstrations. Tickets are £15,50. only 28 seats available. New skin and hair care brand alkaline released: we are pleased that you have called our new alkaline skin and the German Mark Ovimed hair care in life. If you suffer from diseases such as loss of hair, itchy skin and scalp, eczema, acne, skin prone to allergies, monitoring etc. outside their range of products very effective. . This fuse with 3-4 liters of good quality, clean and alkaline water every day, and soon begins to feel fantastic! In November green kitchen 08.53 hands-on, amazing learning weekend LondonAn, all about raw food and alkaline with a unique, organic chef, award-winning. The alkaline diet is rooted (no pun intended) in microbiology, science of nutrition and sport on the basis of longevity plant. Relies on a diet rich in nutritionally dense foods, alkaline salts, green foods, whole grains and clean protein oils and Omega.We are a further focus cut acidic foods, those that you know is bad for you-tail, chips, chocolate, Hamburger, dairy products, etc., counsel for the consumption of alkaline water, exercise and relaxation techniques. Together, which all contribute, to promote health, energy and wellbeing. If you start your journey is alkaline is the ideal place to be absolute. Where we lived Energisa, breathing, teaching and training of the alkaline lifestyle (the possibility of increasing life was) to reach your health goals for people is our ability to # 1 2004-alkaline and passionate support we are then load not only alkaline, alkaline, but to life and enjoy the process. You you keep it simple, keep it nice and above all, we are here to help every step of the way. ,,.