Hi, I have to say thanks for what they defend healthy “. ” I have a flora-health, ever since he was a teenager and I ’ see how people can live their lives differently. The ’ is the only way to go in my opinion. The only bad thing is ate vegetables instead of what I needed to balance the pH levels in my body. Thank you once again, I'm still not ’ deal with the book, I believe that I have won ’ you can t, but please email me if possible. Once again, continue to do a good job. God bless you!. Awesome! I was looking for this type of address with my go food and alkali information are not so easy to obtain that ordinary people would lead you to believe. Thank you very much!!! Please do not stop t type ’! Cara Ross, thanks for the wonderful info. Now delve deep in alkaline foods. Food and drink water regularly with baking soda and alkaline water, wheat grass now Miro – alkalinity of foods. I have many letters from the food and I'm glad – confirmed my favorite broccoli is well appreciated. I also thought it would be the right person for this question are: all graphics listed food raw or cooked, not frozen foods. Can I buy only locally large packets of organic broccoli. I stress with non-organic ” “ costs. After my favourite dish with organic rice and brown organic broccoli is done, I am sure it is alkaline. But I'm curious, is significant for all cooking eat broccoli better for alkalinity? I'm looking for more food cards with alkalinity foods frozen, cooked or eaten and brought to room temperature, then.Don't ever even juice, as most people – in high-speed machines. These machines to kill, he's the best fish and seafood, vegetables. Two reasons high-speed – and oxygen absorbed quickly, with missing enzymes, and then close the form of electromagnetic fields. Guided tours only slowly, ideally without electricity, by hand. I wonder if anyone who knows high alkalinity speed for extracting the juice is the use of mixers. Thanks, Peter, I don't find any Informationen. Vielen related. Hi Ross, all I can say is thank you very much ’ ‘ for your wonderful ideas and free! There are so many sites with different tips, and made a pact with myself never to pay at least a thorough investigation. The information you give, feels good! For a month, were now completely alkaline and almost lost a stone in weight. But especially for my new husband suffers an attack of gout--every year around this time. Some mild swelling, moves like an elevator between the toes or knees, but is much less painful than other attacks. And as I said, the years of plenty will take over a month to clean! You almost convinced to shell for a song of the aqueduct, Pero ’ understandably reluctant ripped off would be pleased to hear (and doesn't seem able to find reliable information anywhere be) values (also eaten) are the bays of dried Goji alkaline, raw organic cocoa and wheat grass seeds adult – this incredible food, but really, we want to alkalize where possible and would be willing to forgo the necessary. This morning, we had our first taste of wheat grass and she was so sweet – are worried that sugar have not had time to develop and can be bought frozen organically-grown vaccines about 3 months – 2 in a field may be more alkaline. Any idea which would be fab! And once again thanks, you're a great source of Inspiration. Rachel. Include Ross, all vegetables in our diet. An extensive list of background explanations. Lemon/filtered drinking water before in earlier in the morning, which also contributes to the alkalinity. Shared – you are the best! HiI vegetable juice daily and all very alkaline. It is also acceptable that input or you eat?Thank you very much. Hi MooreI c. was everywhere (even the title of each post, including this one), I have only my opinion is a doctor or a nutritionist and all information in this blog and the website. My credentials include years of Live 8 alkaline and help many people to implement healthy alkaline. I think my skill and ability of people is to implement my Stärke. ThanksRossp s. ’ t want to respond to every comment, comments, Blogs, Facebook, as soon as I get hundreds of emails a day, plus comments, tweets etc. more than as much as possible. The information is kept 100% secure. Help register here, you get to do alkaline for articles, videos and other stuff. You can unsubscribe at any time. Hi, I am very interested in this alkaline diet. And are at least AlsoDrinking. 2 lemon liters per day.Have severe osteoporosis can problem. very Comemos cabbage and spinach and greedy more better health, Quess ItNever 70 years but are too late. Thanks a lot to do. MeAware of. This Corrinne. Thank you very much for this and all your articles. As my email and something to see this page. I like the celery, but try hidden in a milk shake. Also, I am curious for the comments of the family Solanaceae vegetables. Hi Ross, I see more alkaline food and water for three months and now loves in my diet add … I have some problems with things like spin package Queeste love and broccoli, but have high purines, but hold only 20% of the meal or snack and add the peppers much more with their … lemons also add my cooking EauFaire or drinking.I lost 8 kilos and my taste has quit at one point, I can live with this, add a lot of antioxidants, to my diet, combined with alkaline water really works thanks. Very good information. I am new to this kind of thinking. I am a woman, had many UTI's ’ in recent years. I think that my diet has played a major role in this issue. If you have suggestions for me, I really appreciate it ’ helps double. I think it is also gluten-free. thanks. Thanks for the list have an acidic body and move in the alkaline diet, my body is considering a balance between and even lose a few pounds the road. Can eat all the food rich in alkalis. Lemon water can still ’ vivo cancer alkaline body t ask me “ … – what are alkaline foods? ” so I have a blog for analysis to wanted to create and show you what they are, how to cook with them, and what are the advantages (with real scientific research, good) verbose. For each food ’ an introduction included food for 1 Cup, a number of basic recipes without, ’ vista created by this blog or that. Hello: what a valuable feedback. We all know how our vegetables, but we need to be better informed and successful. The inclusion of all these vegetables each day in our diet is a slow process of education. ’ t happens from one day to another.We have promoted a bit here and mixed a drink (Berry) of barley grass with water, especially in the morning. 30 minutes later we have 6 carrots sticks, orange juice and celery 3. Take the mixer or similar in a VitaMix and mix these juices with a slice of pineapple and a handful of organic spinach, a handful of flaxseed 2 tablespoons Cup broccoli and blueberries. with. This powerful tremor is our breakfast every morning, and we make sure that we get our minimum daily amount of vegetables. We have vegetables, chicken or fish, at noon and in the evening, have another glass of barley or other green grass Smoothie in the morning …, I can say that we have started to testimonials from friends with cancer, who have their disease by taking these nutrients steadily 1/2 cup every 3 hours invested a smoothie and done a loan his congratulations of autoimmune and cancer Herzlichen inverse. Keep up the good work of Ross. Hi Ross, I m fan of ’ movement, but a small question … you are familiar with the ” eat right for your blood type ” plans?I ’ I wonder why my type ” or ” calls without cucumbers blood & Avacados. ’ m me thought might stir these facts and adapt a personal project for my optimum HealthThanks, r. Nash. Hi, can you please I cook barley alkaline. Why eat cereals and certain vegetables cooked without seasoning as a daily meal. ’ I m suffering from lupus nephritis and work on a complete alkaline diet. Hi Ross, thanks for the work you do, I'm a newbie, but begins to make sense. My comment is, sometimes open their email but goes directly to a Web page of stupid nutrition Acai Berry can work if the email from you and not to hijack or fake his past repeatedly send them under your name (In emails not very technical), any recommendations. Thanks for this information. I have a chance in this are all my favorite foods. Adding more my diet is not a task, to say the least. I noticed that the frantic weeks booked if I ’ t eat this food sure, feel the difference. Good luck to all! Hi Ross, I'm learning a week raw food, fermentation, juice etc etc etc and enjoy your simple, clear messages. Knowing that I have a drink and now on the road to healthy consumption DDR ’ 's day is a relief and ’ is much less cumbersome for me seems so easy, install these fine objectives. Looks like a drink to get much more than just a small step in the direction of a good kitchen plan. Thank you very much. Greetings Hi Jan, was recently in this alkaline food stuff. I wonder if you could tell me who is this bit. Japanese green tea powder is considered alkaline food (drink). That with green food powder even alkalis (presumably including different types of vegetables)? Thank you very much. Hello ’ m using LeslieI because only the ’ s know what many people, even these foods than other foods, can compare vitamin labels, etc are generally low, but that's why ’ is alkaline See large increases in food and also more than 100%.Ross. Hi Ross. I wonder if there are studies, which suggests an advantage directly on the base consumption of foods. It seems logical enough, but I wonder if it's just a huge post hoc fallacy. Green vegetables should be eaten in abundance, but spinach is my favorite, because it is ’ easy to buy, easy to use, recipes and salads and is delicious. Elderly spinach or spinach diet powers and are incredibly alkaline. As with all foods, spinach Greens are rich in chlorophyll (,.) Hi, I wanted to get free list but not ’ t. email control, but then nothing happens. Thanks, Helen. I hope to answer time every day, eat –-this is quite alkaline?Oatmeal/raspberry and Applewholemeal bread/stuffing/cucumber sandwich/Kiwi (sandwich) chicken (breaded) with Broccoli/Cauliflower and Sproutsand for snacks. for the University. I again, banana, pear, almond, raw carrot + approximately 8 glasses of water with a pH of approximately 7.4 Thank thanks for all replies. This site is really awesome. Good list, but it's true that if food is grown sour, if trade with organic adult Superphosphate. This led to aerosols survive and not be attacked by predators. Plant, healthy ecosystems are not eaten by insects. Commercial cores now seems to acid and alkaline does not work. Alkalize and brightness. Hi, I think that is great, but I'm a little confused about how to choose who to be more alkaline food 7, when acid/base some of their finished product but does not list all that lists highly alkaline ” “ section, as other foods such as cabbage and herbs that do not appear in the article? Thank you very much!. Hi Ross, his great open Embassy 7 high alkaline foods and wondering that if it was on the track, had lost something, because they have more to eat and eat raw vegetables throughout the day. I ’ vista has only lost 2. I had such a laugh …. Celery is not my favorite and Don t know much about ’ kale. However, the other five are the big favourites, especially spinach and broccoli!Thank you for your inspiration!Paula. Hi MaryCan please send more information on this non-’ Portulaca, his property. There is a limit, I can get into the list of foods.Moreover, stevia is very acid forming, certainly not alkaline forming.ThanksRoss. Thank you for this meeting of the alkaline vegetables — few knew that he and the other ’ not know. For sufferers of hyperuricemia (also known as drop), these are great information. Hyperuricemia is when uric acid accumulates in high concentrations in the blood and in … fabric. Usually not noticed until a ” attack “ is — is, if the critic “ uric acid ” and defines a chain reaction of — glass joints. The needle crystals and crack in the surrounding tissue, causing an inflammatory response of white blood cells, which removes impurities, try primed, but enter the surrounding tissue available. Atrocious pain. Usually standing toe fat ankles, toes and other extremities, can also attack other joints such as elbows and knees — … completely debilitating. Alkalizing Greens help to reduce the acid in your system. (When you combine an acid with a base [alkaline], the components of both crack and water to produce, as one of the most – easily remove subcomponents system.) How to stop or at least reduce the risk of an attack of gout). Thanks for your message. If you n ’ t matter which is linked to your blog from my site by maildrop. Best wishes!. Last August I was diagnosed with sarcoma. Surgery to remove the mass in October. Shot in December against medical advice, Jan 1, began some Ezequiel eats mainly vegetables, bread and cereals, berries and juices. I am ordering 50 lbs carrots Canadian per week as well as cabbage, celery, cucumber, Green Apple, lemon, ginger juice. I live in rural South Georgia and organic vegetables are scarce. Clean, rub the peel and Apple Cider vinegar. Right, that non-organic vegetables are acidic because of pesticides. I'm really all to no avail. I try every day with pH strips and am very alkaline. From April 1 for scanning. Thanks for some tips. Celery, cucumber is one of the Favorites, because the ’ contents in alkaline water and s very high, then very often used in soups and juices (not so much beaten as the first juice you have and then you double wash). A sedano's ’ advantage is known ’ of vitamin C in s, – two benefits of ’ known minor nutrients are reported that less cholesterol and coumarins, proven ways to inhibit cancer should Phthalides. The beauty of foods rich in vitamin C are that help with the most common and the most complex health problems – support the immune system, inflammation (such as this help with osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma, etc.) and vitamin C also helps significantly with the heart and circulatory health. If a weight loss journey, you're ’ know that this basic food contains a lot of potassium and sodium, and then – is a diuretic which means that helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body. Nutrients per 1 cup (as an RPG): 37% in folic acid in vitamin k:: 9% vitamin a: 9% potassium: 8% molybdenum: 7% of dietary fiber: 6% vitamin c: 5 per cent manganese batteries: 5% calcium: 4% vitamin B2: 3.5% vitamin B6: mg 4%: 3% vitamin B5: celery contains alkaline diet recipes Boost of 3%. Therefore, I wish more alkaline foods in 7. Fake, is a Twitter-Facebook in the path bar and it is impossible. Who cares about Twitter? Hi MalcolmGetting a juice is great, because you have more of these foods, the ’ would be able to eat and gives you a great safety net other than – all means during the day are a bonus of … ….But I remember other alkaline foods in the course of the day – everything else is after Faser. Die short answer is: Yes, the juice is great.Ross. I shake my tomatoes, celery, spinach, alfalfa and sugar beet feel, add a pinch of salt and the juice of a lemon and a glass of killer are also delicious, I drink in the morning and throughout the day. I ’ seen, alkalizing for a month, I had a very toxic feed front and now have more energy, I feel much better and some “ ” age points disappear even arm, eyes black, is the fountain of youth! Hi I found Ross pH miracle almost at the same time as you, then you've done this for a while. I wanted to make a few comments after reading the answers very … I asked Mr. young in the blood system and he said that there are only two types of blood, good or bad! or bad! Sorry, this Tweet boob in my way! As soon as I notice that raw spinach do not cause to collect stones or Oxacilic acid. With regard to the nightshade family (Solanaceae) are potatoes and eggplant seem so fundamental as tomatoes and peppers, which uses a crude oil. I can feel the difference, for example, if a tomato food. Simply beautiful tomato soup alkalizing and AVO eat it raw. I hope that the comments are useful. Free alkaline and education Advisor for each email that you become sick, tired and out of shape to prosper, always full of vitality and your body better! Free Video training, weekly updates via email, telephone, port-based, easily get alkaline/acidic food alkaline, fun and sustainable. I don't know if my email, so you get ’ send m. wanted to thank you for the info. Really need. Extends along the ground and the site address. I was wondering why Portulaca he (perennial French I think) do not. The information is very rich in omega-3. Me too I asked why was unacceptable to green stevia drinks? I know this is a sugar, but I saw that I feel also very alkaline. UY, IMO, what tricks dragster ran circles around all of these elements together — then tripled — fruit — is a lemon yellow. Two precautions — if not ’ if t, always diluted at least 15 parts water, filtered by chlorine and fluorine, possibly not too difficult to digest. Works actually better diluted, because water is the main component of the movement; Second notice be taken quickly and then repeatedly rinsed with water. If you can stay for five minutes on the teeth, tooth enamel begins to loosen. This will tell you what he does — arteries, which prevents the accumulation of calcium. Vitamin K-2 acts as a reporting mechanism, but the immediate withdrawal of the vascular risk, citric acid, lemon will Solufy more K-2 faster football could “ Redirect ” published on bone or out of the system. Lemon juice or citric acid acid also remove the stones in the kidneys. D-limonene from shell that comes to few, antineoplastic agent is, prevent “ ” Immortalization of undifferentiated cells (cancer). The potassium content is very simple and should use to provide potassium tablets United States medical/pharmaceutical posters only 3% of the daily dose (that is over they lowball estimates). Don t set ’ buying potassium tablets leave up on lemons, used properly, does not damage tooth enamel. Even the arteries but delete Granada ’ t wait to act so aggressively. Don t ’ the trick, wait 1 ’ treatment t have so much power. I ’ said at least 4 months twice a day, lemon water, ” “ failure to add any type of sweetener — including honey. Can be added with orange juice to make it more digestible and decreases the speed, that cleanses the arteries. Lemon is a blood thinner and an effective — if Coumadin with MD to discuss first with lemon. My experience with lemons so impressed, if I had a single fruit, would always be lemons. Thank You, Ross. You are amazing! I'm glad that sprout a large vegetable garden and spinach, waiting off the ground. I ’ See ate spinach, so that they could do little in my life. I tried Kale for two years without success. Celery unable to grow here. But I have a question regarding the cucumber balanced in tomatoes and Paprika. Ich. What does ‘ ’ cucumber in alkaline lesson? Things like spices and sauces, hot or preserved with vinegar or food TUPE Sauercraut Dinge. Nochmals thank you. Their large alkaline ingredients frappe something fundamental in my house, and since my partner and I become with good nutrition, weight loss and detoxification properties. Cabbage, celery, avocado, peppers, cucumber, Kiwi with occasional spinach or stevia, honey, chocolate, potato and watercress. Thank you very much for this task, these wonderful recipes and its acid/base graphics. I am in the transition of my change of an alkaline diet. Preparing to do a clean short prior to the adoption of lifestyle 80/20. Their soup and Smoothie Recipes will be a wonderful resource for me. We expect positive changes!Your blog is very popular. What Twitter is also on the road. You can only check? Or is it the Twitter Website t. Ich Hink your article is good is completed because in relation to nutrition of each meal. But it's not ’ t a sea of alkalinity and not a foot could go. The meat is very rich in acid, but it is an important food for us carnivorous mammals. It was also the ISC on eating red meat not because it was bad for the heart, that so many people leave in your diet. We get most of our flesh-niacin and niacin is a vitamin shop. Now let's see how much Alzheimer's disease, dementia, etc., is that a good balance is a must!I ’ t change your fonts with this Twitter thing. I hate it! I have heard contradictory statements about the stevia. Some sites that are alkaline. It seems a natural sweetener derived from the stevia Rebaudiana plant. The other side said that there are some acids. I was wondering if the source ’ is a plant makes a difference. Thanks, Ross! My ’ begin the diet this morning and can ’ t waiting to see and feel the effects of it! The ’ messages are so encouraging. — — — My favorite foods are alkaline and those that undoubtedly ’ selected views in my diet almost every day and record times on the day. I promise you that this Duplicate these 7 foods that currently only you quickly get your health goals. Enjoy the – let me know your thoughts, favorite foods or even entered in the comments below – ’ would love to hear! Ross (,.) I have a friend who has a computer and joined Dr. Oz best food now, listen! ’ t I feel before and now faces of skin cancer, with the “ ” blocks are not only good for them, for the reduction of d. an alkaline diet gave and lost! I wanted to print out what you posted more alkaline foods 7 and won t print ’. Here's one of the reasons. You could provide and put brand Burns? Hi Roy – great work! Go on. Go on! Six strong alkaline that beets, almonds and spinach ’ a Gewinner. Ross again. Thanks a lot, I'll start eating Karim, I'm a survivor of the concert from last 6 metres. I went to Remisson, I realize important alkaline diet account, because steam Kale always seems so hard. Michele. Dear Ross a thyroid website, I read recently that have negatively Diamondback raw on a low Schilddrüse. Ich was followed by an alkaline diet and now I hear you comment a little reserved spinach juice and other Gemüse. Please, please! I think doctors do not ’ 't know why there not much nutrition taught in College. All around the Pham. available. Once the diagnosis of an illness to the life of the customer. The gift of Pharm ’ who do not want to lose. If this information has been the main stream, you will withdraw from the business. When my mother comes to visit (vegetarian Cook animal products with very little, but not so hard that I need) is never take insulin. We know that some people their diet are completely healed of their diseases. Good luck. Vegetarian era footballer to 52 because of chronic pain in the joints, high cholesterol, heart disease, prostate cancer and poor general health. I congratulate him for his effort to enlighten those who are willing to seek the benefits of an alkaline diet. How many lawyers. No salad, smoothie or soup goes from me to be added to each at least 1/2 Avocado. I love probably at least five to seven per week. Now, I know that many people give a disreputable lawyer, because it is a high fat meal (85% ’ s come from fat calories), but – is crazy. Here are the good fats, that ye do not your weight. In all cases, thanks to its high content of oleic acid (an Omega is very similar to 9 fatty acids and olive oil), reduces total cholesterol and all through the reduction of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also known as bad cholesterol to increase levels of lipoprotein (HDL) with high density. Oleic acid also slows the development of cardiovascular disease and promotes the production of antioxidants. These oils Omega also benefits helps to speed metabolism, in fact resulted in weight loss, rather than profit. So now we re ’ about fat, counsel also includes many other nutrients, the best anti-inflammatory, heart, heart and cardiovascular health, health battle against cancer and the benefits of blood sugar. Contains antioxidants such as beta carotene, Alpha carotene, selenium, lutein, etc. – is a super powerful, nutrient-rich, alkaline. Nutrients per 1 cup (as an RPG): dietary fiber: folic acid vitamin K 38-40%: 30% vitamin c: 24% vitamin B5: potassium 20%: 20% vitamin B6: 19% of alkaline recipes containing lawyer Boost:. Ross, some information that I found on Wikipedia says portulaca oleracea Purslane 's, also known as Purslane, MOSS rose, fruits, stones or pursley. As a weed in the United States, can be eaten as a leaf vegetable. It is consumed in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Mexico. Purslane contains Omega-3 fatty acids than any other green vegetable plants. Contains vitamins A, C, carotenoids and some BS. Food containing minerals are magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. He said many other good things. I found out, I bought it, grow in a large pot, but no ’ t has had the courage to eat like a weed. Hi Katie – think ’ already does a good job! Deliver all your personally responsible for taking food and – when a particular health condition or concern about conscious diet should carefully and adapt to all suggestions of food to his awareness of his own body to meet health and ’ necessary. Hi RossI discovered your website and l ’ m very grateful to share this information.I m from ’ makes it alkaline and happy thanks to your wisdom, soon feeling better geht. Millionen! Marta. You can t ’ to read, but the real names of things; I view ’ been eaten spinach. Cucumber, avocado, broccoli and celery all day for years. I cook three evenings a week for my nephew and give them all whenever I can. You are very demanding, that all children and it was when I was a kid, but I think I can eat well this alkaline taste of food with them. for example, if you have something to put up or something to enjoy you, almost all foods. I hope that it might, so I know all Reat that exact reasons that are healthy and what they contain. Hi Rossi was looking after the food of alkaline spouts want a baby present, … this came more alkaline foods helps, the Council have a baby boy.so know who helped me a lot thank you …. The beauty of the cucumber is ’ the water content of s 95% –. That is phenomenal, and win ’ t find anywhere else. The ’ is the father of water content. Of course, this makes a very moisturizing to the process, contains large amounts of antioxidants, including the major Super Lignan. These highly active polyphenols were commonly associated with cruciferous vegetables, but in other vegetables like cucumber gains more and more attention. Cucumbers contain a good continuation, lariciresinol, secoisolariciresinol (Don t try to pronounce ’), three Lignans, a tradition of great and very strong research in relation to reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and several types of cancer, including breast cancer, cervix, ovaries and prostate. Cucumber is the best, they are the basis for almost all the soup, fruit and alkaline juice Smoothie – give a very nutritious, high alkaline knows very well. Compared to the real GDR of nutrients to serving the right amounts of vitamins K and C and a little less vitamin A and vitamin b. cucumbers cucumbers also contain dial alkaline minerals: calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, selenium, copper, manganese, iron and zinc. Nutrients per 1 cup (RDA) of vitamin K 23% of molybdenum: 8% vitamin c potassium: 6%: 5% of manganese: magnesium: 5% charge income, 4%, which contains cucumber:. Hi Ross, thanks for this information. Please tell me: alkaline diet for osteoporosis is good or someone should add more nutrients.They once again.Yolande. Please remove from mailing list. She liked information, but do not want to continue. Asked before, but it was continued. Thank you very much. . Could it be that is a form of commitment, to eat its alkaline salts, supplement the water supply of lemon for lemon constantly also ideal to solve the stones for their alkaline effect in the body. Hi ErinIt ’ s sad to see. I will answer questions, more than a hundred per day through comments, messages, email, Facebook and I do the best, what you can for free.Hope to receive your questions at any time, but there are many people who can afford it, to see who can give you a faster response when you need it fast.Ross. Excellent excellent information … I hope I knew and a half on this 1 year, my grandmother died of cancer save. Now that cancer cannot thrive in alkaline medium. Thank you very much for this information, of course, much research is to share this with my family and friends. Like what you do and we email interesting. As novice and learn. I am also a day. Hi, your article about 7 more alkaline foods is interesting and try some of the recipes, but they are often already known to be good for you. But what is if the alkaline levels are optimal, ISN t ’ is a risk going to alkaline? Do you think that so-called superfoods such as Goji berries, acai berry, mangosteen or wheat grass? Or are not ’ t is considered alkaline enough?Thanks, Paul Miller. Very useful tips. I ’ m to a point where I know that my body requires more healthy food, the ’ m currently attach locks in one and it is a great list — and it's my pleasure, this alkaline food. #bonus. Thank you very much. Ross, alkaline food chart thanks for downloading and full information about seven more alkaline foods. I saw alkaline food to another table in where watermelon is one of the most alkaline. Respectfully, Truman Anderson. Hi Ross, I have learned a lot from you, thank you for your wisdom. Now find after alkaline foods a week, acidic foods, have lost their charm. In fact, I can't believe that once ingested things so sour, brined chop, etc, my stomach really revolt if be like today. I can't believe I have chocolate and coffee, I thought I could do it, either. I am proud of it! Keep up the good work my Freund. Kareen, Western Australia. ,,.