Tennis-ElbowA-Guide for the treatment and prevention of the Ellenbogen. tennis elbow Tennis is currently one of the most diagnosed conditions of the Western world. It is very common and can be very painful.There are a number of conditions for this purpose, the region of the elbow. The three most common conditions are epicondylitis medial epicondylitis (tennis elbow) (, and thirdly, strengthening and conditioning the muscles of the forearm and wrist also helps prevent elbow.) There are a number of specific strengthening exercises that can be done to these muscles, but not in detail, I found another site that already just does all the work. Explains a number of exercises you can do with and without weight and includes graphics and explanations for each fiscal year. You will find strengthening exercises for a. As you can see in the chart on the right, there are many muscles and tendons that form the elbow and forearm. The diagram shows the previous (or front) view of the forearm. The left photo shows muscle and tendon to the nearest the surface of the skin, while the image on the right side of the muscles and tendons showing deep into the forearm. ).The first two conditions are very similar, but the first effects of Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed Download the outer part of the elbow (lateral) and the second from the inside of the elbow (in). For the purposes of this bulletin, we announced Ceniremos the treatment of lateral epicondylitis, or tennis elbow is better what is tennis elbow?Before we understand that tennis elbow, it is important as a general knowledge of the joint of the elbow and the structures such as muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments of the elbow together to get the function. There are also three bones that make up the elbow joint. There is the humerus, ulna and Radius. now, we can see how the elbow, look what happening exactly Tennisarm. Tennisarm on damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments autour of the joint of the elbow and forearm. Small cracks, called micro tears in the tendons and muscles, the movement of the forearm to the control. Create a limitation of movement, inflammation and pain. These micro tears finally lead to the formation of scar tissue and calcium deposits. If left untreated, can this scar tissue and calcium deposits too much pressure on the muscles and the nerves that can cut blood flow and head by pinching the nerves that control the muscles of the forearm.CausesBy causes much more current epicondylitis is exaggerated. Any action that sets a repeated tension and long in the muscles of the forearm, as well as others, tend to stress and exhaustion is the Muskeln.Es many other causes, such as the direct attack, like a shock or a fall on the elbow. Technical assistance at levels bad conditioning air and fitness shaped General State, such as the use of ill-equipped devices such as a racket of tennis, golf clubs, tools, etc., about helping the poor.SymptomsPain is the symptom the most obvious and common member of epicondylitis. More pain can often lived outside the upper part of the forearm, but at the level of the elbow to the wrist also everywhere, will learn common.Suffering from a general restriction of movement, weakness and stiffness are also widely used in tennis elbow. You may experience tingling and numbness.PreventionThere are a series of prevention techniques, which helps to prevent tennis elbow, including the strengthening of strapping, modify the unit, with stays and also learn new routines for repetitive tasks. However, there are three measures of prevention, which, in my opinion much more important and more effective than this.First of all, it allows a complete heating and appropriate in order to prepare the muscles and tendons for any activity. Without a good warm-up, muscles and tendons are tight and stiff. Traffic is limited to the area of the forearm, which lack oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. It's a sure recipe for a violation or muscles crave.Before any business experience to ensure heat all the muscles and tendons, are used in the sport or activity. ,,.