a sure sign of note (= a clear and unequivocal signal that something is true): the increase in sales is a clear sign that the recession is over. a sure thing/Platania (= something is going to happen in all cases): everyone thought it was a sure thing, and we were surprised when she moved. The dictionary of synonyms and related words is fully integrated into the dictionary entries. Click T in an item, check the synonyms and related words in this way. The Blog should be for everyone, an interest in the language of change. MacMillan dictionary Blog Explores English spoken in the world today. DisclaimerAll contained on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be fully and currently not in place of a visit, consultation, or advice are used from a legal, medical or other professional. RUR. very safe. Tom: I'm sure you've seen Bill today at work? Mary: Something for sure. If you are around to keep, with a lot of problems for some children needless over gets. RN, a sarcastic expression says that someone or something that will serve to something or what. Andy: don't worry. All right. Rachel: Oh, Yes. That's what you always say. Bob: I put the first chorus is near. Mary: Oh, sure. When will it be? The next year? Oppose: often in the form, which is clear: they want we are this weekend, that's for sure. quickly and safely. (Arrow firmly fixed on the fly). The Governor in the criticism of the opposing party responded quickly and safely. The firing of the Boxer was quick and safe and brought a quick Ko and a very short match. slowly but surely. Bob progress was slow, but in his novel definitely. Nancy is pictured at home, slowly but surely stops. something that says that is the agreement on the application of a person can take me tomorrow? ' Course-no problem. * of course, as God made little green apples and some like eggs. * insurance as a target. * course as I have here support-ing. Sure Bet Dictionary * Sure you live. RUR. absolutely safe. (*: Aussi comme ~.)) I am made as safe as small green apples of God he is. I am not mistaken, surely as thou livest! a certainty; something that takes in a safe place. Of course, this country will be valuable in a few years. It's a little safer. something to check and be sure. Please check the facts before you write the report. Of course there are the path that we had until we have to follow. Please check and make sure. Assurance that occur or be successful, is a sure thing, you're going to buy the most expensive jacket in the store. His re-election is almost certain. 2. someone or something you are sure to win or succeed, is safe for re-election. The simplicity of the design is a sure value in the fashion world. INF. I don't know for sure. Tom: when the other train through? Jane: I can't say for sure. Bob: How can the driver to give so many holes? Bill: Can say with certainty. I know it is not very well, but. to focus on something, you say that you are very angry or determined to something, of course, it is a pity that did not ask to my house. 1 something is confident that will happen most likely these two head to sit down and have children. Wheeler is a safe bet for a place in the squad. Some say that if some of these happened or that someone will do so next week will return again demanded more money, like eggs. ,,.