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Many of these partners of supersymmetry was unstable, but not enough to give a stable and survive to the beginning of time. And these particles, in this second, streaming through your body without any interaction with his flesh and bones. It could be dark matter. To break pieces of material, creating the energies and temperatures already wrote not views in the first moments of the universe, which can uncover LHC with particles and forces the rules for everything that followed. It could help answer one of the most basic questions for all beings in our universe: what is going on here? It is a piece of the puzzle, physicists expect to remove the debris from the collisions at high energies of the LHC. Some call it the God particle. The first thing you learn when particles of God, questions of the scientists is there is a form of evil to name a few. The particle was called a few years ago by physicist winner of the prize Nobel Leon Lederman, has a gift for turning a phrase. Of course, the nickname has taken a good name for a particle between journalists, you know, if they hear one (is better than the devil muon or Z boson). The preferred name for the particles of God among physicists is the Higgs particle, the Higgs boson, or simply the Higgs, in honor of the physicist Peter Higgs, of the University of Edinburgh, suggested the existence of more than 40 years. Most physicists believe that it should a Higgs that permeates all space; The Higgs particle is the carrier of the field and interact with other particles, a little like a Jedi Knight in Star Wars vector force.Higgs is an essential component of the standard model of elementary particle physics —, but no one has found. Physical John Ellis is one of the CERN, the search for Higgs scientists. Batteries of totemic works of scientific publications that seem to defy the normal laws of gravity. He has gray hair and unshaven, Bianca and with all due respect, it seems as if at the peak, a mountain in Tibet heard. Ellis explains that the Higgs field in theory, what is the mass of the elementary particles. Offers an analogy: many elementary particles, said, like many other people who are running in the mud. Some particles, such as quarks, have big boots this cover with a lot of mud. others who have such as such as electrons, small shoes, covering only the mud at all. Photons are not — shoes to slide over the mud while they collect. And the Higgs field is mud. The Higgs boson is believed that it is huge compared to the majority of subatomic particles. I had 100-200 times the mass of a proton. Why you need a large Collider to produce a Higgs — more collision energy, are the greatest mass of dirt particles. But as the Higgs particle would be great giant of unstable particles. It is not the type of particles that remain, so we can recognize — in a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a second will decompose into other particles. What can the LHC is a small taco, compact power, which could have a Higgs existence enough and bright enough to be detected. Create a machine like the LHC to find the Higgs a bit as a career as an actor in the hope of coming once in his career is a joke total that is not only fun the fun side, but also a Palindrome. You can take an elevator in the LHC tunnel, if you use a helmet and oxygen, using a mask. During my visit, I found a great construction project today, with the usual sounds of welding torches and saws. The workers were magnets. Since then, they have completed the process, after more than 1.600 magnets, more than half the length of the Court for basketball and more than 30 tons of weight. Strangely not enough these magnets to accelerate particles. The acceleration will come from electrical waves on a separate appliance that amplifies the particles around the ring. The work of magnets is beams of particles, easy to fold, push the ring. Many particles, the speed of light in motion have only one desire in life: again. The elbow must be as progressive — 17-mile circumference of the ring. If the particles collide, producing debris from rain that your energy is converted into mass. Higgs physicist in the shower, but two of the four main experiments, that the LHC can track does not see the remains of Higgs decay — a Higgs signal witness deteriorated. And the assumption is that only the rare collision — a remote — create a Higgs. The majority of collisions is not something very interesting. The particle — or — the debris appears on the computer by a detector, found by enormous amounts of data measured in PB type — billions of bits. The decision is a great challenge for the CERN which found the Higgs. What evidence do you need? They had two experiments in the contest to find the particle itself. To report the discovery of one of the experiments, although not recognized? The relationship between the ATLAS and CMS experiments is like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. You are working on the same side of the road, but with different techniques. And they are very competitive. The day that I went out to the Atlas that responsible, Peter Jenni, found a man, who had already seen the CMS experiment. Now he wants something to see large, he said. His voice is a slight tone my-detector-is-better-than-yours. CMS has surface and decrease in several blocks down through a shaft in a cave along the tunnel built. Awkwardly, to Dave Barney, one of the scientists of CMS, asked what would happen if something goes wrong, and part was deleted. You know, suddenly. It won't happen, he said firmly. It is the worst thing conceivable. I realized that I left in sensitive areas, when I asked him what could go bad kind of thing with the LHC. No, the particle accelerator can not fly the world, but it is physics of high energies. If these magnets are activated, the researchers would be pointed out Richard Jacobsson, around someone hitting a hammer recommends wearing a helmet; Suddenly at the start of the LHC sensational location of Europe the particles for the physics of particles and to fight in the United States, to find a way to stay relevant. Perhaps a small concern given the magnitude of what the LHC could increase, but it has something to say. A general term, that the world of physics ruled there is United States from the Manhattan project. Previously the power limit in the home of the Tevatron's Fermilab. This Hadron has found some larger particles but would not have enough fuel for the Higgs nail. American money have gone into the large Hadron Collider, will cost billions of dollars: five, perhaps ten — the exact number is difficult (to be exact science, but apparently follows the principle of uncertainty, the accountant). But most of the art is carried out by European companies. J├╝rgen Schukraft, experienced heads a LHC called ALICE (same conditions, created shortly after the big bang), said, the depopulation, ranging from Europe to the States, has certainly broken the habit. Cynics say that a practical use for all that, there are some homonyms for money and the brain will give this weapons particles. But we live in a civilization in physical form. We know that the forces within an Atom are so powerful, that it sparked and crimes against humanity can be cities in instant control. The laptop microprocessors that do not exist in writing used us, quantum physics and the strange behavior of the electrons not discovered. This story will be published on the World Wide Web —, in case you had not heard at CERN, invented by the computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee. Perhaps read listen on iPod, that would not exist but for some giant called kools. they discovered two physical independently in 1980, with not too much attention, as it can be used. Crucial for the small production of Sure Bet Detector hard drives used magnetized. Physicists won the 2007 Nobel Prize, and it has an ingenious system of sound, the smaller than a Hershey bar. When I asked Peter Jenni by LHC a collection of ants is important, he said, mankind is different. We have the intellectual curiosity; We have the mechanisms of life to understand and by those who believe that these large devices machines without the soul must hear Richard Jacobsson. The LHC is a particle detector, works with for a decade. I wanted to know every inch of this tool. He understood their juices and special features. The day arrived snatch engineers, Jacobsson was overwhelmed with emotions. He had tears in his eyes, he said. If the cut wire, I thought it would be blood flow. Now, life is where involved in the new machine, since 1980 physicist has always dreamed of. Many people at CERN hope received more than answers: to discover some new secrets. John Ellis said that he wouldn't even if the LHC has managed to find a Higgs. This error would be much more interesting, many of us, the theorists when we find most boring old only a particle, as some theorists before predictions of 45 years. new puzzle look like a safe bet. After all, the universe seems not easy research are created. We are big, the creatures of the sloppy flesh that not even a count of the types of bacteria that live in our bodies. One day I George Smoot, Nobel Prize, asked the physicists, if you believe never will be our most basic questions answered. It depends on how I feel, every day, he said. But every day I go to work, to make a bet, that the universe simple, symmetric and aesthetic — will include a universe that we humans with our limited vision, a day. ',,,