You can modify the schedule, Brainwave synchronization life of brain mp3 smoothly change your subconscious to program it. How does it work? Subliminal means below the threshold of conscious perception, which are embedded messages in music, Plumb with your level of hearing. Why not let subliminal messages based on this music, repetition of positive feedback was received, you know, cannot set barriers against it. Over time, your subconscious mind accepts the proposals as actual behavior will change accordingly. If you have to study, to learn or to raise the mental power of maximum concentration, is Super discover audio solution. Precise and harmonious frequencies are designed in soothing music into layers. Take your brain activity in a hypersensitive, as trigger phrases and key words through the unconscious is received. The two hemispheres of the brain moving in perfect balance, dissolve the frustrating mental blocks. Enter in a State of flux of relaxed attention where new information is easily absorbed and stored in long-term memory.This brain wave subliminal activates the unlimited power of your learning. Frequencies induce Theta States of hyper sensitivity to subliminal messages. Here, a new set of beliefs that skills are printed in the unconscious. You will notice that a significant change in attitude, which has improved to a large extent their ability to learn, remember new ideas. This is my first review of Kelly products, although I have about 10. It was the first of his love to win CD exposed by a Hypnotherapist, what I saw. So, as always, on CD, and fast! This added to a playlist through my iPod at work. It contained this product and delay of positive thinking, stop. Now I have a job and he was unable to finish in a few hours the same day, but it was easy for me if it makes sense, and if my boss reading what he had done to his exact words was awesome, seriously. And then asked a question, I could work with ease. I'm not at school, I am a professional in the field of technology, there is a lot of information and depth of analysis skills are a must. I bought this product because I think that I could focus and not all things. I'm so encouraged that, after a few days, this product seems to work I help tremendously! Feel you safe every day! (Published on 07.(05.12) this brain wave subliminal has two runways; Both contain the same exact subliminal messages. Two types are heard. Listen to both tracks in a place or at any time on your hi-fi system. While the subliminal messages are not deliberately received and recorded by the subconscious. Calendar of the play therapy and all the benefits of brainwave entrainment in the depths of the subconscious received track 2 (the one without the overlay of the piano) with headphones at the same time, if you are not bothered. It may be just drift away and relax. Maybe even of sleep and a refreshing NAP. If you stay asleep during listening or not, frequency causes increased for wave sensitivity brain theta. Theta brain waves are essential for learning and to store the information into long-term memory. Theta is the ideal State to reprogram the subconscious mind. I have a limited capacity for concentration, poor memory and constantly caffeine to boost my energy. A few days ago I bought Super together learn how to Kelly at the brain power and depth to learn how to help my studies. And since I felt most of the time on this track, I'm not sure, but since when cumulative effect of 3 products in the direction of my memory. Drafting of the present report, in particular because that super learning belongs to the commonest of the day purchased and downloaded mp3. And you know what, I was aware of some changes happened to me for the first time, that I do not have my credit card to make a purchase online! It's fantastic. (Posted the 09.12.10). ,,.