Hi, our cat sneezes (I met him when I first met my partner three years ago) in recent weeks piss in my stuff has been. You have one of my scarf, a bunch of dresses tried on the floor (laundry clean and dirty multiples), have access to his bed, he left the room, she was in the fields of life, as they wanted to limit the House during the day and probably the most important thing - being urinated on the cushions of the couch next to my NunDevo Kopf. use the container for cats seen from the sablesJe know pisses it. It was nothing outside, could get to him, because we have a store with a large balcony and without access to the street life at all. Own in the few days when I have no shot as they are, as usual with the carpet in the bathroom or under the stairs at the entrance. Even if correct us these habits.Have you already tried and urinated on my stuff. We have what I thought a really impressive. He finds my armpit overnight and the lure there overnight (have a light sleeper and don't move, if there is one). HE follows me around the House, when I'm at home, sitting where I'm sitting, comes when I call. For many months, it took chewing my hair when we were sitting on the couch. I have to eat, to take disciplinary measures. The only thing I can think of, is, that we have recently tried Meow on us all the time to prevent. We use the silence of the floor, PSSST! and not for nothing! If it continues. But there is still the kiss and love. physically veterinarian had and gave it to appease his valium during a few days nerves. For some time I started to repeat inappropriate urination and he knows that it's the right thing. I can see it in his Augen. Dann, what can we do? I am thinking of Feliway and, possibly, your routine that had to wait outside during the day and the only change if someone at home. It seems paranoid to say aloud, but I think trying the limits. I have an old hangover of 8 months, is neutered and was me unfortunately throws his mother when he was just a week and remained with his brothers in my pet store shone in training and is an amazing cat hand! Without, however, now I have a new companion and he is not happy! My new partner's nightlife and embrace, then outputs MEA in everything it touches, his side of the bed, sofa cushions, clothing of love! We have lots of new goodies and toys and receive two points of constant attention from us? I have a cat, which it 15 years ago. Marking and peeing in the same area later. We have eliminated all carpets and cushions and sealed the floor. He stopped, urinate for a few weeks and then again after the new carpet and pad has been installed! Resumed after a few days after installation. She did for years. We can finally capitulated and get puppy training tablets in the morning and the evening and the MEA on or around them and then I have all I need to adjust. Enjoy the urine on the carpet and the carpet with a paper towel and the spray area with an enzyme detergent high range as anti-icky POO. Then remove the pad and replace it with a new version. Scot protects carpet that I even started. If the cat I catch in this area, the screws, because she knows what she is doing. When I see things down, starts to cry, as we walked down the stairs, because it is intelligent enough to know what he was doing. Now starting to make the carpet in my daughter's room. I'm with my Latin at the end and not sure how much more than I can stand. Hello!Of course, I'm here because my cat is urinating, as well: P I know why is it if it is there-why the link that they get wet food.Backgrond Info: my cat is 1 year and we adopted her 3 months before.The previous owner gave her wet food. We tried for about 1 months to follow, but honestly, it's too expensive for me for the following reasons: I woke up to eat every morning at 05 (even if they ate a full package of the previous night) - food, which was rejected, only wet food, which means that the function was again every night about 18 of us to eatwhich was uncomfortable WeightI began trying to win a package of media in the morning and the other half in the package night reduce the amount of food, but it would make me crazy for hours even after the most desired and I woke up in the morning.This cat is basically an Angel when it morning and evening his is full, but the reasons for it, which seems to be not unreasonable for me previously package. on the other hand, now, don't you worry eat kibble of the hungry of course, not xDThe problem is usually afraid, even if I try to do everything that article doubt (vet, cleaning, etc.) published) sincerely stop, because I know it is for food. I see direct signals and more often directly after the whinning for food and do not understand.I am open to all possible solutions, you can have.I thank very you much for your help-Gary. I have a couch of spring and my cat of 18 months, decided to urinate. Any tips on cleaning, odor removal, disinfection? I have a baby at any time in the coming weeks and the coercion of cleaning cat pee, the smell is too much.I want to block these living spaces, not not because I do not trust, have always used sandbox, but this is the second time in the sofa (the first time cost to clean a chance professional mattress!). My cat has things in my house to go to the toilet and do not know how to her hut and clean everything. Make the nose, Wouyld, aid organization? We have 5 cats, 3 of them are men, it is the oldest of them, Jago, 8 years old, the other two are brothers, and this month was 1 year old. Females are 2 years and 1 year of age. Both are sterilized, and the old man is castrated. The relationship between cats is great, they play with each other and spend time together. Climb freely inside and outside the home, so she needs Chazan, their stuff not gardens, shrubs, etc., so that we have a problem with them urinating in the Haus. Allerdings is the problem that we have, that the older cat, Jago, are sprayed everywhere when she sees other cats, even if it has neutered. As it is to its territory or a marking. How to enter the House, realizes that the other cats sniffed, injected the door immediately. He often sprinkle other burners, clean them, but it their spray again after some time. Even our pulverized dog!Thus, we hope to assist the citrus solution if you carefully clean the places where sprays. Thank you very much!. A cat that pees in the House makes it a medical reason or a behavior. The most common cause is infection of the kidneys or bladder. Your cat should be examined by a veterinarian to rule out medical problems. If the problem with the behavior of your cat, you should know why it is the last. Any form of stress can do to your cat stops using his sandbox sand. If you have recently moved, had a baby or have introduced another animal of company; All these actions can cause the cat feel threatened. I have a 2 1/2 years. We do has never had any problems with it, urinate or defecate your sandbox any where, but until we have our basement ready to carpet. Now it is to urinate and defecate on the carpet again each day or two. Now, I was just in the room near the disaster and I told him that put in the sandbox sand, but today, smell horrible and noticed, that he had urinated behind the couch ended and scratched a piece of carpet. Someone has an idea of what I can do to make it stop. ? We have two cats. a man castrated, which is 1 1/2 and a female sterilized about 9 months. We had the male for more than a year and I have women 3 months ago. In the last month of one of the cats has soured at least four times in the same spot on the couch. We cleaned the sofa with the wonders of nature and wash the pads. Even flipped the pillow and blanket, but keeps to the IP in the same place. Peut infection of the urinary tract for men and women, which do not exclude this week. This could be a problem of behavior? Hi I have 2 cats, a boy of 10 years and a 6-year-old woman. They are both in good health, but not on the one hand (or both, I'm not sure) they started urinating on the couch. We tried for a while clean, but we couldn't go out, the smell, so ended up falling. Were good in 5 months and then spend a day of them pissed on the couch, once again. The only thing I can think is that our dog was all day to respond the OP in the Office of vet and maybe my cats had there. But we travel with our dog of all time, and I do not know what to do, then listen. I tried the aluminum foil and citrus, we clean the area two times a day, I added an another sandbox sand. This spontaneous piss it makes me crazy! Help, please! I have three young cats. (Sisters) of two females and one male, which brought us our barn lately. Use for women fieldwork from time to time in our lounge to urinate, but what brought 10 times worse, because the man. All agree, but the females continue on our clean clothes fresh to urinate. Also on our stages, hind limbs and laundry. We are very clean and he can not stand the smell. We did not see the hangover except sand container urine everywhere, but it is possible that it also. My friend wants to get rid of them, because they have a baby on the way and are concerned about the smell. We love cats and I would like to find a way to make them stop, so that we can keep. Any suggestions? In the past my limit with my cat is almost 5 years old that Minnie has a small urinary track for eating, so the cat food King to be prescribed by the veterinarian, Minnie MEA in my bed or on the couch has also used the box still on my bed and a sofa bed to pee, this is already too long and I do not know what to do. I need help! HELP.my cat is loved by all, but leaves do not urinate around the House of my father wants to take him and my mother thinks she had another cat, sale, used his box perfectly for me for me to help my cat and my sister that I love. I have a male Rex Cornualles at the age of 5 years. Is in a perfect state of health. But over the last 4 weeks Ive you urinate took my shoes. It is very popular. Eating well. He always hated my husbands cat. Litter is very clean. And now seems to help. I know the tricks and nothing helped. Who will not stop while this should go. And I really want to! I have a 5 year old spotted cat and began a few years ago on our own to urinate clothes. My parents were angry. The cellar is like a large room and to construct the walls of a do, many rooms. The cat stayed in the Middle, where they were boxes with sand. We have 2 other cats with 3 dogs. We saved the chat using the road, where he left his mother. Initially, it is that the linen clean pee but captured furniture and bags in plastic to move. We believe that the problem, which was our largest feline. She is not very fond of young cat hiss constantly you eventually buy a bottle of Jack that plug into the most silent wall. He worked for a while and the cat has not urinated while I had to do. But recently our sour sofa, Chair and all the garbage. We do not know what is the problem. My parents refuse to observe, monitor, veterinarian, because we had a urine test, when everything began. I think it might be stress, because they this MEA if the older cat is angry with him. Has done millions of times and not hundreds spent, you have $, just like everyone else. But my parents are already threatening to deliver it. Please help, I don't have much time! Guide. I have a cat, 19 years and even if the veterinarian told me that she has dementia and arthritis in the hind cat, who has in the past 8 months started urinating in the House. We have 4 cats and I have always been a cat door, I tried all the suggestions, the veterinarian gave me for example: put a plate of food or water where she is weeing etc.put litter in the laundry room (no steps to research), but basically, the House used as a toilet. This is something which can be use to stop this addition to your Euthinised: (ther. I have an appointment with the vet on Monday. And thank you for the response and the law, shouting its done. To feel safe. He left shortly afterwards under the bed and stroked and basically say, sorry for yelling. I love this cat. As always, it loses next to the sofa and angry today with the new sandbox. I wonder, if, at any time in the sand box time-if a medical problem is going to think to do? What can I do so they can get in the sandbox? I thank very you much for your reply. Elizabeth. Once the reason why your cat is urinating in the House block, you can change their behavior. This will take you. It is not a solution to the day the day. There are a number of reasons why your cat is frightened. If there's a new Cat in the House, you give them separate boxes with sand. Have the right to hold until they are familiar with each other. If the anxiety of the chat before a new baby, take time to get the children.We have special attention to your cat and praise often. Remember what is popular and important part of the family. A new publishing house is a big change in your cat's life. It is through the signs of the transition. The former tenant has the smell of a pet could react. Thus, your cat starts urinating in a specific location. To stop this, you must completely remove the smell and your cat does not want to leave her scent. We have four cats, 3 dogs and 1 bitch. The oldest cat (shorthaired bicolour) 19/20 years or two and others are two males (black hair brothers long of Maine bicolor) eleven years or more. Female (shorthair tabby) silver is the most recent, which 1 is not yet. Men (no women) in the House have venue around the toilet. Media near the kitchen sink (where one of the brothers of Essen) Mearon in let is on land in the corners, carpets, mines prior to the opening of their holders of sand in the soil outdoors clean clothes, dirty linen, bed, blankets, boxes, in the bath, on the floor of the bathroom, garbage, book on a shelf in common on this subject or that it is books that comes to mind. and I am also very suitable for spray (with the exception of a woman). Sprayed, libraries, beds, dvd, sofas, wardrobes, toys in plastic bags and sprinkle the name again. Cats seem to focus mainly on things, the children and her bedroom. More recently, they have it spray is the support for children's books and throughout childhood and his bed on the floor in front of the library. All books on the shelf to spoil because there was a lot of urine on the pages it flows with the urine and all pages have been colored in yellow. Living at home is a big beautiful house 10 people live in the House (3 of them are children aged under 3, 5 and 9) that kids love cats many, but also how you hunt and treatment of cats with their game (children are then told to stop cats). You have 4 boxes with sand and two in the basement, level 1, the most important in the bathroom and 1 toilet. I know that part 1 above, very clean, our daughter every night as one of its missions is kept clean. I do not know how the other sandbox she cleans my father (grandfather). Are expensive, but cats are very sophisticated and carefully. The cat screams aging than pee on something, even if it pisses on the litter. In addition, cats are out there (except for the woman, because she is not yet sterilized) fed a timetable as a result of the brothers have a problem eating and not stop eating. If food 3 times per day. Round-trip very worried about their consumption of food hours and constantly annoy someone you may know the time / or give them to eat. Are very few as good food and have certain habits while eating. The brothers as the other dishes of cats investigate every hour to see, what you eat other cats and even steal food from other cats, because they believe that it is different. I have no idea. One of the cats of my sister peeing (leading to the dining room), because he is not allowed to enter (I guess that the reason out) and if everything is round, if they urinate means that too. Cat pee on the ground that the kitchen slipped and fell hitting my head spoke of cat Pee and gets all in your hair too are not my children. My father is a factory, the cat of cleaning things and this hammer oxy which is called from all sides, the funds take a dump on your arm. But they get also, Repremand if take them rather than do so. Usually, put in the tray to sand or turned off. I am pregnant and that I understand the constraints and want to get rid of cats. But not all cats are from me and then they (the female is me). But I do not know what you are doing or how to stop it. And is not pregnant, I can continue this life in an infested home of cat Pee and POO! Guide!.! I have two brothers cats 6-year-old gelding. There are a few months began to refuse to go to the bathroom, and I am very nervous if I have in the garden with them. I recently found Fox POO through the back door, so I think it's in the back of me, which are afraid, foxes. However, the man began to urinate everywhere in the House, despite a new scope Whuich, used for the number 2s. Give me advice and try, this behavior to stop-it is very frustrating-today ' hui to four times in the lobby and acid only spend an hour to clean carpets and carpet under it. ? Here therefore my impressive trial began when attaching outside my cat. Had to hold in a week, but I have also my other two puppies in the room already. You know, and I landed with cat urine on my chair and not once in my bed. So I thought that, as soon as it came out solid cat would leave everything. But on the other hand, have not stopped since. I just finished your citrus on the couch with clean sheets and spray it spray it down and Lo and behold, the guard upwards and pee on the couch always returns. My daughter moved into a new House and your cat is urinating everywhere indoors but manly in my daughters to know things: shoes, bags, towels, sofa cover. It is fully formed and went to the toilet outside the House. It has always been a bit of thrill the cat who does not know that she hates and likes to spend lots of time outdoors. It is a huge Tom wanders in the new House, so we have questions, if only your rope to this strip of land marked. It's as if they cannot? Having a cat of 9 months is a male and in a small apartment, he says, keep pissing in the bed of my mother, he was directing badrinath on a main street, but leave something every day in the destinations that have changed from 2 bedrooms, but not always with their veterans, which will stop the weeing probs but not what is not another chosecomme in because of my first son 14 weeks and I give birth, when I can't find a way, discourage, weeing my friend allows you to give up and I do not allow animals, why not wanting not marked, do not litter box daily cleaning but your cabin to remove if it has an led on the money for the purchase of products through the smell of urine and cleaner disinfectant but I use is worse, it smells like my plan actually urine and are likely to bring a child here with that smell. 1 comments, were non-monetary costs or my cat to refrain, you can me message Facebook Danielle Coppenhall or my new Boyfirend Jamie Bull and if you can't, then add me BBM 223e1120 not this page, thanks. ? My cat to pee to bed (if not at home) last year, but the problem has also purchased, Feliway. now out once more a diffuser, but this time, nothing seems to work. Feliway is and no results. The worst does not seem that already are bothered by my presence, and last week, the white bubble relieves, Baden was!The sandbox is always clean and no there was no change in your diet or your home.Please help, I am updated to continue washing to fight everyday! Begins when the cat to urinate in the House, must be regarded as its container of sand. Too often, we ignore what is obvious. Hurry to your cat to the vet only to discover that the sandbox is afraid the worst problem. A cat who is not happy with the cardboard does not use it. Don't forget: you would use a dirty, smelly toilet. Of course not. Cats are very clean animals and some of them are very picky with their problem may be Sandboxen. DAS a dirt firing, in the location field, or with another share of cat. If you have several cats, must have his own sandbox. Have special needs, which was removed a cat when it comes to litter. You must change the force polluting paper which is much more flexible their delicate legs. Make sure that you sand container is cleaned daily. Sometimes it is simply a new roll, get a new edit box or move the field to another part of the House. I have a cat that has started to pee recently in the same place in front of the main door of our House. This is a new development. Check your sandbox to determine if it was not clean enough, but it was good. I do not know what caused the change, and it seems that we do not stop. I keep in the drawer when we are not at home, but this is not our only option: (help!). I have three cats, two males and one female. A man is 5 years that we have, when I was a year old. He had attacked were, until we have it. other cat would him and fear is urinating and defecating on it. It has also attempted to escape a few times. If it took a year he has seen the day under the bed. Developed in another cat. Much better love cats. We moved into a House a year ago and 6 yards at home everywhere began to urinate. We have taken the vet, was sterilized. I had a mild urinary tract infection and to face and stopped. Since then, I have a baby and was fine. In fact, it was in the diaper bag and baby Pack and the game and the child does not seem to get bored of it. Now it has started to urinate may directly in front of the House in my living room. Because we have new hardwood floors the smell on other floors had disappeared. He started at the door urinate through the window. We Intaginizing and stray cats, which are always around him. I think that outside our cats at home and then spray at those points to urinate. Ive got the Feliway diffuser. I have things AALL butterflies and put them outside to get rid of stray dogs. Maintain own pint boxes. Brings a lot of attention. I cleaned the tasks. I think you should try the vinegar and baking soda. My husband and I have our wealth of ideas at the end. I know that the smell is not good for the baby. I do not think a urinary tract infection, I think, that bring us to the vet to be sure. I know that this is not what you should do is. Do not really want a pint box, so that my son can breathe. Keep us them. He took advantage of. Now, you seem to not much. I know that he is urinating, captured. Help, please! I have a hangover, piss you in my furniture. Also do not know what. I took to the vet and have no infections of the urinary tract. I tried a new tyre and also tried the wet food, dry food, if instead of feed. I also have a cat and I didn't, if you try to mark their territory, or what, but if not, he must get rid of, he was arrested and you do not want. You want some advice? ? Hi I have an old hangover of 8 months. If very well with its sandbox hooked to a, has decided, should be the deserter from the litter. Tried the train per week, but I noticed he started to pee in my dressing room on my husbands stuff. (and alone) Then we do not see far with still litter the deserter, but the problem. Identified following began to urinate on bags (plastic bags, sports bags, big bags - bag, suitcase) has added a new scope (so has two, one above and the other in my room), but recently I noticed that enter my house, which has the smell of cat urine is deteriorating. Up and down the carpets now smell of urine. I love my cat; Is the most beautiful place in the world, but I can not really life with this problem. What can I do? There are several ways your cat urinates in the house arrest. First of all, you must remove the smell of your home. Her pussy is no doubt in this area, if you can pick up the scent. Urine should be removed as soon as possible. Clean up the mess with paper towel and then clean them. A good neutralizer of disinfectant and the smell is strongly recommended. Use any kind of ammonia with a disinfectant. Her pussy is to assume that their urine and urination in this additional field. Orange cleaning spray works well. Cats do not like to avoid the smell of citrus. A home remedy that I use is homemade with orange peel citrus. You can even a good old outdated and hot vinegar solution. The two alternatives are less expensive and green chemistry, weighing, black light cleaning of products. Verwenden, to ensure that all the urine of the Earth. Although the urine can hear you, your cat can. Black light view everything, even in the places that you do not know. An another Sandy field in the area of the problem. You can move your plate of food and water in the cat. Not a cat urine, where you eat. Aluminum foil is another option. The place where your cat with the lid has pissed on the film. Cats may not sound or texture and prevent. I have my cat for a year and a half, and she has never urinated on my bed until a few months ago. I suspect that this is the weekend, but used once per month and never did. Have you ever pissing in bathroom mats, you. I don't think that from a doctor, but I do not know how the behavior to stop, as well as in the bathroom, when I am out of the city. ,,.