After a number of epidemiological studies, women are twice as likely to develop some affective disorders such as depression. Although there are an equal number of men and women, a diagnosis of bipolar disorder II, women have a slightly higher rate of the disease. (Sad), also known under the name of winter depression or winter blues, is an identifier. Some people have fix a seasonal trend with depressive episodes, autumn or winter and spring. The diagnosis is made if at least two episodes occurring in the colder months, sometimes over a period of at least two years without. It is usually possible depression associated with alcohol and which is associated with consumption of alcohol by no complete history of the patient, to make the distinction. . Would be after a single episode was diagnosed a disorder major depressive (single episode). The diagnosis is (recurring) depressive disorder for more of an episode. Depression without periods of mania is sometimes referred to as unipolar depression, because the atmosphere on the underside of the bar and does not download on the remains of the largest. Epidemiological studies in Europe show that, at the present time approximately 8.5% of the world population suffers from a depressive disorder. No age group seems to get rid of depression, and studies have shown that depression in children aged 6 months seems, who were separated from their mother. (PMD), or psychotic depression is simply the expression of a depressive episode, particularly the balanced character, in which patients psychotic symptoms and experiences. , or simply a small depression, which refers to a deep depression, fit the criteria for major depression but are two or more symptoms for two weeks. This (BD), manic and depression which are already characterized by intermittent mania or hypomania, interlaced with depressive episodes. However, there is also some psychiatric syndromes associated with less severe. It is common that women a feeling of fatigue and sorrow in the short term in the first weeks after giving birth to the experience; Postpartum depression is different, however, because it can cause significant difficulties and performance deteriorated in the home, workplace or school, as well as the difficulties in the relations of spouses, friends or family members, or even problems with the newborn can stick. . Controversy has previously surrounded whether the alcohol abuse and developed depression were auto heal their already existing depression. But recent research concluded that, although it may be true in some cases, alcohol misuse directly causes the development of depression in a number of heavy drinkers. Participants have also been studied during the stressful events in their lives have been assessed and measured on a scale of bad feeling. In addition, they enjoy their affiliation with peers deviants, unemployment and its violence and crime. A condition is unipolar depression, where the same cognitive and physical problems are on hand, but they are not so severe and tend to be more involved (at least 2 years). Depression and other mental health problems related to alcohol abuse is perhaps due to the distortion of the chemistry of the brain, rather good to improve it after a long abstinence. In such situations, the low motivation can give an advantage through the inhibition of certain actions. This theory may if explain why they are so widely used disorders of mood and why so often people are attacking the top during their childbearing years. These features would be difficult to see if depression is a dysfunction. An example of a case of MD - there is depression less frequently at different intervals, such as once a month or once in three days. . Benzodiazepines are a class of drugs used Stop Anti Depression Drugs to treat insomnia, anxiety and muscle spasms. As for alcohol, the effects of benzodiazepine on neurochemistry, such as decreased levels of serotonin and norepinephrine, believed that they are responsible for major depression. Is a rare and severe disease linked to depression form more than the engine behavior and other symptoms. Here, the person is mute and almost eyelet stupor and immobile or exhibits may apply or even bizarre movements. Catatonic also encounter problems, it can inches be defined fairly (dysthymia) mood disorders as State, which takes at least two years and is characterized by periods of the great depression. 311 for depressive disorders that are harmful, but do not fall into one of the officially specified diagnoses. Includes DD - Our whole disorder depressive meets the criteria for a specific disorder according to DSM - IV. Investigation of depression, diagnosis of depressive disorder recurrent, brief and minor below listed contains. turns out a possible treatment for depression. Depression most often include antidepressants major, while they can consist of medication on bipolar disorder. ,,.