“EM-Assist delivered a custom learning management system that earned our training program recognition across the Marine Corps. From the onset, the EM-Assist team strove to understand exactly what we wanted. As part of implementation, they conducted extensive testing, delivered professional documentation, and provided effective training.”

– Deputy Director, Environmental Management Division
(U.S. Marine Corps)

An EM-Assist learning management system (LMS) enables the right training to be delivered to the right people at the right time. Our LMS is a customized, Web-based application that efficiently administers each client’s unique training program. An EM-Assist LMS enables comprehensive training management by helping clients plan, implement, and assess specific learning processes by allowing them to easily deliver and track eLearning courseware and instructor-led training throughout their entire organization. Our LMS monitors student participation, assesses student performance, and generates all required compliance reporting in a user-friendly format. EM-Assist’s criteria-based LMS allows student information to be used as criteria to create individualized training plans specific to each student’s job title, functional role, location, or any other factors relevant to the client’s training requirements. As a student’s training criteria changes, our criteria-based LMS automatically updates each student’s individualized training plan. Each EM-Assist LMS is secure, scalable, and compatible with most clients’ existing technologies.

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