EM-Assist saves clients money and time by delivering innovative, integrated solutions to their most challenging environmental compliance, information management, conservation and planning, and restoration needs.

Complex and dynamic regulations, increasing budgetary pressures, and diverse stakeholders with competing objectives present formidable challenges to managers of environmental programs. We understand these challenges, and we realize that our clients’ environmental programs exist to support broader missions. Our environmental services support our clients’ operational needs, reduce program costs, and integrate seamlessly into existing business practices.

EM-Assist provides comprehensive environmental solutions to ensure current compliance, address past impacts, and prevent future issues. We help clients achieve their environmental program objectives by collaborating with all stakeholders and thoroughly understanding each client’s needs, vision, and budget. We focus on each client’s return on investment to create integrated solutions that deliver results with the optimum balance between long-term program costs and program benefits.

Results include lower long-term costs, more efficient processes, improved decision-making supported by better data, reduced risk, and stronger public relations. This enhanced overall program performance enables our clients to more effectively support their broader mission.

EM-Assist Environmental Services

Our team of experienced scientists, engineers, regulatory experts, program managers, information technology specialists, and technicians provides innovative solutions, technical support, and client-site staff augmentation.

Compliance Management services reduce risk, minimize environmental footprint, ensure current compliance, and address future regulatory changes.

Information Management services improve decision-making by providing accurate, relevant data enabling effective management of environmental programs.

Conservation & Planning services protect natural and cultural resources while satisfying all stakeholders’ long-term conservation and operational needs.

Restoration services restore environmentally impacted sites while balancing all parties’ needs to meet environmental and broader mission objectives.

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