later in this Fruhjahr.ich work as a consultant, including for customers and brands that change the game in their specific field and are on the lookout for radically innovative and transformative solutions. My approach to the consultation can be characterized as better, I like garbage from the shot up in the air. I am occupied by Michael Bay. You told me, if ever someone's wife or mother wanted no. Why? How do you made this decision?Well, relatively soon clear that he had no desire to be a mother. I like children, but above all others. I have three grandchildren, three grandchildren and four hijas-Dios goddaughter, who I love and makes me well. And I have never heard any particular to marry impulse. There was no active and conscious decision point, only a gradual realization over time which I am very happy, fewer children and Ehe.Du are very open to sleeping with younger men. How attractive in this respect? Not men of their age?Appointments to younger accidentally so many things in my life that has passed, started ten years, when I found BBH New York, a brand of online dating, and we had to deal with that product by customer and competition. I was surprised, overwhelmed by young men with approaches and not some operands while I have actively dating strategy considered, however, decided to try and had a whale of a time, young men during a year. Then she met online and fell on someone love just two years younger than me. When this relationship ended two years later for dating younger men, and they did so very pleased since.I gave a lecture at the TEDUniversity in long beach, a few years ago called toy: why the old young man + is the model of the future report, explained by what young people dating site work. The advantages are obvious: the resistance, very short rest periods. But there are many less obvious, which is a very rewarding and gratifying relationship model for me - too many to bring you here (I have known a whole discourse with them!), but I can expose as at any other time.Without date men of my age, because I don't have a relationship of care. I am very focused on my work and my projects and I based on the fact young people randomly and activities, therefore, remains open. But no matter how randomly I have a main criterion is concerned: has a very good person. I have the excellent radar for sympathy, tenderness and very, very good people, while only the data and the beautiful young men, in a context of mutual trust, respect. A number of these occasional reports period others are needed (I have a gentleman in and out of the past five years, when it reached me on MySpace that has seen 22). Men can go out with women of your age or in other parts of the country to the gap. Friends, stay in touch and continue meeting Platonic.I am open to all this, because it is emblematic of a larger point: I believe that all over the world to operate the model of relationship, that suits them, and that at various points in their lives, in contrast to the relatively small number of report templates of orders may be different is OK.In general, what are his views about sex? Your sex-positive matter after?I believe that sex is a most beautiful human - and one of the most misunderstood, complicated in, unnecessarily unhappy by powerful human. Yes, sex-positive, in my opinion, that they are extremely positive about the sex, but I'm not a big fan of the concept of sex positive and I wish that it should not exist. Means that the genre can be negative, and I don't think that someone should be. don't think that there is an unfair double standard when it comes to women and sex? If you don't think that it is the root of the problem and improvement?Yes, it is clear. It is a very complex issue that has accumulated during centuries of socio-cultural constraints and a thoughtful and objective that would call the units in the excellent book by Jack Holland,,.