I m ’, please help me. I almost 7-8 years of hectic life. Lost everything except my parents.But it's completely ruined my life. He was a Hindu, I went to temples and called all religious activities. But nothing has changed. Eventually, I met a man who is a Muslim. I told her what happened, in my life, but everything the mind and I slapped her marriage, a condition that would have converted to Islam. First of all, ’ said not to do, because I have lost hope in the idea of God. I told him that I see God, help others, if they really need. I believe there is a God, is born, and control, but not ’ determine how Allah, Shiva and others. But finally, decided to make for the love which he had on him. Later, I said ’ t, ’ t, because I want to do something, what to do, and if I do, it would be a shame. Still, he was willing to marry me. I was so happy because it looked like an angel who came to save me from my life unpleasant.But recently, his mother fell ill, when he says that marrying a non-Muslim girls and this is bigger. After seeing the hospital, said that one ’ t get married. I cried, cried, but nothing happened. Finally, even in this situation, I asked Allah ’ do. Show me a miracle, that should change your mind and read. Then in a few minutes I did sing the Kaleema without knowing it. They accepted and developed. But my uncle started after saying they hate me have ’ m with religion for me and my selfishness ’ impress in trying this. T ’ not try to understand what really happened. I ’ t force him to marry me, because I can ’ t ruin their family. Every day the situation is getting worse and hate me more. So happens that there, showing me as a poor woman in front of him. I know that is not what you should do is. I m ’ to blame for things that did not happen. I ’ m not able to forget it and look for another life. Now I m a Muslim ’ are my Hindu parents. Now I do not know and can ’ t find a Muslim man to me. I ’ m suffer like me for 8 years. I want my Angel back that she understood my last stuff and accepted. I do not know how to, as they say here to pray. Help me, please. Walekum Assalam, I can understand that they are going through life without a life can be difficult, here is our trial period, but we must always maintain our unwavering belief in how God wants for us. Read two Rakat Hajaat marriage relevance salad every day and ask Allah to send you the best offer. Read every day already Lateefo ” “ 111 times and surah Rahman at least once after every Farz, he should. You get a good idea, inshallah, see the comment box and there is a person who has requested to contact, and then, with a firm belief in Allah can go. Salam Walekum was sister, deliberately crossed the condition. Black Magic is Haram in Islam. But somehow we go on in life, and I think maybe your loved one for you is provided. Send wing and always Remmeber that he knows what is best for us your dreams and your desires. Inshallah is someone much better for you. Every day at least once after every Farz Namaz Hajaat salad read and ask Allah help ’, you have a corresponding proposal. Read the time every day, surah Rahman. You should also read Lateefo already ” “ 101 times a day and pray. Very soon, God willing, you will receive a marriage proposal. Assalaam alaikum and Jazakallah Khair, God bless you all, because I'm Shaheen and work in Qatar at a school in India.Si the person wants to talk with me and is serious about marrying me, then, must say your age is my age of 47 years old next month and I have to say my son is 17 years old and my oldest brotherthat my father is present.my email ID. Every Friday, after noon prayers Namaz, you should verse 9 Surah Imran 313 times before and after the recitation, Durood Ibrahimi 7 times, God would want you to read, get a good suggestion. This Wazifa to if not reading above all in order to marry an unknown reason, there is no specific reason for ’ t. Salam I am single girl of 27 years who hasn't married ever. I thought with my family much about marriage and رٍشتہ. But my heart and my soul was not the first configured with. Thank you Allah SWT has helped and in it. ATM, my parents are very worried and marry indicated. Would you marry my son's uncle who is younger than 10 years later. I do not want to do. I know someone for awhile know and we know each other more to learn. I am tired and I'm tired of the life I want to fix my home and family. What to do or can read.? JAZAKALLAH. Need a charming man loyal and quickly Blessed to have?Then ask Allah Muslim virtuous servant, his beautiful and Blessed before Yourunmarried suggest sister or sisters in Islam.considerer this Hadith of the Prophet (saws) send to: call a Muslim in another received answers faster than in its absence, narrated by Abu ' ud and TirmidhiThe Daw-Prophet (saws) said: If you have a reason for a believer and there is that an Angel gave him Aameen and you too. ». Please contact me Fatima, if you agree, black magic or any other model of Rohani accepted your parents for your wedding. E-Mail:. Please tell me the Wazifa, I love Luv for 7 years, but he doesn't want to get married. Please now as …. The Wazeefq of the wedding of my sister in law is not readable. In the commit. Still not married. I read that married.pls not marriage for her.she Wazeefa soon receives the response. Of course, you can read this pray for love marriage, if you read and Dua to remember who you want to hear to get married and pray in your heart, inshallah your prayers are sincere God for the person's name. Amin. ,,.