Edith Jones belonged to small businesses, more than New York fashion, living the legacy of wealth and are connected. After a stay of six years to travel and life in Europe with his family, Avenue in Manhattan life is back at the age of ten to 23rd Street next to the fifth. I never went to school but it had educated by reading in the library of the Lord by his father and received lessons from housekeeper. He married 1885, when he was twenty-three, Edward (Teddy) Robbins Wharton. He was a man of leisure, a similar social background and a good sport attractive and beautiful. However, had no artistic interests or intellectual, and his marriage was very unhappy. Edith Wharton was in an ideal position for the social aspirations of the new rich of the gilded age (period of post civil war American business expansion, Foreign Affairs and the Arts) show. His world of old money looked at newcomers and their ostentatious wealth. Wharton was a participant in the modern society and observer of its kaleidoscopic change of Newport in New York (where he saw the best of childhood and had his home after marriage), then in Lenox, Massachusetts, where his country house, mountain, built in 1902. In his fiction, in particular, a friend of Henry James. Wharton journal shows his pleasure in his passionate love and spiritual communion with him, who had been so cruelly missing in their marriage. (Divorce Teddy Wharton in 1913). ,,.