). Our best estimate is that there is a collaboration between BRENSTON and Turner in one way or the other. How do we use the rocket 88, Ike Turner, lower on this page (organized chronologically by year of publication, and then by alphabetical order and first recording). 1951 (Richard Valenzuela) Jackie LEPOMME was rather natural in the hope, brought the first recordings at the age of sixteen. A Chicano in Los Angeles, this record gave him already left basic high school, for a professional career. (These recordings 1958 a collection of pieces is called, not at this time "Ritchie Valens-the lost tapes' published). Not below.) Unfortunately Valens enjoyed one of the shorter race of all. The child who expected the rocket in the major leagues, was murdered a year later. It seems that misfortune came as a kind of dressed up currency, after Ritchie on board an aircraft, three passengers sank during a snowstorm in Nebraska. Jiles Richardson, Buddy Holly and the pilot, Roger Peterson, were also killed. (Sudden death due to air transport is not uncommon in the music industry. Is there a list of such incidents. Rocket 88. If the rocket ' 88 was the first rock 'n' roll song was among them (more in regards to the rocket 88 above under BRENSTON). Ike Turner a famous musician wanted to be Alma, guitarist and pianist, especially with his wife Tina Turner. Their marriage began in 1962. Their divorce was completed in 1978. Perhaps Miss Ike Turner. He recorded his first song, first surfing, composed by Brian Wilson as a replacement for a Piano Sonata, who hoped for a class music college. The beach boys were Pendletones, a worker named originally insufficient Candix records promotion and change as unwittingly as names of ' Surfin' ' wanted to print. The first members of the Pendletones, now the beach boys, taken, if you, or do not like, they went to Jordine (guitar), Mike Love (vocals) and three brothers: Brian Wilson (guitar), Carl (guitar) and Dennis (drums). Well, Dennis surf already, as surfing all the songs of the beach boys, which was the only one of the group, Act. You can continue to navigate, the beach boys released a virtual tracks, like the River, the British invasion success of likes the Beatles and Rolling Stones maybe is the sound the most powerful in the American rock 'n' roll, it was that the competition has challenged. The following list is divided into half of the middle between some of his first accomplishments and how the noise today, half a century later. Beach Boys, in 1961 his first band, the trio, who formed in high school. Soon abandoned school, a musical career to follow the first recordings with country singer, Hank Cochran, 1955, Cochran, the duo showed a coincidence as the Cochran brothers, although no relationship between them, their names. First solo version of Cochran 'Skinny Jim' with 'average' beloved was established in 1956, backed up. Unfortunately the Jazz at the age of twenty one years only in April 1960, on a tire burning, de taxi, those who went Cochran in Cochran with his girlfriend was on the road, except control falls up to what it stopped, a lamppost, thrown from the vehicle. Short as before skinny Jim Cochran is a missile non-stop Rock N ' roll was, produced several recordings as productive. The following list begins with the solo career of Cochran. To listen to the previous recordings with Hank Cochran. ). But these titles were ever released, after which he pursued a job as an upholsterer. Red part not yet until 1950, at the age of 39, but it was certainly swing. 1950 red piano. He studied classical piano as a child. Play campaigns for the Prairies, for the first time at the age of seventeen (' Church ' campaigns). He was also a founding member of the Doo-Wop group, the LINC-tones (which was the token), took with it in 1956 (see also,,.