Type 2 diabetes is the most common cause of heart disease and strokes accidents in this country, and the diagnosis can feel like a sentence to life imprisonment. But a Houston cardiologist said that it type 2 diabetes and heart disease if you can reverse ' re ready to make some healthy changes. Because this exercise is important: the number one people give reason for a gym working hard to get on your ABS a sleek and sexy belly. However, some people are many abdominal exercises, there are very difficult to do and many machines in the gym are difficult to handle. With reverse abdominal contraction, you can avoid this problem, because it is a very easy to perform and can be done anywhere. Ton, and pull your entire abdominal region and strengthening of the muscles at the same time. With a clean diet and heart cardiovascular exercise it will help you body trunk to lose fat and get a flat stomach. Things to avoid: form is very important in the reverse abdominal crunch. Always protect the spine by lying on a surface, like a carpet and not only a towel on the floor filled up. Use not the pulse, when it comes, contract the abdominal muscles that you come and it as your lever. Move slowly, focusing on good and initialled form, how each repetition. You have no illusion. As the body under the shock of the crisis by pressure air, exhale and breathe slowly and release. Empty the lungs offer a better abdominal contraction Reverse Dieting Guide as they after top cracks. Abdominal muscles should be tightened during the exercise. Do not relax, slowly return to the starting position. The best place for beginners is to have knee close to the body. Because you put progression, in this exercise a gap between these two bodies more stretch and tension. The Palms should face down on the floor, but make sure that accommodate your hands at the sides will draw the strength you the necessary balance. Do not press the neck up very high, as this can cause injury. Series and repetitions: to start, focus in reverse abdominal crunch correctly instead of concentration on the total number of representatives a good output target is 8-10 repetitions for 2-3 sets. Be not frustrated, if quality is not many representatives here very important. Control the exercise, increase the reps in small steps. 20-30 for the repeats of the series of 3-5 for the year, work to do. It is not advisable to do this exercise every day. Rather than focus on abdominal training 2-3 days a week for best results to achieve. Don't forget that your abdominal muscles are, and must be between workouts to more to be restored completely. Other exercises for use: Although the reverse abdominal contraction against the entire abdominal region should more of zapping exercises include and keep your muscles guessing. Try hip knee bent for low lift belly, abdominal pain is the abdominal end of the oblique contraction for middle and upper abs and love handles. See our great. Stressed muscle groups: reverse abdominal contraction is a form of isolation, which focuses on the entire m. rectus abdominis and the really big hits the lower abdominal muscles. This exercise allows direct belly top and lower and help to strengthen the entire core muscles. ,,.