I, I've never written a review on Amazon, but this book was a total disappointment. Proponents promised answers for postmenopausal women, which rose even though display nutrition and exercise all the time. Even if they provide the skeleton of a diet of menopausal women, education was a joke as well as always, written by someone who did not work. Inconsistencies in the book were even more troubling management issues surface and never returned. For example, the authors show that cardiovascular activity 20 minutes heart first are in the way, fat burn, cardio recommendation is 30-60 minutes every day, but can be divided into smaller segments. Of course, if you become nothing, first 20 minutes fat burning are not three segments of 20 minutes of cardio per day. Another example is the story of a woman who would work with success the recipe for recovery of menopause, but it was his regular refrain not Dispuestoa Martini. The book never progressed a cocktail set the issue as the program at the same time. The book was not only poorly written, but on embarrassingly bad complessivo-was a good editor should have taken many gaps and inconsistencies in the explanations. If you're looking for inspiring stories, this book will help you. If you're looking for a weight gain program-specific struggle during and after menopause, skip this book. Nearly three months ago, I started this diet and I have lost weight and inches. I am very disciplined and have with diet without cheating. I thought this might be the answer to my weight. The only positive is that you're not constantly hungry and eat healthier forced. There are so many conflicting stories about what women eat after menopause should not take any weight, I'm very discouraged. It was a waste of money. This book should help you lose weight after menopause women contains nothing that we haven't heard before. It is as if the author has many tried-and-true health and nutrition tips and you try to pack something entirely new. I'm not, but that does not mean they are not useful.The most important assumption is that instead of three big meals a day or skip meals, in menopausal women should eat at least six small meals and lean sandwiches, small pieces of meat or fish and seafood, whole grains and lots of fruits and vegetables per day is made. This, combined with daily exercises that supposedly works designed with menopause by your metabolism, fat burning mode to return the levels of hormones. I just followed this plan for a short period of time, it is too early to say if this works. It's a big change, keep in mind, every 2 hours, eat well-type of feeding a newborn again.If you're not sure you want the money for a final version of this book, to do what I did-do borrowed from a library and analyze useful parts. For me the most useful is 2 weeks menu appears, which gives you an idea of the types of food you should eat. Menopause-reset is used to remember well that there is much to wait until after menopause. As surgical menopause symptoms of weight gain, panic attacks, insomnia and many other topics, including embarrassing has fought, I noticed that as soon as I give you permission to eat as all 2-3 hours and the next as I am, I feel better. This book is Reverse Dieting Gaining Weight a guide that teaches how to live healthily again. Is it worth the time to read and at regular intervals. I read in a magazine about this book and I wanted to buy it. I'm not revolutionary and certainly has a lot of new information about them. I also found that the other force or weight management overly programmed, was very clear on the new and good data. On the other hand, it was a lot of examples of case (should this paid?) and lots of repetition. I can't say I learned something new and had a few things on a good exercise program that integrates the power management program. Good. Dr Harpaz wrote a book on the individual and the couple, hitting menopause. Was the therapist for couples who are impressed, unfortunately, how many reports you suffer from evils of ignorance of menopause and their challenges. Dr Harpaz ' should book by women and their partners more understanding and support are divided into a very difficult time.The symptoms are like mood swings the self-respect that shatter privacy challenges due to weight gain, vaginal dryness and pain, other couples alienated and sometimes with outside members of the relationship because of the pain, rejection and confusion. All this can be avoided with proposed plans to restore the menopause education and treatment. Read and share. ,,.