Select the user account, and then click on forgot password, reset button password immediately. If you use a Microsoft surface Pro, select the local account associated with your Microsoft account and then reset your password. Select a local user account (if you use a Microsoft account to access your PC, choose the local account associated with your Microsoft account) and then click Reset password. The program opens the user account and the password of Windows 8 reset at any time. I forgot the password of Windows 8 in your Surface Pro? If you ’ Vista created a password reset disk, until the forgotten password, you can use it to reset your password easily lost. Otherwise, you will need to restore / surface Pro to factory settings, update, that deleted files. In this article we ’ demonstrate reset local password Pro, an easy way and Microsoft surface, so that you can access your PC without your files. Such that a password reset forgot in the Pro Surface. I have a rt and there is my email address, but I don't get any mail. I am new to this, and it is confusing. Password for email, if so, how can it should just change on my email account on my desktop PC?ThanksJack. The password reset disk when Windows 8.1 for registration. It could do if its surface of tablet or laptop is available or create one with the genius of your Windows password, if it is locked out of the surface. If you successfully once again and no matter what the need to enter data on the surface of your laptop, try different methods to interface to restore the password. Here are some common methods. Reset password Windows password engineering surfaces only modifies the Windows registry. Other files Windows and software on the surface of the closed laptop will not change. Therefore, any loss of data or damage it then. Factory reset is the the most comprehensive method to reset the password because your personal files and programs in Windows at the same time would lose. Then before that you want to reset the interface factory tablet or laptop, make sure that it there would be no problem if the data loss. as regards the factory reset Windows 8.1 by surfaces? For more information, see here:. As we know, System Restore creates a restore point automatically whenever you install a new application or perform a major update of Windows. And the restore point contains important operating system files and some parts of the Datensatzes.Wenn to change the strange system, can undo the change, you run a system restore operation. For example when you forget the password we can reset your system to the State if we still have the password for the user interface or the password that we remember.If Windows does not start, you can the startup disk to start the system restore. Windows starts, you can start the Windows system restore. To do this, go to the system protection tab, and then click System Restore. System restore points starts initialization and ’ then displays the Welcome screen in the user interface of the wizard Assistenten.Nachdem your system restore was started, you will see ’ ordered the first screen of the wizard user interface. When you click Next, you will see a ’ table with past restore points. Choose the restore points show more “ ” field, you can see the restore points more veterans that are always available. .Aber if you simply forgot the password of the local user, Reset Password Surface Pro please login account Windows 8.1 pro with a Microsoft online account. Or logon to Windows 8.1 with PIN code, the password is another option. And then change the local user account and password. Microsoft Windows 8.1 password pro on the surface of the tablet or a laptop? How to reset the password of Windows 8.1 pro effectively if you can connect to Windows or not?In this step, we make two types of password reset method for Windows 8.1 pro if the data based on the surface of the laptop or tablet or not lose. ,,.