Replace tops of batteries and prepare the battery for the relocation. If the battery is sealed and every advance for empty cells, covered with a cap with plastic or hard rubber. Plug, and is the most hardware stores of spare parts. Mix 8 ounces of Epsom Salt in one liter of distilled water. Stir until the salts are dissolved and the solution is constant. Use a funnel to fill each cell evenly with the solution of Epsom. Proper care will use duration of life to your green golf cart battery. Save on Recondition Battery With Baking Soda golf cart. Recondition batteries golf cart to prolong their life. Although well care cart lead plates in a battery of golf. Golf carts are powered by batteries push discharge similar to lead batteries in cars. The main difference is that there is a push-cycle battery. Powered by batteries to run electric golf trolley. A cell is an electrochemical device that converts into chemical energy. Remove the battery of plugs (on top of the battery). The cells in a bucket or other container of drainage. If the battery is sealed and without cell roof is detachable, check the gentle Plains along the top edge of the battery. These wells are sometimes referred to as shadow. Drill holes in the shades with a small 1/4 inch, opens the closed cells. Electric golf carts have deep cycle (marine) batteries. Deep-discharged batteries should remain responsible for a long period without an external costs. Why a battery cart golf with liquid to remain in office, sometimes acid is easy to them lose their power if not done correctly. However, it is usually possible to buy a battery new, if it fails a depth cell begins to decrease. Li is relatively easy. A golf cart depends completely on the stack so that it functions as an electric vehicle. This makes the choice. Golf carts are inspired by simple battery lead in sulfuric acid reacts with lead plates to produce the battery compartment. Connect the battery to a charger standard multistage. Leave the appliance to the battery slowly, so beware, moving through each step. Prevent the quick start quick free battery boot cold or adjustment. A deep discharge of the battery charging must be slowly and should be an hour or more. Leave the charger connected, until the battery is fully charged. Disconnect the power cable from the battery, the positive and the negative and your home to eliminate. If the leakage of acid test, touch it do not cover the surface with nu skin. Use protective gloves. Clean the terminals on the battery and the battery compartment with a paste of baking soda and steel wool (easily done with a tablespoon of baking soda and a splash of water). A type of lead acid battery, wild deep-discharged batteries are called. distinguished Starter for car batteries. Connect the power cord and insert the battery in the golf cart. The truck driving the battery for a few minutes. Check the battery after each use for a few days. You may need to repeat the charging process while the length of the solution allows a full charge. ,,.