This site, and each of them, as well as all the reviews really helped me. My friend, we Agostini called, is dependent on the Marijauna. I had a lot of friends heavily use Marijauna but give you an appointment, and I don't want to hear. Usually through study and work etc, however, my friend began smoking again for 2 months. You have hidden just for a few moments in front of me. His temper was absolute rage and only on a good day begins to realize that something has happened. I opened up your phone before him, and he found documents that prove that she had started smoking. He hit me. In the last few weeks were the worst. He failed from their Otoño-b classes this year and has been hiding his grandmother, who raised him. It was the treatment for him and his guilt, which he continues with so much money to fight. It seems that all these symptoms to the maximum. and me I do question what will be useful to the devil, that can only be the person on the other side? It hurt a little, my spirit to see it through. He was absolutely furious, as aggressive, raised his fist me yesterday crying. It is mad.cries.gets painful and apologized. Yesterday I counted, and the mood changed 6 times in 5 minutes. It is completely depressed, that he knows what happened, explains sometimes searches for the blame for me. I don't know why, and that hurts. But it brings him back and tells me that this is what I feel. He is so passionate, that has can she breathe many moments, sometimes for long periods of time where. In other words, it is the truth, that I don't already done everything and let the safe ground among us, who knows, you can browse if you need to return? I don't want to leave, or have, then I think that I gave him. Nothing, only to work to go, he was so stunned when he yesterday, arrived without work and was only a day 8 hours for it. It is a pulmonary specialist at a trauma center. I know that the stress of the job may be very wrong at this fragile moment. help someone. Thank you very much. in fact, it of fun, it makes me eat, it makes me better feel power of sport more entertaining show performance. I smoke too much for 20 years hard work never stopped, I with great success, which have only me lazy, almost every weight cardio from day 1 hour 30 minutes. Smoking 8 weeks now, I'm feeling good, the first week was a hard, was ready in my Office to vomiting, dreams were fun, my vivid dreams 1-3 weeks, I sleep well now. There two infections of the lung do not like a year ago don't have cancer. You are giving up, very well, and in good health. Looking for the sound of almost identical ClarityYou me. He was a father, only 1 year (feels 10). I am blind and depression with anxiety disorder with bipolar type II, and diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder. A well-meaning family member suggested pot to me. I thought I had found the answer. She began to laugh like a schoolgirl and I slept like a log, but during the first years. Although it has become more and more get the same results, I stopped, always chasing the Dragon. At the moment I not up count it reached and smoke uses just a degree of control over the State of my mind, about fifteen grams per week. Needless to say, how much you have.I know what you mean about the creativity, I lost most of my friends also. But the clarity of mind, which I now know is reassuring. I believe that our creativity will return, as soon as our brains had the chance the avalanche of chemical products, that we see in the Marinade.Im terms on the wishes we had with learned skills and began on the lawn, to solve all this. Once you learn these skills will not, that they must then switch off desire.At the age of 19 years, own should be your child and if you will give an example for him probably. They can stop, they bite back and Freunde.Im with regard to the lack of a support system, a large group of us like you know exactly how you feel. We not honest to ourselves and our problems can be because of the anonymity on this website. Not judging people who are posting here and very competent after trained by the same path of life you have.I don't have to convince will be for a while, suck, but the goal is worthwhile. If you feel like crap and it will try to relax and can it another, and then another naked for a minute, then. His State of mind is subject to change. Like my friend Longhauler, says that the Elimination of the person ever killed grass. as a last resort, a possibility that some of these guys don't. You have a mental health professional, that you can trust. Maybe a temporary adjustment of medication could be considered. I do not recommend because you have to learn to live as little as possible with drugs, but it's better than relapse.Hang in there, man. IT COULD BE EASIER! And to write as often as possible. We think of you. You're not alone. Well, I'm here again. This is my third serious attempt smoking to stop. I have cleaned 5 days and I had a great talk with my wife and teenage sons, my home is like a disaster / rape. When you're done it gives you a sense of satisfaction and you can do many things, the crazy can be, if you wash your ignore. Feel overwhelmed by the amount of shit that must be resolved here and very little cooperation. When I am frustrated by the lack of interest, to raise our voices. Even less cooperation there is then, in his own words, crazy. This will be a challenge.My last post was 5 months ago, and at that moment, I smoked half an ounce per week. $3500 Canadian. It is $7500 / year. IT.Wish me luck, I need. Thanks for the compliments guys, but I think my wd and clean easier than those I'm most because the drugs stay. Little mood, antidepressants and anxiolytics stabilizer mean all prescribed psychiatrist. You are Ange, directly to control of the pain. I had an Abssessed of the wheel and I realized that the pain reliever was not effective when I was a smoker in the past to the top. After grass no longer is he back, but this time the drug turned out to be much more effective. This Green shit affects us in ways that we never imagined. Stay strong all over the world. * IrrelevantAnd know btw Glen where many things about themselves even 2 sentences? Because if you knew the recent investigations on the lawn not published and condescending on this site understand the severity of which is negative issue and everything else. I usually smoke marijuana and she plans one day to leave. I'm going now, and I feel already irritability and loss of appetite. For months was arrested last summer, but it ended up the boredom. Only a fat is tempting Bowlpack smoking marijuana, and I am deaf reality. Hi Lora, I found very helpful; also this blog/Forum It's good to know that others are also run through it. I have to say that I myself a bit of a feint but others of you much more seem like. I made several attempts in the past and they have made for the six-month mark was smoking in only three times again, occasionally at the end of the week, and then in the evening, then every day - you get the idea. But now, I'm not, and it has drawn a border; No longer smoking. Suddenly, it's easy! Apart from not sleeping on all the major issues that I fly, cravings or problems want. I have only out during the weekend and a space shared with lots of beer and Tokers, but feel free only once. I was not trying! happy days. Today is the day 14, the rest of my life (Drama Queen make? I would?) with the hash table is therefore more something that I do, it is something that I've done. Peace and good luck to all. Today is day 7, how long was 16 weeks.(about 10 years ago)I was expressing all the symptoms of WD for others on this site have, but can those who I be very exhausting for me. Fear, especially in the morning. Irritability, much time. Night sweats, fever/chills, mood swings and loss of appetite. Rarely, I had dreams of foreigners/fear, but when I do, I wake wines, because usually my wife and my children include. Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type II, severe depression, and seasonal affective disorder. I was then put on medicine and they have been changed / adjusted several times, especially in. 15 years Member of the proposed well-meaning family grass as possible relief and since, with the exception of the strange destiny have smoked. I must confess that I am a different person on the lawn. I see life through rose-colored glasses when they are high, but the opposite is true, if they are clean. You have no use for people at all, if it is clean. There are studies that show a significant increase of productivity and improvement of the quality of life for patients with BD is smoked, but the disadvantage is the cost and difficulty in breathing. On the other hand, I have also chronic bronchitis, then I have to go.I guess because of my comic, a SSRI's celexa, an anti-anxiety, Seroquel and, of course, lithium, a mood stabilizer. You are more likely to know that life is for that. I think it is because I have fewer WD symptoms as most of you. Grass makes it certainly easier to live in my own skin, but it has to pay a price, that comfort. I'm sure it will be better to clean, but they fight with the decision by 90%.Read this site, that motivates me.Longhauler, Toochewed, et al. thank you for your words of encouragement, you focus on the target. If I that can do that with a mental illness, I have before, it forever changed my life.Sincere mood now is like manna from heaven for me.Once again thank you very much. Hello Ben needed time, one day at a time. Clarity comes gradually. I have this judgment by trial and error, things and they had a better state of mind in about 3 months with more clarity within 6 months. I would like to comment on the investigation of the post. Even if so it hurts, I have to what I said be consistent. Marijuana is addictive not in the strict sense of the word. There are no physical symptoms of dependence. But there are signs of a dependency. We have learned through repeated exposure to marijuana, which helps us to manage stress, anxiety and depression. If you can continue using marijuana, the return of symptoms, usually stronger until we we turn as chronically sick, and then a sense of dependency. There are some physical withdrawal symptoms, but they are caused by our neurological response to stress, loss of appetite, insomnia, sweating, chills, and earthquake. Only, they caused in the hypothalamus and are generally regarded as fight or flight. There are no physical symptoms of dependence on marijuana like alcohol, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, etc., so that even if the research is correct, it is terribly wrong. And I liked, we will examine what the SARA, he said.Stay strong on the whole Welt.BFD. I'm 39 and have $500 smoking marijuana ounce very strong in the last 20 years (2 times a day for the last 8 years). I know its dependence and all these places during the exam. I decided to stop because I could find somebody for the first time in 20 years (very dry and my connection is no longer available). I'm 5 and so far, I'm also surprised that you don't (touch wood).Now, I still have to avoid people how much I realized really against the Rauchen.Stinkt. Avoid kissing children. Your face (I $40,000 in the last 20 years have been). They have the reputation of being a drug addict, they run from mouth to mouth. Everything is a bit dull (looks great, but I really think that it's sad). You are antisocial and lazy (although I very successfully already, it might be even more successful). It is a waste of time (15 minutes per session), you can do something productive with their children or volunteering activities. I can follow.My problem is that my wife won't stop (smoke not at all). She thinks I'm a hyper and irritable, without it. It's just support me to withdraw because it serves me in the last 20 years be submitted. I hope that I can leave with my plan. Of course I will do my best. Good luck to all. Reactions of a person who was so dear to that tiny grass addiction is someone finally recognize the reality. A misnomer (written Clairity instead of clarity). But bad or a brain fart. I hope that this post is fine.BFD. Thank you for the reception. As you can see, that the dreaded insomnia is still endemic. Grrr. You're right about the same Medicarsi by other mental health problems, as well as some of the difficult issues of life and thank you for this part of your story with me. Unfortunately, I never say my problem account followed. the numb zone makes, that all goes well feel. until the reality not back and said. You cheated. I also understand that many can my anger/rage, despair, anxiety, problems, etc., are worsened by the presence of the demon of grass in my life. I still want to, but is not bad, as in the week there is at least some progress (UF) so far. But now realize that even if I have a time think much to help me sleep with the. I'm wide awake and always read and find out they were more about the travel of other people here. It is very reassuring to know that the withdrawal symptoms are what they are and I not the only one struggling to set my right life (in many ways). I thought he was very sick and could find no relief. I have a stamp of aspirin per day during the first few days severe headache. I felt that my head would explode. Tonight, it's not so bad, but I hear even the dull throbbing in my head. In addition I feel always uncomfortable in my skin and a little nervous, but try, my mind occupied with reading and quizzes to keep and I have my bottle of water next to me.I read the posts, here and other than those who are critical, and it seems to me that the exchange of information is really great. Last week was not to know what to do with my life and I spent long restless and teary too because I didn't know what happened to me. Decide immediately with the lack of resources was, but now I see that maybe this was the best. I decided not to do it in the cuff due to my situation and the role a little for a while to stop. I hope to do, but a couple of days were a real challenge for me to come and my support network is very small, so I'm very happy that I this forum and the departure of the found in conversation with others.I'll try to follow your advice to heart, but I think that the hardest thing for me well because it is one of the questions I am trying to understand. Dysfunctional family things before the end with my therapist. Who is happy, that I do not smoke marijuana now. It is strongly recommended this company while in the context of this healing journey, and it didn't. But now, the circumstances, which means that you will need.I know not how long is now for cravings, last right it is a bit hard, so I'll try to my head occupied, because I can't sleep. I've a smile for his statement, don't trust my feelings because they are reserved. I thank God, because some of these feelings are quite troublesome. Arrrggg. May I wonder what is meant with prey? Just listen to this benchmark for gifts) here in the next probably need, days offered support. Once payday comes it it makes it hard to resist. I'm fighting still the impulse. Thank you for pointing this out and welcome. I'm going to try, here check at least once a day, if not at the 10 or 20) to repeat the mantra. After the start is half the battle. Failure is not an option. Success is only the Ergebnis.Ich continue my life my journey to healing with my mental health problems would the Ickys and if shedding this habit helps then by facilitating now are worth on the Ende.Noch thank you again). Hi I'm new, I'm counting that nobody has allergy or asthma as side effect mentioned smoking of marijuana or hashish, I was the only one who this problem please enlighten me.! Scholastic deleted, please, I have a MJ. I encounter a loss of words when it comes to me. My head keeps drawing empty as it seems, I do not what they say. I'm slower than if you actually smoked grass. It is a Mierda:-(this_is_normal?) I want to be normal. I'm on my sixth day of quiting balls and it stinks. I will take a little grass in a couple of hours because I'm tired of everything here. Marijuana has no connection to cancer and kills cancer cells in the lungs. Power of marijuana since 1970 has not increased, otherwise no one would place 15-20 in a row together have me in Woodstock without smoking, and this was absolutely not the case. Of course, some strains of pot are become much more difficult, but no one really smokes that. It is very expensive. There is a reason why it is legal in the medical world. Help with pain, Motabolism, and is a treatment for hundreds of symptoms. California, was using the program and all happy. I smoked for a while havn't me feel like shit now and I. It is time to stop. Harmony. MJW - or go to the doctor and ask for a blood test complete with testosterone, or you can send in the saliva for a workshop online test and the tests for you. Don't forget, the entire free testosterone, testosterone and estrogen (SHBG). I always less than 300 ng/dl to the grass for more than a month left and was then slowly returned. Yes your 25 not Viejos your T level is probably quite high, but perhaps, we began our defeat after 45 and marijuana and alcohol very badly our man juice. I was terminated because I started, some to have ED (Google it) and had a hard time building muscle. I have also the stomach for years to satisfy my hunger Chemie.I am pleased to announce that I mean starting to look like semi - ex, I back and belly is gone after 6 months of operating and parking bong.Stops forever? You can not always comfortable in users of a single mind, but it is good to stop from time to time. Stay strong ~ Eric ~. I can honestly say that these 2 procedures for me have worked. Now 14 weeks and I still afraid but to a lesser extent. My finances are expanded and take too much weight on my shoulders, but the fear is still there. Search for reasons, change the reflection process, controlled breathing and be overcome more scared people can of course: +), Michelle and her Freund.Ich lost my ex of weeds. He told me that t matter. I can not change. The sex was as Michelle describes. Increasingly common off the coast. My ex loved me and wanted more for us. I didn't see that. The way that I was running in a family, is shot in a broken family. Don't let your future friend. It attributed to my children and helped to educate, but a broken family is its own goal. Alone, at home either write anything 44. What is UY? The old thang ring only fear. Breath. Press and hold. Breath. Press and hold. If love smoking and your friend, ll eventually fall out of ass, I'm sorry, is so hard on what you want in life, and choose now. Don t wake up at 40 wishes you would have a second chance. This happens in movies and a select few.The new year comes with new promises, new impetus and new dreams make the best possible use. Take care of and well be peeps. God bless you. Thanks DoubleButtch. I have experienced the refreshing feeling last night. I went to a Streetheart concert clean and sober. Normally it should be cooked, use something, but he said, that was my wife with me, that I can now pursue without grass activities. I have a us not miss my amount of THC for 'Top'. I had to hack on all sides call. Security people and the RCMP (RCMP Canadian) and gave me a little thrill private was legal and had nothing to worry about. I still think that at the time of purchase, it is just a little too much, but these thoughts are easy to ignore.With regard to the reference to the New Testament, I'm an atheist, but I respect who think of everyone I would like to express my admiration. Spirituality is something else. I think that purports to treat your spirituality like things. You can be without religious spiritual. My faith in God, me on my not strengthen bodies to solve my problems. So far so good. Every time I buy this urge to go, more strongly resist. This page is also a real advantage for me. I can learn, teaching you, bitch, and the people there to complain about. Tried very hard to understand the members of my family, and to help, but if you haven't seen from the inside, is not the whole Bild.Ich never was much in meditation, but they are willing to try new things. Maybe you can go for these albums. Who is prepared every day? Thank you friend, always try. It's just that I myself for so long on drugs have, to forget the memories of when he grew up and went as everything in the flood. But it is a fantastic place and I have achieved so much for the support here. I have not forgotten and all trying to leave Rome was not built in a day). First of all, I don't understand where are these supporters of marijuana. What would you here appropriate? I'm only products which discouraged marijuana scouring the Internet for articles like this for the negative talk about? The two acts of political or uninformed.Secondly, marijuana is addictive, physically and mentally. Take a number of how many messages saying: include the mine and then everyone say, which are shamefully ignorant disagree and I think you will see that overwhelming evidence in favor of marijuana is addictive. You need no Science tells us that our bodies feel ill should know to not be a Rainmaker, the wind (Bob Dylan), because it is obvious!Now says: 5 reasons smoking is to quit! 1. the drug traffickers. Everyone knows something else, but I think that we all agreed that these types of people are traditionally Mooie bags. 2 of the regular drug tests. Urinate a little, a little blood, maybe some DNA, now no matter? It's just we're talking nothing important to your privacy. 3. cognitive problems. I forgot what he would say. Still want to try, but was too lazy. 4. payments to stop, then why are here, unless the propaganda or desinformacion because naturally.5 spread. the cost. Suppose you pay $30 per lot, once in a week. 30 (dollars) * 52 (weeks) = $1560 and YearNow, the answer is multiplied by the number of years, this cycle had to be repeated, and this number is growing quickly. Remember to adjust for weeks and dollars.Means to facilitate the removal: 1 exercise. You sweat sweating you and make you even more sweat. 2 food, but not the feeling, hunger. A food with fat, which increases hunger when eating Bacon is loaded. A plate with eggs, potatoes and Bacon and all is well. Of course to sleep. Don't take drugs, to overcome the drug! 4. shower often. The water has an enormous potential. 5 soothing. Positive. Let it not be aggressive. Show some restraint and people on, you will be compared to those at the end of your trip, it is too short.I remember especially feels better. The fact that you feel is a sign of this revival. The first 3 days are the worst, and at the end of the first week, you should start to gradually improve.Employ, eat well, sleep well, lot of sweat and before you know it, it is free again.Keep the trucks! Yes Mr. fields are secret agents of the Government the brain with propaganda about the harmful effects of marijuana devilish infiltrate. She probably wrote this stupid comment otherwise in the pumpkin so that Lord has planted the seeds of paranoia. If you not problems on this site from people looking for suffering, because their personal problems and not to mention the medical benefits of marijuana or the legalization of it. There are other sites for that, it is not one of them. Then I recommend you to support their cause of those and stop writing, don't have, ignorant what on another idea. Many people suffer symptoms of withdrawal of regularly taken, leave I would support legalization and medical use, for the right reasons, me included, that is not what will come. 8 May 2008 Washington) easy to relieve heavy user, which can be-Pot, withdrawal symptoms Forscher.Verwenden say in a study of nearly 500 marijuana smokers who wanted to get rid of the truck mitigate about one third or to prevent that the symptoms of withdrawal such as irritability and anxiety.For a long time, there was a debate more than if the marijuana smoking is addictive indeed to the drug and whether withdrawal symptoms are real. Do and are, says the researcher David Gorelick, MD, PhD, of the National Institute on drug abuse in Baltimore. Psychiatrists and hospital tried something for depression diagnosed by me, bi Poler handled everything. In the not writing this sympathy there is a good chance that nobody will read. I just want to tell people that in the short term could help a few cones such as punching, to help with everything, that you can cross her or just for pleasure or relaxation it long term, and it's a bad u can ruin chance. I know that the bread not the only cause, but what no one expects that even if there is a person feel my life as if is not too bad, because I gave someone my way. Thank you for taking the time to read what I had some things off my chest. Remember, that what IN excess not good for TI. Last year I did a link for a little Gras.Er had smoked about 10 years ago and a bad panic attack. This led to about 4 or 5 months of anxiety. I thought I would go crazy. I searched on the Internet and realized that I had panic attacks and learned to control them until they are gone. However, I had much stress - sober for 4 years (especially alcohol) and has been boring for me. So I decided it a hate-bud-alcohol to try to give now. I really had the intention to keep the grass which is limited for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but to respect the calming effect of grass, I remained until I was daily smoker. It wasn't much for 6 months on a joint, toking every night. There is no Panikattacke.Aber I began to see that I began to lose my objective. I wouldn't say that it's a complete couch potato - but was that it had kept my enthusiasm for the field study.I refused to increase my intake of grass, why I am cautious, but I started to feel depressed. He gave me a tolerance and grass began to excite me. I started on a little nothing crazy to feel suspicious to paranoia. He was also tired often depression began to be implemented.I decided, my own individual 20mgs Prozac start small doses. (at the time still smoke)I have to work the OnCall to maintenance can be called at any time. I can not stand up and work - also limited. But when I started to smoke have Oncall.Vor four weeks, I was OnCall and can't, I decided, not high be, even though I'm OnCall.I stopped and had the same, that shapeless anxiety, reduces all payouts extrema appetite and Unschärfe.In my case intensified however this concern. I decided to take my dose of Prozac 40 mg. Week 3, he was very scary nailed. I started having thoughts of suicide and terrorist.I said to my brother and I was like man, not I think. because the grass is removed I all techniques to my anxiety to calm down, but it was retained.Stop drinking coffee (a great sacrifice for me), but I had to do that because anxiety is killing me. I drank water all day. I ate well. He started to run, to speed up the detoxification. She weighed 175 and went up to 160. Then week 3, depressive episode BAM. They are ready for two days in bed can only move. My therapist said to my brother, the suicidal thoughts of bad things for me to stay.I continued to go to work, why I don't lose my job in the economy, but it could work.I looked at my models and understand something that has all of a sudden my Prozac (who has worked in the past) had an opposite effect. Since I not more, drops the Angst.Meine opinion about things: 1 grass has a residual effect had in my memory, if you smoke each slide not drastically, a little only (I'm not a smoker in the past much) 2. While you smoke marijuana, don't make me not paranoid until I have my dose - if I had my tolerance and began to have more paranoid. Once again, is not crazy paranoid sent only slight3. I find not the poisonous weed and I agree - some people are not back - others have a longer and more intense withdrawal4. You are prone to obsessive compulsive disorder or anxiety, I don't recommend smoking, none of you want to give a cycle of fear, it is hell and can really mess up your life and not kill the fear all (PAK) 5 physical withdrawal lasts only 3 or 4 days time in the cosy but no big deal6. I can speak not objectively mental withdrawal, because it was a side effect of an other drug7 have. If you change a spirit of the substance using tag at the time, it is absolutely normal that they experience psychological WithdrawalFor those who leave, I suggest that you find a support group. I use AA, but he was already on the ground in the program. They support people who go well with you - every day you inevitably feels responsible for them.Furthermore, take care. I understand the fear of taking medication to help with memory, but when the suicides or caught in a cycle of fear to go psychiatrist - could an underlying disease and not just Rückzug.Gras is not bad. It is a drug which is adhered to. If you are like me, is it that there are not enough you should use carefully weigh.One last thing - if my fear reaches a climax, went to a * premium * herbs and shop bought Ltheanine and Omega-3 - the Ltheanine was a huge stress reliever - I recommend it definitely. I bought Vits and herbal shop and they are not comparable - good things. This is awesome! Yes, I agree with religion and believe. I would like to say beliefs are addict than cigarettes. I see them as training wheels, only for the better, but it is not necessary and usually stands in the way. I love the old writings, however, to read the Bible. Confirm the things I have to consider. I think that the most toxic of the powerful people on this planet have fostered a massive cult of stupidity, the Bible and other ancient traditions. They have an incredible game in progress. But anyway, I see, that virtually any kind of wisdom, that you learn in these old words expressed. Information you to the request, looking for success, think, meditate. Then me di account, which was expressed long ago. Yes, it's great for me that I can enjoy everything as I without smoke to prove. create a partnership with the joy, which can cause the spirit, if you're not careful. I thought strategy several times with the smoke of the hypothesis that the best concerts to play, music or games, or even do enjoy math. Incredible. Canada, isn't it? I'm surprised that you have a legal threat. Me di account, that I in fact do not plunder people over marijuana it y already have. Also, when I went out there and what sure seemed lax, and the disabled. Hi BigSmokerYou is exactly on this one-way street. Three years ago, I stayed for 16 weeks. When I started again, I went to the it heavier. I know that Intillectually can cause the failure of little tricks. Please call me on it. If I slip, think I pair for the next days, because failure is not possible. I fall into old patterns of behavior with my family and my employees. Grumpy, grumpy, and antagonistic. Maybe I see it as a test to determine whether they are more dependent on. Once addicted, always addicted. I think that it should be flirting with disaster. I have 19 years to convert 20 and for once, that they tried a sound! Enchanted, I found your article on withdrawal symptoms. Never had trouble sleeping, but when I awake every morning and weaned from drugs, she usually Nautious and I've got a headache. Most of the time I have problems, specific events to keep until people remind me, and then I'm not sure yet what happened. I've never seen with other drugs and drink very rarely. I wanted to know whether withdrawal symptoms affect more or less long because of my age. and you have some advice, saying the rehabilitation centre to facilitate the passage of the drug. Thank you very much!. I'm in abstinence from marijuana. I'm a few days outside the pot. I completely lost control. I can not eat, attacks on the bad things that I think head lived. It will not stop crying, vomiting, stomach pain, sweating of the hands, as the roosters, guilt, only can not touch my skin. 5 kilos in a week. Hang my clothes. My back is throbbing.and, the I often feelings of suicide. In the second week of my speech starts, and I think that I a shirt. During this time. I work 9-5 because I have exhausted my permission. He threw up on my desk at work today. About 3 grams of smoked very strong herbs (Skunk) per day. Once, that the disease will enthusiasm be effect stops. It is the fun part for me, not for others like me complain to and my guts to pay at all. This is usually my job to lose time. I am a 38 year old woman. I was smoking marijuana outdoors, & 15 years. It has destroyed my life. I think I'm going to take a day of my life. There is no risk to health of the consumption of marijuana in the long run. If you notice, that this information has no scientific basis. The above declaration promotes the word used with regard to cancer. You can credibly say that it causes cancer. There have been no reported deaths on scientific purposes only it has no scientific basis Marihuana.Psychosen, depression and anxiety. No residues in marijuana causes, that the above mentioned symptoms. These symptoms can however occur inherent knowledge of a user's marijuana you do something illegal. Ask yourself, if you feel so if you have ever smoked. Was this due to external influences or grass?Your request of forgery that are without side effects to detoxification. If you have been a smoker of consistency for a long time and the way they treat with daily a common took a few trains. Of course you will experience the sensations that are described above are because it is use of marijuana as a substitute for personal bankruptcy and forced by habits and behaviors are addicted then.Addiction is a mental health problem. She can addicted to something (such as men, jobs, careers and families in video games have lost). Dependency process occurs when you your existence around it be drugs, alcohol, sex, video games, etc., Hi so is BakedFreshDaily, one it no longer its great. In regard to our grammar, who gives a rats ass. Everyone has a spelling checker, if we do not use, although it is. To know that bio-polar disorder this pot does not understand it or any other drug, are you even if your prescribed bio polar Dr, negative effects on you. People with bipolar disorder, many of them tend to self-medicate. He was married with one, but even taking medication and could only do so much. Marijuana is not, stop you has created the problem in the first place. WHT does still need u dnt Pansys Profenal or blades of grass and a lot of Bull, help how you really are, if you have mental problems grass helps maintain calm and appetite are u I dnt kno u but people ran a system with it goes perfect with my medications and mental probs in my opion to this site, with which your physician defamation comes from weed Tecnicly of her 420 legal forever. Welcome, find you ClarityWe have at least known, that some of the symptoms and can really relate. It seems that you may have mental illness, probably printing the self medication. Idem. He deteriorated slowly, as I've become addicted, feel worse and worse more smoking then you. The problem is that you not understand until you try to leave. It's really disgusting, but you're by the acceptance of the fact that it can be the problem half home. I got here and was known a few years as BakedFreshDaily. Both read here, is because you have been there too and noticed that several strategies that will help you to feel more comfortable in your skin while his brain, get lung and the bank account. Won, t BS, think it difficult moments but, that you can stay strong. The best advice I have to offer, at least in the beginning, is good in all respects except one enjoy no THC! Drink plenty of water with ice to remove cells and relax. As others here have said, it is uncomfortable to say the least, but it doesn't kill you. You don't know what to do, read sometimes then always a problem, if this site from top to bottom. It is to do something not only to you, but you should also help keep you motivated. Do not rely on your feelings, are subject to change without prior notice. To get rid of their prey of temptation and keep in mind nobody is dead by abstinence from marijuana. It feels so. (don't you leave on your feelings). You can do this.As many times you want or need, there is always someone here write.Forget not, again in life get, that is the half Miete.Scheitern is not an option; or ConverselySuccess is the only Ergebnis.Schreibe again tomorrow, I'll do it for you. BFD. I tried to leave, 4 days ago and since then I've lost 18 pounds this site is good because it tells you, you don't need professional help as a weak loser. and exactly what I needed to read information about withdrawal symptoms. I wanted to smoke again for my taste, but I found your article right of withdrawal and assured me that my problems have been removed. I think you need for your site advertise for the first Web site that opens Yahoo itself, because the other sites lead to stupid irrelevant shopping sites. Thank you for the trust that my symptoms would be payouts instead of an external mental problem. People are strong and self control, I believe that peace is the most important part. Because it allows people to know that these problems come from and what they are. Hello to all. just reading all of this and we feel obliged to block certain words of this great tree. first and foremost my statistics every day are you since 38 years smoking now sober for five days. I was a daily newspaper for about 18 years and they refrained from using 3 X before, in 2001 and 2007 each time for six months, 1996. for me the biggest problems, except for the motivation, sleep disorders have. I think that most of the previous poster was smoked marijuana while I finished hash bongs. I went through phases of grass bongs but deliberately lasted until brown, that really I £150 per ounce for the good stuff can't afford (hash is about £35-50 pounds in the United Kingdom). This period of sobriety had to go through a severe sore throat (now on the road to recovery thanks!), but absolutely not this monkey would resign he bloody for my 40 and, ideally, want to front - games with the idea of resignation now 5 days is I a big problem for me sleeping way knew what to expect (from previous try) and have already started to dream! Typically takes 10 days for the insomnia/sleep from the plateau and me long before returning to + 7 hours per night, minimum 2 months - very well said. It seems to me however that the worst is over in about 3 or 4 weeks, but certainly all of these things know differently. Sometimes it is good to have dreams and more in particular anxiety, paranoia or panic attacks suffer and suffer few negative dreams. Other symptoms may include a change of personality/State of mind, which just stoned are unable, for example are less cold and patient. My wife would probably say I'm getting a Moody impatient git, but nothing for it! I think I am stunned, is easier to navigate, it induces a State and this is the real me - I think. Ask Descartes) my wife smokes but both taste absolutely smoking is needed and could probably go, without, as unnecessary, no problem. for me, it is the monkey. Smoking cessation in 2000 by a 10 custom day and now they are completely free of interest there, and we hope to achieve the same ambivalence with hash in a timely manner. However, my wife fight tobacco which had resigned, while I show any of his own. I used to smoke always hash in bongs, even if a tobacco smoker, as the shooting, and it is very important to me. But all of the previous posts, I really showed that I am not alone, and some have it worse! My smoking habits are usually a bong, once after work and a few more before bedtime (big bongs!) and watch home and cooking at the weekend. But the only honest really meet the first days were. After I came back from the weed of bongs, was disappointed again with the first, to discuss for awhile. Now I feel more motivated than ever, and it is perhaps as good as I. I said to my wife, the it does not flow, it is to give up and think that with Autour the face might be good for my process - in the past, he was able to stop only when all the tools was gone, and all the crap on Bong on a sheet, will make evil. That's all for today, and I think that all us good luck. I feel tips for exercising, good replace with other awards, but find their ways you have the motivation good luck Note: cannabis may not technically addictive, but boy, it is certainly a habit! To sit and read the comments for the whole world, after 10 years of smoking and smoking daily for the last 3 or so I decided its time. I held before and know what to expect. Just out of curiosity to see what all solutions to sleep? I have not really help an insanely addictive personality and high tolerance etc.-the tablets. In fact I found with replacement grass alcohol only to sleep.I suggest saying that I have no energy to pick up some vitamins. Take daily vitamins, fish oil and maybe some protein powder. I know that a lot of people lose their appetite and the ability to take a protein shake will certainly help. It helps to sleep only to something in your stomach. What's anyone like going to sleep? :(. PotGood is no longer that you hear. It is unlikely that for the time being you your brain, but your brain is not yet satisfied. Marinated your brain chemicals very confusing, for 3 years, and he is accustomed to this cocktail of chemicals. Learned in unfavourable environment you work provided. It should be the same person as soon as only cleaned, how you were before. The fucking is that THC soluble in fat, not soluble in water, so a bit of time, it takes months sometimes. It is a process, not an event. Be patient and your brain it you be grateful later. The brain is a fascinating organ!The reason why we have more problems with withdrawal now as before, it is because you are, he was increasingly assigned to. Addiction is different for each of us, because we are all different, with different degrees of dependency are. They are further down on the road by grass, now, where they were last year and in the previous year. It is a little more than to clean it sooner. Keep in mind that the old adage starts A 1 mile journey with a single step. ? A 1 - thousand-mile journey can be daunting if also not overwhelming, but a simple step. Take a step at a time, be patient and kind to yourself and be as thrilled. At least you know that you are on the right path of fate. Of course there are the flip side of casual, but the healthier your brain, you are better able to deal with them.Go to today is my 14th day clean and this time, it was relatively easy. I think what made the difference of this time only that I spent one month to prepare psychologically to resign. I have also a lot of Omega-3 and finally I found a lot of positive reinforcement to my friends, family, and this website. I still waiting for the other shoe to drop, but when will be the time, think / hope I'm strong enough to remember all the crap, the others have said so far, I feel so good, so positive.Unless a disaster, I relly think I'm going to do it this time. Thank you to everyone who offered compassion, advice, and positive reinforcement. You are the best group of people I've ever met.We do indeed! Everyone stay strong! I'm smoking marijuana Sicé was not 14 or 15 In the sure then, but In the now 22 and I like the fact, that does not revolve around the grass my life.My mother, the herb smoking is 47 virtually every day, as I my three older brothers of grass smoking my friends regularly, pot smoke with me and my family and I know that to kill my health! There smoking gradually make marijuana ive, that my eyes were changed, and I don't speak (Asian eyes) because the supervisors in these dark circles around the eyes. IN the only in my family this point LRP, and I in my photos, noticed when I was younger, I had a different tone around the eyes, but since then it worse?I feel every day equal to grass smoke, eat every day and weighs only 126 pounds at the age of 22 (he is my weight of grass)? and I never lost his appetite for food, but I did it for a homemade - my birthday passed July 27, 1988 had chosen meals that was my day, smoking the pot be there two days to leave and having the desire BADILY I didn't care magic in any case, there was no marijuana in apt (direct) RohreNach disposed of home water pipes, zig - zag, prevent an ashtray, blunt wraps, I live cockroaches and Versteckmöglichkeiten.Aber alone and sometimes as (now) the most difficult for me is 21:53 actually chronic I know everything in my head smell, but if hard and stay asleep so difficult for me literally lasts two to three hours of spinning (In the anxious pills to sleep, want to be not dependent).Tuesday, began to work, this really help a little, because at least during my training, but at the end of my Mmind I want my reward with a joint or mixed - frustration and that was my routine for 8 years daily activity of and the reward mine with the smoke. Dignity are essentially written questions that I get through instant messaging? taking into account the fact that I love to do what you can offer, and they always? I connect with pills to sleep, because I can sleep well at night? Grass makes me 126 pounds like to stay? the grass is the cause of my dark circles around the eyes? is the cause of my pale nest grass? Calls for the rest of my life? You want to quit smoking.I've been trying for a year, I believe now, that it is simply not strong enough In the =; You think much projection, idiot. 20 years and read your posts and you ll LAFF at sleep. IDIOT. There is a thread for people who want smoking to stop. Not for the fans of grass. Lost. Finally, an article with simple information. I've tried - in age. Seems most articles, I've found some side effects and symptoms of marijuana tried omit deprivation of their use or just marijuana to defend and tried to scare users (who never worked with me). I'm definitely a radio and intellectual is required to combat the habit. :(. This article is terribly written and is filled with false information. It is ignorant to say that this herb leads to cancer. Who has written that it should conduct an investigation. Spray and marijuana through food consumption is not related to cancer. On the contrary, it is actually be shown tumor suppressor. Don't be silly, and listen to this idiot WANA Dr. Phil B. Hello all, I am new. Beast333 thank you very much for your feelings. I have the best non-stop since Thursday. I remember when the grass has been my biggest problem. Now it seems so little. I don't smoke because I enjoy, this may sound strange, but I now smoke to stay active. I think I don't know were you are cowardly below and In dealing with the leaders of the world. So I am exhausted, your State take my job, a bath and eat every day. These are the only plans I, sigh and my summer courses start on Tuesday. I feel, I want this man very seriously injured and will restore him then for the health. (Crazy, huh?) I need love. I can smoke not enough grass to this pain, grief or In the Anrger. Me In the wrong sees itself as a beautiful woman with a high time, but I can not help, deliberately unreasonable, free, to feel guilt and shame. I c him without thinking about bad (physically and), but then I can't breathe without him. Yesterday moved and my anxiety just took over and was drugged. Sigh, things are not so bad before, I now see my cross again laid bare. And in my head, I know that the devil is trying to make. Academically, wants In the full swing and he (Satan) does not succeed and get what God has prepared for me. I am constantly working on the school and now I'm here on request (Satan) wants to steal my joy. Nature - and it can seem that you win, but my God is the victory! Despite this view, hear, or feel; TRUSTING God do everything to work well for my own. You can continue to pray for me. I'm trying to do well! I've smoked 38, my whole life. Thus the majority. (Lifting 2 years ago was a hell, cried and was angry without any reason for months) I smoked for the majority of hashish. and arrested yesterday with Zyban and works, do not smoke. I am very proud and happy. I never want to stop. I stopped, because I was wheezing and seems too much loss of memory, a hard-driving, car and hw travel time was difficult.If crazy dreams, sleep, but not evil for the most part a bit sad. But very tired. I took an overdose 3 days ago and luckily the phone rang (which probably saved the life of him), I was excited and immediately vomiting. It made me rethink everything. Strong IN the 33 and smoking of marijuana for 20 years, but for the last 10. You feel depressed for some time, and he was in a bad mood. I don't have any for almost 3 days and I am experiencing most of the symptoms already described, but it is even worse, I have the empty feeling in my stomach to feel. I smoke like crazy, but they can not the gap. I'm very tempted to smoke again. Can you imagine, that happy feeling once again I know no more than happy. I'm trying to, but I don't know if I can do it! Help: (.) Marijuana has medical benefits, and it prevents any other plant on Earth and no one died, dosent kill brain cells actually stimulates the growth of the cell in his brain, sites like this and the Government of the United States of America, the incredible work of recreational drug in the same league as cocaine looks like)(, Heroin und Methamphetamin.) So yes, Herbaldelights, this article and the comments are a bunch of garbage and propaganda more for the protection of children from a beautiful plant. If you stop to Caffeine drink (even if you drink normal soda) you have withdrawal symptoms, bet, which all had a drink with your McDonald's, which turns even today chemical addictive in it have.Open your eyes, your fucking lie, Fumer smoking marijuana every day, still under medication. Don't listen to the Governments, the goddess, great company Pharmesutical or pages like this garbage. You are shown, must a short Mecha can always verbal are not physically easy very angry and aggressive,. I do not like the way that laws or the manner, I feel. Thank you very much for your help! BCbud-no, you are a student, when after 4 years College, go to psychology, they have mastered the concept of the serial number of the adequate sample size.I wasn't topic - to resign. Marijuana is therefore no returns. size: 1 topic: extreme Weak.By the same logic: to pick up, there is retreat experience. Who now the same logical structure both prove to be contradictory conclusions. HM. Moreover, experience personal, address of the first was smoked for years, younger than me, and had no problems, learn and work at a high level, mentally and physically. There are also moments where he was broke and could not stop, for a while, and I don't have any withdrawal. It was I just recently, when I tried again, in the high age to leave, had more problems. Teenagers and young adults are incredibly resistant. A million times I should – by the crazy things I have with my body during these years. But his body, can protect a machine, incredibly, only for a long time, ends his high is doing constantly by your mind, body and damage to both. It seems that it stopped before it is too late and had also a very strong spirit. But despite his position I am for you. Hi all that is the short version of the story, that I seriously am considering on order to renounce the use of cannabis. It follows the long version; I think that the pressure cooker is back in my life with some great effects. Before my use, it was very far away. If you consider that any kind of negative emotions showed that is low. I've never understood empathy and the world was a straight line of the Logik.Vor about 2 years ago my g / f long term clarified and I tried a space between sleep and productivity, to fill. By chance, I came across an old friend who has reintroduced the MJ. In the beginning, it was more than to do something for fun, but in the course of time it has helped deal with stress of life. It has become a ritual every night. Between 9 am-11 pm, after the end of my day lighten up and relax, I would seal eventually became a vaporizer for health reasons. My lungs cleared my lungs more than no smoke leaves Enetering.Es never the pot use leak in my daily life, yet he thought normally during the day. The cost factor was non-existent. This perspective, are $15 per week about partly because it used much, but mainly because the evaporator needs to get a fraction of the pot to the same effect as the use of tobacco.I'd be lying if I say I thought hurt me to do pot. It has really opened a big door for me. Empathy to understand. I began to have feelings for certain situations where an eyelash in the one asked before using. Total MJ helped me to understand that there is more to the life of work and money. Family and friends a priority for me have become much larger, and the thought of a familial form even now means more to me.Two years later and maintained the habit. The problem? Really, I see not much of one, but you still want to go. A little, I hope that you can cut out and follow my new look on life, even though it is free. I'm most definitely, I think that this is a problem. I have a basket full of projects, to keep my thoughts on peace and relaxation. I am thinking of report with a few comments. I just want to say one, I today evening, today this Web page and how I have to read everything written and bound by them you found. Thanks to all of you out there. I truly believe in my heart, that is not the problem ours because there a problem with the judiciary in the United States. That is, if marijuana was legal would considered to be something like the Chamomile, and then one could imagine a place like this.But I get this quote from John Locke, one of the great philosophers, which many people say that it is the influence of Thomas Jefferson, the Declaration of independence to write. He said that we should above all else the Bill and that we should get Dios. And why people use the Pot Pot more is classified, as a hallucinogen live a form of God is in us. Now, I believe in God, but not in the same way as the majority of the people. What, in my opinion, is that so many people in the world believe in God that this kind of faith of humanity in God as energy call I would. How much faith and about how dedicated.We believe that the world is in a very bad state and especially in this country, which blocks everything from the war in the Middle East for the current stock market of 2008 and 2009. And with all that is happening in the United States must still waging war against the drugs lose a lot resources. The point of view of things, because I am an idealist is the reverse of the Medal, which is what happens if the pot were legalized and used as a means of our economy to revive. I heard that Barack Obama would have marijuana legalized even if it means taking a penny from other important issues of the country faces. But I don't understand how an intelligent man can be so ignorant. Well, I think it must be strictly regulated, but I think we have especially the style of Amsterdam hashish bar across the country bring new life for coffee MOM and dad, who must fight to stay in the business. Maybe a democratic issue, where to draw the line and what kind of policy that we have. But one thing is sure, there are a variety of grass in the United States who wants to can find some of them in a short time and a minimum of effort. But all profits on the black market rather than the legal reputable companies pay taxes. So a little hint to Washington, they want to win the war on drugs, to legalize. You can save a lot of problems and makes it easy crack and heroin, to eliminate more dangerous than drugs to destroy our country, as well as the rest of the world.I hope that all my recordings retreat rant fueled pan out are followed. Thank you for the support, and I offer my support for someone in need. I leave you with a quote from a spokesman for the big pot with method man, no, not trying to go, rehab, I tell my not P.O go and not to try to leave the grass-catcher. I stopped after 7 years, non-smoking (at least 5 joints per day), some tips: sleeping probs: attempts to hear books of audio/podcasts while you sleep (non-musical). slow breaths (slows heart rate) loss of appetite: try to eat the ice cream or other dairy products (cheese, yogurt). The milk will also work. Try out new food not consumed. If you feel of the meal feel not only hungry (smell usually triggers your appetite) general boredom: I found watching movies/sports very helpful (distracts you from reality) or just plain out of the House (on foot or food). Bath, exercise is a great distraction (clears also the fastest system). If I had bad wishes, I've brushed your teeth or had chewing some Gumas each day is 5 minutes, you feel how much better to realize. (Wake up with more energy, better motivation, general feeling of the mind of cleaner, clearer, more confident and more money). Lily, a reason to your bf in the first place in your life. But he came across your problem? Able to talk about your feelings with someone, smokes marijuana, can be very healing. Try to write a diary on their networks and share with a close. You can also try St. John's wort. Sold in almost all pharmacies in the counter, you need no prescription. It really helps your brain to sleep and relieves anxiety. Try it for at least 2 weeks. If this is not enough to see your doctor, he may prescribe as propranolol helps control anxiety. I would me off Ativan, because a you're looking to develop, can do it. Or you can try to take a cold shower in the morning. If it has suspended for 30 days, I have to tell you that you have, congratulations, very much more difficult learned to stop, it actually find the strength to leave.MJ dumped me, there are people who smoke one joint per week and I smoke occasionally. But there are people who don't do it and easily develop an addiction problem. Some people are rather than to develop others, if one leaves them the possibility to use a drug dependencies. (You can test, read the theory of dopamine addiction online) With these people, I would have to say or think about smoking and much more, because from time to time it is always once a week once a day. There are so many things in life that are more fun than smoking marijuana. As soon as it is always closed, life seems more interesting, which are to increase your energy level and intense colors. I think that the first time he has smoked marijuana. Many say all that, but then, we develop a dependency that must be overcome. If you could stop, he didn't, because they have demonstrated a personality that can quickly develop a dependency. In group therapy, often cite the medicine is not a drug addict, we have us hooked.This will be my last post for a while who am only found these messages to make, since I was on vacation. Take care anywhere in the world, you fall on this topic and do not hesitate to help professional if necessary to ask. It's not a shame, seeks to have marijuana, and you always know that you're a man and you're stronger than any attachment. I'm Dr. MD on day 3 of the payments. I want to kill all that is food at work in my industry. My sister is also quit. She had pretty good deal with him. It stick on the walls and yells at her boyfriend, when she feels is angry, and soon she is like rain. [Good luck to all, I was:]. I am on day 7. I am proud to Cup I had abstinence after 25 years and release 4 years - it was part of my life for 2 years now and gave a week ago. I'm very nervous, but I feel the pride in me, to take me through this again. I felt coughing flem and black balloons a few months ago, that smokers laugh and laugh. I am a beautiful woman and a bad drug. If you are not a person it thinks even beneficial for some is OK, but I have no stop Paso UN - no control. I like a ten grass, but I love life without an 11. What is your 11?. I've smoked 26 years in the last ten years. I can mention the dates of the last three times that I am not a smoker in the past 10 years. Own summer for five days. These hot flashes suck. Just went to school. I'm a very hyperactive person that my spirit is always a next thought. Grass, pool tag a normal pace. I graduated with honors. I got up to investigate and before my test. It helps me to concentrate. Tell him, this drug is illegal but people die every day from drunk drivers. I can't sleep at all. I'm tired, but the beds not to return. Reduces the urge to smoke, but I want one at that. You can not go with any of my friends cause I smoked. Life sucks now. I hope that he will improve! Why stop smoking pot? Withdrawal symptoms are not the worst. The brutalization of our feelings and our feelings, the paralysis of what we really are meant to hear. We're losing our families, friends, and close and also our connection with mother earth, us from smoking pot from the source to disconnect. We will close the neurological pathways with THC, trying to open so many people. Not to mention, thousands and thousands of dollars spent and could promote better given child. I have 38 years that I have more time and money on the lawn and then I would not forget and I'm sick of it with the tired of them knew. Year go Disney Land with my family of 5 with the money could you save, I never do this to be slave to the THC. Everyone left to endure, I be free of drugs a life much more conscience is happy, happy, happy. All the pessimists can also feel that applies to this one day. Hi, nice Hub.Ich finished my lawn Sunday (4 hours), which makes it impossible for even more get for me.Tuesday night, I felt that I would die. He had a temperature of 2 ° c higher than usual and I was freezing, even as the House was cooking was sick excited feeling and my head information head beat me hurt all day (fact must work aid) since then and I'm still restless, too, is me dizzy. The grass would need to know was pure (HG) other non-chemical and I also don't drink so that it only. I smoke only at night after work and it was only a gram (ish) a night. I have since I at the age of 12 (now 24), smoked, although that only smoking started when I 15, was not every day but almost every day. There huge jumps (in months) of smoke before and never had these symptoms. I think it was because they don't already trust merchant and grew in me, it was the best grass, which had and I think that could be the cause?I wanted to just share, through everything I am, I've not read much about the withdrawal including headaches and dizziness. halved my appetite is almost, which can cause dizziness? (A very hard work every day 5-6 days per week), which consume a lot of energy and I don't think I'm enough consumed (weighs only Pierre's 11 1/2 anyway!)I know that this will have at least a break for me, (at least 3 months maybe 6 before might get more) knows, can however only for today. Hello everyone, I have panic attacks affected. 33 and smoking since I was 17 years old. I decided that I should resign. I've never experienced these symptoms, until I started withdrawal said the marijuana and dependency is no real ignorant. Download, sweaty palms, hot flushes, palpitations, restlessness, shortness of breath. It is truly frightening. I thought that it was my end I tried, a grip on the bed and focusing on my breathing. I tried the pills the doctor prescribed. (Paxil) and it was crap. The side effects were awful. (Anorexia and headaches) Marwa. I love to eat. As well, it took two doses of this drug and forget. I have to cope alone. Go for a walk. This helps with the restlessness.and I got for my headaches and restlessness Tylenol PM. :-) I was able to sleep better. Take showers also supports. I hope to overcome these symptoms quickly. I must stress that even if you think that you have found things good and pure. If you can't see it. grown or processed and do not know which chemicals on it. This is not like in the day, on which was more pure. These days, they have so many harmful chemicals in the grass to transport.and I think it is what could be the cause of all these terrible symptoms. I just Woundered, if anyone can help, my boyfriend has smoked marijuana in the past five years and I was always a passive smoker, but in reality do not I smoke too, no longer and it is day 7, it is possible that have withdrawal symptoms? I don't, it sounds ridiculous, but I have insomnia headaches knotted stomach or is - this Sympthy pains? Terry: I very curious, sleep you can't because of the thought in your head or a heart rate faster? I'm on day 45 and had the same problem, the nights without sleep, without question. I thought, in week 3 and 4, which were terrible, better after, but none would go. I feel particularly fast heartbeat, a high pulse rate. In this way, it would be night and go every day even after a sleepless night. At some point I went for my blood pressure checked and dread, 160 x 95 was! I would go to the doctor. Electrocardiogram, could not find something in me. Then I said something, it helps me sleep and now I'm on drugs this impulse to bottom (clonidine). I would like to sum up, I have this on another forum (Ehealthforum, removal of marijuana, page 15/16). However, even with these med work (I sleep!), I feel the underlying pressure is always there and just, I can't believe it's smoking again, after all this time. I have not found any account by someone who has physical symptoms (high pressure and HR), so long. Believe me, I looked! So now that I other tests of thyroid gland, kidney, liver, BNP and General blood work, etc., I'm not sure that I do not my money will be spent, but a permanent thoughts there, it is something else. Perhaps had the judgment outed another condition? Who knows. PS: he smoked for 18 years, but had only smoked with 1.5 years and only for about 6 months and restarted. I have only the regs to smoke things HG but then after reboot. Never had anything, when you stop, not even close. It is not a bad person, when to smoke marijuana! It is not a bad person if you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes either. We all have our preferences. I'm sorry if you feel that you must allow for a job, a husband/wife, or even do it yourself. But if you don't, marijuana is smoking you damage than ever before. Marijuana has spurned when Henry j Anslinger with marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was. This is the future. 14 for sale now medical marijuana have and use. People with their pain at the no pills not help! Researchers then three weeks standard doses of THC into mice, which implanted human lung cancer cell and injected found that tumors in size and weight reduced has been. the reduction of 60% Protien lesions in the lungs and the decline of the markers of the researchers to progression of Preet Anju cancer, Ph.d. in the Department of experimental medicine associated with. Marijuana can be bad for the health. It has been in our minds for decades, it was so terrible. Same-sex marriage thought how terrible until it came out and was even arrested! It took years of hard and reports to protest, but it worked! About slavery? It is filmed by some States illegal then, separate but equal. see us now! We need to cultivate and look to the future. Look what this plant for us! We can't do that! We need to open our eyes as Americans realize that the grass is most of us very ignorant, and to help our fellow citizens through their cancer, pain, insomnia, depression, Multiple Sclerosis, and disappear. Now I am happy, because you want to quit smoking, for itself or for a job, or simply earn it is time to stop. Not low but other people to do what you do because it helps them more than what they know! and if not you and also Yes, you really do need it in any way touched. Thanks =]. Hello IcheechURchong. I don't even mention cancer in connection with the use of the pressure cooker, it's not there. I agree on this point, you and I. There is evidence, however, that the lungs are affected. You know all this shit, that his black pipe as isopropyl alcohol to remove collects? What do you think that they do in the lungs? As is true in any obsessively fact can be addictive. I also have a problem with the art, is represented in the media. And incorrectly labeled a drug in the first half of the 20th century and attacks. To my way of thinking, cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, Exstasy et al are drugs. And marijuana is often prescribed. It comes in tablet form and its called Marinol. What's the point? If I look for the quality of life using marijuana as a disadvantage, and I want, it doesn't bother you at all. In fact, it is more for you. Maybe have a father pays for the grass, but I don't know. To endure, friends, it becomes easier. It has shown me. Concerned wife. Age of the addict is almost irrelevant. (I'm a 53-year-old grandfather) Dependency, regardless of age, gender or colour. Looking for no discrimination. It was the same with regard to the refusal of the man. If I were returned alive, me my choice, right? Not good. He takes his family on the same way shit as follows. The only difference is that for self-medication, while the rest of his family directly to do this. Obviously unfair. What makes the difference to me? With her husband, my wife and my children can imagine, was way deliberately, but we had very little success in the past and fear of the consequences. During my vacation, I started in a month, at the stop thinking. To stop during my vacation would me enough free time to get that under control. Kharma, then went with a major financial crisis, which has made the right decision. Sometimes the timing of critical Bedeutung.Ich have to admit that it's all tell you what I can as my recovery came. Maybe keep spouses, delicate pressure of thoughts in my head. He knows absolutely better. Does anyone else here have a proposal? Hamer, hope you do. Duke, my name is usin since 1973. I'm 51 and I will go there. I have two days ago. I ran and connect died. I don't know where you go, so I decided to quit. Sleepnesss day and night, then pain in the eyes and head, Nausesea dream strange appetite, short, does perhaps PAS believe me, but I have no reason to lie, in the past year, that I have smoked at least 10 Jays everyday without interruption. It's crazy. During these two days in fact, we have noticed some positive aspects and my family, not so soft brackets, showed my face, instead of locking me. I hope, and you need the help of people to live out the same things. I'll be back. I'm positive. Thanks for the advice Bongsquad, I found his story makes interesting and in many ways I'm may be very similar to a bit of insomnia without grass, so I understand your Nightwalker tendencies without. The objectives of their research benefits sweet Mary Jane are admirable, but surely you are aware that we are facing uphill battle, as pharmaceutical companies and Governments that are easily cultivated a free accessible not very interested in medicine for the masses. I am a student of philosophy and the last I've found my ability few weeks a bit to think deeply on some aspects of life without the help of a casual joint gear grinding more widely, but deep lost. They have already started to smoke at the age of twelve years and I say that life seems useless without grass, I suggest that a longer pause without Ganj from time to time, some to get perspective on life and to enjoy the benefits of smoking, while to weaken your tolerance. Fair play to continue active and these things, although I think that most of the time only styles weed tastes when it comes. Well in my case here hoping that my sweaty Detox soon at the end, so I feel a little safer than back to smoking. If someone remove an idea of the science behind how physical a drug not still no physical effect two weeks after his resignation please part of peace. BFDThanks for the comments, I feel really bipolar! I'm afraid that this the real me-what ever who has smoked more than I coping strategies. I tried to take it back and trouble to avoid, if someone not properly closed the curtain or forgets the dishwasher door. Help me to see that once this work, I can develop better real powers, but time and patience be with me. This is great, now just spend the rest of my life.I can do it! (Last night I got two killer birds and squirrels attacking, but at least were not smoking marijuana: 0). In the 21st century and since smoking pot, I was 15 years old. I smoke when I get up to go to sleep. IN the 8 days without smoking and all I can say is, that I go through never want to again. I get into arguments with people about the smallest things. IN the is only to the sleep and when I do my dreams is rare and alive. my appetite is starting now come. Everything seems boring without herb. My House is a disaster and piles on stress. But like I said, I will not protrude through this process In the def. good luck to all and God bless you. DR. MD.TX doesn't help much to hear some professional information :) He said that perhaps the smoking do not complete withdrawal for me, but I want to really not Seriouslly stop! This was and is the hardest thing has been done so far in my life and no one to do it again. At the beginning I wanted to leave some time coz I wouldent get the same enthusiasm already, I felt stupid smoking much and are not as high and the University is also somewhat difficult to manage, if you constantly, smoking, so I decided to take a break. Trust me to achieve this status in my mind, the time. Everytime I say Sunday is my last day, so you can say, it was Thursday, smoke twice as much coz in the head, that mine would be Sunday. Haha Yes well! The new year but eventually was the last time I smoked (I think you smoke 4 Takut a lovely hour and my head was so hard). 3 from Jan all began could not eat the flu, without feeling hot and cold sweat, similar symptoms and didn't know what had happened. The same thing the next day, so I decided to research on MJ withdrawals and guess what? I have all kinds of people in the same situation like me. The only physical, but for me the worst thing is the mental state, what. I hate that I feel my feelings everywhere and the worst thoughts about is my bf. I love it very much and then my mind is what happens when you leave? What happens if this? What happens if the? It is difficult, whether all of this is stronger than me! Other things, no matter what you know, but it is for me the most important :) Usually during the night, they are much better than during the day. Ford's than its cousin, that I with Anxity coz my music from psycho nightmares waking up every morning.TX much yet and if you have other ideas, I'd love links hear me ThemMJ!Congratulations, I have followed your story for a long time and am very happy with his progress :) It thus follows) Lily. for me, it was a month without grass. I smoked almost every day of my life since the age of 16 years. I am now almost 30. At the age when I started, I was diagnosed with a rare and painful disease and because doctors not only pain relievers, which could offer in really does not exempt from pain and I stayed on only a zombie, the me to turn the grass because he the edge of my pain in ways no medicines for pain nahmWas means that it could continue to work. I was allowed to sleep, which is something that I had a problem with that since I was little.A few years ago, a drug appears, that helped with the pain, no painkillers, but me to treat my actual disease. Anyway I loved long grass, never stopped to smoke it and even if I is omitted for pain. Now that I have decided to stop smoking marijuana, my main problem is that my insomnia back full force and probably with your to work hard enough doctor should fall to me every night, because I am hourly and a total zombie. I have terrible headaches away, but one of the reasons why I was not smoking marijuana more, finally, that he had started to cause headaches. I have every night headaches if I, have smoked marijuana in the afternoon in the last year or so and test days do not smoking and no pain. He hoped, in the interest could prevent complete all my headache of good grass and did so until all property not of course wink to eye things sleep chased after a few days. But I think a little at a time! Correct me, I didn't know that Avid. We get the occasional dull here trying to defend its use pot, which say that it sure leads cancer in a way. would be with the purchase of the provider used to improve chemicals the grass is more, consider an alternative source - measure at your place NET are all weed also the cause of cancer, and who says the contrary is is a boring but also? The criteria for determining whether the grass is carcinogenic based on the use of Avid in the growth process of the grass that you have purchased. Maybe it's the reality behind the provision, to assume that all everywhere weeds growing with the same methodology, it is at best misleading and intentionally ignorant at worst. You are but it is not offended, your situation and the circumstances for each is just a little short-sighted.Smoking marijuana grown 100% naturally will - soil, water, sunlight, and patience. If possible, even on more can pleasantly surprised to know how easy it is. Are there absolutely no need or obligation, if it comes, fertilizer, etc., cultivation of marijuana could mean that the designer of tribes and complex cropping techniques, that is an absolute necessity for the true Hierba not good. But now, I am Rahul singla from smoking, which is the best very difficult is, I have headaches all the time, and a troubled with nightmares (things shockingly lucid nightmares), is only three days until I start to feel normal again? I want to smoke more, because it wasn't always not convicted in one. All you wanted to do was smoke and smoking and not do play something other than video games and television. I am forget in the grass and that makes me happy! I'm not In the wait. GL you all, I know how you feel! THE 37 and marijuana-smoking have, increasing gradually from 14 to 3 or more joints per day. I've stopped now. Uff. Her condition a week. I was because of my health. I read it in this mess with hormones and it is true. My periods have stopped, and my doctor told me that my follicle stimulating hormone sky what In the immediately suggests in menopause. His alleged menopause at the same time than to give his mother. Now, my mother is not and is 55. Let hope that I can bring my fertility as ive had just had a baby, and much more.If you smoke marijuana puts his head in the sand and not listen to the dangers. It's no big shock comes because what happened to me relatively easy. I would say that it could be in front of me, he would not smoke marijuana, but be very unlikely. I am a smart girl, I would have a title and I can not for something, not really much to give back to jail. Good luck trying to leave everything, really, if you be really clean. Havn't had several retreats, only 1. A little boring night. But look! Well, I found guys XXXXXX. Hi PotheadThank thanks for this space. I am a South African began 25 years, smoking marijuana when he was 22. It is then when I had my first joint. I don't smoke during the rest of the year. 23 when I had when I started smoking more often, until it was a daily thing. Dropped my notes, I lost uber weight, stopped, sport and irritated every time when I hit, knew people. You have how many pounds I've lost and you ask me what happened. My life was not unique shape. This is my second attempt, smoking pot (started on April 1). The first was clearly missed, but I came across a few things that can help. When I went, I decided to fill my time. So I started to build my space, so I have the activities would be used to force to be with other people, not to smoke. One thing that has really helped with my old friends from the gym. I go to the gym hard after he a full day at school and a House that work still up to 23 (with a study group). 8 hours Schlaf.In the last two days, that go to the gym and I found myself at 2 or 3 in the morning to wake up and not able to sleep. First of all, it was dirty, but now I see so much time to do things.To the point; Hanging out with others, exercise or try (i.e., living in the same block as a reseller - changed numbers and apartments) have been most useful. I think it is never good to go cold on the negative consequences of what Turkey. There is no reason to aggravate your pain. I smoke in a week. Weaned for a shot or two per day during the first 2 weeks. I tried do right away, but it was too much pressure on me with the physical withdrawal, possibly not sick to work at home. For people with no control of the smoking cessation not! End smoking plenty.Welding (rinses) are cold. Lol, I feel like all the symptoms except we know that had vivid dreams. He was almost. I think that blocking problems when they are awake or asleep. I'm only 5 hours per night. The only thing that works really running the exercise. I think the big difference has been the fear and paranoia. Apart from that, it is no different. I know it will be better, I cross the physical withdrawals, mentally all my energy, I feel pretty normal now that he has gone extreme irritability is dedicated.I've smoked, mask the pain, realize the pot now irritated my emotional pain. The other reason is the boredom. Usually people is annoying for me. I'm not been encouraged. I need to create my life to change and a new. I cannot grow and develop around this monotony. I'm not happy here where I live, is to cultivate this environment does not. I have neighbors from hell (she anyone?) Always judgemental idiots clap humiliation (bad speaking),. I knew it was a lot of smoke due to my environment. I need to change my environment. Negative energy is not good for the soul. And one thing that I hate the weak, more shame! Because the majority of the ignorant.I'm glad that they do very well, especially BFD. Biolar disorder and clean, that what insurance be proud! In a way, it is much more difficult than most. I have post traumatic stress syndrome and A.D.H.D. smoked, primarily because of my hyper active, the realization of activity account now, that concern worse Cux! Increases my hyperactivity. I can not feel of course really, because I am settled in my mind.I'll be honest, I like tall grass, it is a fantastic feeling. I never drink or something. It was my only searches, only Vice. Now that I see that I get out there, I'm motivated to achieve other goals.You have a great day for all). Brandon's right, what the reasons for the resignation. My husband has abandoned the grass several times and almost immediately, is a vibration of the partner. If that happens, we start again. Sex normal life, so that he can start again to burn and there is a hole. Keep in mind: If you're a girl, the last thing you want a partner is someone who slips into the stinking grass bed, far from roll, curling with even sex in mind. You begin to feel that something with you, is if you know that the problem with your addicted friend idiot man herb. I can not say that as painful is to love someone but not always Burns you, sexually refuse. My husband is leaving 1 day. He behaved like an idiot, collect account everything can shout it may be on a House. This is terrible. about the controversy over anxiety disorders, I believe that it is safe to say that the people suffer from fear to calm conditions often slim pot. So, I'm sure it's suitable for people who continue to smoke, but the truth is that fear, the errors in a doctor's Office setting are treated. I have a terrible, hereditary anxiety problem, and I've never smoked marijuana, to keep the Bay. a combination of chemotherapy and talk about low doses can be very useful. the most common excuse sorry drug addicts, I have saying that drugs are bad, as if marijuana is better. the difference is, especially as the drugs are prescribed, administered by a competent doctor (with luck) and taught as what they are: controlled substances. from the perspective of the spouse: you break not my heart, your partner for something like a search. We be here for you, but we need something to be what I inch to believe, I wish you all the best. Makes 42 years 19 Hey smoking herb as a soldier in Viet Nam. a typical day takes a TOKE leave every ten minutes, around 2. Solo for women and to arrest, once a dentist me to some fraudulent invoice sent about $700, and I said to the girls, they answered the phone sent me a Bill, her ass, and then on the next day, when I called, I told him don't worry $ $709Selon the police came and took me to the threats by Telefon.Sagte it to the officer, and he was released on bail before the Court on April 10, 2012 appear car after five and a half hours in custody.Thing is, that if you have a ticket for the possession of the grass, which was revoked the bail and I'm back, because I have massively by an intergovernmental farmers, very often, that I a kilo grass leaves, which deprived it of all households could get, keeps me right.But the police is only a search of raids not TOC and have a number of streets, where two years the next day in court to begin!Correspondence will be sent in a private hell hole prison. The final results will need the police reinforced last week parked twice ten minutes for the first time. where the hole of the plug in the bathtub, put over a half ounce herb. three were later further at my door, looking for a man who five years ago been expelled.The things that I had in the exhaust to get external deepened, cleaned and were under a grid for the second time in less than six hours drifting. IN the 30 years old, ive smoked green since I was 17 5 per day per day. I smoke about 2 weeks ago 2 in my life, for what reason In the visit my family house, we live in different countries, so I smoke not the need for a joint. last summer was the first time that I stopped smoking, I have since 2 months without smoking and not one had day because I still green remember or didn't want to even smoke a CigarretEso, because I was at home, I had the Swett and ugly dreams family, small flu, I feel weak judgment and dizziness, which is also the same flu VorgangMuskel, Get this Sympthomes only in 3 earthquake and some disorders of sleep, but with the time disappear, forget, 4 semanas.mi experience, non-addictive, you can do the grass it if you are in a different environment and different customs. I'll start Monday 6 and still long for the worst case scenario, so if I was no longer in front! WTF happened? I do not curse, but I think all the time, maybe since I for over 30 years, but have smoked again. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you to all of you. Daily smoker here, has left no intention, though during the breaks, I have everything I had was the lack of appetite. And as far as know non-addictive * physics * THC.Also, I see no reason to resign. Anyway good luck for those who believe that :-) Article, you have several misunderstandings. actually are exaggerated if you smoke while you eat more, you're less conflictable in most cases, all symptoms and sleep all the time. When it goes on sale, just so it is natural, that tells you the absence of hunger, Annoyability and insomnia.If only normal or strengthen this hell thinking I'm so excited and probably won't go to bed and YouSorry in particular marijuana is then three times worse Marijuana could very well is bad Web site). I need this info, I began to be really brother suffers most of these symptoms, I'm not sure tho appetite. He has smoked every day for a long time and of course begins with age, smoking less, Jah tho.the choice is not cheap! Yeh has this cycle, where the weekend, smoking, Friday and Saturday, will on Monday, and his own unbearable! 5-6 hour every hour sleep wake up. Eventho not with his work, which must be completely empty. I was sometimes a session or 2 week with colleagues and wants to take care of that, but not enough to really to me smoking calm DWN, but the weeks where you are not these sessions, the WAT go cross. I've smoked only 10 times in 4 years. Lolhowever, this has really helped me and encouraged me to say no more often than what I had. )) just need to know, how to break, for my brother cousin people certainly empathy, which is more than I, and let him know that his second love, destroyed. and In the not only to fool and asked him to resign in order to ruin your life. Thank you, shit on the Internet had insomnia for 4 days and ReadLoadsa, I slept pass feelings last night AfterReading fear TGE, today I better Sientomas this note at the top was the best garage were found in the Internet, I give only my last WeedMy bagpipes, stairs, I smoke again because retirement well leaking very bad things PeopleYour brain is time. Thank you very much. Hello Sunday, earlier my THC Funday. Never maximum lose with everyone else Saturday and the days of the week, but I work for weekend which was bomb. and after work, of course!Hi all, day # 5 and now I have like mother gave Theresa a piercing do not feel me the lip. (I'm also a Catholic nun with recovery of problems lol) spacey as the demons, bloated, excited, but it's much better to feel. I think that it a system of quick recovery for Glück.Leo ~ 80% of this blog that goes through a few kilometers from cyber. I have two days ago. Once again thank you to everyone! I'm looking forward to a recovery Monday: there was no hunger = less consumption = less BMS = painless steps. I'm a simple Kerl.Sie Squeak, I know that Hayden has already answered your?, here is my experience. Enter for 7 weeks in ' 09 and thot I Thanksgiving enjoy and then immediately on the train. I had like a rocket and sits on the couch and the Thoth: Wow, that is a drug. I had forgotten me somehow. But the next day it was the same as always. just like grass. Unfortunately, he moved to the truck. without me, so 19 months later am I looking for here and offer support. Me not that if you. If we could control us so that it remains a pleasure, I doubt that you seek support here. 1. correction of the previous post: Cancer instead of 80-86. Since well explain, although I was an Octopus and I have named this inconvenient test colonoscopy every year. Diet blood group took a couple of years and the only pigeon. My next review clean as a whistle. I write or +. After check-in November Yes websites expose the blood group diet read, but it was 25 areas that had no polyps Primera sobre. I was very impressed. So I'll stick with him.Exercise helps. a low current. a little yoga. Someone spoke of the light of day. Bingo. If you can't get a dose of 20 minutes sunshine per day can / should with Vit d supplement In the Northeast know all about fever and depression in the winter. Tanning beds work well. You've got your grow light of high intensity in the attic? Also work. Mahalo aloha Nui Loa (thank you and much love) I love Hawaii. Hi all! I've been smoking marijuana daily for 13 years, I am 31 now. I also had a problem with pain relievers (it Norco/vicodin) for a year and a half now! I am tired as a dog, I haven't slept since I no longer with 6 hours. I'm not sure whether my pay-out of grass or a combination of both. My symptoms are terrible nausea vomiting, uncontrollable sweating, extreme agitation, the explosive Diarreha tremble, severe anxiety, body pain and joints. Any ideas how it without sleeping medications? I am 26 years old and have smoked for 5 years per day (usually multiple times). This is my 4th day without marijuana. The retreat was painful, but I'm going to attack him. I'm going to get rid of this habit.I was a very brilliant man. I entered a program of the prestigious scholarships for study at a University at the age of 18 years. I worked for 3 years prior to joining the program. I was very good in studies and problem solving. That all changed when I discovered the substance known as MJ at the age of 21 years. It was so quickly the Stoner - ment designed that I next year Univ participate (this was my last year and would probably have an profitable employment) and I received her diploma more additional 1-year. Another year I have something other than drugs. Somehow, he graduated (with Dick-all classes), found a job and a life of 3 years. My actions over the years have been so pathetic. Have terminated, think about 10 months, I, would return to Univ like my study to continue. But no, I have my life savings to be stoned. I'm trying here with not a penny in my bank account, to understand WTF happened in life. The reason for the motivation or failure in life was very plain to see. It was my abuse of MJ.This means that debt not as a bad thing I will. For this reason, I have discovered a lot of art. But the abuse I have a stupid guy. I am getting my thoughts. I can not believe that it used to lively and his academic success. I will be hard because work to a part, but needs to be done to find. Please abuse not the DOJ!. I smoked directly at least 10 joints per day for 3 years. With the idiots who say look at the facts, hear not all rubbish. Now, the facts must come as no surprise. Everything is a drug because it contains chemicals. If you want to eat no retreat, also a piece of chocolate you because think that modified the body chemicals. My point is removed, there is in life. Keep in mind that it a psychological withdrawal, no matter you feel what will your brain, is that what you feel your body. However, there are okay physically. The only damage came from the psychological Standpunkt.Die are stronger and life, be better prepared mentally for you easier.Here are the exact symptoms for those the in social (1-2 grams per week) religious user (7 + g per week): Ay D 1: I would like to smoke, general dissatisfaction, food is nice 30% less and reduces the amount of food before it is unpleasant to 30%. No signs of discomfort in the body, caused not by physical addition to retire by marijuana.2 day: You have no desire to smoke, although you may feel as if you want to, it's just your brain you unconsciously ridicule the concept of tests. If at this time smoking, is remotely close to satisfying, what you want, because you do not leave you want not their psychological tests, but rather which of unconscious. Persistent feelings of even on day 1, day 3: you feel didn't smoke is like smoking, body is discomfort. Physical complaints depends on their psychological was weak.Day 4-7: he needed no smoking, more complaints is so widespread as before. You can to start wild vivid dreams during the night. These are the expectations in relation to the ability, you surprise always have. This is also known by the pineal gland as the third eye causes, that controls the natural sleep. At present, because your body is now to realize that it takes multiple levels of serotonin, dopamine, etc., more than normal to produce the DIMETHYLTRYPTAMINE. From there, the wild nature of their Träume.Tag 8 +: if he had these vivid dreams, you're a prick who does not exercise in your daily life, or that the larger, more long takes you for everything from the system have white, very little fat, everyone.Keep in mind that the removal process for each of them is different. The above description is for adult mentality can. This age group may be between 12 +. It is the mental stability and control. While you feel the legacy of marijuana, including marijuana, you better, it is also a psychological battle. In fact, the body has no to treat more this amount of other chemicals. Then you need some additional enzymes in you, that must be excreted from the body. This does not mean that literally the evidence as far as possible pick, but if you're an ass you seem. Orange juice, Gatorade, etc. can be used to find these other chemicals that cause this psychological imbalance, occur.Although there it is a psychological struggle a lot with your physical body is to do. If she weighs 300 pounds, which is two times more than someone drives you, the 150 kg weigh. This should be common sense. Nomorebud, my dear Bruder.Tut, sorry with regards. What we are doing requires courage, not to mention.Only you know what you need to do, and this is not advice, but just my opinion: If you're addicted to codeine and diazepam, can a bad idea once to close. In the past time had twice, and not done for a long time. Displaced Benzos before my current attempt to contact, cuz benzo WD for the rest can be dangerous. You take 1 mg alprazolam almost every day, that's enough to endure some severe symptoms from my friend. Added that this tension to other WDS can make u crazy and send them to the emergency room, show you your cock. I humbly, I recommend you xanax, in two weeks, which is already pretty fast and painful, rejuvenate BTW, before u get rid of the rest. Frio-Turquia grass while and didn't enjoy its cursed, I decided to rejuvenate codeine slowly. Once again, don't know what to do, but at least to think about. I never was determined to clean up, so I'm willing to take the time that is necessary to succeed. It took several years to develop these dependencies, so it is normal that it takes a few months to cancel their. Determination is the key. If you feel that you are not allowing, any medication without exaggeration to touch and cold Turkeying everything maybe at one time is for you. Is still a bad idea of imho cuz benzo WD + opiate WD + Pot WD bat dangerous, old. In fact, when not a single cone can do it, I suggest a rehab Zentrum.Viel luck, my husband (wife)? Be very careful. He considered Tsamsiyu, the things in the right light. It is humbling and inspiring to know your problems and I wish you the best friend. About what to do, feel not guilty.I would like to send a last comment, what I forgot to mention earlier. a few weeks ago, 5 a friend gave me about 20 mg of extract of mushrooms 4-Acetoxy-DET, in other words. I knew that I liked at the time and that it was for him. Compared to my last trip to real fungi (20 years, approximately 600 with a companion fungus!), he was very gentle and easy to handle and was alone. Of course I drank wine, beer, smoking by Marihuana.Auf half way through the trip, I had a small epiphany. Di account life was funny, sad, mysterious, funny, evil, colorful, sexy, dirty me, etc. etc., inexplicable and everything was already there! Really don't need anything at all life as if it were a life?After that night he ran over my stash as retrograde, sworn, do a favor and let weeds overall me. Non-alcohol substitute. And here I am still neat! I don't think that I have something to fight, I like control that now.I support not the use of hallucinogenic drugs, but was the beginning of the end for me, and in 3 weeks. I think, the focus is finally in my life, easier, now after the amount of exercise I sleep and I'm about to know again. I think that perhaps the psychological dependence needs mental Lösungen.Es except when I of you should talk to me case, or one out of the car, I have nothing more to say apart. Many people the chance! I would say that the drug is really addictive - have you an addictive personality, as I do, then it extremely addictive is, like the game, sex or PlayStation games. It's not heroin or crack, it does not mean that he was not involved. Also have all underlying tendency toward introversion, brings anxiety, depression cannabis etc. then male, in particular, and for a long time if you smoke to much. This happened to me and change my personality was on so slowly, that barely noticeable - until I suddenly my life history and induced Skunk haze reduced sit in a non-smoking room, where it once more. Movies, books, TV, etc., I could not enjoy without high. Aspire saw joy and learning my life, because you simply forget that correctly when reading / drug addict. And if you think that this drug makes creative, well - the only problem, as most of the ideas, create the Tosh. Everyone thinks that they are intelligent and wise, when their stoned, in reality it only is the leg of their leader. 90% you get with drug addict you can so Stober, the 10% remaining is probably undesirable. My advice to all heavy seriously, careless smokers is your life look at and questions, such as with him, was getting stoned all the time? If you don't like the answer, smoking will be easier. For all those who can seems much without kissing to inhale. It actually bothers you I was not sure whether it burned in any form. Medicine is not a gift of God, is a poison that affects the brain in a strange way. Anyone for this suffering is a sooner or later. Type u talk so much rubbish, all the are a mite disaster also go ahead and smoke can have more complicated real agrees after 4. which no more than its heroine not green fuck truthtalker.the at the hearing, which is the scene but friend it you feel like cigarettes and beer, have good, but finally delivered time.and wholesale you mental problems your questions for trouble is worse. OK, I'm what I'm going through ' norm ' for people who decide to quit.I have Exxperienced shit sleep for 3 weeks, I was enchanted with other drugs recently and really sent a Wakr call that would change my life. I am quite new to all, I never liked only I ever Don 2 times the first time OK was, but the second time, that the place where every damn grass thing. It was a day of my Thort want to go school and my friends where in the Park around the corner, I see where in the Maile of the Park and they told me to come and I went me I set in but nevertheless thay told me a bong Thruw and would give me a little fact and felt like the first Timethem my colleague says, he had to go, I'm Xbox went with him instead time felt like shit again, so I relaxed into my bed went home and slept five hours later woke up and feel normal, 23-0 hit me and my sister said that a monopoly game, was I so sweet, I sat on FB and started a lil feeling in the Espalday was then vibratin' as a pulse Qwick Thruw my body and I started shakin ' and fear, so I've gone to bed then a big panic attack and I am forced to sleep, I wake, I feel very good and then after an hour my body starts to feel shit and everything, 2 months pass not shake like trash as couldent walk was the week Adam and in the same year, which was 1 is no different, but as my second year is much better same Feell CV, but through 2 years of my life was the most difficult and since always been Havving Thorts teenagers, di Francesco 17 well, but this would just thank you, and you have Qwestions please feel free, questions and always think before make sure that u have not employees trash u kill. I smoke every day, but I'm worried as hell all the time, I don't know how if it were so, if you never, pot, Ive left front touched. IN the eager little safely and lethargic. But I remember happy be, I was not when only white, smoking is the only thing that can solve my legal alcohol Nauseahow? 21. 62 days for me!Things are better, despite the fact that I bad day or twice a week. Good news, yesterday went to the middle and almost had anxiety at all, I focused on what had to be done. Here is what worked for me: 1) no up2) eat, read labels (Omega-3, vitamin C, protein) eat eggs, ham, tuna, meat, fruit, vegetables, bread, tomatoes, homemade meals. Eating shit, I feel shit, not as shit3) If you want to keep your Stoner friends. Be prepared to spend less time with them, and more time with urself, not a discipline of urself be prepared like never before. (4) write a list of what to do if it employs u clean keeps him things, learn guitar, consult, listen to good music, CD, music, mathematics (which is stupid, that this Sembrarefacendo with secondary secondary algebra can customize my fear), I see not much TV or too many movies are in decline, but keeps nothing, it occupied the mind! Cooking a couple of good, etc. (this helps find ways your brain, get rid of the normal stress of everyday life) 5), even after the first month, have patience. (Indem Continúan Siendo Paciente y Su Estado 2 Meses) 6) moderate movement, a step at a time. No sweating like a pig, the first time, but at least Excercuse 2-4 times per week (half an hour each time) 7) and finally the most important of all, to stop the secret to smoking marijuana: If you do not comply with these rules, forward, you hold up your head.Thank you very much. Hoping for the best, great to hear - after 4 days already after the worst. You improve that require to use, and in a few days, I think that much less frequently. Desires casual something which, a moment are to make, but if they come out on top, remember why you leave first and foremost before deciding whether it is worth. Good luck!. I come from a time of light and moderate the stoning: a year and a half almost everyday relatively powerful cannabis use (~ 14% and ~ 16% ~ 20% THC), on an ounce per day. You are thirteen days, let go and he knew no withdrawal of negative symptoms. It is strangely sober, as always, but not unpleasant. In fact, as I those days of sobriety on the way this moment about the symptoms, the effects of prolonged use are my periods of Steinigung.In never casual and not problematic: a slight increase of my sense of smell (which lead to childhood memories, funny/interesting), difficulty, the memory of events / important info from my period of stoning (never get people memory loss related to grass during Altama notice), that my memory in a sober State is lower) Anathalie days after Arrestationla resurgence of the effects, the THC is still floating Autour of my body to this Zeit.Ich must say that once before, were negative for marijuana withdrawal symptoms, but only he smoke cigarettes regularly also was (the never!). Symptoms were classic insomnia, anxiety, loss of appetite, etc., but kicks from tobacco and return of grass short increases these symptoms: concludes that it was tobacco that may adversely affect me, so I decided. Nicotine withdrawal has been easy dealing with the weak influence of cannabis, and then abandon the grass was so easy that it ever since.I would like to say that any of you what know withdrawal symptoms are psychological and can fight with the purely psychological media. If you stop smoking of cannabis have to, approaching drugs as unhealthy or evil you smoke marijuana)-34, m., UK: programmer, musician and composer, husband and father of two children. Typical Stoner!. To answer your question, I don't smoke already. THC is stored in fat cells. Then varies how long it stays in your system from one person to the other. Some people can detoxify it system completely in less than a month, while MAX can take other up to 2 months! Personally, I am 1.80 m and 170 pounds last time, that I, that I have about 3 weeks went, be completely clean. Certainly, the process accelerated much water and move out. Our body to get rid of drugs in the urine, sweat and Bowl movements. Shitting is the minimum. Try, one day at a time, and until you realize that you are clean! Concentrate and God bless you. Stoner. I heard you say. It seems that they are affected by an epidemic of minor depression. Almost my whole life also smoked. When I left in October last year, it was difficult. In fact difficult. Then it heard payouts and I was like you. Strange feeling. Remain all the time at home. Boring. A moment to feel good with what ve reached next moment BANG In the wines. Pity me. Questions, is all about the Leben.Nun, I saw the depression on the Web and found that overcome the depression, providing you the power and the majority can be depression are food. So I changed my habits is 1 and a half months eating and feeling better In the brother. It's much better. You see, that do not want to be dependent. ? The crutches are disabled and needy. Pills for me, in fact, often said that a marijuana alternative better than valium. I researched this and found that a healthy diet is important, a good feeling. Omega-3 is my food, walnuts, flax seeds, broccoli and cabbage added (I had none, since not only fish and was a great kind of vegetable) changed my white bread Brown grain and multi. Also, make sure that eating lots of fruits like with every day the most multi vitamins. And plenty of water. A month and a half later In the feeling much better Stoner. Much better. See inside, you need to lose a brother. I gave a few links to some pages in some of my previous Beiträge.Skippy, I understand. So true, so true.Kleeneze, whats the daughter? I hope that all is well with you and yours. Sometimes life throws us curves and seems. Don t see your relapse as a disaster but as a necessity. We are not all Supermen or women, and sometimes we give to our weaknesses. Perhaps reinforced the recurrence wish to leave? Maybe you feel better six grass? Permanent Kleen is only even better. Hi, you are looking for! I'm glad you're back. Bienvenido Concernedwife!Prey is a term here which means used Paraphrenalia Autour. See why we use the loot. LolLack motivation was one of my worst WD symptoms. Also, I haven't seen a few days ago. Don't worry, he is also assumed.Concernedwife, is your husband, like my family. My children (at the age of 16, 17 and 30) remember only myself, especially the most recent of the two. My wife (an Angel in my eyes) tried to stop several times, practically without success. We can't stop anyone. The addict has to make the decision. Once that happens, the chances for success are greatly! You can't what in him on that, the effort. Only the pressure, who tried to escape.Recommend you humbly give up, put a link to this page on your desktop and try to convince that we dominate him.With the exception of the occasional delay, this page is like her husband full of people during the journey. As I said in previous posts, talk good about concerns you: mental health, finances, etc., show this page and relaxed and confident. No one will be forced to resign. Post to keep here, with or without reports of progress. We welcome Concernedwife man, logging at the Umschlag.Zu stand, friends. This can be defeated. Very good. Certainly, paranoia, anxiety, and depression are all side effects of the termination of the use. However, cannabis is prevented, that all of these things. I have depression and severe anxiety. But the boat is the only one, that works for me. I went to the Rittalon for 2 months. and I have connected you (and look at the side effects). A few times I went through withdrawals. and I thought to myself. Pill retreats are serious withdrawals. Unlike the pensioners of the pot. Only it seems funny how can prescribe a doctor a drug highly addictive exciting and dangerous, but herb (most commonly used drug) is still illegal. I think that this pardon of grass are is just another way that Government to manipulate a penny *. and I have a question for you. If the herb causes cancer because patients prescribed cancer? Hi guys, I have a few questions if anyone wants to comment. First of all smoked (1 or 2 sessions per week) and smoked for 3 years and about 1-2 grams per day for a year. Clear the head. Their common sense, the degree of Schleifen.J. MD. YoungPothead, I'll be frank, is quite normal to feel separate out after only 3 days of abstinence. Feeling the de realisation (look up in the dictionary, if you don't know what that means) is common among the above mentioned drugs, unless you meant dizzy, WD is also very common,. Looks a bit impatient, try not crazy about your sleep habits. Insomnia is very painful, but it is not dangerous, especially when you're young. Like the others, I said over and over again and needed at least two weeks prior to going to sleep a little more back and it unlikely for months. Quiet, you cannot escape your crappy situation. Did what micro - beds (a few seconds unconscious) during the first week. Yes, I felt totally sucks, but that's the price we pay, must restore to health. Once again, don't worry. Try to see it, because it is what it is: the symptoms caused by the brain itself, healing, such as itching of the scar. Do expect a dramatic improvement tomorrow, not because I'm sorry does me, you crazy, you can, and call your dealer. You do a good job, wait!Be strong, I feel for you. That sucks much, if your partner smokes in your face, if you try to leave. It is more difficult than it already is. If you set 100%, motivated and disciplined, are but nothing should stop. Nevertheless, it is unfair, wrong and insensitive. Faced with this topic? Do you have at least smoke outside? Your opinion about some herbs, if you like outdoor smoke and even to take a shower, when you return. Even though the grass were Harmles and even good if this nausea or display a bf magnet do not smoke in the face. You fight with the type, but talk to him about your determination, forever, to stop what someone, no matter that their behavior will be sabotaged, your efforts, etc., develop a plan to prevent their smoke. You do not argue, but go out of the House watching a movie, your mother, your friend, if you smoke in your face. You know what I mean? If you avoid, if you smoke, it can before you quit smoking, if you really love your company. In the course of time light will clear your mind, then find solutions to this problem and their example was able to convince these thoughts a little. You can listen to, and frankly, every fibre of my body tells me that you have to stop. Speak good luck, later. I learned the hard way that my tolerance of marijuana intermittent periods of abstinence, the worst and the last attack of panic, which still significantly lower.I went for blood tests today the Suppression of thyroid problems and diabetes were the equation, because I feel a bit lately with panic attacks and heart Palpatations shit me (you get clear, its deletion by MJ, I know). I have a phobia of needles, which did not help and was highlighted by the night.It was from a different source, I never had that kind with us.He lit a joint smoked to think about the quantity, but how to quietly less than 10 minutes, she saw the panic, the first symptom of the aggressiveness that was able to fight to the death, lasted only a few seconds, but felt that I no longer fear. It was a mixture of mass confusion, who wanted someone else, does it make sense? I have that bad of humans has been difficult, because he could not breathe and badly shaking and my heart beats like a racehorse. I have my wrists under cold tap water and rinse the Gesicht.In that moment I felt that I would die and would come for me the devil.I prayed God only once, if you meet me I experience always Fumaria. Laid on the bed and stayed there for a few hours. He is back on the airwaves a few times, but I never felt back aggressively first. My god! What was it? Anyone else have? Concernedwife do not believe WAT happens every now and then error WTF need 2 set a stop date 2 4 once all day without problem until 20 ready to make 4 good grass, help the elegant Spilfs Carnt spent home seemed only Cranberry In the shit, I don't know, which way 2 go now my life since the age of 15 years were Sin In the 22 elegant daily room cleaning less £ £ £ lose their 2, an increase of waste up to trying to lose, can for a few days, but bak but stop reading other posts by shocking, if you can, do people feel lazy, interconnected Carnt think mostly of simple tasks are terrible every day I don't remember always right, the last time with me was remains to Hausenie to fix the lazy like a ZOMBIE, was a brilliant but 2 much grass of Fuks and bad desire never last year smoked a 2 grams per day, good 2 20 10 pound broke, everytime I had the money bought, most of its destroyed grass, I lost a beautiful young girl 2 everythings do, coz grass under 85 to 135 pounds per week. ! Hey forest, yes 10 years on and turn off, try every day; for 29 years friendly gem, then back and say what needs saying, most of us love and I want to be, we do not oppose legal pot, we know not all its healing properties to legalize Vewriiten Yes documents, in the day, your mind still is, but not Abreun time of day your busy to defend, is not necessary to believe, that good, long their use impressive, sustained Ggod bud really, really, hard to finish and we have our own private reasons for resignation, you and the rest sit in judgement seems to be very immature and stupid, not the sound to be Idiotaporque the way as such if rant of years, as I said, know the facts, most people go to join us, I daily for 20 years smoke, love, make sure that open so smelly and wonderful, let your spirit, the attitude of the judge, and then we can talk. Harmony. Mix not tobacco VAPO with grass, in fact, most of the time used and had still lots of fuck. I was on the edge and the reason why I no longer was physically painful for the Rauchen.Sagen not, that people should stop, I'm just saying that some people can smoke too much ruin your Reise.Wenn you don't hear no evil and then keep blazin, but don't fucking say that grass is so good and that no Withdrwal symptoms. Most people here through difficult times such as in anxiety attacks or entered. Yes, you can have other problems, but grass once throws certainly bad Episoden.Noch: the grass is impressive, but not all.And help, his father a heavy bag and tell him, redirect is anger on them. Hello Stoneymcgee and welcome.Quit smoking gradually broke down, because they have no eggs to have. All or nothing, white or black, not gray. Some people here have little do little Erfolg.Ich think that if they refuse, merely the inevitable delay. She will suck no matter where you go, so that I would feel in the short term and not for a long time to take a shit. You are whatever it is, half way back just take the decision to resign. Once you are in the acute phase of the retreat, you will amazed the world around you and your employees. You will notice that you have ever seen the things you when they were surrounded by a thick cloud of smoke. Good luck and much to power released a travel opened eyes. Check often if you need answers or encouragement.BakedFreshDaily. 26As day like me in a previous post, was a chronic daily smoker 6 years with all those water pipes/soft/joints (mainly in the form of mild, fat that I the role). There someone struggling with withdrawal. Everything is fine! I had literally drilling in my head for the first 2 or 3 weeks to leave for my massive anxiety attacks. The first two weeks, which have always had anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, weight loss (approx. 15 kg), I was dizzy and light heads. I understand that everyone is different, and others may need more time for pensioners, it decreases. But personally I'm starting to feel much better! Ladies and gentlemen, it is only a matter of time permanently). Hello to all. 31 years old and have smoked marijuana every day for over 14 years. I think, in my life, I have 20,000 saucepan. I stopped cigarette withdrawal 375 days and I feel unglaublich.vor 4 days I quit marijuana and it was not difficult. 16 years of the young the low low people. Lève-Toi, a force of will and the Situation.Schlaflosigkeit is shit, but I'm taking Valerian. Tonight, I will reset the relaxation techniques to do and my diaphragm. Today, I went to the gym and more turmoil which could Jackson by heavy bag hit.For the first time in years I not lethargic feel and only 4 days. Mary Jane was a good friend. Now I'll her ass let, boring pathetic. Hi, thanks for the va already words encouraging. SEA. I found out that my bf 4 years, I've cheated with her baby Mama. How can I compete? It is always there b. hatred! (Lord, forgive us and change my heart) I have this man lives together, my daughter calls him dad and we had so many projects together. I think I have a GF as a Director was grass too much for him to handle.SIGH, so huge to make decisions, must b in my head. and when I say that I mean, I can handle it and (b) deduction. The devil took quickly to fast, distance and 2 yesterday had a relapse, and I felt. Now I fear not can cope with, I must begin to think the movement and come upstairs with a plan b (Lord save me), I'll try this again, but I got to school, my daughter and my broken heart to patch. Means that you can, if I touched the grass, you saw a new woman, to kill your bf. I feel fragile and weak. I hope that someone will bring to derail further. and I hate excuses. SIGH. It is good thank you! This is my first day without marijuana in a year. Finally he began to disturb a little too much in my life. In addition it was burnt, very sad, because I love cooking, but I feel only if the smoke/vape these days and that is not right. I miss the fun times with pot, Mareos inhabit this only if it a recreational user, it unfortunately is not a drug addict, (it's a bit weird to be a smoker) State Ive only wants to headaches, nausea and dizziness has been in fog all day, with a cloud of the great spirit, rarely lasting head. So I guess that's what for me is. If she appeared happy recently with cannabis and experience withdrawal symptoms you appreciate. It is not medically defined as shelters. But before probably aware that the use of marijuana has dealing with the conditions helped, which were probably already existing.If you lose weight after smoking cannabis has to stop a weight problem. I know that fans of health, regular smoking and vegan. It eats Doritos cannabis. feel not guilty for using only because of social pressure. Questions are honestly said that adversely affect my life is? If the answer is Yes, in finish. If this is not the case, why bother with your lifestyle to people of other faiths ignorant?If you smoked cannabis, it is possible the change that is necessary to buy a vaporizer. It is a healthy diet, to the alternative as to prevent ingestion of smoke.I'm on my 5th day sober. I am a chronic user. I take a screening test in a few weeks, and the only symptom withdrawal I have is irritability. But most importantly, I'm grumpy, because to see drug testing unconstitutional and in direct contradiction with the fourth amendment (free searches and unjustified seizures).Good luck people, use your brain. Cannabis is not like other drugs. That's for sure. Something that cannot be said about the prescription pills. Welcome, Voodoo must think BexSome double a dependency on the physical components and their efforts. But all that to achieve a desired result used/abused as to be addictive. Some people soften the formulation and the question saying, I know not, or it comes to the substance or a practice routine for the well-being. What is the difference? It is important, so that you can, it is addictive. It is true that some things that referred to could be found a dependency, such as insulin, but their long-term profits. For most of us, the pot is not eligible. I used to think that the boat was requested by my brain to work normally and vehemently expressed this belief. I felt that my creativity directly with my use of marijuana was related. (Natural sculpture Pierre). If I have some things I see carved under the influence, I see no creativity in the space used. I think pot induces a feeling of the user, the unconditional and so creates a feeling of confidence. Once your partner because he is an employee and decide to do something, the battle is half won. This website is designed to help drug addicts take their dependency on the lawn, not so much to convince the user that will be used. Characters on this website have agreed to long-term loyalty, this pot again took off. Until that comply that are sick, could not go.Just my point of view. I hope that this hilft.ZU foot on the grass. I have 26 and occasionally smoked in high school, when friends would offer. But while today, my husband and I eat even the University, smoking every day no longer was after school/work and on the weekend until he. It is sporadic; Sometimes smoking we in succession, as soon as we have for almost a year I'm old Rauchen.Vielleicht or maybe you can find more powerful multiple pockets us, but in recent years we have a retreat, voracious lawn envy syndrome Borsa, as well as nausea, restlessness/insomnia, loss of appetite, headaches and terrible hot flashes, especially during the night, the next day when I sleep Lüge.Ich am sober day # 3 and feeling totally back to normal. I'm glad that I found other people who share these symptoms and it sounds a little bit worse for very heavy smokers! My husband suffers from something of it not when you close, so I told him that everything is in my head. I compared it with lactose intolerance; Just because you can not eat dairy products and I do not say that it is invent! For some, there are physical side effects that defined stop by smoking marijuana. OK, # 1, night sleeping # 2, OMG! NIGHTMARES like crazy! St. demon! Whewww, as I fear seriously like to sleep after waking up from the first, I know that prob to overcome, but it sucks. EH well, in the past always and smoke, no not this time, because I think that if you can do it through retreats and smoking then his and you then all over again, stupid thing which let f * smoking CK out of the system and the urge to become of mind over matter. I also gve me a year not smoking, to help, because if I thought we could no longer back then ever in one year to write a review I want to do, lol to write anything good to remember why I stopped (intends to realize my dreams) maybe should, würdeein drug addict, who think that I it will never forget! (Adventure awaits us I'll and Yes, nothing is guaranteed, to demonstrate courage and to treat with kindness at this time, only to know until it happens, you have naturally only: I'm ready to go on an adventure I, good luck today everyone :).)) It is necessary that an AA meeting for drug-addict lol. I am 52 years old and I've been tokin since I was 15 years old. Held several times, over the years, but now I want to smoke forever. Reality = instead of 6-7 times a day, once or twice a week is good.First of all, I would like to for the treatment of cancer. Pot is not cancer, but it is the Act of smoking. Everything that irritates a part of the body. Constant to give pipe friction on the lips (PAS) cancer of the lip. Chewing tobacco can cause cancer in the mouth. The Act of smoking (tobacco or marijuana) can cause lung cancer.You are a heavy smoker, cut once or twice a day physical/mental can leave suddenly after a few days. I have many attempts to quit cigarettes (maybe, what I have done for me in my life). Syndrome of abstinence or progressive cutting and better determined in each individual case.Quit smoking, before it was no problem, but it was not as heavy of a smoker's. Knew not what has summer/am in store for. Idle a little problem 3 days ago. Yesterday was my first day in the course of the years with no MJ. I have crazy night maybe 2 hours sleep. Even with a few extras, Valerian root and an additional Klonapin (which I interpret sleeping pills). Sleep last night was not photographed - and I hope that this evening will be better. After reading some of the Forum, there might be to go multiple nights.After 35 years of smoking, I can assure you a bit of an aggressive personality disorder. Maybe age makes me a bitch locked-no, I know. I'm sure that as soon as I stopped I the answer (maybe a few months later did).Wrong, exercise is important. It is your mind in the pot to take and help focus healing of the body. I always had the impression that is the pot of one of the gifts of God to the people and we must enjoy it. Something like the moderation is the key. But, this does not apply to everyone. I know that most people can not use moderation Oxys/meth/coke in. Either all the time or not at all.I want the chance, people. If I can't, I won't have enormously less cut down. That is a good thing for the spirit, but also its cartera-Paz: or). Bailly. There are many tips on this Seite.Ob it's worth, here are my own. Good luck! 1 if you can one day may be forever closed.I remember that the first day is always the worst. 2, stop at the end of the Woche.Ich white, awful, it's the weekend, but spoil even if you wait week with insomnia on your sleeping habits to stay. 3, doesn't matter, drink what has tried for a dream of one day 1 warm milk, abstaining from caffeine, a hot bath and Schlaftabletten.Wenn you are lucky to get a few Stunden.Mir is easier to stay awake and I'm going to finish the day 2. for me it is the best way to the normal sleep rhythm to resume. 4, remove all dealers not from your phone. In moments of weakness are so easy to mobile solve a Henry!With the last issue, you have a little time to deal with the fear of the hunting on this epidemic!Even friends who regularly use should be avoided for at least two weeks, or 1 month. 5, in particular to refrain from physical activity, a healthy diet with lots of water, drugs, caffeine, in the evening, alcohol etc., do these things is rapid recovery, sweat toxins and listen your liver alcohol, food, their body the maximum opportunity to clean your system.It is very difficult if you are a couch, loving social drinker of junk food potatoes. But it can the time of physical removal of 2 weeks instead of 4.5, reduce relapse, but a solution stop again and as often as necessary to abuse.(Several times he stopped and started again, even after 6 months). It reached the point where my body is used to the detoxification process then page giggles the 24 hours and beds per 48 hours are not so bad.On the other hand I have smoking marijuana for 20 years, every day, sometimes all, more or less.You have to decide, do not the half crushed.If you want to do this, you can dispense waiver not candon city! AP71710Pay attention to the feelings of guilt and the feeling of failure. You remember how shit feels so that next time you tried, not forget, these feelings of defeat. listen to. You couldn't until your departure. No one is perfect. She stumbled over something in the road, you lose not your way. The value of something worth Steuerelements.Weiterhin is, it is also possible for Sie.Bleiben StrongBFD. I am 19 years old and have smoked about a quarter in each half for the last two years. Ive been sick lately and no one knew why I decided, smoking the pot for a while, until the improved at least to leave. I spent three days (3 separate visits) in the hospital with an IV infusion of your arm, because I could keep nothing havn't: not even water. The worst moment of my life I have about 20 pounds in the last 3 weeks (combination, become ill and let the Weeeds) and lost in the essence of your state. I'm on day 6 leave and not always before 4 or 5 meal. Sleep was hard, but I took St. John's wort, as recommended by your doctor and much help. Take 1 in the morning and before going to bed to help with anxiety.If problems it tries to leave, only to keep the head, because it improves! Now I feel more energy, I was a few days ago, and I can't wait until my life back to normal.My friend's mother is a homeopathic doctor and he who abandoned me sugar pills, the effects of smoking the body grass in the morning and then you need more and more to imitate. It seems to me that they me also helped much, because I smoked minutes to get, I went to bed. Don't forget: grass San Giovanni, sugar pills (if you can get your hands on them) and you do this via the ady helps much time in the shower / breathe and meditate and know how to improve! PS I had passed, I open this page and every time I am in a defeat against a few messages from people to read me and has helped me enormously. Good luck to you and keep in mind that it is reflected. I'm later again with an update of the week!I thank you very much for the existence of this thread th cause that without, that I won't be able to cope with what I try!PEACEEEE. I've smoked marijuana for 14 years, now I am 23 I smoked every day at least one eighth component, without missing a day. It is my third day not smoking. I began to feel strange, I felt as if I could faint, my hands are very wet, shit and can not really sleep. Intense sensation varies and I wonder, our lawn is something wrong. ? I am and feel almost as In the immediately, a panic attack are the same for still afraid? Thank you to hold. Hello to everyone on the 300 posts ago ^ falls hard to stop me and again I'm abstinence as an update of the anger and sleep disorders, with major symptoms. my life was 9 months and today was the day I began my business! This is not something that I couldn't do that under a cloud of hash-induced apathy and self-doubt. Of course I can't, but if you give everything, I don't know that I like to will look back good luck for everyone on one of the best decisions of my, trying to stop. Enter you, it has blocked to me 12 years and 4 serious attempts very well). Value, reviewed this bud, more people will see the truth one day. and I never said that the marijuana necessary provides everything from cancer pain every day, but if a condition that where my eyes like crazy sometimes shake and grass is to (I) allows the only thing to have congenital Nastygmus, to reassure the shit, can you, a stomach. The truth even an idiot, you're a small population that claims WD have grass. Its as bad as the only non-own say, cause that that's all in the head idiots. Chronic Hello. I was prescribed Seroquel because of strong fear with respect to bipolar disorder, but possibly some of it can. With regard to uncontrolled coffee a terribly evil head gets after sudden caffeine, like many babies a day. Don't tell me. I have two or three cups in the morning and the early afternoon, but for the rest of the day. THC is soluble in fat, not water soluble, so it takes more time in their cells to remove. My psychiatrist says that my fear of a profit, which I will take lithium, so probably the fear long take, like me. Fear is your exaggerated nervous to normal stimuli, but the nervous system became more, artificially boring not notice it, which is normal. It takes time to reset. Patience and treat all as well, but a. Did you know that it. I have surprisingly feeling, but this time in the holiday. Tomorrow I will be operational again. I hope that also. Long-lasting friends out there, we'll do it. Since their 35 days for me, thank you very much for all your advice peeps, I sell extreme emergency only grass bag yesterday and all my pipes and bongs! The allegations still Sweatin' like crazy, but I'm sleeping better, real nightmares not much either! I'm saving also a bloody Fortune! Thanks to this site and all of your comments! I think I'm always clean! Glen BeckThe that you stumble on this page include those who try each, its looking for him on the lawn help to overcome.What are you saying? not our goal of fun make, maybe should stay and help to address safe, problems to be discovered?BFD. CR it I'm sorry, but in fact, you're the idiot. You probably regularly smoke, then you're a mediocre moron; and you've done of course scientifically no idea syndrome WD MJ, continue to prove the existence of numerous posts on this blog. Are at best an idiot, ignorant, mediocre. Suppose I'm moving my new lifestyle and awareness your stupid damage induced mental by pot. Previously I've drunk comments such as yours, but my patience is growing with every week that passes by abstinence, haha! Well, I think you're superficially irritating but only a fucking disease that need pity. The grass of madness must be refuted if the truth wants to be an idiot. Most of us want a change in the laws on marijuana, but now think I - know a fact, that cannabis is not harmless.MJ WD has a physical and mental component. The heavy in this syndrome depends on your genes, personality, duration of use, grass, frequency of use and other factors. Almost as dangerous as other types of WD, but is p-h-y-s-i-c-a-l-l-y uncomfortable. For some, it is torture. This inconvenience caused by adjustments of the n-e-u-r-o-l-o-g-i-c-a-l (i.e. the p-h-y-s-i-c-a-l changes) on the permanent presence of thc. Sudden abstinence creates an imbalance of neurotransmitters, which explains the more or less serious sleep disorders, anxiety, anorexia, etc, experienced by drug addicts, after his release, to improve their quality of life. For the perpetrators in the long run it is certainly a purely mental component for WD syndrome, but deny that physical part is really ignorant and stupid, that's just an attitude, people, has nothing to do with knowledge.It turns out that moderate consumption of MJ is less dangerous than even moderate consumption of alcohol and almost all other drugs. It turns out that I think that politicians should leave the police and should be free to do what you want, if there's no other harm drug users and everyone. I also think that should have any access to accurate information. Addicts delusional 'believe' should be mocked. Aggressors, but nevertheless feel the desire around the world say that there must be nothing wrong with grass, the truth, i.e., they are Idioten.CR, just shut up and think on the right and a little square, if you are capable of such a performance. Or you have a smoking joint return and explain your R-e-a-s-o-n-s to us to tell that we are inexperienced retards and you're so smart. (Good luck, moron!). Concernedwife don't his friends take comment to heart. His friend is not ready, Jeff give up for lost smoking an other companions and will probably only be smoking, so that all, most movements. Marijuana addicts may not change, it scares them. I.BFD big man, I'm certainly support. My best friend tried, there to remain, but still smoking my Autour and won't bother me. Now I no can say man no thank you instead of this sh * t myself lol. Not good.I am on day 22 and counting. All these idiots here, who say there are withdrawal symptoms, i.e., how it can be symptoms of the retreat from smoking not addictive substances. I smoked herb and (sometimes unattainable for a week, a few months or even a year or more) for more than 20 years, and I play my life on the fact, there no withdrawal traits associated with THC/marijuana. Marijuana is just a plant, which want a scapegoat due to their personal misfortune and missteps here on Earth by our Creator with moderation, as everything else was, and for those even if they are transferred not honest with himself. that the Government with their effort honest is not to demonize and propaganda and honest people, want a little fun in your life that harms someone different as alcohol or prescription drugs. Hi J, are virtually the same as you are. today's own summer for 2 months and a week. I'm always careful as hell, but not totally bad, like the first two weeks to a month. What I noticed, is that I go and do things now. I was totally indifferent to do something if I quit before.Well, it started when I had a herb panic attack. totally the explosion of nothing. I had smoked for 6-7 years and loved it! In fact at the beginning, they do panic attack weeds, which either do not know, I thought he was in the die, he exploded in an hour or so. The next morning, I went to school, he came and it turned on and felt very rarely, but no panic or anything. Once again, I thought it would come up with something, I used to smoke later and stayed there. He began to suspect that might be marijuana. Let for one day, that I felt myself a bit sore and ignition, you had! A break for a week was taken and tested, and lighting was not too bad, but during this break, I felt nervous as payouts. He took a further break and went to New York, lit with a friend and began its own feel the heartbeat, that pick me up, took a deep breath and ran almost normally. He took a further break for a week up to what I went to Arizona. He on vacation in Arizona (I am in New York City), an old friend was to visit and went the day where it fear and 2! Full blown panic! I'm not smoking in the past for the rest of the time he and panic crazy experienced until I got home. I have a few days to stop the panic. I have and never smoked marijuana over 2 Motnhs and 1 Woche.Sorry for the summary, how it all began so long, but I'm with you, State and the doctors to see the Office something wrong physically nothing there. I've seen a few times too many a counselor. He has for a week in the second week of ativan and seemed a little more to help hated the idea only of drugs, then I stopped and since not taken.Although I feel a little better than the first two weeks of me. I think it is a long way to the feeling 100%. But I'll try to try to shorten a little to keep active and Excerise.Ich think it is mostly mental and just continue our lives and build our borders the natural anxiety that we smoke our years of reduced. We should not wait and wait until that happened. out and something to do ensure the family, or about calling a friend is positive.I heard in a month, as I start to feel bettr, 100% and something break me close again and what, my way had to follow the cut I just again. In this case I is not as bad as I think in the past, but is a slow tendency to rise, with the mountains and valleys, but finally normal, I hear it happen.My dream is good in General. I support usually about 6-8 hours every night, but when I wake up in the morning is becoming harder and harder for me to fall asleep (hit alarm!). I think quit smoking marijuana, we have questions not much sleep as one, which is very good.Keep strongly all me!. HiI've read that all posts for a long time now, but always shy to write my story felt. To make the long story I lived everything that all experienced withdrawal symptoms, but the worst is that my head become madness! I'm 26 of marijuana on the day and, I cannot control my thoughts, I have Headeaches from time to another or dreams still show, but the impression I'm are mental. I forgot I'm also afraid every morning I wake up to and sometimes during the day. ! I started smoking, I know not, about two years ago, but I started to smoke once or twice a day there is 1 year and Abu 4-6 times per day for 6 months. I smoking well before six months (to replace the bad habit of the other). I know not, became addicted like I, I had problems in my life and I'm normally a very happy person. I have a loving bf, a romantic relationship in the long run and wasn't quite sure what I wanted from life and where I was going. Now, I don't know, I think I'm a completely different person (I don't think) I feel, there is something wrong with me in you! I'm very happy, until I started smoking (:((, Cuando Volvió a la Normalidad!!!) All of this, which already eat the channel see loved shopping, a good book read, cooking, no I want. I'm still sometimes confused in my house, I see it differently than any before I am very confused. I have doubts about my bf, I wholeheartedly love and I'd rather die without it, and you go crazy. As I am my relationship, I sabotage the feeling that I'm going crazy in my head! Also not possible on my cousin parents eyes I think she (I know not my problem) disappointed and I feel so sad: (please reply I need some suport, I don't know, I still have the withdrawal, but In the am have convinced me, that can last not long.)TX for ReadingLily. Toochewed: Wow that's terrible. I could respect the opinions, if it's about ignore all Pro marijuana says, as you must be stunned or implements on a marijuana plantation. What kind of argument is that? It seems that some defensive BS to me. Drink Oh and by the way, alcohol, coffee or tea? To eat chocolate? Drink soda? Somehow, our body changes any substance. Even your breathing techniques, will your body to release chemicals and hormones, which forced the Summit. Never heard of religious fanatics? Don't take drugs for the mindset change. Get off your horse and to society instead of pushing their ideal for people. I've been smoking pot since high school and managed large classes and what they have accomplished, things with my life, but good - this is my life. If the pot does not for you, then great, not smoke and calculation is you. Alcohol is not to my taste, but we all love to take over. You're right, one thing, life is great and my life and I'm going to live, exactly, as I want. I hope that the impact that smoking marijuana that makes feel better, need obviously something in this world. Congratulations to Billyyettobebaked, voice of reason. They beat Toochewed. I'm feeling the pressure at the bottom of the back of the head. Almost, as if my ponytail is too tight, I have to constantly her loose hair because of the pain. Also balance and in fact the problems can occur many others; Night sweats, nightmares, sadness, uncontrollable tears, anger, sadness, confusion, loneliness, Adresse.Ich'm starting to think that you can create a symptom of anxiety such as extend according to use; and not vice versa. It seems that many of us, that we have this fear. I thought that maybe the stress in my life is overwhelming. Maybe not. We hope that to stop after trying smoking, I can solve it. Smoking seems that everything is alright. Isn't it strange?It seems to me that it takes six weeks, and then fall. Only for a short period of time. But then, why? Repeat the WDS over and over and over again. It was, as I for 18 months to 20 years no longer.For the most recent if you lead your life in a different direction, now is the time to act. I think that I don't say after many moons and joy, but I am glad to know that the intelligence, some so young to see, that I ever, did What can be a joy for a life of other high.Here, I'll still.I have. It seems long, I am a very anxious person, smoking I've helped to treat. I started smoking, so I went to the cliff. He went into the attacks began appears at the beginning.That's why I have.With regard to the withdrawal syndrome can get all (more or less). Some are bored or cranky, others have full force and effect, pain, fear, is BlablablaBottom: you're probably too impatient person, grass can help, but there's a fine line, not receive, and it will be OK. (same delayed meaning used not to smoke). I'm so glad that I found this blog. That reassuring advice for anyone who feels his life fall apart be without pot. Now has smoked last year, without this person even know. I am fine. It is not my wife, not my closest friends. Stop drinking a little more than a year ago and I think that it could be a bad habit, which was replaced by another. Well, I'm almost 30 and I did this - I smoked throughout high school and College, and also tried almost everything else. I did always the position that I'm smarter and more fun with him! Not to mention how to make life more pleasant. What is Dilusional?Drink in any case always stop (literally my life has been ruined) and now I can't get rid of the smoke! I'm afraid of the way my life without a boat. I am intelligent and managed, it should be pretty easy? This is not the case (not yet), only 48 hours, and I'm going crazy! I still never so desperately felt. My spirit of competition without Einsatz.Ich am very grateful for this blog, because I see that I'm not alone. Like the drink, it is not easy to stop. The withdrawal is real, someone to trust, who is / was subject to many things. I went through a withdrawal of the pot several times in my life. It is not easy to shake for me, a habit, especially because I love you so much. The pot is my best Freund.Ich can only hope and pray that this time no / not so much left in my life. It is very difficult, so smart a life and health damage. Furthermore, is not only a good example for my kids – time is prohibited.It is so funny that I'm convinced to everyone instead of me. Good luck to all on this trip, to leave the pot (that is what my wife always on him as refers to). Those who encourage me understand words would be appreciated. I hope that someone who defeated this demon forever. Thank you very much!. I've been regularly smoking marijuana for a year. He struck at my job and was very lethargic and lazy. Now, I understand that is increased by the power of both a psychological dependency. My dream was shattered, and my body reacted sometimes extremely hot. I've noticed the smell even a loss in recent months. It was a serious problem, and I had to stop. This page has overcome shown, that he was not alone and that you are looking for me. It is of course not easy, but I think it is only a matter of time, and while I'm away from keep. The problem is that it is my all around. Recently, he had stopped smoking Skunk and it with less than the grass of the Bush tribes. above is not so intense, but it is still a pretty high. As it is, and how drugs can actually get, is not strong. I used to think. Now I've learned to appreciate Skunk as high, no doubt, it's very intense, and it is completely different, how it used cannabis. Still smoking many but not all of the time you did. You'll see that it now, that marijuana like alcohol. So many different varieties in different is strengthening. They say you should drink a glass of red wine every day. If cannabis was just as good. I still think that it not a bad thing. But as the alcohol should be considered seriously. If you Skunk every day is smoking, it like a newspaper of the Geistes.Nicht agree with the Government (in Spain) all are merely illegal, while you, should check the thickness. It has been shown that cannabis is much less dangerous than alcohol, but nothing about it and seriously, going through the hands. Now is the time should start seriously thinking about forms of control. A large part of the available Skunk has a lot of chemicals from the chain, some of which are used to increase the weight and some of them are artificially high to intensify and improve the flavor. Who regularly seriously marijuana smoked must know to smoke it. Sometimes, your health could considerably endanger you. There are also several different Canabanoids in cannabis that have any different effects. A new sign for the study showed Cannabanoid CBD are antipsychotic drugs. Now the street Skunk has almost none and is essentially just high concentrations of psychedelic THC. If the Government has indeed ridiculous quite suddenly to change after he went up to the present day. Class B is now in the same class as amphetamines. This is ridiculous. It is now higher than ketamine, tranquilizers and painkillers. It is for thousands of years and it is forbidden by some 80. even after the ban, there are still a certain number of users. The ban has not a lot of change and his hands simply wrong. It must be revised. Who knows what you get so hard. It's only money making scheme of drug dealers and most of them have health. Just enter something strong most. Almost none will offer the milder varieties. If controlled cannabis did not seriously this would solve many problems. I am the second day and I'm also sick with a cold and a little harder lol what. Kava, let l - dopa times 5 - HTP, and seems to facilitate the withdrawal of SEREDYN. I bought a Kona kava mass seems to be a mild euphoria, which helps with the taste a lot :) Especially only a slight impulse to smoke and what you think of whatever is grass haha. This is nothing compared to the month long surf mix give and cocaine. I've never done when the Distributor was not asked if I wanted a rail, but so that experience makes this more difficult retirement seems nothing. I search not to promote a product, I'm just saying how I try, a retreat to help others to beat. Citing the previous posters: One thing for sure I like have the feeling when I'm stoned. Things always seem beyond my control. This goes to her crazy but I feel better, my thoughts are not everywhere, I can be better to focus and if I like much much better life! Do I everyday stress more easily up - what the children to school, shopping, dinner, etc., how it may seem so sad, even my children enjoy when I'm stoned - that's wonderful? I think even more attractive and more outgoing and fit, if stunned. (Excerpt)I don't think that he's crazy or even terrible. There are many stereotypes, the marijuana, the lazy Stoner as one which maps the predominant. Let me say that I know from personal experience, most marijuana smokers and connected (like the majority of people who drink alcohol, I know) are good, the people are working hard, with excellent relationships with family and friends, including those who do not smoke and are against marijuana. I know it various 'lazy Stoner' out there are, but that is certainly not without marijuana or other drugs. In General, there are many lazy people, and the only reason why cannabis with them is connected, because it is illegal and the lazy do an easy life no work can earn through the sale of drugs on the black market for high prices, inflated.Personally, I took a break several times for various reasons (market dried up, my system, moving to a new area, etc wanted clean) ~ 10 years since I started to smoke. As hard as it may seem, the only way, simply forcing everybody not to think. Marijuana is not like heavier drugs in the sense that not, that you physically sick from withdrawal. Thinking is not the hardest part of the holiday, you can. When you wake up in the morning, you you immediately showers make you eat too, you plan your day keep your mind of things, start the work immediately after arrival at work, spend your time in idle, do things your body and mind, such as go to work in the gym, read a book, etc., if you keep your mind from pot quiting will be easy for most.If you can not really bowls instead of joints, at least cut, for example smoke, attempt instead of bongs blunts. You are still high (believe me, you need not amount be stoned, even though I'm an Estela-n - Baker) are still do your body good and much $ save. Furthermore, make sure that you focus on the essentials in your life. Not referred to one of stereotypes, the above typical Stoner. Smoke if you must, but then knit in a restaurant or dancing with friends, with the band escape or take a walk, even if you are not attempting the realization that many people do what they want, and you just suck etc. and throw. Believe me, you can have the motivation, not at the beginning, but if you try it, it will be very happy you did it.Good luck to all and keep in mind that each strike, smoking or not, there is nothing wrong with your decision and may have problems or not, you can be treated with a step at a time. Douglas Adams wrote: don't panic! G ' day looks, I'll see (6 weeks). I got it about 4 months ago.(resigned probably for the tenth time). I'm feeling very good. This is not a big deal. I learned the one-way street. In fact, I have no cravings or ignite yet & don't miss out what courses at all be interested in. I think that the pot is at stake now is higher than THC, which otherwise is in the tray, I tried in the 1970s. It was more natural. I fell asleep on the vitamins from exertion, Withania, and said that she had plenty of rest, with a lot of positive affirmations. Earplugs at night to eliminate the noise. I'm normal and I'll sleep well, eat well and you have checked my mind through similar positions, I call them. Picture with me chooses as a control panel and see that it has been switched off by setting the cooker. Show just the levels to set & go along with it. She could call self hypnosis, but it works for me. I have some advantages of the tub and some disadvantages. It is life experience, but of course, that has opened my mind helped a few bursts & pre-programmed thoughts. It seems the most creative moments when I draw love, draw and match to follow dream ideas, thoughts, & spiritual path. I feel normal now not very arty &. EH.! But very good. Moderation is a course that is difficult to navigate. Anyway, the best in all that pot or I enjoy non-life and positive thinking. MY ADVICE. Do not worry. It's only the nervous system reset. Disconnect the process &.Peace, love &. his wife: in order to offer to my understanding, I hope you can help. I think he needs patience and love. To tell you the truth, I don't think that really helps the emotional and psychological problems of drugs. I think that this experience a way to tackle the problems, you. I think that his use of marijuana, which has been exactly and probably, when to treat an attitude if he had handled his emotions instead of smoking marijuana and it. I know it is hard to leave drug dealer allows without any problems, but also to the most toxic drugs and medicate after no help in my opinion. In addition his medicines may very dangerous depending on what you want. Job search in Dr. Ann Blake Tracy about the dangers of antidepressants and other similar drugs &. the manufacturers of these drugs know exactly what are the medicines, but doctors rarely sell many examinations before prescribing them. different people react differently and ultimately time, semi-Zombiefied & staff or suicide/murder, even those who have taken toxic poisons which contribute to all kinds of effects and disease. It would be preferable, been smoking marijuana. instead of Medicare go, I'd say, transformational breathing, meditation, yoga, Tai - Chi and the quality of the advice. I know that it seems unlikely that it will do, and to improve, but I really it worse his believe in the long run, when you begin to take drugs. Offers lots of patience and love. Warning: If you are impatient or a stance against his aggression. If she has a great love and patience, I think that it can heal, if anything can. Woody Harrelson in a movie, said that only love can kill a demon, but I see happen more than free parameters that I saw. I hope this will help them. the health effects are the main thing that make up my mind to quit, but it is useful to take into account other aspects, such as the type of people to do that. Or the possibility, in the prison and pay fines. Only it costs, I smoked for 10 years, amounting to about $20,000, more or less sick, think about me. My husband Hall fags Hallelujah! Keep 'Medicinal product' when you feel better, hum! Product good propaganda and some sources are no better than the bells Noy of the Conservative Government say efforts Crminalize user. It is totally useless for me.It developed over millions of years by thc is required for the normal functioning of his brain. It is the truth. Regular use is damaged the brain and impairs the quality of life. Another truth. Quit smoking, after years of abuse, it's not funny and physically uncomfortable for most. Set to true. Recovery from pot WD is a very rewarding experience; Follow the step by step to improve memory, intelligence, motivation, etc., is yet another very strong evidence that regular use of marijuana is not good. The realization, the wake n ' Bake lifestyle is indeed a defective mode, it will be as a delusional defined. Who has much energy this lifestyle for many years to keep, who could not sleep, regardless of the degree of fatigue, the first week, as I was, among other things went, are dedicated to irrefutable evidence for the potential addictive grass for me.I have to say the truth, as you say, has the great advantage that lucid. You don't know that the difference between propaganda and common sense. My truth is so true and real for me as President, I sat on the need to eat or shit. My truth, has no witnesses or confirmation of Person.Nun, actually everything that you want to add to my delusional friend, I like basically not your truth nickname and their uncertainties. I do not respond to you. I hope that you and dumbasses to not pollute approval your stupidity this page useful. Well said Heyden. Is this due to the cancellation or the simple old stupidity? If something happens, I want ranting to belittle wines, and people. The problem is that this retreat or disorder bipolar? I don't know, but I want to get rid of marijuana. My symptoms are very painful, but I think I can do it. I was ironically in 1990 as bipolar diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I burned my work in the health sector. They lost my file for three months, and settled on the grass, I started waiting to see, professional mental health. Now, I'm absolutely sure that marijuana compounded my mental illness.By herb to stop my medication about removed a third, although you need probably more lithium (mood stabilizer).When I was diagnosed, I was at my job for nine years. In May 2011, no mental health problems ruining your life, if it is not properly treated will be 30 did.BFD. Hello to all. My friend gave me this page, because both are trying to stop smoking marijuana, though for different reasons. Both have smoked for many years. It is basically give up because it is very dependent on what they can not concentrate and achieve their goals in life, he was arrested. How many of you have described in yer post. I left here the ship for a very different reason. At least until June, when the summer starts I feel very healthy and clean. Every two years, I feel like. It is hard to describe. I think that a heart condition called Mitro valve prolapse, where one shakes the valves of the heart, and caused the irregular heartbeat and heart Palpatations. I was diagnosed with it, about 6 to 7 years while taking a medical examination and the doctor told me that there will be no problem, if you are infected. Well, I was until a few months ago, smoking marijuana on an ounce of the quarter a week and I'm very good, no problem, high as a kite. Then, things have been resolved. While high after smoking I'd love my frens and I call it wigs, where I find this involuntary movement. It seems a little bit, I'll be a mini-attack. Then I start feeling under my left armpit tickles me and I can feel my blood actually wrong. It is so great and terrifying. I did this 2 or 3 times in my life, every time, if I decide to go continue for a period of 3 to 6 months. When they resume, the symptoms described smoking, disappeared. Heart of wigs or Palpatations ended.The reason because I say all this because I'm one of those people who feel is on as if smoking marijuana is addictive. Now I realize that I'm probably in the minority on this opinion, but I only my experiences due to am. For me, smoking marijuana was not always my choice, my searches. I love smoking marijuana. Marijuana is natural, grown to God on Earth. It is not like other drugs that are chemically. It comes down to Earth and he is chosen as the fruit. Never, I felt as if I were that maintain life by smoking marijuana. I am a very active person. Constantly play, sport, dance and movement. On the contrary, I never feel that I to weed, especially, when I stopped, it is now for the last two days. In fact the only thing I'm afraid that to stop payments. They are the first week of headaches. Starting the second week of hocking up GERB (phlegm, yellow green or black). and I'm more afraid of the third week. I'm starting to remember my dreams, that sucks, because I am ' fall into a pit of dreams, which can be very confusing. It's weird, I remember not always dream about, while I was in full mode: am Porrero. On the other hand, I have a strange way of being high. Instead of hunger in fact lose your appetite, never eat the drugs, while. In fact, there are three things that I can do anything. Eat, sleep, and shit. I don't know why.So, basically everyone is different when it comes to smoking marijuana or try to stop. It is a good place to operate at full steam and in conjunction with others, but in the end, it will always decide what you do, feel compelled not to smoke or not to smoke, just because some tells you his dependency. THEY DO THEIR BEST TO TI. Be wise. Anything can be abused in life. I met someone with a hot dog for lunch every day. He died last week at the age of 57 of a heart attack. Hot dogs are responsible for salt as the worst food in the world, but we eat.So, once again. Not naively, be smart. and any decision to do in life (with the election), with conviction. You finally only live once, friends. Good luck and God bless you. Hey people. you check these pages for written Nickbrelinski. If it is, moving up to about 14-15 weeks ago there are other websites that I link to help LL.m. If you take seriously. Its the only way that leads from bad grass and out of the chaos in the ri. All free of charge. If you go in life without drugs is difficult. He was then progressively better, if you do the right mentality and it for you. What you describe in your post, my humble opinion is the fear. 99.9% of the population of your old don't constriction. Most users of marijuana, when they fall through it. It took three months to start to feel normal, and I feel like the high sometimes. Some say that 1 year, other weeks. Learn to breathe, as described in my last post. Help. Or you can try Ativan, but by another t for drug addicts, a drug well replace not Council. The drugs are. Crutches. Sometimes we need one, but should be limited in time. The breathing was my fear. You can read the contributions here. You will see that you are not alone. Clarity of mind in the darkness of thought. Real find. Today is a journey that I that you won t find anywhere else on the planet guarantee. What I at all? Articulation of the spark and do the same shit over and over again to revive? As Bill Murray on reboot. (: +) I test you, LL in your MySpace Turinia the best wish to you. Power's right and healthy stay. Anxiety are present in 7 out of 10 people, to stop the MJ. Something about dopamine and serotonin levels. Our brains don't know how to handle, but not the stress. We were stressed we reach the stock market. It is very important to eat healthy. Nuts and fruit and vegetables for vitamins and minerals. Fish, such as tuna and salmon for Omega 3s (nuts and broccoli also). Eating to stay healthy away from depression and stress thus reduce crises of torment. It is very important to restore a good physical balance. Oh, and do not spend the night needs Zeit.Ich had a dream, that I smoked last night. CIGS and MJ. It felt Chitty. I have this day. Don't think back to BS.Thank you for the kind words baked. I hope you get it this time. I'm lucky ll.Viel attention at all. Detox takes time. IN the 4 months and I am still detoxing. Really not easy for a 20-year + Waker and Baker. Makes me feel better. Crazy dreams stopped last month and I slept the night to.(Thank God). Appetite is new to me in the first month. Anxiety attacks again strike at any time, but very soothing them, there more normal feeling. Be so brave and forward. Only, it will be better. Takes time, but is always better.God bless you. I have not felt this part, but I have this time calling the shit. Marijuana has not transferred or seized power over the years. Individual strands are becoming more popular, because they are no longer available, and the plants are the best care and the research that has been registered in its growth. But no change in the structure of the system has been developed. No matter how strong marijuana gets there is no to a point where more a point don't smoke where you make how much a coward who sees his companions, hard have still not blow, because you are delayed at the moment. An intense journey Psychosematic as smoking marijuana in the course of their lives. If you don't believe me, the crust of the pizza a half ounce of Chron in and eat. So, get ready for fuck life of intensive experience that never changes. ! Warning to all people like crazy things to do: not.Now! In retrospect, marijuana can be barable in moderation. 1 gram of Chron can go between two people at the same time and be nice. I say to smoke weed instead of cigarettes or alcohol. It is less harmful.I'm not a hippie or an outsider. I am a student in the second year of College. For all other students: never to go to sleep, if you're in good homework, before going to sleep? Solution: The smoking of marijuana after the completion of their work and go. You can do a medical marijuana for insomnia sleep map so legally in most States. 4 days have passed since I no longer have, with marijuana. I used to smoke Soscially or only occasionally, but marijuana was recently given my life. I love everything you do. Different names, flavors, methods of smoking accessories, smoking. What interests me and I have a soft spot for him. My best friend, of an avid marijuana user has the condition of lung cystic fibrosis and has yet to stop using marijuana. I've been away slowly from him during the past week and approach on my other sober friends; I once for my Abondened burned friends. I wanted the marijuana and Narcotics Anonymous meeting this week. It helps a lot. Leave the feeling, are not only step by step. Although this is not a problem now, but you have the feeling that it is possible, which manifested in a problem, I would suggest that you go to a meeting. It is really inspiring and his deep connection with other drug addicts. It seems ridiculous that someone would say that marijuana is addictive, or that I am addicted to grass. But it is the same that are addictive.If you are using an addictive personality, or marijuana, sleep better adapted to stun the mind or problems to solve; I guarantee you, that you want to take control of your life. The spirit is not rest until we have in the next quarter or Dimebag or be. Grass is not calm and harmless, but it can certainly be in certain situations. I look at some of my other friends who are Toatally Soscial and no problems with any kind of grass and use and success in life and I'm just angry. I can question, why not to like them. ! Because James. The addict. I am so weak, people, places and Dinge.Ich tell you the usual grass whenever you go throw. the best very well. to break the routine. Make sure that you close any houses, where people can be spark, or parts. It changes your circle of friends. With your friends, stay with your friends who use marijuana, but just make sure that are not high or take medication for your Autour. Some high times magazine turn away. Bahahaha. Keep in mind that some of these things and help you. Of course, you did for me.Are now sober; I can really experience the world without marijuana. Previously I must talk to find out. Some of the things would do that before the drug for smoking, without the intention to go for li. attempts, is the cinema, Carnival, beach or a show hardcore, Rave, whatever this sober. It is really surprising if you are not stunned. Without grass see, breathe and feel lighter. The world is no longer a network of activity induced by drugs. It is full of life, I am surprised and I feel like a kid again. If I am 16 years old, and I confess that I have a problem with buds, you can also do this. Not only.God bless you, James. Hi, I am 25 years old. For some time I have smoking hashish and marijuana. Switching on and off smoking upstairs has 7 to 8 years. I smoked heavily for 2 years. I have a circle of friends all smokers. I have friends who smoke more than I. Smoke a joint not we have also high that we wanted to be. So we started the pipe smoker. We smoke especially Chamaecyparis grass and hash is for yourself. the quality is pure nature. I stopped smoking but now means that the that the I to a complete standstill. I smoke sometimes. There I stopped a month ago regularly smoking is. Smoked once yesterday.  Well, I think that what I do not know what I'm going through. I forget things in a blink for an instance of eye.for, when I three numbers me and then someone can say Yes immediately! I'm using a job requires much read. I read but can't concentrate, and I can not imagine things. Never use that too, but now I am here! I can not my interest in anything created. I may not be the same for a long time. I'm very very restless. It is difficult also hear, other animals has used a song from September 2007 to April 2008. I have drugs like Spasamo Proxyvon, Relepin and Nitrosun 10 tablets. But it was not for a long time. I am a beer drinker but occasionally to drink and too much drinking (just a bottle or two) .ich also Tobaccoo (more than 10 years) and cigarette smoking occasionally use. What should I do. I understand not the urge to smoke marijuana and hashish, but I think I need help to retrieve from my head.  I have my concentration to recover. I have to work hard for my work. I am pleased with the work that interested me, and it's a job. the very respectable Govt missed me by my friends. We are childhood friends. It's not that they don't mind if they come you with us, but they are missing me. I have nothing better to do, if they are not there.Please help and strikes. I'm not smoking the exercise, how is the pulse to defeat or the monkey. You want more grass but, if really want to contributes to the exercise! I'm in my second month of next week. You are again self esteem and you feel! I felt grass very safe inside me, now, where he grew up. I'm not going to lie, he had a back drop and I realized that I lost anything. I'm tired and binge. Of course I have my account to start, when I fell, but during the last weeks I have smoked, only when I think it was what I had, as I said before, I'm not miss something special.Still good job to pretend to enjoy what I'm feeling and what others felt for soon. Tomorrow walking, is one of the best senior of course, that one if it is the top of the mountain, the views great. You need not grass. (30 + year smokers). You go WTF Hello and welcome.The symptoms are very typical of THC withdrawal. If toke, all contaminants that occur naturally on the lawn will keep your brain. High for a few hours, but contaminants remain. It is because she feels toking 'burned' after a good night. These pollutants are instead of water, soluble in fat soluble, allowing them more time to delete from their cells. You collect on the surface of each cell where your neurotransmitters also make contact, reducing the effectiveness of these programs. Weather / heavy smoke, you have more disk space. Accumulation is required to get the same feel of smoke. Do you understand the more. It takes about a month for your brain recover. During this process you will feel anyway at least during the first week of starting crap.Drink lots of water and ice. It helps to clean the cells and refreshes your mouth. Deep breathing exercises to calm using, if he feels stressed. It is also good for helping your lungs recover. Enjoy in all senses but one. Keep, there is probably, worst happened. Hi guys, Done4Now, D420, affects women, spirit is so confused. As I have said here, to slow down, because I was a heavy smoker before the election. I went from 4 oz in a month a month for 30grams. This got me sick 2 years all days of struggle. Now after 1 year 15grams of smoking in a month and finally after a wave of the illness than die headaches, nausea etc wake up with I don't pain if the body more, I feel me how if I die Atttacks agreements sometimes panic, again for anxiety, but now the thing much mad at any time: tachycardia (sometimes Clonazepam must not end up in the hospital to take), the depression which comes and goes panic as a breed of thoughts, extreme psychological fear fear. The rest of the symptoms there but very mild compared what was also used. I feel more alive, but still you can go home if mean usually I feel even slight paranoia in the course of the day and it with evrything, every little noise scares me. But generally, I think that things will improve. If I'm trying to be more but if socialize it is very difficult for me, people. Without grass is introverted and shy, if it's my nature. I had always the need alone more than others. But now, that cannabis, that meant everything to me, is more difficult. I feel like a clown, as a person with great potential, the actually lower than is because if t can use every potential for everything. Fear of people. And Yes, all against me.I was a spirit from me, but this is changing. Display of the agreement seemed dead for me and for the whole world. But I Ain dead remember t. I live and I'll be back to my problem and good luck to you all speak my Leben.Danke for reading, for this opportunity. I agree t read all messages, because I remember, think with a mist of the spirit and the English is not my native language is so difficult, if you read a lot in this State. But red some articles and it seems that everyone has a great job. I admire those who can participate in this situation.but if m not more pain and disease as before! So a couple of times, I just say that the practice, if Mr. must only deal with tachycardia up to what I think it's going to happen soon and social phobia / paranoia, to the gym to go. I will not resign if tap ring of fear, it is a madness, stop to talk or walk, it's crazy! If I here hear Bob Dylan to calm down.God bless you. John your links to this book, which is totally wrong. If you read, if the researcher has earned its totally out-dated solid facts. Use a reference since 1990 to ensure that this herb today, has the same power just stupid the years. Check out the impressive grass that is out there has been genetically modified to produce the highest THC. And references in this fake book is carried out most of the scientific studies in the last two years more than 15 years, 25 years old, and will be published early next year, it is a result of 5 years of extensive scientific research. The title of the book is legalized marijuana says from the outset, will be biased in the direction of the order of the day. But this show addresses the question of the legalization of their people by personal experiences in the experience after stopping the use of cannabis. If you have something in mind to share by distorted information therefore is not in the best interest of the defect free tried to help people. This is because they are addicted. When let go through withdrawals, which lead to aggression. Since your body envy feel grass you happier, even if they would normally be. Shit its 04.19 lived I'm going. Get your hair cut. Today is my second day smoke free. I've tried at a stretch in the weeks before exiting, but it was not ready. They always succumb to the temptation to take drugs, if not very intelligent 'then', you are seriously on the stop smoking forever.This time is different. MJ smoking can be a great experience at the beginning of the year reinforced the sense and seems to be more in touch with your thoughts. When you're young, it looks like a great thing with a friend to do. (although a friend «Adventurer» more)Maybe, if you can restrict the use of this medication to occasional use, say no more than a few times in the Monat.Leider my experience is very similar to the other posters in this forum. Rare party with rare, was soon more regular. Then I regret someday, that to wake up and functions, hooked you are you after the effects of THC. Now your life around him revolves around.I can only say is don't be like me. (I'm almost 50). Hi all, I did not know if this message was not yet completed, but I have some problems recently.I began to cook to 05 October, how Ive become three years smoke was. Wine all hands every day to the point where my family what happened me asked every day, every day lol. Finally gave up finally in the past fall ' 07 and put it in 9 months. It is not easy, vomiting, chills, depression, fear, everything. But I was there. Although in June ' 08 (it is almost 3 months) I have it again. :( After two shots of a chamfer on a party which was rockin, I became addicted after new Baaack into my new lifestyle. Wake, smoke for up in smoke in bed. Treatment breast smoking, Yes, Yes. Well, I was cut recently and I noticed that the same withdrawal systems back. is loss of appetite, sour stomach and throat, depression, anxiety, etc., much harder, this time to stop any suggestions? BTW, smoking you 2 years ago. When I drink, I was a smoker smoke. A package two weeks went last. And I cut my tour with alcohol much. You drink wine, beer or liquor only wine or beer once per Woche.Ein every night slip of the tongue, the 5 days & drank a glass of rum and Coca Cola evaporated and sandbags. I'm sick for years. Worst hangover of my life. This has encouraged me to marijuana and alcohol let Vaping drink all together. I really hope that the damage has already done. :/. Hi my daughter, and welcome!You're already with great strides forward. Since you are a relatively new smoker without 5, 10, or 20 years of abuse, six WD symptoms should be relatively low. He has made a bad choice in who a few months ago, but it was a good decision now. You sticks and you are good.An adult takes green 25 or more say, a little less dangerous, it is because your brain, morals, and ethics was created. If a teenager smokes, you can but the chemistry of the brain, resulting in permanent challenges. for most of us the first few days really bite, but every day is a little better off. You can already be the largest part of his retirement, but don't despair if you still have problems.Some of their behavioral problems can be attributed to simple old teenage angst. Seemed grass isn't it fun at the beginning? In case of withdrawal at this early stage grateful that the reflection came to, when you're done. One of the two leaders would continue to more larger and powerful drugs. (I don't personally, but I've heard horror stories)Relationships between classes, friends and family can still be saved. Even if you're unhappy, now they can recover relatively spared. You mentioned have no true friends, but the pot is a true friend. Look what you've done. If your friend has covered so, how was your friend?He showed real maturity, by one this as fast as you. I think you should feel good about the decision, which I have, and I'm pleasantly surprised that someone in the class could be aware.Here it is again. Notice that we can be a motivating factor for his healing.Keep their weapons and are excellent! Daily smokers (half or per week) of the State of waking up with him and go with him in the bed. A part of me, is expected. Well, I have a urine test in life (have not smoked since Sun) is an excellent opportunity to leave forever. I've returned tried before, but due to the severity of the payouts. What is good, there are methods that are used to reduce payouts have already begun hands to sweat after 16 hours do not smoke. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! This is my third day not smoke and loss of appetite. difficult to sleep at night. and headaches. GLAD I read your page cause the insured pensioners him (try people who say it is not, but there are), but I smoke since I was 14 and now I am 22. very smoker 3 g or more per day. Canada bond of grass to. Only a great tolerance. I have to pass a test of drugs in the workplace, and so I stopped smoking. I'm a premium Detox 7-10 (herbal clean) think his facts by the BNG enterprises, has anyone tried this product? and clean for a screening test. I smoke more than an ounce of hydro each week for 23 years. I have studied cannabis during this time. To say directly that it delayed positive medical use of cannabis to reduce the side effects of cancer treatment including cannabis is in itself not for the treatment of cancer. On the bad informed comment, cannabis not physically addictive, delay is denial or just livin ' in its name. When was non-addictive, then why millions of people worldwide who are looking for professional help to quit. I worked with drug addicts in my nurse quality & most of these people claim that cannabis, amphetamine, heroin and other drugs illegal and combined more people seek treatment for the removal of cannabis than all other illegal drugs to abandon, is much more difficult.Good luck to all who try to quit smoking or to be clean. I would never admit he was addicted to drugs, but I say that I am. I smoke every day, but almost every day. Want to take drugs, if I something interesting and decided, not more. ? I'm sick of it. It was ten days ago, I decided to leave and had terrible anxiety and panic attacks. Memory loss, aggression, agitation, and I was very paranoid. I feel this after reading and know that they are normal symptoms much better. My abuse of marijuana really almost destroyed my life, but I'm back to follow and everything will be fine. Anyone ever experienced these symptoms for more than what I have? Hello to all. It is good to see the negative into a positive. The herb is a cloud. I prefer the Sonne.Lustige Terry talk about the issue of sleep. Your State think the 15 weeks since I stopped and began to sleep through the night this week. I feel much better. I wanted to go out and buy these sheets of comfort. Sells. OHHHH Softttt. In the happy us now get some sleep instead of playing online poker, until you fall. Or television, until you move. Vivd dreams have the power also tappered. The best of people. It really does. I hope that this, Terry helped. I'm different for you since smoking marijuana every day so it may in the past 15 years. Issueohicantsaymynamebut that you are approaching you is not user of friend and unpleasant situations, that is, what I found the hardest. Let the grass then spend all my time just face my fear? Double curse. You know what? The assumptions of the friends of the friends of the Ain t cause that really nobody sees more. While at a different location in buddy's. But although he seems happy. There is a tobacco. So, now I'm starting to rebuild a new network of friends for non-smokers. So far I have 2. socialization for me is not easy, however, and for the 12-steps-In programs. He had children and lives in a small village. Presentation at these meetings you sign your own certificate of death for me. It is therapy, why I chose online step by step 12 RealLater be. I started smoking marijuana when he was in the sixth grade. He was an ounce of a smoker's week of fifteen years my current age of 22. Smoking is hectic. It is 1 and day 2 on the day, what, my hands started to sweat, my body heats up and close their eyes and me try to keep up with chills freeze up to the point where I had to my headaches and my brain Fizzeled trembling hands. But it would have the juice of the jungle, Coca Cola, or speed. pisses me off. in any case. 3 ° day, that I had a panic attack. phoning a detoxification Center and gave me something to the relax. I was on my back. Close your eyes, slow deep breathing as a panorama as possible and start at my feet, then her legs, back, abs, arms, fingers, neck and go down to the head, while he is constantly slow breathing. I let all thoughts are paranoid in my head, but the key must not think about it. This theme is imagine. It is just my body getting used to and not buzz 24,7. day 5 is an Ordanary and the no more courage! It's disgusting! and I have plenty of water only Vommited after necking. I think if I gay my tab, weird and shit have to feel. know not abused my body enough. This is not something that bothers me. funny haha. In my opinion I just want that someone who knows this shit. to get account, we all will be together, and after 2 weeks. Everything was all right. After the fight]. Well, that's my problem. I got mine, arrested for a DWI. Could not miss the screening test should serve my sentence. While in prison, they had a fight very badly and had another 6 months for my prayer completely isolated (this is what happens when they put dwi Countryboys coloring esters created child even Center).Many say that prison was a completely different perspective on people in general I. I'm 22 and a delicate social situation to find. Pot seems the only thing that prevents that they fear me. I am currently unemployed and who was even worse. I would like, and I want a life of its own in good Santee. With to manage this fear out of the pot?It occurred to me a painkiller habit and he knows what it is, as an employee and it is no longer the case. I have the pot for 3 months and my anxiety and panic was a daily struggle. Pot really help my fear and nobody can not making it. If doctors Perscribe medication side impact, because the benefits affect the page. I'm a doctor not Relize that that some of my fear only the pot (mainly due to the company). But I tablets from a doctor who works for the people become dependent on drugs Pharmasudicle companys is written. A drug that could harm my health and I would physically dependent on it. Here again, an idiot on the road to give you feel normal to my money. Treefer this can be the medical Perscribe Xanx and Valuim (cause the dependency) for the same Elemente.Schlussfolgerung that I don't want a crutch is, but if my lifestyle better that a harmless bud instead of a pill of change of mind take the pair, what can the Government do to difficult. Why should I give my money to a drug dealer, when even the money could help the economy in place. I really wishd found that marijuana is a solution and maybe if someone has a idea to solve my problem has found another solution.Oh yes, happy blogging, read all friends there. I smoked last night. Instant Messaging and want to as long as possible free. That has helped. Hi Esposacomo, as far as I know, there are no drugs that the withdrawal to stop, but the symptoms can be controlled during detoxification. You have basic medical needs help, taxes, his anger or fear, which seems to be one of the most common side effects. It is likely that annoying interacts with his family. He feels guilty when he guilty goes up on one of the two that feel when you smoke. It's a situation to lose. There is no, because common stress fix it not always with a different ability. And the children for him there, between him and the grass be angry. I have chronic for 11-12 years and my wife wanted to stop him. I felt a large resentment towards her, because I thought that it was trying to separate me from my drug of choice. I thought it was important for my survival and Devils did this tried to take me out of cannabis. Finally you diabetic insulin not included above. Grass which shows how you perceive the changes as we things. I thought he would die a smoker, but it seems now that she would have another chance in life. This site has been a big difference for me. My withdrawal symptoms were pretty bad for the first week. Anxiety, nausea, tremor of the hands and jaw. All missing three weeks clean. You have a medicine for a month or two against fear, he would feel more comfortable in your skin and should dispel the hostility. I hope this helps you and your family. Chills, sweats, nausea, shit, depression, anxiety and pain. (What a relief it was, to find that are (for some, but not all will hard)!) authentic Marijuana withdrawal symptoms! Thank you very much. Hi Derr, mentioned in my previous post I have crazy dreams withdraw my first week. I am now clean for 38 days and my dreams are always odd, but not so crazy. Last night, I dreamed that I Bong a forward smoked, to see what he was doing and felt extreme disappointment with me! My mother (a marijuana-smoking and alcohol recovery) always says that we should use these dreams as they are the only way to get more! «««You are very funny!»» As my daily life, my dreams now are also involved and alive. I'm not sure I like :) real life, I'm sick.Keep your good work! It is better every day, and even though I enjoy more part-time, still a slut I free of the demon and the Bills are paid for in full for the first time for many years. I always say that my husband holds, it will come through the present in one or two years. He likes to hear!LOL, this is an amazing man and very friendly. I am strongly everyone a happy Frau.Bleib!Legend of smoking. Esperanza BakedFreshDaily not feel guilty if you login, just enjoy and like you said in the course. You know of course, but only to add some mood was the strongest desire again yesterday afternoon. whenever I let him go, I think it's the feeling that something was missing and turn my pipe and want to stop. I decided almost several times. He could, but this time resist, the I not smile! But he is now engaged to my guitar finally & passed. It felt strange. I was able to concentrate on anything. I think that you could call this retreat. I think that this page is better than I had expected. a friend has come, go with me to play today & in the air, only keeps me, that marijuana smoking destroys cells the lighting and the brain, etc., I found myself mainly to healthy grass use to defend. a good situation. I do not wish both today.BakedFresh & wife just for the simple leaves are white better than Marinol (and usually free). Usually farmers throw away (at least in Oregon) and happy to give them to friends. You can cook and food such as spinach, say, bread or something like that. It takes only a few leaves, maybe 5-6 or more to get a strong effect. (This is, have soaring growth of the mature plant leaves) think that people get people from the clutches of the pharmaceutical industry. If a drug can save the life of a person, such as such as antibiotics, is not serious. But Pharmey drugs for all, is what is ridiculous and this sector by money gangsters (who have also their loyalties) manages and was an enemy of mankind. anybody know means hub score what? Doctor, marijuana is a recreational drug, abuse - and can even damage the regular use of the brain. I don't speak, that can benefit from regular toking. Life in a jar with constant fog no fun; Quit smoking after use to regulate, it's funny. IMO his theory of cell growth is a bunch of lies. And if there are not the problem not in the same league as cocaine and heroin. In short, it is not necessary to enjoy life, and regular use is not good, period. Tape, tape. well Seekingfreedom said 100% agree, everything is always more and you better too, and I did a good job every day better and better and better dream, looked impressive, crazy eating like a normal person. You want your good mood and offers advice and help to look like a wonderful soul bless!Now I have a mug shot: only for the life of me, why people here come and useless negative comments, much continued slatting people they need to get another one while through this transition in our lives going.You see, you have nothing good to say the people who are fighting here, not all will say! A rather difficult journey under the name alone is enough hilarious mentioned without people like 'Erm' Hahahaha Someonewithcommonsense! His total of us as a weak character and foolish garbage talk false oath mouth have no idea which talks about For most people, research and your brain to cultivate and checks whether it is possible (this will be very difficult for you, from the sounds of it) with other beings people be nice, there is a Löschvorgang.Schwieriger to send you to the good vibrations and energy!A free LoveWeed BlessOne. Hi EveryoneTTBOUY, no, that the so-called example .exe file. It will take a bit. Don't forget no grass played an important role in your life for a long time and now it's time for the mind to adapt to the new way of life. It will be better and try n stay busy!CD I understand what you mean with the sorrow are u smoking behaviour of grass. I was the biggest scariest when smoking marijuana. I thought everyone wanted me, and does not help the fact that I saw a lot of court files, cold case, and the secret of the show are just scared b the shit out of me. Lol friend rose.Sigh, I am day 7 and are that things improve after every day. I go every day an hour, take the bus to school and then go home. And those 4 days a week. I'm losing weight like a cancer sick with AIDS. (In the description cuz I'll to imagine) Yes Yes Yes. I'M SMALL! my pants fell me r. (I hope you will c could my photos before and after) but I find it easier to swallow food and ginger beer helps in stomach. I'm not mad, how much In the notice but could b, because no instant message. Hahahahaha talk remote I don't like, if God do with me, especially if it is to remove the weeds. I had also a Newport in 7 days. I want to be healthy in body, mind and soul. Mr. Purificami!(b blessed right EveryoneGetting (one day at a time) :-).) Toochewed nice, well it connects. required to read in detail as soon as I speak briefly to you. As I he said, changes in the brain is based on numerous studies are located in the biochemistry sites and receiver. I was annoyed by them. The good news is that these same studies indicate that the changes can be cancelled of course. For example, if you participated in absolute for years at a time when Ecstasy without doping, it is always a long afternoon where periodically feel sad for no apparent reason. But then the brain is to compensate.Last night I decided that I would not again go to smoke. Smoke depressing yet never seem to lose something. But I don't think that this is the case. I personally am I the successes of the past, for the validity of the many methods, the positive effects of weed and drugs in various disciplines of the humanities to get drugs not required, if you you have progressed so far.I doubt that the life was perfect for us before our first experience with drugs. If you problems, what inevitably mean that the damage was not repaired. Once to recover detox and your brain, you are ready to go to the point of being unrecognizable. When finally completed is, you can move in a straight line. Mr Mr & offer the following tips: you feel like shit for a bit, isn't it, how long said, but sooner or later will Normal.Das biggest problem is a warning that this normal feels forgotten, as his body adjusted without THC is difficult. But good things are not always easy, white?It is impossible to know what symptoms you have and how long it will take, everyone has a different body and smoking different habits, but is depression, insomnia like the flu symptoms, loss of appetite, irritability, anxiety, sometime more strange side effects, nasal congestion and So on.Take one day at a time. The first part of the retirement will feel like an eternity. But you need to wake up there, when you sleep naturally and in the early hours of the morning, a generous breath breath of fresh air and feel happy without this herb (Bella).One point of advice: do not underestimate how much shrinkage is psychological. Treat. Reflection of the meeting on this issue doesn't help.After having had THC free for a week, after 13 years, they tested again to dig into my stash. He remained there, intact. And although I feel still a slight residual effect of revocation, I look forward again, where from 13 Jahren.Wenn you can, you can. LonghaulerThanks words of encouragement! I now really need.I quit for 6 weeks a few years ago, so I know what to expect, but some thought that models seem to reproduce. When I was chronic (should say chronic) it seemed full of breast milk, charming, cheerful, positive, and friendly all goodness. Now I can be pure, while shit 6 days belly see what remains of my life. Everything is negative, not positive, except for the amount of money you save while staying clean, maybe. I feel like a tasteless stripped-down version, thin low watered by my previous car. I am aware that these feelings come to deprive me of my beloved lawn. The only, what keeps me it linked this column reads every day. Then, as I said, I am now really to fight, but is easier, as for the last Mal.Obwohl I am atheist, God bless all the people that they are confronted with the same goal as I here. Seriously, I need some support and help. My partner is a long-term marijuana smokers. I know that he tried several times unsuccessfully. He had a cigarette for four days and already the problems of sleep have become argumentative, irritable, nasty and short tempered. I have no history with any form of drug use, so that they can imagine don't know what to do. Please contact us, if someone can please offer suggestions or comments to help and understand what could possibly go. Thank you all here on this site!, Kleeneze, I know what you say, you're such a fan of the gym want what you eat! Ah! In reality has always been a phenomenon of health, one look, no carbohydrates after the complete 16:30 food and all kinds of guys haha! Dunt then felt by the fact that I love weed!Today I had my last J, say that it was a week, and although he was lively and irritable this morning, I feel healthy again!I slept enough during the Nite last Nite, gd 8 hours sleep! which is excellent. I had a conversation with me more and it says that no depression, which, which I felt like a pussy haha and I have still not get used, not relationship know what. In addition, to stay out of the grass!Toochewed, thanks to its detail, which really helped explain some feelings and what to expect is that fantastic. So if im feeling I I know shit why! Not just because I'm an emotional wreck!You really opened my eyes and helped me and I really appreciate! Thank you very much and read the post a day! good luck to all who also tried to get rid of the habit. Today, I am at the end of the third day to finish. I've been a user of cannabis every day for almost a year, and I'm bad Withdawal symptoms experience. I stopped smoking cigarettes. (I used to smoke 2 or 3 cigarettes per day). I'm bad insomnia and irritability/aggression experience. All tell me I have to smoke, to be not so stupid. Although I have my opinion and I'll be clean until the summer (5 weeks). Good luck people. ScreechIf smoking of cannabis for relief of anxiety, such as fear of THC masks make you feel calm. It acts as a help link to their fear as a plaster on the wound. It doesn't solve the problem, only symptoms hidden. The underlying condition still exists and oozes and becomes more serious due to the lack of an effective treatment. What smoking grass is still the same problem-the former but now is worse and have you feel worse not the beneficial effect of the plate, make. People confuse the feeling of dependence in reality are after all the old problems reached the Earth's surface. Once learned, safe and effective methods to the original theme treated in this case fear is suddenly gone their dependency. I prefer the Word use.ArthurYes. We all have a different chemical composition. If you answered this way, this time, more Probablees that it would react in this manner the next time. The only variables that could make a difference is the number and frequency of smoke. What worries me the most, is his age. Your brain not to end claims. Although he younger, if you toke, changing the main, that it caused in your brain. Imagine your brain like a painting. When the paint is dry (the brain matured), it is very durable and more resistant to certain abuses. If the paint is still fresh (young brain grow), is very sensitive. Nor is their morals, values, strengthen and weaknesses is not clarified. The last thing, you need a young brain, is the challenge of life purchase, for which he tries to deal with an invasion by foreign substances. I really understood how cool it is to be a rebel but it causes that permanent damage in the brain of smoking at this age. If you smoke still looking for grass feel at least 20 years, to resist your brain found to the flood of chemicals into the joint.Is strong and FreeBFD. Hi DoubleButtch and mnduke62Yes that our laws have loosened a little grass. I think that we can expect 15 one gram marijuana cigarettes until it is a criminal offence. Below this amount is treated as a civilian, as a fine material, although this is the case.Yesterday, I slipped. Without apparent reason, maybe you need a gift, I bought 2 joints. Of course, I felt very good at the moment, with the exception of the debt. I ate my way through the kitchen/fridge. Today I feel remorse for having done. Now get in the truck and still leave as if nothing had happened. Small that slips as their own, probably be forgiven can is my intention. And even if I smoke once every two weeks, it is by far not my chronic disease. It seems that I am trying to justify my actions. Probably because I problems always say no to myself had. Not receive something, if I have to to go home for my dog. All I had to do was to think someone who had something that was close to my dog walking route. I left there and went immediately to a small park and before his return also smoked. Talk about a fine. mnduke62My condolences to you and your in the death of his mother. My father died at a young age (55 years) of an aneurysm of the aorta. You are who you are, less able to cope. If you survive the grass now need, I say. But leave the plan again. Cannabis can hide their feelings, not cure. These feelings under a pile of grass, it will not help to bury in the long run. It was also strange vivid dreams and also have fun. Lily, must begin to reduce the consumption of tobacco. Cessation brutal capitulation is not an alternative for you. 1/2 per week reduce the smoke start. The marijuana should spend time with people, do not smoke. If you smoke marijuana during this period and this often almost blurs reality between, what is real and what paranoid thoughts in your head. They must surround himself with people who do not smoke no grass and you integrate into normal sober society. Start with people, do not smoke the marijuana. A religious group or any company that regularly if you do your best. They occur and withdrawal can be up to 30-60 days after smoking, in particular on the basis of what you tell me. See also my previous posts. Withdrawal symptoms include anhedonia (lack of interest in activities previously fun to make) for depression by abstinence. Depression is a delusional disorder and not the joys of certain activities collect it. If the problem persists, then we highly recommending you seek professional help. Let not ruin your life, be not this plant should be enjoyed only rarely. Take care. Dr. MD (Yes, I am really a certified doctor map). He was very happy about this page come. I'm J4 no pot after smoking heavily for two years (2 hoses in the morning before work. 2 once at home), and 3 more during the night then probably 3 more before sunset. Already my jaw, sweating Ching, zero appetite, sleep, the last for days crying, without sleep, etc., I thought, to treat of the symptoms of withdrawal online and see what I can do to reduce that!So, since you already green plants like, I thought, would you a vegetable patch to try it out. Work after 8 hours in the garden and plants all my new seedlings, unbelievable and I feel amazing! A physical project is certainly the best way to sweat and to hear about things - and a final result, to maintain that proud and beautiful. Enter you tinker, friends! Go clubbing is nice cleanliness and physical and at the end, you have a spotless House! But I understand, what would you do, prepare you a target and stop. Feeling that the final result is refreshing, especially after the days of retirement.Also, I want to know what the hell annoying people argued that there are something like withdrawal symptoms. Clearly, most people here depends on the same symptoms of withdrawal, and last for varying amounts of time. I have a friend who was a smoker of marijuana weighed for years and let it be good, literally for 1 day only payments suffered, until it was quite normal. Maybe include those people who received the bad withdrawals only a few lucky ones? Sure, what these people read, hear or think of payments, which has no merit against the large number of posts on this site, which says Web.Cela, I love grass smoke and gives, and once we find a contact to buy (recently moved to another country!). Antes_de a heavy smoker, had pins 1-2 per week (if it only!) for about 3 years, I'm sure I can go back to this new lifestyle) good luck to all and the best way to solve your problem, remember to you move and try to eat better (once back the appetite!): D. use a vaporizer! or make a market VAP lamp well with dirt. or what Bakethe want many of you paranoid to leave you, the process of combustion of burning joints. prolonged exposure to harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, etc. cause depression and lethargy. First of all, which means that you can very well laugh and chronological ups and things too, but the printed time that you sit on your ass and hope that you then do enough shit, nervous in the whole day and Probobally / Paranoidwith-VAP, your pleasure. Always clean it pipe in basically a joint or blunt, Bong / vil u XXXtra high carcinogenic substances and gases. I confess that I also like, but in the course of time you know that you haven't already high because more long-term daily comfortable use a vaporizer daily intake and don't want to or AA need to prove my point. try smoking roll your own Ciggs for a month or two and see how you feel. Nicotine gum is a clean nicotine buzz. Ive had before never published a blog, but I found this site very useful. Me is expressed in the fact, that I want that this information for me as daring have been available. The problem with the Govt hate is anti drug, that it not right and people realize that and form their own opinion, which can be also inaccurate. We need accurate information to make informed decisions. I tried several times to stop and began because of how I felt. I felt that was going on with me and was self medication, but now I realize that there are real withdrawal symptoms, associated with the use of marijuana. I'm feeling good!I have just my daily training. Crosstrainer 3.5 km with variable resistance. I'm in sweat, drops fall from the top of my nose bathed! This device (or a brisk walk) is the best thing, I know that you sleep well and raise my dopamine/serotonin/endorphins levels, lol!One of the biggest advantages of finish is my lung condition improvement. A dry cough and frightening black clams in the morning, lol!Hello, in the oven. greetings to all! I read the whole page and want to smoke marijuana my experience contribute, not much more than a YearEver since I discovered marijuana more was I, that the days passed and comment. When I started University in London this year, I had access to decent dealers very strong Skunk cannabis (but at a price of £ £ £) and now to my first year college and home to finish, will seem to find it just bad adult home grass tried dry and hardened, or even properly develop may.For some reason unexplained herb all my exams helped me on almost everything, even the revised and individual study and Sam intoxicated and did very well.Forever, I decided to leave for many reasons. Not only financial and health. More to do with the fact that my tolerance was out of control friends advised, really shock, when they realized that the magnitude of the mean habit, and find it more difficult to participate in activities for more than a night, so that I run on my computer disappear with people about the random and forge a cigar indoors secretly smoking could. It was like personal secret habit. Smoking was a beneficial use by the abuse of surveillance, and so I would like it to leave forever. Not only that, but I started, open the eyes to the level of this dealer crime and gangs, that very demanding but totally dominate this illegal and other plants market illegal drugs and the lack of morality. Dealing with these people makes me shit feel. Maybe add because I too complicated, will be at the best prices, the risk. Recently, I was witness to an attack where you called a bunch of people from the nothing attacking someone in life about the development of the floor (winding punch and trip) because of the possibility that he was the only one who had the small bag (a few grams of marijuana), which is missing. We end up with two rival gangs, separated only by descent, the other outside some Council roots, where I was involved in the mid shouted. Complete care left people, the houses and the sounds of police sirens, becoming stronger and stronger. It has been more than a tense situation for me than all others, if you can appreciate why.However I abstained from smoking marijuana 2 days ago, and I am experiencing many of the symptoms listed above. I didn't sleep last night, I was lying in bed, the movies online. I have no appetite: they forced me to eat a sweet little sweet banana for today and had short breaks to prevent feelings of illness. I feel very anxious, impatient and somewhat paranoid. If I, who think relapse and get to grass, which I the image in my head I brutally attacked / someone maybe, or his Unglück.Ich stood out for a small mistake night can't sleep today, so I take my time to write this comment. I think I have assigned to a task, and I am to do something.Today, I was very angry, because, leaving my skin my heart feels hot and sweaty the actions of a friend, and I remained to inflict serious injury, a human being with thoughts and temptations. I didn't do it. I took control of an immature appeal and amazing sense of wit. My feelings are rare and inconsistent. My actions were rare and not available.I came back to a gym, and tomorrow, I'm going with my body in the pool by fatigue and sweating in the sauna. We hope that these activities make me feel less uncomfortable and I hope that a sober person again on my training and beyond are included with minimal impact. I smoked for 10 years. I'm 27 and just moved to a new city. In fact, I was forced to close due to lack of connections. in the beginning, I was fine with it. No problem. It is time to stop in any case. She've not smoked since nearly a month and they have become a monster. I did not have symptoms such as nausea, insomnia and nightmares. Laughing out loud. These dreams are rare. I had a headache almost every day and they took the medicine against I almost left every day since. I also shortened the xanax, (from 2 mg to 1 mg / day) is not high dose. I don't know whether I'm taking two withdrawals or if it is marijuana that makes my life completely unbearable. It seems a little to reduce. But I'm still made of wood. Therefore, I am Weedemption. It takes much time. I also have a home drug test last week and another positive test for thc. I think I have it, and follows just suck. Do Nomorebuds? What is the Toochewed? would the animal hang? Relapse BakedFreshDaily?There is no shame, if someone of you has removed this but sobering for us and release, to determine the circumstances can be, which led to a relapse. This would be an opportunity to renew its commitment to withdraw from the contract. And if none of you noticed, it would be interesting to know about your success and mental fitness improve &.I love this blog is its «personnal but anonymous. I think it is an excellent tool, but certainly not the only one, be clean.Please interact friends! Do it again, the commercial, what I read to stabilize the State of mind, because she are rich in omega-3 (especially walnuts) and certain minerals, the positive effect on the brain such as selenium and manganese. The nuts are pretty expensive, tho turned to Omega-3 flax seed. Flax seed can drizzle with yogurt or add to smoothies and cents per serving. Salmon is an excellent source, but still expensive. 2.5 once serving of canned tuna is also a good source of Omega-3. Not more than twice in a week, though mercury by. Broccoli and cabbage is also a good source for Omega-3. They say that most Americans Don t get tired of Omega-3 and Omega-6 (meat), that any good by doing it would. Tho not to guard. A tablespoon or 2 flax flour is enough every day. 4 ounces ranging from cooked salmon. 1 can of tuna. Check before you go crazy on this topic. Ideally there should be a ratio of 4 to 1 believe (Omega-3, Omega-6). Just eat tuna 2 times you a tablespoon or two of flax in the mornig with grain and food per week, twice a week, cabbage and broccoli, twice a week for now. Good food is important for good mental health. Smoking marijuana is not so much can go wrong t, if he then your Omega-3 and eat lots of fruits and veggies for minerals and the brain on the right track. CHO-CHO!Peepslater carefully. Welcome, always cooked. Congratulations to try again. I tried already several times. Once, it takes 16 weeks, but he returned eventually to more than ever. Grams per week. The other times I have, there always was someone, usually a family member, I want to try. You can't go to another. What should happen is a change of attitude, this time I won't, because I had a (rare) moment of clarity and the calculations made. If I was in this rate further, perhaps Fumerei. $72,000 over the next 10 years. It is a Mercedes, if you TOKE top-of-the-line, feel good for a few hours, but the 'hangover' lasts a few days. The reason for this, since THC is soluble in fat, not water soluble. Therefore, it takes longer for the contaminants that occur naturally in cannabis, to clean. They tend to clog up the cell walls, where the neurotransmitters in the brain communicate. This is what causes that the 'hangover'.The obvious solution is to have a little more, making the cat a little more intense. To see the model? We overcome the hangover and is sufficiently motivated, can occur with dh, finances, family, school pressure deadlines. I have a month clean and I feel almost like my old car. I love the things that, as soon as a fat first. I have my old enthusiasm for life. I am optimistic for the future, and they began to take some things to push to the front. I basically I my life waiting since 12 years old to be stoned. The mere fact of writing this post gave me the strength, know I no longer have. You have made an important first step. Read this website every day as I and you will find also resistance. We are your priority and understand. It endures and again in the morning to write, we look forward to hear from your page! Lose Hey. Good to know that I am not the only one. Let me in January CIGS it will a year earlier. Here is a link on the effects of marijuana. Hi Mr Seeekingfreedom wrote this record anywhere on this site read this page from top to bottom, below to look up whenever your blog after you and I apparently just find not everything except the packaging gave me my user name, including a written this nickname me my left little finger in a motorcycle accident when he lost a teenager warIch, rude is partner and undemanding in research, I suggest before, you can find a written publication in 1911 called (hemp of Indian Pyhcosis), people like you declare that you are upset, noncompliant etc, irritability congratulate you Mr. Emeraldeyes, but can not find, your story in any part of this page are a real something close my friend. It is not nothing has dependencies, in my earlier years I love my trumpet drug-heroin-cocaine-speed-ectasy-lsd-Angels-blue meanie steroids and of course, now I have my Chronicle of my car accident pain OxyContin challenged and have Obveosely the night been awake while I am on my second month is just not only by the expulsion of the juice, I collect it in my body in the last 22 years of life except that I mentioned, that the small, the gaps I my self esteem when or before the days of the Wettbewerbs.Bitte have you understand that I'm here to help not to have to beat my user name in the box to someone by their habit of WANA I bash for my habits, that was caused by my own.Another thing, which is quite disgusting, that ample of deep languange someone use called (his wife) a stupid whore and she was damn head etc. seems, I agree that this blog was this forum, how a person defines trained In the sure you this LeastThank for you who agree to you, who can read this. I'm not afraid of the double-head waves, but I have not the courage which burns on the lawn so far. It's day 2 and I have all the above symptoms. I smoked green, since I was 17 years old and I now have 48. Pretty pathetic - I know. I creep me out like a baby in a corner. Bottom line - this is the shit. I refuse absolutely that the rest of my life a drug/f chained life *. Who you think is harmless, think of everything that could be, if you have not the monkey on his back. It took 31 years to study and grow. Wait no more. I hate abstinence and I want to destroy all those that are in the way, but thanks to the reviews I've read, I know that this will not happen at the end LOL. BFD, because I had some Introinspection. There are people stupid zero tolerance. I do not know whether it was just weed. I'm clearly only 8 days clean and fast.In regard to the RMK, afternoon or early is still living in denial and most. How old is, although RMK. Continue to smoke, and in 10 or 15 years as young reduction aims a self-help group. Hey, BigSmoker. You have reason to feel without high. I discovered that my enthusiasm for life has increased it etait.c. (before cannabis) are again the same as before, after my wife. Some of my friends jokingly say heaven, what a shame. Lol, as I said in the previous post, slip twice, once when I bought 2 Michele and once, when he had three shots with a partner, but still think that my original function stop watch, because they were insignificant, on my way and way manifestations of the idea. When I was chronic, it would have enough only in the morning to go to work. High sensation would be still fun, but not worth days 2-3 terrible, with her. It is a matter of priority. Just think of the money, this is not going to stop. are always baked, how you? I I! My ego is satisfied now! Everything to know cost you about grass, much to learn. Approaching the 3 months from own combat, less if at all - in almost every day. When I decided to stop the script helped much, brother. We are prone to wd, what we know and need support and understanding in the acids of these days. you tell more in the afternoon. Viva!. Dabuoy smoking marijuana anyone but me to advocate? in fact, I've suggested that other members should take a break. I'm first on this forum come and busy, because I was concerned about night sweats that are affected, as I not smoking marijuana before 3 weeks more. You have still not smoking weed, but I do not know who will be a time in the future, I don't see how in any way this does not mean that the questions in this thread. It's funny that you mention, eat drink tea and eat chocolate as laughable comparisons though they never mention these things. I have a fair comparison between the negative effects of THC compared to Nicotiene, anyone can have a serious impact on the health of people and the death of decoupling of cannabis, alcohol and caffeine. If you take a piss against someone who may be less accurate now. I think that marijuana should, as one of the doctors who analyzed the harmful effects of the grass be legalized (the link is on this thread somewhere), because I think it should be able to go return to the doctor with symptoms of marijuana, I suffered. I suggest that you read a symptom for the Elimination of weeds a little more before again, initiate the insults, arrogance is, so? Hi restore addict, thank you for your post, I have a smoking heavy saucepan from the last years of 4 or 5 on a daily basis. Days 4 ago, I led this incident had me to believe that it's time to stop. I've been strong for 4 days, but still pot almost every moment of my daily life. After reading your article, it seems that it is normal and gave other clues about to read me inspiration. to keep good work.PS: your article has helped me a lot for withdrawals. LOL get your shit. ! First of all, it has no debt. I came to find the answers. Andnorcos, Oxycontins, xanax, etc, etc, are all it.and you In the some extreme side effects are safe. (although it is much worse for those) 2 was not really looking for your cents.and in addition, because my problem is, if it happens to very few people, I'm after what could be my problem, but you have millions of people have the same Wirkung.Sind IMO, the million heads better than one.but you know? I just need to stop blamin my problems on the lawn. HA. I am Baaaaack.Ich have booked not for 5 months. I was clean for 6 weeks, but it returned without really the intent. I'm back to smoke a half ounce a week. Somehow I think that it only in secret, when I was looking for the not. Now I'm back in the car. Since then, I had a j before 5 days and nothing.I read all posts (also stupid) and I feel strongly. Maybe this time for me will work.I would applaud like a few new posters who seem to know what's happening.TooChewed. sounds highly trained professionals and Minusses of marijuana and abuse. I have some medical knowledge, but I learned new things to read their Nachrichten.Brandon 12 her reason for quitting smoking, helped to remind me why I after his release. Very inspiring.All others (except the idiots, you know who you are).Everything you can build business, until you have to do without the Essntials of life might not be good for you.I know that cannabis, patients with multiple sclerosis, etc. prescribed glaucoma patients, but people have many more problems of grass. Some are of course, but it's like digoxin, and it would be as easy as a weed. All of our medicines come from natural sources, and each has a goal in itself.If you know that why he returned to the Ganj? I thought I could do leisure. Apparently not, or not write. However, wish me luck. I need. Hi, this site has Helpedi am 15 and of course the smoking of marijuana for more than a year, eight months is about the day quite a few times, I would do anything to get grass and spend my 100%. I made the decision recently resigned to lay down. I went 3 days and withdrawals experienced, as mentioned, this was difficult and I felt that I had me a reward for the current 3 days then I me once again picked up. earlier, that it is stupid and I never give up, if this, then I stayed again and am my third day again. the last 2 days I woke up in sweat soaked. Last night I had the worst dream, I cried and cried not extremely short muted stop.i and snap on the slightest. I would not quit, but I think the existence of my age, it's necessary.: (.) Yes!) You have made it through another day!I have about 30 times. Duration: 8 months. We hope that this my final exam is successful.Every time when I have lasted more than two months, I realized 3' steps to recovery. This of course applies to all, because we have all other metabolic and level of dependency. Nevertheless, it can be an incentive for some. I think that all tend to think shit, lol, a few days or weeks WD, which never expire!For me, the hardest part is the first phase, which lasts about two weeks. During this period, my shit is sleeping not existent (weekly), consisting of micro - Pausa seconds here and there, or absolutely not restorative, nightmare and ultra short (week 2). I can swallow everything so that my diet is mainly composed of liquids. Everything is boring and you draw a damn exhausting. Headaches and Angstzustände.Die phase 2 (week 1-2 months) Finally some real improvement. I sleep only rarely more than 5 hours, but sleeping and dreaming are slowly to normality returns. Still dizzy and exhausted, but functional. Often, but obsessed think PAS on pot. Often boring, but not clinically depressed.After the first month, I feel more subtle dramatic improvement, because the process and slow down is. This is my phase 3 (1-5/6 months). I don't believe in 100% only. Something is missing, but he had almost forgotten, the reason for my illness almost every day. Bad manic days so much, but the concept of happiness is again accessible to me. Shit periodicas. sleep better with inexplicable nights 5-6 months later, I realize that my quality of life much better than before. Sleep, digestion, nerves normal. In my case, without exaggerating it is months a gradual, but real rebirth after 5-6. Only the normal problems of life, which is huge, can sometimes actually be, but the problems of feeling healthy. But it was stupid enough to believe I could back moderately smoking lol! I think that some people can control their intake, even if they have, once abused but that's not my Fall.BTW, exercise and good diet support (better to avoid pills, supplements and Vits IMO).Were no fight desperate guys! Sooner or later you will feel normal. And the worst shit will disappear in a few weeks!Viva!. Check, if they stop to see, now I see the sign - signal SF: Revue the same range of emotions; Angry, sad, crying, fighting, so I think that means steamed. Since I've been back for 2 months, I had a panic attack, I think that last week, but I've found, is high blood pressure. Now I think that if I continue to smoke, perhaps it would be better.You're not alone, but you're still. It is something that you have. and it makes me sick. And that they do together. I did SIP wine a Bloody Mary, something the gap to fill, but wakes up, with a hangover from alcohol is worse than the bad Hierba: Battle of Resaca.Ich suggest that some of your physical activities Favorites and tunes to help you. I have sprained both ankles in 2 months, went to the window. I think that I have abandoned many defects in both. It also kills me.I hope this helps a little. I have to book a long time ago. I've been recently; Not only read messages. But it helps if I need support on the ventilator. Recordings and I miss my friend. Hi interested in, why is WifePerhaps that Jeff is some distance because he recognizes, how much holiday wanted to change his life. I would love to change their long-standing friendship. It is quite dramatic. Or maybe you were / to get and if you ignore it, you can escape to the subtle connotations that comes. You can few addicts who can be simple without the drug of choice among. I think almost everyone can leave with the right motivation, but I don't know what would motivate Jeff. No one knows better than you. Avoid this bad advice is, you got nothing on, except that you often sign up for moral support in this fight. I think of you and gives you everything want good, I.Stay strong. Hello In the 20 years smoked old iv because I 12 but Wen 13 founded 14 Hevarly iv is also the Smytions, I do not have smoked, 4 3 months but Christmas meet a friend smoked things very very low, whereupon, Intens Anxirty have really started as a panic attack but the synchronization of Thoth, the a Noth is stopped a Noth, and not complicate the smoke by Agen Ebrahimi Masuleh, but I think that Primo was Worryed WAT bad Shilpi me food Exspeced be how bad Smytions breast around Bains/Pian heart lungs as she felt form/lite/Dizziey have no day once the head ayc Sensasion feeling/heart first Djehuti mixers reinforced quiet low Sensertive was not a heart attack, eyes coalition of Brit C lite lite white walls as if the Czar see a light and then Els what sum [ghost vision] here is like who u look on the back of the tv script black white pattern is most obvious c u a bit over written Fantly it wiv Pepol, if it is Linkled, but never seen before, but am not any doc iv said, although I think, my period Atack developed a fear of death Anxierty health a little panic wiv can't tell, Claudio is attributable to the poor grass but is partly a life full of stress, I started smoking my mothership burst my wiv Relashion I hav trust now regret after I moved my father, not forcing Pleac at this time in a youth hostel houses Shilpi have a House, and then I went to my friend lived then direct wiv was tossed who a friend wiv my girlfriend and moved to BK in the hostel, we are please only ultimately, also was Miss Careag was sad and we had a son Premerchor month 3 cause of death after 2 months the worst moment of my life nw have a daughter who comes for tea of Heafy Smytions, thinking that iv dies and leaves behind two BehinedPero, went to the thong because most think smoking hevey grass hidden my problems now the best Boxer in the world hit me like a shot so if you try, stop thinking of Famerly as wel as even beter Fel, then met I have the sum of Concerling make its certainly not a pebble with a value of feeling in addition to bad things, that she are the same to remember good times Jack would like to Smytions happiness in my life Excel wiv pace oil hörenDanke perhaps really hope for those who need it. I have been smoking marijuana for more than 12 years and recently decided to leave. Thank you for your article, I discovered that the headache, palpitations and insomnia were part of the Prozesses.Ich'm logged into a gym and exercise helped me to combat these symptoms.The start was slow, but with determination and strength, I get stuck.I also propose that we would have to give the rest to all smoking partners and resist peer pressure!Keep your goal believe Remix and ignore the comments of those who try to convince you.You consume plenty of liquids (especially water) and eat lots of fruits and vegetables to.The water causing them, frequent urination and thus contribute, Detox.Vergessen before all, that those who respect not their choice are not really your friends. Fight the good fight, is the end. Hi, my father a few days ago tried and was a heavy user of long duration. Shows any signs of retreat, filled with tears, angry, I need advice how frustrated, etc. to help him through this time as aggressiveness and irritability support him exhausted and still above me. Thank you very much!!!. Just quit smoking and feel intense symptoms this time fortunately. Good luck to anyone who tries to stop!(There are 12 points for marijuana program). I'm on my second day of not smoking marijuana. The abstinence-only Symptonm received no hunger is I, which is good for me! Smoked marijuana almost 14 days have I went to a prayer meeting Sunday and prayed to God, he looks away from me take. Well go without cravings, was in the prayer and reading of the Bible and works, pray in the night, help me sleep and it works, to all the people, the problems have smoking just pray and believe that God will help us and be. The power of prayer is amazing! I came to this site and read it until the post a week. I had to make w Dr. appointment because I thought I had a brain hemorrhage and I was scared. Discover, this is withdrawal symptoms; Division of Equalîbrium, longing, loneliness, headaches, problems of total Langeweile.Ich lost my best friend. When might you include with his (MJ). She was there for me when I came home, and when I woke up, my weekend program, I was happy with hunger, sleep, calmed down my anxiety. He could nothing wrong done.I had my driver's license problems with the last two weeks. The first and know that not really I MJ pass as it can be. I've gone for long periods of hiccups (during message playback), anger and disappointment. Why didn't I do both? I work tomorrow and everything you can imagine can one last oz for Friday and the weekend for a last Shabang.So I came out here once again to remember why I after his release. It is not lack of money, not daring to my constant over 10 years and 20 years of leisure, but I think it was just the opposite. I used to say, why not all day, do not drink, no drugs work? It's my stress reducer after a long way back. Traffic can kill!Now I understand that I am not alone, even if I'm alone, my mother dead, my young husband just died, my dog died, my other dog is going to die and my new puppy is a deadly infection that will soon happen there has, and at least they are alive and enjoying the days of my life. I have a fantastic job and very happy to live in our economy now work? Exercise? In addition, in this way, but with the pot at the end of the Rainbow, it makes it worth living, and now I have trouble finding a new direction.My withdrawal symptoms are the basics, and I want all over again if you let me. And if it's legal, can withstand encounters it seconds needle and not restarted. I want Green Day in the right way to celebrate. Thank you to all of you. Each of you has so far contributed my sobriety in some way. Hi scientist, therefore I believe that the type and thickness of the smoke makes all the difference. the difference, I mean, is it that much fear of Palpatations poster, sweating and heart stop. Sometimes in the heart Palpatations and anxiety but never get, if it seems straight - strange report fear so much after must stop. I was angry for a while say 6 weeks? and, as already mentioned, a mild depressive state, but this follows a slightly euphoric State in the first month or two. Oh, the main problems for sleep, but sleep first. My message today in absolute value is, that in the weeks, months and years, who are all coming back where we were before our checks. or if there are only costumes? What is the difference? Just words, feelings are real and you feel good. I am the mother of a 17-year-old smokes grass every day. He will necessarily leave, but after a short time have severe deprivation. He tried several times to leave, beat, but I always go back to smoking, because the symptoms. As a mother, my heart is broken, and I don't know what to do to help you. There are no medications or herbal remedies that can help the pain relieve your retirement? Please someone hear my call! I'm a little sad that no one answered my comment on the way he touched me the Gras.Zumindest I hope that my comment someone help maybe Jasmine the kind and way and to win. BFD has me thinking big f * cking d * CK. Thank you for the clarification, that! Lmfaotry have a brain disorder and quit smoking! BFD and I have even worse. Hahahahah we are strong! Thank you for your site! I am 23 years old and I started smoking parasite and grass since the age of 15 years his condition makes, but these last two years has been steadily almost every day. Above is not so funny or entertaining or how it, now if I'm Drogo, I feel lazy, I used not in the mood to talk quite a bit in my chair sit and roll and used to be active. I adapted a custom of smoking before bed, and now it has become a problem, I can not sleep without a seal. Their two days havn't smoke and I feel all the symptoms of withdrawal that increased my level of desire, which it is very difficult for the seller lives with me in the House. There are natural supplements that help to eliminate withdrawal symptoms? How long these symptoms? My withdrawal symptoms are severe. Makes me angry, very easy with my mother and I feel out my neck in half and out of me. Or to kill him. IN the only 15 16. In healing the detoxification by a friend who showed me that the light. I asked my mother if I could turn on the issues of anger. It said In the having withdrawals.and grass made me angry. So here I am. ? I'm going through a withdrawal now (day 5). Yesterday someone smoked (four inhalations) with me and helped to alleviate anxiety and discomfort. I stayed for financial reasons — simply means, although I must admit I'd never to throw money do not. But I've smoked the most of the time for 20 years, and they were and are sometimes, when I feel; I'm too old for this. Then someone said anything about Willie Nelson, and I realize it is personal choice how you want to live.But to focus only on the memory, the biggest problem is recidivism. Before that I want, that I had a friend, could give the glass and leave my regular consumption. I think I'd be a rich man, you should do an Assistant. But after seeing the posts here, I am convinced that a system could be exposed, useful to the addicted pot. Robin Williams, talks about his dependency on alcohol, said that he vodka, beer, wine, and then nothing had drunk their consumption on the road to reduce.Problem is that, even if there are a lot of people posting here, not all of them living in the same city. You know that, if a Web site dedicated to the systematic withdrawal might help. Usually smoking, an hour after work and once before going to bed, then click once after work, for longer periods and more between cigarette all day all etc, maybe a two days, three days, record for people to schedule their meetings, a page for the people of the recording chat? especially if you have anxiety, or can not sleep (like me now), but it can do nothing constructive.I like remains high and everything you have, but I would rather pay money out put a credit card balance and simply stinks are instructed, in particular, if you do not have access (man, is dry in the city about the man in flames). Can anyone relate? Don't nobody believe that he would win a live online with a page resource? I could barely read. Why? As in the first sentence, there is a huge Innacuracy. Firstly marijuana has changed much in the last 20 years. They have a study, where old marijuana again compared marijuana tested and what everyone forgot, was immediately after the study was published, which publishes information on tested cannabis. It turns out, had saved twenty years of weed has really were and had obviously degraded. Cannabis is cultivated for thousands of years (register). Are such an arrogant fucking, believes that a plant that evolved for centuries more and more people have perfected over the last twenty years? With the advent of artificial lighting and a better understanding of the biology, which grow much more beautiful strains can of course. But it is usually the large minority of marijuana. Most of the things wines playground. average grass most (non-premium products), which I've collected (based on anecdotal evidence) is actually terrible compared to the old grass. What kind of sense (in some cases), as it formerly largely a business ' import/export more or less how it was cannabis in suitable climates. Now, cry more than schoolyard, grew up in the Midwest. Would be Dick want to know where you are wrong? Cannabis is not promoted, tumors, is prescribed for patients with cancer. In General, cancer is used to eliminate the nausea associated with chemotherapy treatment, but in the case of the lung because THC reduces tumour size. Not to forget that UCLA or University of Saskatchewan (my memory is beyond me) conducted a study that showed the continuous, smoking cannabis reduces the likelihood of a cancer of the lung. It turns out that aging kills the THC lung cells and age lung cells are more susceptible to cancer.Now with regard to mental illness of all. Now, there are two schools of thought on this subject. First of all there was no definitive answer but all (regarded) scientists believe that you one of these two things. The first is that marijuana caused any mental illness (including mental illness, I mean schizophrenia), but only underscores the underlying mental illness. If you any history of mental illness (schizophrenia once again), you need to make. There is the group that really thinks that the association with cannabis and schizophrenia is anecdotal. Cannabis (as well as other medicines with most of them) are merely a means of self-medication and cannabis has nothing to do with the construction of a mental illness.He added that thousands of people in the rehabilitation of marijuana occurs. Now what you forgot to add it, is that most of them occurs not naturally. Almost everything (except a small percentage) of the people in rehab for cannabis exists only because he to the Cour.Maintenant, I'm not trying was appointed, say that cannabis is harmless. It is not clear, and have a negative Reprecussions. But the biggest problem associated with marijuana has less to do with the substance to do themselves and the fact that you breathe more scorched plants. I would like to also adds that it not only a consumer of drugs in the last five years (market was), but also has an unhealthy obsession with psychopharmacology and try so friendly to me as possible when it is this temas.Compruebe the facts rather than go, throw is. We add enough propaganda, without you. I have 50 years, my usage was all day from morning until evening sometimes you 5 be stoned to death. Use a vaporizer, since it could not tolerate my lungs and I was coughing badly. Also it have such as cooking and eating, really me so high that my eyes looked like a huge red glow and black. I have closed this year, last year and 3 months, but I've been drinking, now 3 weeks and 3 days his total abstinence from alcohol and Mary Jane. ! Now my symptoms come, I got a cold from my first day to quit while I was very sad, but went cold after 8 to 9 days, but since then other physical symptoms keep have. Start completely disappeared, lost appetite, 10-12 pounds and 6 feet, and up to about 168 pounds now usually weight 180 lb terrible depression, panic attack, every now and then think I will die, cold sweats, drop the lot where I see the body temperature and jitter teeth, flu-like symptoms, persistent pain in the body, neck pain burning end feeling in the throat and lungs, muscle pain, fatigue. Lack of concentration, you forget things, which I just read or thought is the headache. I went to the doctor and he said very many tests, look, pick up something physical, the only thing that returned is my thyroid number were slightly low or high, recalls are not and I have the results, but I think and read by Mary Jane increases produce more Serotoninaasi the production of the thyroid gland may also be a symptom of withdrawal. Lately I've read studies and adapts it passes T if not now said something about how much will last, so only to endure, let us hope that it will begin to have a little softer in fourteen days per month. I'm not here write to discourage something or promote, they are simply made extensive use of drugs, such as I, for years on a daily basis. One other thing I cleaned after heavy use every year while he was 27, was clean since slowly, I went back 15 years and for the past 6 years was 2 years and one day. The retreat at the age of 27 years was much less evasive and not as bad as in the 1950s. in any case, I'll write a month, if you get it, because nothing is guaranteed, I to groups with other drug addicts, to support me the best opportunities, I understand that if I continue my use one extreme dead or in a mental hospital in 5 years. Only, it's easy to get a little motivation than others. I'm just grateful that I never, heroin, crack or Crystal Meth tried, and I feel bad for those who looking for their fight. Peace and strength for all those who change their lives want since it would not be, in any case what I'm going through.MASOUD Flaik snowsports performance. I smoke marijuana 4 months ago, but I still have pain head and sometimes inexplicable nausea. He was an avid user for 8 hours, I know and with several other medications, even if marijuana was my drug of choice. You consume exorbitant sums of money, probably about beyond what he could manage the tolerance of the majority of the people. Match all of these factors in the length of my period of abstinence? Or am I just an exception, a kind of addict anomaly? One thing that I would like to highlight is, that the normal side effects of marijuana smokers seem to me: I eat, they kill what I wanted without me up, & the life of my spirit would take much longer than the average smoker. I have collected a variety of psychotropic drugs, until I started in the pot. Everything is this very confused, I would appreciate clarification. I smoke marijuana for 20 years and a couple of times in the years arrested for months at a time. Try him another chance, with alcohol also disappeared. These last two days I had money in any way to deal with an abundance of scammers who try to burn the money, or pull. I am completely lost and wanted this piece of shit to kill rogue. Bienvenido Greenhornet!He said he expects that you have the power to say no, that seemed sensible to think about what he deserves, rather than what was give. It was more psychological, emotional, financial, family harmony, etc., if you remember the reasons why you wanted to first strengthen your determination. Check here often to strengthen their commitment. We help to motivate you. Stay Strong.BFD. Ive been smoking for more than 20 years and most recently I tried to leave, but conscientious retreats has always struck me, this will improve with time or is as good as it gets. I am very nervous and irritable and depressed, I don't normally feel without a session. What you can do, or the answer to be hit and only long withdrawals from the ultimay door there something to make cravings more bearable. Thank you in advance for your comments. FFDF. not. I remembered when I published one of the first things you suggested the situation force me. So better not. Also I need perform some time away from the daily chaos without travel. The weather was cold, fog, a bit (as usually) we rises very early, we arrived in San Francisco at 06:30. Even though it was a great trip, there is something to do with Jeff (s) seems to be a little far away. If you want any kind of conversation, which is apparently in Lala-land. I'm starting it it a little mind, is not, but I want to! This situation is bad for us. See, most of his friends every day (all day) smoking they have the possibility, Jeff is really slow very House plumbing business.Our nephew (by 4) had a cheerleading at 20:00 performance in the half of our high school football game. MOM and Dad had a wedding, and he offered to take it. It seemed to not want to be there, he complained about his back, etc, etc, I really think that the reason was, that I smoke too much grandchildren who live in the proximity of his home had since the eve.I don't want to lose him, without him my life has no meaning. But I want to achieve, if it is still running the wall wheels these machines, but where to go. I need more!I'm open to all so that everyone can see the damage this drug for the family can create. As I said, I know that he's afraid that smoked all his life. my children know no. Me I question sometimes maybe he's scared, that if it becomes clear he doesn't love me? You can also one of his problems, I don't know anymore.I like feeling not so good, normally I'm a very strong person, but I think it will start to fade. For those who are looking after / abandonment or even think, congratulations to all. Keep the great begins Concernedwife, one week prior to any maintenance. It also looks leaves.I started every two weeks to smoking only once, times of drought in the time where I had to focus on studies. For me when they fly only really feel the effect for several days. Only one type of great emotions. Then the University began smoking cigarettes last year drunk with my friends. It was a cigarette, one night before a shower and then to bed. This habit disappeared, but you me poisoned, even if I sometimes drink. After graduating, I began smoking marijuana more major midsummer. It seemed that it was time to let loose. Then the next winter has begun smoking marijuana once every day. This happened several times a day during the summer came, and then I started to have that first one I had the all good music festival this summer to pain in the chest after hard reset. It helps not likely, that she smoked during the cold and it had a strong cough. In hindsight, it seems silly. But I started pot 3-4 times a day smoking to the lungs (the intermittent) pain, to make me my own mortality. I definitely I smoke grass to my lungs for a long time give a needed break. Took me 3 days and danced with marry. Then four and a further dance and now I am as far as possible. This is day number 5 but I feel strong.I have to say that appetite is the first thing that caught my eye. I have to eat are used with marry, and had none to food drive. Sleep is no problem, but I still dream, and like me. Then I am tons of shit spew. Sputum with drops of black and grey, dark brown. Adopted, it is just tar. What has me worried, that I sometimes chest pain. I can't really say it, if it continues on the coast or in the lung directly under the ribs, but it worries me. What could be ignorant of COPD and other thoughts BS fly in my head when I think about it. Although I strongly doubt that always sever you could have, if shit got the most people who develop this somehow packs a day for decades smoked. It must be careful. But here is my story. I continue to chest pain see and if it's really starting to go into things to the doctor. It seems that the pain will appear after I that somehow tempted coughed also clear my throat. It seems that reviews issues. BTW, the chest pain is sweet and moving. Be visible enough. Running makes me feel comfortable and have the mouth of the pulmonary circulation.All things in moderation. This forum has helped, thank you! As has already been said, I started to think I had some major medical problems through all the symptoms of withdrawal. Read other peoples stories has helped me, calm down. I'm 10 days without smoking and most of my bad symptoms have disappeared, but my stomach is still bothering me. I noticed that the trouble starts the questions to fade on day 5 or something like that.However, for anyone who reads this, keep it. Today I feel better. The hell were those early days! I know that it always addicted to marijuana, but now can not be high for 10 days, has me these things to q. say what I love to be high, but I hated the feeling of knowing that grass controls my life. So, don't give up! It will be useful.Thank you very much for your help. Welcome to! Smoking 14 13 years mine are also many potentially more productive years grass. Now I'm 5 months to clean and very good. I sympathize with the anger which is torn by some of the best years of our lives, but I'm in favor of legalization. To read before you depart and stop offending, let me explain. It is therefore now, anyone with $20 can marijuana, no questions asked. If marijuana is legalized, taxes and was regulated, there is a better level of control, as it is now. Something illegal, it is not enough, it's only underground unit, where it has no control. Now I see the negative effects of smoking marijuana, but it will not disappear soon. I'd rather see that and the Government by drug traffickers, who know that they are the scum of the Earth live outside suffer / controlled reliance on others. I change not your mind, but I want my.I stumbled on a site very valuable and useful for all of those, to free marijuana. Create a shortcut on the desktop and departure, often there is always a sympathetic ear here.And once again, welcome!BFD. It depends how long smoking for Egyptian art and were tired while smoking or closed, when? But I also fear I've heard that the case were smokers seem to leave grass very sleeply in the day and sleep at night, that takes the time to your body, your riding the thc in your system into better shape, I recommend that one or two run time of a day and drink cranberry juice should be good in the coming weeks to congratulate and continue to : ). Hello, thank you for this interesting site. I have read and appreciated the withdrawal symptoms that you posted. I had my brother very restrained, which seeks to stop marijuana. He asked me for help and took him to a meeting of rehabilitation, where we went to the medication to reduce stress and mood. He worked in the last three weeks, and everything seemed OK until confused in his hands (tremors shaking), and they seemed to breathe hard. This leaves which I referenced. These some of the other withdrawal symptoms, or are they? Please help me to understand. Otherwise thanks guys for their decisions and goals whatsoever reach very well. There is a single point, you need a deeper review, as everyone here seems to be concerned about the use of physics seeks: exactly, if you're feeling run?This is certainly not at this time, when it starts to their public roles, it comes to your mind before hours. This is the time to say no, or better to dilute for alternatives to dependence. (See the book by Lance M. Dodes to this topic)It could be outside the lawn for months, but a helpless moment trigger could yet old habits and you could end up with a cigar in his mouth. For this reason, it is important on the independence (psychology) revolutionized rather than physically blocked, or worse, exchanges with other requirements of behavior focusing.This promotes the appetite and reduces the symptoms of Detox to early retirement. It helped me, forever after years of abuse, to leave, so I wanted to share here. JeremyEveryone Bud is different and if you are lucky like you, and you should. I hope you have a happy life. Many people drink every day and lives a long and happy life. Numbers of many people smoked every day and also a long and happy life. More power for them.But people are not equal. Different things affect different Menschen.Niemand is looking for a scapegoat Jeremy of Messenger. Here people are trying to find. I m looking for me and feel better. Smoking negatively affected my life by marijuana. Congratulations showed me. Period. You can change, t.Toda doesn't change your anger and aggression.Throw IN the questions this crap to all people who want to sell? HMMMMMClarity of the Geistes.Erreichen. Keep it seems to be. 19 years old and have smoked marijuana for 6 years. I have not smoked for a month and all payouts have experienced. For example, shit sleep, anxiety, Iritability, and much more. Well, that still want and think about smoking every day. Everyone says that there everything spiritual, I agree, it's true. I tend to be very boring and cranky humor once in awhile. Thank you very much for the support from anywhere in the world and wish good luck to all! Hi evey1ive 14 smoked more or less every day. I realized that indicates a change years 4 ago, when the grass was always high. previously, it was only smoke sativa. I think that this Kush is a very strong stress and retreats. I have still a severe headache and OMG dreams, nightmares are something every night. good luck to all in their quest for a drug-free life. Fine also blaze, grass and all my friends. It will be hard for me. 4 months free this year smoking over the last 5 months have been vase. wake up, all stunned. unnecessary smoke, the early new w January wake up. I don't want to go, but they have some goals that, must think painlessly. cold Turquia.demasiado ween tries this time lets you know how it goes. I'm glad to hear that you can. I hope that the new year is fine). Hi, I'm even smoking marijuana since I was 15 now almost 17 I occasionally smoked but, like 3 or 4 times per month. ND then one day we inhale times. 4 or 5 appeared in the big house ND night thought that it was normal so I Excersiced, but it made it worse and I feel now that I deeply breathing.but can assume if I stop to think about it, I feel me good, but every day, it is. I don't want to the u think THC, I have stored in my brain and is poorly maintained or paranoia of the ND gunna? BFD GuysHUGE thank you are the light, that makes sense for all of us, I just read that your last post-di-football should be in the car again today. [just a simple fast mail as In the a pro-Europea:] its been 24 hours since my last and (hopefully last) smoke. and I have not known that a withdrawal for the time being not yet sleep in 2 managed halves and sleeps until 9 remain half morning! Early days yet although maybe all what I, um could come. [[or would be very happy:] Thank you again and stop all stay strong:] Doomtree. YoungPothead, it helps me to know, that to offer comfort. Know, my damn career as a useless addict who heavily managed self-esteem sabotaged my self esteem to his drugs. Dealing with these posts is interaction with like-minded people and good karma, lol! And honestly said, I don't have all direct registration with idiots who seem silly from time to time with the same history we said with arrogance, as natural weed harmless, non-addictive, useful viewing or other dangerous materials. (Opium is also normal, arsenic, tobacco, alcohol, atropine and a long list of drugs and poisons used by people are therefore necessary in nature with no chemical transformation).All the symptoms disappear with the time trying to keep in mind when (and if) I have nausea, you can not much food, I can't sleep, I'm anxious, etc. to have a good day despite his condition. If you have any questions, post and we answer here to the best of my knowledge). I wonder, one of the men who smoke lose their Mojo? would not lost my buddy and I know whether it is the grass?I have mein ' Mojo' not lost, if he was smoking and I know not whether this or something else with him, please, help xxxx. Hello, friends. I just want to say that I 20 years and announced recently, smoking marijuana. I'm happy, all that experience to see, because they go very much. My biggest concern is that insomnia & feeling immediately paid. Breathing seems even more difficult be. It was about 2.5 weeks. I'm with anxiety depression & but do you know how you don't understand that you have a head, until you have a migraine or headache. Do not understand that there a heart run until you, or SCO or accept this panic attack. You can be processed through our days but during the night, it's almost like the awakening of my heart. I felt very strange dreams. And I'm only from anywhere in the world. Grass helped me sleep very well. and its nearly three weeks. It is not always impossible to sleep. But it is difficult, and they tend to wake up right after I hit this state of sleep. She could absorb that I made so many psychedelic. But I never had the feeling, when. I heard some 50 days before and it was simple. But I'm back to regular use. Almost every day, several times. If not every day. Truth be told, very sad. But I have to find a job. So I'll keep as far as possible. Jogging helps me. God bless your efforts. When are these symptoms of withdrawal. Or is the world going through some similar experiences (which I doubt, those who continue to smoke and try to defend the factory.) We got it. I smoked the religious. And no one trying to say something in the stone. But who stop by us are clearly similar experiences. And I don't think that a coincidence. Shares of Li. It is only for the mental support. And I'm glad that it stumbled on this page) so that I do not know. I want to stop anytime soon. But this shit sucks. I want to leave not on anything. Apart from oxygen. And easier, that the last time could not stop you, because he drank much. After sleep. The absence of one of boredom. Anyway idk. But I'm tired so fast to hear. And lethargic. We hope that it will soon subside. Good luck to all. Smoked Scunk since 15 n now In the 39, 4 weeks, since I am no longer with first 2 weeks I found that it is difficult to sleep and he began, smoke more cigarettes, but nichtdass that free grass do Government Nottttt; improve me because I usually sleep and smoking has fallen, be strong and you can beat it, now you can sit to my friends, use n like[. [Joined the 39 before 10 days summer smoking (Skunk for the last 10 years, 1/2 oz per day) for 20 years, get was for a week and it is well (apart from the crazy dreams), now go back home in the United Kingdom, and it hurts, do not smoke, you think that grass.]?] I can't sleep, but if you do, oh my God, dreams, and nightmares wake query are so real and alive to their topic hate downloading the are hot sweat like this last? I'm still smoking cigars, but need to go on the grass! Suggestions for all? Thanks for the consolation, Hayden means. Not my cup tea, so that I have already completed, was fun, that it took. Time to grow up and to the back of the school focus and save the sum of my hard-earned cash LOL! I hope that this retreat in soon and everyone tries to hang enough it can do may God bless them all. No marijuana is not addictive. I live in Amsterdam and switch is on and switch off many Male.Sicherlich, it depresses me a little, but the Psyhchological rained, it is that you know that it is always free of charge to the Verfügung.Die above described symptoms frequently ALA abrupt withdrawal with tobacco rolled.I know a lot of people smoking stop you went straight to a Vaporisor. It is dangerous, not for nothing burn only steam of THC. Its 2 weeks today, the last time I had a joint!Look at my last post makes me realize, that time a healer! I know that I maybe to early to say, but In the sense of the fantastic! I was 4 days. 5 days ago I had two pretty big panic attacks! the day was abysmal, full of fear, he stressed, the eyes and the most foolish things, but after the day, I was fantastic. Sleep, interrupted my dreams are present, but pretty cool lol, that is to say, a Ferrari last Nite lol led. There is no cold sweats!Said that tyrant is very affected by the way get you through things. I eat very healthy and in a fitness routine that strengthens the oppressive. The breakfast is always a healthy cereal (flakes of sounds and some fruit), Apple and a protein shake around 10ish, good food with vegetables! Spinach, etc, rooms, gym, protein and meal then healthy anal 5ishIt seems very ordinary Autour, but I'm in very good shape and I always to! In the already lethargic and my moments of boredom, where typically a seal have also luckily I can just sit and a little TV or go somewhere.I know that it takes for every two weeks, because I know that everyone is different. In addition, I have always in relatively gd shape Neway, which then turned was just a question of being strong for a short period of time.I know it is more than a lot of people, but perhaps can it to ensure that others get through it. Also supplements take such as Omega-3, calcium, Multivitamin and cod-liver oil card. To strengthen my immune system!I recommend to do this. I understand that money can be a problem for many health foods, dietary supplements, and these things in the gym. But on a bag grass Everynite (I), is an essence of life and what I do is still cheaper than the new spending 20quid!Thingsbye bye and keep people and Kleeneze hope Mary Jayne! Today it is 2 weeks for me and for most, that so bad am not because I get motivated, to leave this time. I had a very bad day today, but it is more to do with my colleague than anything else. It was not so irritating, if I was stunned, but it couldn't take any more today. I know that intolerance is a big issue with me. Hope that will be better tomorrow.I don't know whether is it a be casual or non-user. Total abstinence seems to be better at the moment work.BigSmoker, a psychiatrist, you see, if only to rule out underlying condition and can prescribe anti-anxiety drugs that are not addictive, which on potholes. Try you not obsessed about your mental health, is you crazy.(Pun intended) Distracted by other activities, especially physical activity. Due to how our cells is blocked by pollutants takes awhile to clean them. Keep in mind that this is a process, not an event. Long-lasting friends out there, we'll do it. OMG I was weed wonderfully elegant since I was 13, now a highly IAM 22 all days of my life except for the 9 months that I was pregnant. IAM in a Custy battle going with my father, a son, I, it was so strong, that they are trying to keep clean, this weekend had a relapse since a couple of weeks but now, that they were cleaned by a week of hard sleep eat juice I phen for the wrong, but I know in my heart, I myself on the will of my son all this is normal? Hi all! I am 43 State smoking almost 30 years from love's wake and baking in the oven and by the work returned.I have never had a previous drug test to take, and now I have no other choice. I'm trying a job very well, so I had to leave for the first time.Today is my day 11 and the retreat is kick-ass. Headaches, nightmares, just sits just awesome! The only thing the I regret, is the loss of appetite. Instead eat healthy and keep the Form.Guppe I see an Asstray boom, which have a light arrow, I smoke smoke want to see, Pipecleaners, paper roll has the devil on one shoulder, which say that a Jet and still other away.and this Angel don't think Sidekick all experienced so far and I'm writing the bottom of the here to support the guys! I am a woman of 43 years OL and I almost cry and tip for a long time. Now I'm crying myself, while I was writing this, but you miss me you you high really missed! I think that I lost my best friend. Bienvenido Weeder can not think and ex.! I hear you and I. It will be a safe journey. Each step, to find something new. Be willing, ready and focused. Exam support. Let us know how you feel and think. We hope you feel our support and be more strong, to overcome the challenges, who comes every day. I use both of these idiots! Theres nothing MJ recalls 16 years smoking speak, but 19 years smoked that shit shower sleep every day to that between beaten afterwork-24-7. So I decided me for a month and day sleep to stop 4 only for 2 hours then I had my first panic attack, I went to the doctors thinking WTF and panic attacks were beaten, go every day, I soon done lost my research my cocoon and I noticed that he ordered this time abandoned only thrue. PEOPLE NEED IT KNOWLEDGE!Stop this hippie propaganda! I'm waiting to disappear, and when I run this shit overexaggerate puffins In the new No. Smoke marijuana every day. I see only the featured video, of the Union. A positive point, OK Let's say hemp is more fiber, and is beneficial. Hemp is not marijuana remember. Well, let's just say that marijuana for medical purposes must be permitted. But don't forget how many people around today, with a map of medical marijuana, which don't really need. You use it as an easy way to highlight your offer. Believe me, also in consideration and the reasons why he may be, to mark one of them, and the doctors had to distribute freely. I use my asthma as an excuse. Well, I think that since I have, I've known signs of asthma or suffered from infections of of respiratory, that I constantly use by smoking marijuana. Even a cough. In the past I used to smoke medical marijuana to another friend with them, and they smoked at this time there, because they really need for medical purposes, believe me. Is that some doctors are person, cards and not others? This should be a real problem. Here are the medical memories. Something that many people don't know is that economically bΘnΘfices prescribed certain medications. No shit, I know 2 doctors Bank about $100,000 annually from the shoulders to prescription, i.e. horses. The big question is why not see us homeopathic products or focus enough sleep, problems in our lives, on the prevention of diseases with healthy nutrition, movement, ect. ? The Union of the States of cases that we spend a lot of money, that imprisoning people on charges of marijuana. East - this truth? Not, but goes up to marijuana legal and acceptable? This is not the real solution. Research, prevention and education. Believe me, if the dependency information and we develop dependencies introduced people me at school, that I would solve a stronger basis for decisions in life and the problems of my life, because she came. Many things in life is fair? Hell no. Individuals, businesses and Government brain wash us, our money, promoting this viscose cycle? Yes, do something. There was no reason to take the boat and what's with the system. It starts these broader questions with you, friends, family, and community and request the system at its best. First of all, that it clean and sober and do the work and research. It began as a boy, smoked up to 40, was only about 9 days and what was 9 for a day. Now my life is a roller coaster, and I think that there is still a while. Anxiety, stress, irritability, racing, mind, hate, love, Livid dreams, sleep in the adjustments, hot and cold flashes, night sweats, you can imagine, I. Keep in mind: some MJ uses for various reasons some many different reasons. Turns off several reasons, or even use longer, more. If you pass the bowl, whisk, which see game within their we call self-control, when found, are permitted. Recommendations for exercise are good, makes you live and helps new (body), the fastest cleaning system. Catchy, build the strength back up, the body speaks for you. large posters in this thread, I wish you good luck at all each and every one. Welcome ChiefFirst and all, I'm not a doctor, but is of the opinion that an overdose and the fear of himself. Will probably provide cancellation will not solve. Some doctors say that marijuana cause depression and bipolar disorder that can but very little was used, is probably OK. Complaints after a reasonable time free of weeds sustained, to see your family doctor or a mental health professional? As I'm not a doctor, but I am through bipolar with depression and anxiety, said, the abuse of cannabis be caused can. In short chronic use more than a decade,. I actually think they have much to worry about. I hope that I have some of your fears clarified.BFD. I am a 53 year old man who has smoked marijuana for 35 years. Today, my day 3 is smoke free. I feel mentally clearer, less depressed, anxious and generally happier. I know too soon for these great emotions, but they are truth. Essentially, because I was always very antisocial, paranoid, I concerned links all the time what happens. I felt quite different from social gatherings, almost, as if I was living movements, because he had to be for the one reason or another there. I have a bad time smiling, and I was wondering if people knew that it was wrong. I write because I hope that if you suffer from even symptoms, you get a relief to know that you not alone or crazy. Of course, I have problems in my life, but it doesn't work. I was there without thinking, that constantly guilty. My thoughts were of negativity have been bombed. Now I know what some people say, that describe such symptoms of depression or some other mental illness is. You are correct that I was diagnosed with depression and Prozac years in these years. The fact is that smoking with the effect of Prozac per my Phychiatrist has interfered. I have a habit of withdrawal symptoms, but it's not so bad to sleep an hour of fear, difficult, the last 3 nights and a little aggressiveness. But I can tell you that the positive aspects that I felt recently experience the discomfort in the back. If you are a smoker every day as if you do a favor and please, leave. I said that my ball is located. Yes, and why they're so important references to God. Take a look at your post, I don't think that it would take 20 years to realize what kind of an idiot are. This is a thread for the withdrawal symptoms from marijuana, no debate about how worthy your smoke-free lifestyle is concerned. Some people may have no negative side effects smoking, others do not, not the right, others while easy to criticize because I disagree with their lifestyle. Buddha smiles with you in any case. I am on day 6, smoking since I was 18 years old, now 29. I slept well I can about 5 hours per night. My eyes is difficult, but when I go to bed I can't sleep, or take at least an hour to fall asleep myself. I'm very emotional, I think that my world falls apart. I stay strong, because I know that if it will continue, be it through the most difficult. Apart from that, I want to run through all this again. If I had known that, they left a long time ago. By the same thing wish me luck and good luck to all those. I smoked marijuana every day without fail for 8 years. Now, I have 25 and has recently decided to stop because my husband and I would start to have children. Corn. I feel shit! Anxiety and mental confusion are horrible. I think I'll be crazy sometimes, and I'm a little scared. If to normality return. Fear how long before to do it either? Please help someone! This is my fourth day smoking.and I feel not bad.There are currently 5 and he couldn't sleep, so I decided I that (here has everything!) the possibilities, why this sudden insomnia to me who now know investigation into the Internet.I didn't know that grass caused recalls.Once again. This is the first time that I spent so much time without smoke.HMMMMMM.P.d.: I feel much better knowing me, you go with people for jobs! D420One that was most interesting things that has helped me to realize that fear (in my case) which had strange Vertigo, which were the result of my brain just learn balance, without their daily dose of grass. It is not a neurologist but know that has to do it much with neurotransmitters (dopamine) and your brain to adapt to the new levels. Yes! This paragraph was exactly what I was looking for. The Dizzness by a foreigner or to the thinking, but rather as a ' buzz' body disappears. I'm only on day 5 so I know we have to wait a little longer. It sometimes shaking my body from the Subsidres (probably a small panic attack).D420 thank you for understanding (same ot the rest). Is this a joke from truth? The only part of the abolition of marijuana that is available is the mental part. Insomnia, Reizbarkeit.Ich try to smoke after each day almost 3 years (left once for 4 months before), but the only thing smoking me keeps boredom is, as it has absolutely nothing to do with my area, but as grass is always socially and not withdrawn, sometimes I still tired, especially if they are as high as at the girls in the bar, but are my natural was also interact and things so. But now, money is a problem for the economy, that I no every day, smoking, run again so what I try. There is still no trouble only true abstinence insomnia, what a disgusting of course is. IN the 23, I started when I was 16 years old. I smoke too much in the last two years. I have not smoked, in about 9 weeks, but they still have some problems are afraid with very big mood swings. I was very addicted to marijuana, wait a long time to think have generalized anxiety disorder. Just heard that 20 years ago I smoke almost 4 weeks ago. After I stopped it began, every day drinking, smoking and then realized I that I my searches have only ceded, stop to drink a little less than a week ago.I'm at University and have concentration problems. I feel like I was much smarter, am when I was in high school, until I started, but the boat especially was drugs, experience, with many drugs once or two, what I've done. I smoked heavily, more blunts while one day used for transporting books out.But my inability, DOE to concentrate on school is evil, who knows how long it will take. I have a 9 paged report soon, something would be able to fly thorugh in school but now it is very difficult for me. You like adderal a healthy alternative to not be, I like drugs, but it is the only one, that makes me feel like the old me again torn. ? I have 15 days ago, and I feel so much confidence in me and my decision. I still have a lot of problems with sleep, but my determination has doubled hint for you since my Debüt.Ein Maharaj. I'm in my mid-50s, and that was a long way for me. I've smoked marijuana also for 30 years without too many breaks. Not proud; It's just the facts. Yes, a lot of Bronchitus suffered in the last two years and has begun since I left to make it easier. I don't know that it will improve in the course of time. So it may contain. I'm going to do the same. Hi I have pot was too slow for 2 days and In the weening of methadone, In the already not a spring chicken and I must destroy these dependencies, as methadone looking for one so well was I terrible mental fog and ringing in the ears lost their appetite, since I grass left and now it's just a matter of cleaning. Cycles, where one ounce in a week and then leave to smoke for a week, and once again, I need to go back more discipline, and it is time the last straw to the grow. Hi Rick!In fact, I would say that it is impossible to say that soon we are well maintained. I have never, ever speak or smoking saw someone every day so well for so long is 3 days at WD. I'm not saying that you're a liar! But there must be an explanation. Smoking 3 or 10 + daily visits from js/hose? Top things cloud of smoke or cheapo hash / marijuana? Did you break your routine? No matter what happens. You need to answer these questions. The fact is that he feels better on your skin after his resignation. Positive mindset and their realization can contribute than grass to your well-being affects your social security and privacy in a negative way. Genetic factors can be part of the equation: perhaps you are one of those people, the the lucky ones whose genes to stop large WD. I would say that it was the best, you ready for the worst, not crazy if we WD. But his activities for a message of hope: even at 53, you can go to the best. I wish you all the best and hope that the difficulties are not simply delayed. Keep in mind that physical WD is only one component of the recovery. Recovery requires that a profound change in the behavior — never a matter of course, especially after 3 days. If medication for this kind of abuse or marijuana smoking, needs to explain it problems of our bad decisions. We need to solve these problems, to avoid a relapse.Jim, first a warning, because I know, those damn docs and the justice system, she, lol are associated! If something happens, because you follow the advice of your physician. If you jump from the bridge's cousin, individuals we're schizophrenic or grass has nothing to do with your state of mind, a clinically depressed person you want to be responsible. Then: opinions expressed are the opinions of the specialist, should your doctor order Council to follow and take the pills to swallow. If you follow my advice, you are at your own risk. Ok? Now is my opinion, that the toilet should wash during the shit down. Last wait you exercise and eating about 3 months, much good before taking Paxil poison. SSRIS and other antidepressants are drugs bad mutual very unsettling for many (destruction of libido, increase of fear, etc.) and the other for the most terribly painful WD syndrome (brain of zaps big sleep disorders, etc.). Many current and serious studies (i.e. no financing from the pharmaceutical mafia) came to the conclusion that with a WD syndrome has enhanced antidepressants no better than placebo, except for severe depression, nothing to do. Man, is still not able to cry into a severe depression, or on the bed. You have committed in the past of Prozac, zoloft and Remeron and I learned about what I had mentioned. In addition, me has a bad case of tinnitus which I has not stopped since I left those pills poisons have, through my faith, this FUCKIN useless and dangerous if ignorant, doctor. Theme from xanax (alprazolam), you need to know that this benzo is banned in most European countries, as they are typically more advanced a & Canada States that affect health. It has very high addictive potential. If you have a terrible attack of panic, take the lowest possible dose (25-50 mg). He started by alprazolam and let me tell you, it was the worst wd lived with absolute delirium and convulsions. In a slow diazepam (valium Cone, who needed several months, because it simply impossible to start was for me), I had to change. If you are naturally anxious, you get no problem 10 X worse than MJ WD treatment psychologically dependent on this medication very fast and after a few years maintenance. A panic attack is debilitating course, but don't forget that it lasted not long: If the medication in the game comes, the episode is usually more. In my case, I learned that it was the best, leave the House much walk, breathe deeply as diazepam jerking. Nevertheless, my fear is manageable after that, it works. Try everything, including CBT, before you learn how to use the agony with diazepam. Their brain thanks. BIG PHARMA shit!Toochewed, thanks for the welcome! Loved the post. You have a source of inspiration, reminded me of what I knew, lol! I welcome not relapse and I wish you were my neighbor, so that I myself can make friends with you.Spend a wonderful day smoke. Take care and be strong! I am 42 and this is my second entry of marijuana. I used during my college days with regularity and frequency, disappeared with the time after the judgment work has started to smoke. If I have the chance I smoked. But 10 years between 30-40 he smokes only maybe 20 times. Never worried about withdrawals or documented symptoms or Rehabilitation.Sie know that this is something that I did with all knowledge/responsibility, and suffering a part of it. As surfing after drinking feeling like Adam forfeited after sexual intercourse or as a balloon inflation after a heavy meal. about, all symptoms of withdrawal anxiety, insomnia, etc. also appear, by every human being is like a smoker or not. It must be proud or ashamed. I feel bad when someone with it sympathizes.This last series was about 1.5 years and regularly for six months before leaving in 2 weeks. One thing some shit give us in these days is different. It makes me worried about my kids. I want to do everything until you are within the control. It applies to smoking, drinking, sex or chocolate. I think that a little more this time roles let him. I have mentioned most of the symptoms/problems in this forum. And some of them would be the issues of the day, just not looked in the Internet.Ich have sufficient resources continue to smoke and forces major problems had me to resign. In particular my colleague loved always the passion in his bed after a joint. But there are consequences, faced with those. The pleasure is much better when it is inherent. I love the State of happiness, that you, after you experience smoking. But I know that the State without it can be achieved. Finally, it is a State of mind, even if it was caused by an external agent. My next goal is to simulate a similar state of happiness without smoking.Problems during the phase of withdrawal and it is good to know that I'm not alone. But I know good days before without him.Good luck to all! I don't think it causes insomnia. I read a report somewhere, and this kind of search, Dr. Drew, say what happened, the smoke before going to sleep, because makes it is tired and relax, then when you remove your grass is to remove something that is part of the sleep routine and your body is like WTF? because they are trying to make a routine without an element of the procedure. The same goes for those who drink their Cup before bedtime, people drink warm milk before going to bed, basically a part of your routine before bed, have to adjust your body, if you remove this part. Douchewed keep their religious feelings and views of prejudice that you very much, I am thank you, being an atheist, enjoys an occasional joint. Not everyone is now stunned, nor am I for 3 Wochen.Ich a lot to research on marijuana for many scientists, the UK Advisory Committee as David Nutt, drug, which was fired form, simply stating the scientific facts about the real dangers of drugs among his colleagues. Come on this forum and the opinions of others to diminish and be all high and mighty on the lawn. However, I bet that does not throw, smoke the same shit, cigarettes or drink a glass of wine or a cup of coffee contains all drugs more dangerous than THC. I think he should learn a little more. First of all thank you to everyone who posted on this Web site. I am a 23 year old man every day for the past one and a half years has smoked. I have 4 days of MJ, I left the Wednesday before Christmas. I leave took the decision based on several things: even if everybody hear find was not a job for the last year. Reason: enough to a urine test could not clean pass.I have almost all my money on credit to feed my habit, and now I am about to complete with thousands of dollars in debt induced by smoking.I with my colleagues, rather than smoke held people lived in my house hang, then go the days once the stay in dark rooms and smoking constantly to the point where you want to spend every night of smoking.My voice was a 3.0 in the last 3 semesters a 1.3 is, above all, because I smoked that half-full, and I want to do the promise that at the end of the semester, you go and my job. I know that I should not know where on the last day of the work recorded.I think he thought that it was, even though they work in one of my classes, and a top F take it my Pam hurt, because I thought that with good qualities in my other classes. When I was wrong, I ended up a F in two of my classes to make, I have my current average, I tired of it blow all my money on bud and sometimes even through the smoke to sell, which ultimately doesn't work, I'll tell you.When I started smoking my first year of College, it was nothing serious. My gift to me was at the end of a day of class before going to bed. And if I tons of friends, more, never had smoked that, I wanted to smoke more. I had to terminate at any time often pride themselves on the Misconeption I and addictive personality and you. I was wrong. In my second year I started smoking twice a day, as a rule, and then again before sunset coming into the school. This year, I met my girlfriend, who is from British Columbia in Canada, who smoked, so I think that he has nothing in this respect. Had a dependency, but it had manipulated until she came. I feel bad, because when we first Stsrted smoking, I told him that I ever, have no dependency, that I cold, stop every moment of pleasure. Unfortunately they were clean enough only arrest times once, to pass a urine test for the refinery in every summer work. After the handover, I went back to smoking evidence to say care, no. Then in my first year went all up to smoking. In April of last year I went over $2 k in the pot. Recently, I met a friend of medical bud from Cali, and came at a higher price always was, but it was much better, sometimes Stratopshereic. It is now officially addicted. Because previously I had smoked twice a day, I now would (sometimes) class and then go directly to the House and continued to take medication for the rest of the day, shortened in General my step out, induced pot woke up sometime in the middle of the night and Mylsef on the couch until I was in a fog in the bed pulled. I never thought a strong smoker, but because it elsewhere, that read had a heavy smoker smoked on average a quarter per day. I was always impressed by the fact, as no more than my g/f and I to a 1/8 per day just could eat. And pro you can imagine $70, how long the money was missing. But then I came to the realization that maybe I'm heavy smoker. This work is that I smoking every day, until he lost consciousness. While it may not have been the amount was smoking said the these sites constituted enough for me; As I write here, I can help to think of smoking. Yesterday again by Christmas with my family and in the past few days the following have experienced: racing TimesBreaking AnxietyHeart in sweats random (it seems to me, at the moment I can not very well).Stomach cramps as a pain, especially after to force 3 small meals a day due to lack of appetite. I would like to stress that would smoke once massive consume and tell about the enormous amount of food. In fact, when I started to smoke more than two times per day, which increased the weights for the first time in several years, which was a good thing, because very thin for my size 6 was ' 1140. She went from 165 and saw me much better Phsyically I had ever seen. My current weight is 177, I thought it would be since I take the last 4 days have a loss of appetite, but constant remained.Shaken by insomnia and has been for a couple of hours yesterday in the evening and the night before, before you fall into a gentle sleep that several times up interrupted my wake in a cold sweat.I was too, belches and farts, I know it sounds weird, but also invented to stop smoking. Y-there is someone here, known?Loss of Apptetite, so just because I know that I need. I make it with water, there is no coca or something, until I'm really clean upwards. After dinner, the I feel, I'm going to puke, I am still for a few minutes until it decreases the sensation.Random, but very easily not HeadchesI for the next few days and weeks, can't wait, I hope that all these symptoms will disappear. After reading these posts, I came to the conclusion that it is difficult to leave after a year and a half of smoking, such as smoking, Trinyg, 5, 10, 15, 20 years, and so on. I feel much better after reading the comments and to know that I feel no doubt things are related to smoking, quit smoking. I also noticed, that some of the comments that say that marijuana has no signs of searches or withdrawal of the movement are. That's a lie. For those who say that at the beginning of the to, the amount of people here smoked smoked and the duration. Secondly, I think more difficult because of the power it for some than others can be of the spear, the smoking. He was constantly tempted the range from 18 to 22% a friend of smoke. For smokers who know it, I know that it is high enough, to bud dry. Upstairs, the only way is to convert slip drying other forms of pleasure, I did. I mean when I say who smoke medicinal grass, had these things grew up and crossed with other varieties, up to the above mentioned powers. For example my friend got some this past summer, which didn't have a name, but gave us an Anyaway (on a note of his other name was and the tribes was identical to that in the books of cannabis in appearance and height.) decided, stupid and company, because when it it was smoked,. nothing for the rest of the day. Needless to say, I had a bit of a Conniseur with things and often proudly on my friends say what percentage Indica and where we have smoked sativa had formed the outbreak at the time.The last four days sucked so now, that I am after the release I can attest. Probably I don't choose to go the best time before my family see, but at the same time, he has done better in my opinion. I'm here my windmill, SharpStone already sitting in the freezer with about 1.5 grams of crushed a. Bong in a cupboard found will be that both give me a call. But it's over. I think if you the last four days with all this crap issued, the useless, if the command again. My girlfriend comes home in three weeks and I hope, much better then. It will be updated continues every day, in the hope that other smokers trying to quit these notes as comforting and helps, as I did.I have a question, but it cannot be applied, because everyone is different, but perhaps you an estimate of how long these signs and symptoms give wi the. Hi, Ive got no smoking in 5 days. I have no interest to smoke, my mind is this very clearly.What you did not know, was that his joy that all start to grow a $25 night, every night, and the trimming of sobriety in the Middle, but it will be much more difficult completely finished, but it is addictive drugs and without any side effects drugs of safe Autour. I would like to smoke some of what these tools!I had never withdrawal (which I knew, I thought!) and even after smoking in the last months, we have sped up 6 hours, the Mayor of disease over the course of the day in the morning, heart, shortness of breath, nervous and very jittery and nervous, very fast anxiety, sleep disorders, sweaters speak, warm, dreamy and dizziness sometimes a feeling of detachment from me.I thought that I was pregnant! Lol but alas, thank God no! Lol I heap is two cheeky monkeys!I dream that I can handle a little meditation music and find it Ive slipped about 15 Minuten.Ich am a very spiritual person and the case of the smoking of marijuana, loses the connection with the spirit, contrary to my readings and line drawings, I my dreams back is incredible! (Interestingly small amounts of seems at first glance, to improve this, but increasing use, only fog brain.!)I went to the gym, I know not, why at this moment and strange, and everything makes sense now (your comment on the exercise of the detoxification and maintenance of the property) is curious, as your body tell you what you need when are sober and hear really?Heart, fear, nervousness, respiratory distress, as I so scared because I know that this is a normal reaction, because I didn't know that it was the physical withdrawal of the race! Just you try to breathe the lenses, the myslef deep and still speaks to me through it in my head.But most of the time of guys, I'm sad. I'm so disappointed in me, that you then me!Before this page read, I played almost lifeline, enough talk, I think he could still do, enough of tears I feel and just today.I will not, who has become white as prisoners on this shit I don't want to see me weakly, but really not confess my husband, sister or mother, I with all as it messed up together gave me.My pride is burned, and I don't want to see the faces of people, if it shows that it is full control over themselves, to discover crap! Not your! Hatred-says-you think it is.He was hiding in the bathroom, under a pussy while my family in the garden.Top he craps with the guys from crack because he thought get House to the relax.On the cutting board! The smell! Mounting the bags sit up and include $150 per week for me I spend now and Geschrei.Ich can make every day bloody not me Café shop! What am I made money? Be a hypocrite!Me too. Just a quick overview, if I met you on the street.Blond, light, small, big smile for everyone, the highest point of the part is fun, funny, tender, sensitive, people loves, flirtatious, charming, sexy, of course. ¿(Pas-de-Soja-Arrogante, Tengo Que SER Sincero, puedo Apreciar Las Cualidades Maravillosas que yo, Aucun Perfecto de Soja, Tengo cellulite y Muslos lol!, lol), but this aspect of the young woman as someone who is a drug addict? Not thinking and not someone else.I know that a man from the thing, nor I to this place never go back! Now that I know that separates the zero point of the hair, the progression of reporting on a daily searches.The sad thing is that I know many friends and relatives who are addicted to marijuana, much more heavy smokers, that I, without any intent to renounce forever.A nephew, suffering from schizophrenia (doctors say that it many bad Hydro), a nephew, that do not work, it is because you constantly Cotto, a former brother of Busquets, who thinks that he is God, a man with a serious paranoia.the that list goes further.God help, if I feel that I am, and they only regularly smoking for 6 months and 2 years have.I know that to fit me well. I'm strong and positive and I am the daughter of my father, but despite everything, God is always stronger than I!Thanks guys, your know boring, I seriously only Neede come out!Good luck to all comments and suggestions are valuable.Fuck X Hey thank you, that she's all but today Satday and I smoke grass now aint gona room update later as my day was. Hello! I found this website by accident, and I know that I also experience the all withdrawal symptoms, which just confirmed that I'm addicted finished! I'm on day 3 because I can not have my hands in the grass.I am a mother of three wonderful children and I have a loving husband. Life is good, except the stress with a child with special Bedürfnissen.Ich think this is the reason why I started smoking. It started as a social smoker (only on weekends or after the children) in the first 6 months then every extend for the last year and a half. So now is out of control, because that is what I think to do so! How do women 35 years full time with 3 children and husband? So I cannot security answer, but looks obviously chooses all horizons! One thing is certain, in fact, I like I feel when I'm stoned. Things see do not always beyond my control. This goes to her crazy but I feel better, my thoughts are not everywhere, I can be better to focus and if I like much much better life! Do I everyday stress more easily up - what the children to school, shopping, dinner, etc., how it may seem so sad, even my children enjoy when I'm stoned - that's wonderful? I think even more attractive and more outgoing and fit, if stunned.I suffered to go out more obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, ADHD and now feel, tremor, anxiety, boredom, Naseau, headaches, dizziness and, my lawn was sleepless nights these days. I got my order tonight to pick up, but from reading this site, I decided to cancel it. Is the only way ¿(Tal Vez Debería Destetar un Mí Mismo Apagado y Comprar_lo Por Si Acaso Surtension Algo y Necesito Fumar) maybe? White I not, I would have never thought that there a problem and it never seeks a different in my life was? After reading have I done today, now I feel that I am advised check and realize I am as dependent on the grass. I'll do before you now - you should let bubbles or keep locked up a little bit and my husband, to the smoke check! He said he would for me, you don't want me (without saying that I was not very good in recent days have been!) Maybe you should stop mean secondary and then let her blow.I know not, but I bored very, very, very bad! Buy not only once to my last breath? God, this is absolutely appalling!Thank you very much, that my language! Good luck to all. Force of will and determination is amazing! Good luck). Thank you BakedFreshDaily! I bet, you are directly on the anxiety and depression that are on its origin. This the factor appears to be most important in relation to, when it comes to cannabis. If the drug and smoked as a way for the treatment of symptoms such as pain or depression, etc, it seems that the problem solved only the problem, then the rot and get the address and finds a form. I think to stop smoking is much more likely that it will bring these withdrawal symptoms. So much more with the end of the more chemically toxic and addictive drugs such as antidepressants or painkillers. be in the New Testament, the practice of Medicine (mixture of substances Venenosa Griego: Pharmacia) witchcraft called and considered an abomination? Not different - I do what my opinion of the use of any substance, causes a change in the spiritual consciousness, that means, helpful or harmful. With the use of pharmaceutical medicine, these effects seem perhaps all harmful. And while we can of course use natural substances any substance have positive effects in the spiritual disease that sometimes irreverent which manifests refers to, emotionally, psychologically, physiologically and physically.This is, what I saw there. I felt that I started in disrespect this once again last year and sin against me. So shortly after leaving the beer this refreshing feeling of freedom began to appear and the idea of cutting of all was something irresistible for me. Now, my most important symptom withdrawal here is this wonderful feeling! Cravings will bring a smile to my face. I think at least two months before one of them be used only once and then occasionally and less caffeine caused reflects the effective stress and anxiety: I found meditation to reach a State of consciousness, much like the feeling in the furnace at the time even calm emotions and stress. Furthermore, Tai - Chi and also fixes my back problems. something for me I'm beautiful meditative music. I can recommend two of my favorites: a group called dead can dance (album Spiritchaser my # 1 during the practice of Tai Chi) and the music by Yann Tiersen for the film Amélie. Smoked 3 grams per day for 3 months and then let it blow, since Atatcks, that I'll keep in panic and others, but I fear serotonin syndrome, am because I'm pretty much all of the symptoms its been 3 weeks since I've Smoek grass, but if I was drunk, I took 1 so idk ODI Tah t NadaPero In the fear shot nose, if grass or what, but In the fear and I can not to the hospital go because we already had account so often due to panic attacks and nose, is what to do and how I In the serotonin syndrome and grass from 40 to 60%, but tried idk Ive many other drugs and TalPero not much and idk IM afraid! BTW, be righteous, that I recognise that you good points, but please, so bad to speak. and should the responsibility, for their rights. Any idiot can take your claim rights. I have to stop good reasons with the smoking, but there is nothing my rights Governments owe to let. Never knowingly or intentionally allows legal authority to say or what is the only way, in my body, or in my bag, etc., that companies such as Governments roll their rights contracts with them, by completing the authority to do so. the Supreme courts of America and every country where law prevails always honor the person on this way. We have Governments in law of contracts arise. and the law is carried out by the decisions of the Supreme Court. The laws, which are from these companies called laws of the Court, artificial and a person that no contract with the company, that they had not mapped. Insofar as they are the result of a judicial authority, just not real, since only the privileges and immunities, rights have called. I have read the entire Board, and I would like to offer my point of view.The author says that from a physical perspective only in extreme cases of prolonged, heavy use of cannabis is really attractive. It is the truth; through personal experiences from many users in this Council and supported by numerous scientific publications, which in the last decade (scholar of search).Physical dependence, if it can not be denied: is required to achieve the same effect in increasing doses (d.h.: tolerance), thus the symptoms of withdrawal b. End (where the symptoms are more pronounced in the early statements).Tolerance: Tolerance occurs when the brain is physically suitable for the usage in the long run of a substance. No studies on the effectiveness of cannabis (check the last study on the effects of cannabis on memory) show daily users (if the dose or end) have restructured their brains have shown that the scans of the brain compared with controls. The habit of cannabis as neuroplasticity, the brain to compensate for physical real changes depressed regions of marijuana (motor cortex, Hippocampus, basal ganglia).Cannabis is considered an anxiolytic, amnesic, sedative/hypnotics, anticonvulsants, and antiemetics. The effects of cannabis are very similar to benzodiazepines and barbiturates. Comparing the cannabis medication in doses above (grams of marijuana, for the other two milligrams) you will notice the effects and similar withdrawal symptoms if she, by abusing their were. In contrast, there are other drugs with tolerance, but abuse is not possible, since its effect completely eliminate tolerance, so that none, such as such as psilocybin abuse können.B. withdrawal of tolerance: when sufficiently developed, and only then, physical withdrawal symptoms occur. For example, with immediate effect, benzodiazepines and severe tolerance develop in a few months with a relatively low (less than 1 mg). Cannabis, requires a longer development, however, (an estimated 2 to 5 years, every day, usually) a high average dose (1 to 7 grams per day). Obviously, cannabis has a very low potential for abuse, but there are and leads to similar withdrawal symptoms as benzodiazepines. With these two drugs, withdrawal can be removed through very controlled cuts and gradual dose long term – this also applies to Zigaretten.Meine experience with marijuana abuse, which leads to extreme tolerance and finally many years of struggle, because I do not or who have been physically addictive. Aida marijuana treat eye disease of cornea transplantation a. finally get abused marijuana as an alternative for the derivatives of opium and strong sedative, which is prescribed by many doctors.For those of you with the recreational drug (occasionally), or have just abused him only for a few years. My advice is to keep his mind to him. It's insulting. It is painful to hear. There are a lot of people with disabilities like me and people with glaucoma and cancer require high doses for long periods of time. Note the physical symptoms of the Widerrufsrechts.Die most are young and do not know that many of these things because of the effects of Marijuanas memory loss. This is not a harmless drug or light; If that's what you think, I hope, check it.Take advantage of. Just accept that there is a risk of abuse and take care of him. Don't wish for many years permitted. Good. This will be continued. Breaks, sometimes months at a time, while they develop no real tolerance and begin a physical need. It is very similar to the drink. You should be aware of the risk of physical dependence, so that it sounds not on your body and start with daily after the years of the regular.P.d. use: for those of you with low - addictive personalities well it's pathetic people. I think they are the same people who want, looking moccasins problems in prison are sent. Physical dependence is a disease and should be treated as such. For people with disabilities have the potential for the recovery less benefits 10 k / year, which is the best way to imprisoned in 50-75 k / yr. The reality is that abuse is not a problem of weak-willed people, are essentially a matter of the people in the physical or mental impairment, or of stress disorder difficult families, military service, etc. and forget you not, that many of us have no choice other than cannabis abuse (and), it a much better alternative is daily, up from opiates, from cans you vomiting, or other sedatives and amnesia, the spasms may cause. Google feel, seems on the other hand man unfortunately a larger share for many of you to the study. A question for a question: have you tried to quit? Next and addictive substances change the manner, which perceives the brain, the substance, the effects of the substance and the General consequences of the use. Objectively know is not a good thing, but you think subjectively, that they are not adversely affected, or you can go if you want. This brings the Gancio, psychologically speaking, to cope with the reality of the problem. It is not a harmless substance; for some, this is your life in a negative way. For all people, it has stepped up to disturb the potential use of life. The level of the work when you are using for the first time, will be more productive and successful end the impact the future ability. Would you reach a high level, things to do, require the high-level thinking skills, marijuana will have a negative effect on this ability. No doubt about it at all. and congratulations to those who need this agreement broke the denial, an integral part of looking for and recognize that they need to stop. Withdrawal symptoms are real. I would like to invite all those who really suffer from a doctor (even a regular doctor) for the Council; By law it should be confidentially treated. It may take courage, but it helps you to get a real life when back prevents slipping. It also helps you to learn, learn to enjoy life without the crutch of a new drug. Many insurance companies have full coverage of special programs for people help, their searches to finish. My main problem is so far not able to sleep, and the key to detoxification and it not believe how contributions other practice. I wish you all, because the first time I would like to make a test without yellow root, to clean my system. You are shown not only in the last 31 years had. Have faith, not only showing that I a functional can be addictive and no one will know. I would like to do a drug test, and you need not fear pass? I want to be healthy, and if you refer someone help please let me know. is, who knows how long, to what they are completely out of my system? Something else say interested women. Even if your husband stop smoking today interested in is, it holds back installed. Read about the struggles of others get an honest opinion of what you are. And keep your eyes open for kharma, it can be a real Schlampe.Bleib strong for both. Ive been smoking about 6 years now.and I have a unique situation, which requires essential life have no responsibilities but unlimited access to my house and money. This was buried in the Earth. Always have access to the medication and my only place.ive on this site like an animal in a cage for years without has cooked. I lost interest in producing anything.and from time to time, it moved slowly, it should fly through the air, before I go and enough during this time even criticized some of the above posts, watch developed only scrap the plans and tv.ive severe paranoia, because I can not buy a go when In the in a place full of people feel the same everyone looks at me and I begin, Sweat and Super unconfertable.ive several times tried to stop the cause, but we can not ween I, but is not an option, nail as if not within 30 minutes once I'm back that with smoking. In addition to sleep I was one minute a day for probably 3 years sober, and I Bong all one made 25 to 30 minutes recently invested in a vaporizer to try, at least reduce the negative have his it is really a psychological thing for me that makes really want never had me quit.ive in my CuerpoPero any problems with other drugs were not stupid enough, to try, but it kills me in the House, it feels like try, Interior and hour or two start getting hot and cold flashes and sit Carusi hiking, like a Locoluego stomach get terrible cramps and was not chewed hungry ass, but when I eat, I feel I'll get, what proposals hurl.idk.All someone whose knees prior to the point where the recordings a line or vape each 30 - would be appreciated by h. only Suggesgions Bong and vape cause please if you feel too high for a joint or pipe enlarge ect and are then no point of use can. Resisting MJW-there are able to quit smoking, I have smoked and 35 years (I'm 51) smoked adult exit until sold and is so addictive and hard to get out of your system such as drugs, maybe even more, because the fat soluble. Don't believe me? I have a urine test and failure not in 2 months each drug in your system as long as remains smoked had. Jump, the drugs, the alcohol is out of your system in less than a boat Semaine.completement.pas.Also, food, food, food. Exercise strong. Train weight, one day, fun Park market, race up to the next crossing. I walk a dog. I have an OLE ' Lady? Take then bop, a walk, when you get home.Pot kills, the unit and testosterone, smoking increases exercise & Security copy. Don't believe me? My rate T 260, when stunned every day is already defeated at 545 and Klettern.Also hold each of you strongly. Do I need to stop Council with smoking? Email you me ~ Eric ~. Also no matter what add kno people who smoke and have a very good life, form and DNT believe tht u 80 percent of people in the brain lazy and all Seriouly tht may be, that if your sister wants to leave his smoke smoke smoke tht applies to all facilities, if you dnt come practically but do his Belifes for others, want to talk about quiting, which speaks nothing of chitin Cigs Crystal Meth Herion crack shit tht helps illegal medical Maryjane nonhuman air Nelson, Willie is still smoking and successful hes not not to lose all people, the I to the devil kno smokin ' shadow of the Chasein Crystal Meth. I've smoked marijuana for 25 years. I tried quit fo 5 years. Move the week, then the host of the weekend. Alcohol is almost always involved. Read this page, I know I'm in a constant state of abstinence from this time. Smoke more fear.(To relax). This is what reminds me yaa not the fun! So, my week is machining; Lack of sleep, irritability, sad output cardiac arrhythmia underlined, joint pain (no double meaning), to drink the headache, sore throat, sinusitis, tense muscles and the desire. More. It is clear that I lose, my friends that do not comply with, that I'm trying, episode out must be ground hog day. Marijuana is optimal, in mass, daily use has negative side effects, but I mean, if you eat more to say, I am careful and then one day it stopped this saying be suspend In the even. Too much of Nething is wrong.but grass Initself a fun thing, not abuse. Self control. Hi Sapevoche, my subjective scale of consumption, what I call the 'Journal', not a Toker hard. But IMO not enough experience unpleasant WD. If you manage left good or w / great moderation in the future to finish, will improve certainly your condition. But keep in mind that alcohol is a nasty drug is short-term MJ, lol! I'm surprised that he was still able to sleep and so bad. In my case, at least insomnia is crazy the first week.And why not, or any man's heart checked? Heart palpitations probably go on MJ not to smoke, but still. I think that you do well to look at the symptoms.Thank you for your experience. Good luck and have a nice day brother. Please let us know. Hello everyone, IN the 2-day! I am 41 and have since I was 15 and smoked after 26 years! Holy Bakrevski! And Yes, the Court is brunette of Mexican bs, we put smoke back into the 1980s, very different, then the Shwaggy I smoke the best sugar Crysally my favorite for years and I'm not where I want to live to be good, to a certain extent, but I know that drug, venlafaxine, and Yes, I am very depressed at a time. Here is a metaphor ll to imagine that she used because you, ok, smoking now have this coat, has protected a large fluffy coat, feeling and dealing with the emotions, now you remove the layer, and you know what? Muscles are atrophied (sp?), and now we have our emotional build up emotional muscle. Now, when it stunned for 26 years, Santi, sh * t! It is really hard and I'm only on day 2, deep breath, I think others think in the past, if I wanted to get out, I realized that people say it is not always the best answer, because people say don't blame the pot, etc, then only people in solidarity tell people not in denial, is because they want to continue smoking his bizarre. He slept well last night and I today morning in the hopes of later work wake up am has a very difficult time experienced, smoking man and says I can never predict problems in this Department, but wait out there like not really PAS Anytthing prob my feelings and what can or can not be tolerated until the trigger and increase the force and clarity would be Egalementquelqu' one told me, when I started years ago at 14: 00 and could not PAS Emotiionally, daily smoking for 26 years, become more mature we hope emotionally, any idea that every older?.? I am 27 years old male, smoking marijuana prety much daily for 4 years or less. I smoke it is a month, I'll have the bad withdrawal symptoms stopped. No extreme fear can (Probbaly induced by lack of sleep) for more than 3 or 4 hours sleep night, but I'm curious about all those who have abandoned what is normal, or she had withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia for more than a month. It about a week ago I was able to fall asleep and sleep for about 5 to 6 hours. Now I only can I sleep sleeping while not staying more than 3 hours.isn ' t choose you had improved over the course of time? He continued, one 1 smoke during these three days. Now his last 17 days since then and got nothing! I feel great, my skin is clearer and I feel better. Even if it is difficult or sometimes to motivate me out of bed! I have still have anxiety and panic attacks, but maybe once a week V 5 times a day. THC must be completely out of my system from 11 to 60 days, beginning excited fear!All those who fight still on the front is useful! None of my colleagues trust me people, just as success, that again to eat, sleep and breathe grass, almost clean now! Good luck to all! EmaI talked to my doctor prescribing MJ for bipolar disorder (diagnostic) yesterday and said that schizophrenia and BD von Pot are caused. A few minutes later also stated that it not be clear if there the boat or on these challenges people tend to, rather than a form of self-medication. The chicken or the egg. I think it could be either or both. If someone is predisposed to BD or schizophrenia, pot could aggravate the situation. I was diagnosed in 1990 after a severe panic attack (broken marriage), but it has not begun, s tokin until 1997. I don't want to fool everyone, because there is no doctor, but there are many drugs that consistently have been tested for many years, who now have to work with these conditions. There is not enough research has been done to show with the pot, a clear verdict. The jury is still.If you have been toking for a short period of time and it is difficult to clean, I think that the difficulty will be in 5 or 10 years. Stop while you win.Quit while you're a head.(Smoking, lol). Hello, I a comment to my cannabis-even-age experiences connect.Personally, I never experienced any symptoms of withdrawal, except the desire when I stopped to stop. I have several times, sometimes very easily, other times was hard to me. He was essentially a habit like the others. Habits are hard to break, but not necessarily say. Sometimes let I the habits has a very refreshing, adventurous, the effect for me inspiring. A quick scan or food cooked over a period of time to leave. It feels good, it makes me strong feeling, that reassures me makes me not a slave of the Gewohnheit.Letztes year I have beer, caffiene and cannabis almost every day. It is about two months make beer and weed and caffiene (all including chocolate) a week ago. without these symptoms. I have only a small wish and let it be good.I think that it really depends on the attitude. If we really do not want to be a slave in fact enjoy the chorus of the experience. have patience. You can treat it more as a garden of the psychology of the cleaning and rope.Then can these substances with reverence, it's worth. last note: Hibernate can attest, but apparently only game every day, several times a day. with, say one or two times a week, my spirit and my memory remain active and be capable and grateful for the effect. It helped me to overcome the stupid things, because in a State where I have, I go that protection against the renewal of my mind, I grow it emotionally, grow more way really helps. for this reason never think to delete forever, but many practitioners even ages suggest. (Weeks, months, years). Thank you for this Seite.Buttch. I just wanted to add: I'm a small woman, only 5 ' 3 and my normal weight is 110 (107-112 wave) was, until I 107 4 days ago and now was 104.6. I know that for some women, weight important, I promise you, I'm going behind the claim that the weight comes back, because I want to give up several times now.But I eat (smoothies, juices and everything I could for dinner, etc.) so I feel ill. never actually feel / so viewed, even though my weight on 103 at the lowest level of ever, a few years ago when I went was, to the second Mal.Gestern (judgment of 3 days) in able to have hunger for guacamole and consumes calories this way, and I had a lot more today, I'm sure that my weight started climbing again very soon. And if tomorrow too! :-) Be strong! spend time in nature, outdoor, hiking, fitness, yoga, you have all this great help! :-).I mentioned homeopathic remedies, worked perfect for me (no nights / restless insomnia should during this time!), but I also wanted to the talk long shower or bath before bed helps to relax even the body so much. If you live with someone in your House. If you rub your back lying for a few minutes at night, gets a few essential Lavender-ILO of this help much even :-) If you your hot tub shower and add a handful of some oil or lotion on your hand and rub your entire body with it. Add only a drop or two of lavender directly on your pillow at night. You should have a few more dollars, if it no longer. Maybe they use a nice relaxing massage enjoy. It helps clear lymph and eliminating toxins from the system of much faster movement and of course also the body to help sleep at night or to relax anxiety over the course of the day. Always right - remains. Your daughter must must therefore take care of, and you've got to be a good model for them. Later you want to have the same problems.Mark fields - perhaps you could try an experiment. Smoking marijuana 3-10 times per day every day for at least 3 months and then leave it for 1 week. IN the 19th century and have been smoking pot since I was 13. Last year, I've got to gather courage and stop smoking marijuana. It was clear to me, my life in many ways was increasing. My motivation was none - Exsistent, self-esteem, deteriorating from day to day and it costs a large sum of money. At the time, where I have a job and I fear that if I let the grass, I can be I unable Woulden, bedroom-based plants and things, I bought, I don't have much faith, that I about 8 of them the first night, hit buy wanted to or violations of real things be perscribed because I knew, that the pills could possibly replace grass. In the night, I woke up to about 2 - 3 times sweating, feeling cold, and when you finally head had strange dreams, not nightmares many as odd fear. Knowing that I dream was playing with my head, stubbornly, grass has deteriorated, reached its climax in the 4., then slowly disappeared. A week with grass as ever, I began feeling hungry, then I felt never drink had me before I began my meal was really not to enjoy anyway completely sober 24/7, making the days if not longer, all the time. I lost my job about 2 weeks, after clean up, a common wanted to not engage on grass, when he wanted to immediately draw my mind on something, all other, dog-walking, to clean the House, clean the car, which is rather insignificant, but it works. Cigarettes I smoked anyways, and that has helped me a lot, to replace also an articulation at all however. It is about 3-4 weeks, therefore remained, for a moment of absolute weakness, fools, caused a relapse, he was on top of things and can rarely smoke weed when I chose, I have a friend. It was rare for 2 weeks and then is constant, every day, everywhere. Back to 1 square meter. In the still in this situation now and probably need help, but I don't make it this time forever. How marijuana to describe as a dependency in many 90% of the time is respected, though it needs a seal, I must know if I need it. But in the United Kingdom, its illigal, costs £20 1/8 ounce, if you have bought lots and lots of smoke, and it is a daily thing. The law in the Netherlands is very useful when applied here for those, to reduce or completely stop smoking marijuana, know that you can gradually stop or if they want to shoot, the 24/7 a day, for an amount of your choice, a potentcy of their choice, and at affordable prices. You will need 1 take sleep, I need 4-5 to buy, so I smoke 4-5. THIN: THEY WEAN THEMSELVES. That's what I did. Do not cut off the withdrawal, an offer per day, is not good for the body and Geist.Geben I had my friends Nascondermelo and have paid the sum I an addict1I is not to say, but much is I smoke because I am drawn out with a sob a weapon in the course. Here is, how the relationship came out. I have PTSD and I have all the feelings that you do throughout the day. Exercise is the best way to help, please, believe me. I know you make a NGO. Releases serotonin and endorphins, naturally the same kind of things that are actually human antidepressant. The last thing you want when I, sweating, trembling, nervous, restless, nausea etc, is work, but each time if help to enforce it.I feel dirty, you're not alone.The fact that try to cut, to terminate, such as which is the pride of you. An hour is at the same time, what I can't stand.I want to stop! Hi guys I am 31 and was on the turf for 2 years, started originally on chemicals, and then going into the grass, because he was the only person who first fear smoking and I me of hallucinations, for a long time and I felt that it was not true, but after many sessions of 1/4 a smoker Kone mean rose by tolerance and now I Oscar Hydro am all smoking 3 to 4 days. He tried to quit smoking in a stage that she had made, by 6 days sleepless nights, half in puddles of sweat Frio wake up in the morning, to stoppen.kein intervention by punch in the face or anything else that is a problem, as I was going to quit I felt that I had no control over my anger and lose you job ID lose my job. Who knows anything that can help? very much appreciated. Day 15. This morning I had my first nightmare. The first very serious nightmare I save my time, experienced sleep paralysis. Died suddenly in an accident and my mind was my mother. My dreams were always lively and quite feel real (although it was still smoking marijuana). Therefore, in this case, until my soul was actually convinced had died and so great was the sadness that accompanies them. It was a way of the soul pain tortured, I lost my life and my mother.Oddly enough in the dream, I was in my car for 22 years. At the same age as I in British Colombia, moved, has discovered the best grass and a full pot hippies became free as part of my Lebensstil.Ich woke up in tears, as they that my mother is heard at 06:30. He jumped and ran to the door to give a hug. I am convinced, now stop if it just disappeared or how easy it is, already not alive. I've been aware that I this life 100%. Learn what you, blessing also live in these difficult times and challenges. Is DJB, what you feel? Beat my heart very quickly? I want to know what a panic attack. Toocheweed is the man we need. I'm selling my house and 15 was when I came home last night financial advice only breakfast identified. My heart began to beat so fast and I felt that I wanted to pass out or be sick. I had to sit down, as were my legs under my feet. I ate and I took a cup of tea but 3hours later went soft. It was weak as a kitten and had 9 in the bed going. 3 days for me. You know what? I think that your cigarettes. When I a cigarette, I feel myself very unstable, zapped it my energy so quickly. Leave something in your heart, I'm sure, than grass. I'll seriously in court, the rule had a thing 1 ° on the sale of cigarettes havn't in the morning, but these days my 1st until dinner. Fear is a big deal, you have to go on, my responses to stress are bad. The grass as re my brain to deal with the problems wired can no longer effective to achieve results. I think that more morning highlighted everything, to remember you when you wake up? We do good luck friend. Toochewed, either its i can't sleep because I don't or I can not sleep because it scares me. Nightmares or should I say night terrors. If the not demon ghosts or apparitions mean his son was kidnapped or something so horrible as the list is endless. I wake on fossilized after only a few hours and maybe you can search backwards again it sleep. Who has the need of the film only on the lawn! I'm almost two weeks, 6 weeks, and it would be gone, if I'm like you. Three years ago I went 2mths without grass, and I experienced really bad dreams, so it's no surprise the I now dreams. I do good, in your opinion, so can the wave to surf and to wait. You know that the patience of the companion of wisdom. Oh and thank you say your God bless helps you on the heap. God bless you for me. That we can share them. For the English patient; He had the habit of seven years, which first grass for three years or less, half fat and I think also middle strength. After this, hashish and probably report quality / price. This is a bunch of Lügen.Wer wrote this article, do some research. Does marijuana cause cancer? Because it is prescribed to cancer patients? If he smoked 4 years of smoking, I get not even sick. When I stopped, I have not removed 6 months ago. It is the typical disease with all. In my opinion the marijuana strengthens the Immunsystem.Alle those who are against a drug that really helps people in hell are. There are here. You have a screening test for us switch off sleep and I had to let blow after 16 years smoking daily. Don't dream. 70 hours were and are 40 + hours in 6 days, since I left. Hand shaking, stomach, appetite. I drink now and take ativan little success. I would so like to sleep, but I just can't. Don't know what to do? Ive been wonderfully elegant grass, since the age of 13 In 23 and still stop Carnt have three years 4-5 joints a day Carnt think shares of slow tourism has never had a job in my life Carnt people speak scared afraid enough, and I must stop my eyes are his dark skin in sacks with death more 04:41 and I had help yesterday so hard finish FumarPero IM gona finish Blueberry 2 Splifs please tips best food Drinketc. Each of you say that grass with drawls and believes in this article will be delayed. Not once in my life experienced with drawls from grass. I'm not depressed from smoking marijuana. Not even hungry after dinner. This article is very misleading and should not ever have been written. I've smoked marijuana for more than 13 years and never had these effects. If you can not handle the weeds and do not smoke. Haha drawls LMFAO on very funny with the grass hahahahahahaha. Hello recreation! Congratulations! In 18 years, they are not as smart as you. Marijuana is not the problem. Abuse is the problem. Identify and accept that should use it very sparingly, burn the only way MJ, is a kind of blessing. When completely clear (in my humble opinion the best choice), or occasionally caught in future use, this save tons of fear, pain, trouble and pain. To see decades of toking, daily use is bad and emotions and faculties, pull one is a great thing. My thirty years ago, she was also drugged dependent 'charity' to observe the negative results of my daily use. All I can say is that each recovery more difficult than the previous one. I wish I had his attitude and clarity to 18: 00. It's just guide a very sad story, to your mother with you, they want to smoke, while closed. We don't carry all our special own cross? Again, don't believe but now mood in a traditional God, personally. Recreation Ernst are part of a fraternal community addicts, your doctor and your beliefs. Only a true addict understands the pain of other addicts. If you manage to stay sober, so the light can tell one day at a time, your mother Lake. Live without a chemical dependency even better to live in the medium and long term as dependants. Never try to judge, but them by her example your mother show, that your total happiness much greater without weed control. Good luck and good vibes my friend. I really agree with Bob cedar. I'm 36 now and suffer all day do not fear and panic attacks, which many complain, I have problems to sleep good night, are capable of without suenos.invariablemente you go to bed and sleep more or less as before. However, after perhaps three or four hours sleep well, so are interrupted, a series of varied dreams of waking up, reflect and go back to sleep again. If you have reason, expect to disorders of sleep at the usual time have, but this is not the case. Now I'm strongest at night, when the medication sleep I could help? Say, do not think that the causes of insomnia (cannabis withdrawal?), but otherwise the people here complaining have lack of sleep with many dreams. We fight not to sleep, it seems more seems not deep sleep during the time, just as a form of insomnia for me is a bit of grass is not addictive. as I said, it may not be technically addictive, but it is certainly addictive. at least for some most definitely, my wife can not already be disturbed to smoke, as do not know no. measurement parameters therapy in all of me. Hello everyone, I'm home from Uni for the weekend and this is the first time, that I've had access to the Internet since my last post. Car at uni Ive been drinking every day and it seems that it slows down the process of recovery for me.Before leaving I felt much better, but since I lived only a little off in my new home I've felt. But I easily feel that I feel sometimes me and my dream it is lace and a little fearful no Mtter what is very strange, time to go to bed, the guard I between 7.15 and 08:30 without fail, and try a real effort to sleep one day, have a five and woke and 8,28, get back. I really think that I must be back, as I everything, including alcohol detox and see that my opinion but his past almost 6 weeks since I last smoked and In the still not at 100%. its especially if In the my anxiety because my thoughts wander and start to convince me of that I am better and Ive been will do OCD about certain things, how strange never before.all this Takien into account trends but I feel much better, really, only in the handle get what I havnt for some time with me again and must feel comfortable. good luck everyone, hope everything goes well. Sara I'm glad you again encourage all. Four months is a nice step!I am 2 months, 2 weeks ago. I feel much stains of Los Mejor by cloudy. Suspect in 4 months, I am much more clarity. Bienvenido TerryThe rear, is the best advice that I can give to decide you've had enough, to your hard drive for always, absolutely, earned money to someone who is the matter that you're breathing like an Athsmatic, that you're tired of tired, find places the insurance smoking, if you in are public, are you tired without if you are merchant, says is! you're fed up and tired as a hermit life. If you have made these services, they are the House on half Weg.Trinken plenty of water. It helps to drain toxins in the brain.The Omega-3. It helps your brain to heal itself.Now be himself in every way but.Take advantage of the downtime. Vacation time, holidays. The last place you find himself as a detoxification treatment would work. She needs more income and cannot afford can, against because of someones face, feel it like Scheiße.Vertrauen you not your thoughts or feelings. They are subject to change.Please have patience. Keep in mind that this is a process, not an event. Tomorrow will be probably easier than at present.Drink milk before going to bed. It contains tryptophan, which you dream.Receive regular exercise. It helps to sleep, but not exercise before bedtime. We send so much sleep also accelerated. NB put a link to this page on your desktop and is often here. We were there and know how shit you feel said like my friend Longhauler: nobody died from smoking marijuana. or some have success and all the things to find, that I removed the grass. Giora is a bitch, but can not be beaten. I am currently trying to quit, or I should say, I'll have a few crumbs on a miserable little joint.The strange thing is as good and as I wrote happened I felt bad physically. I am 36 and have smoked every day for 15 years for 19 years. At College, work etc, I'm tired. Really. I've tried twice before exiting, and it lasted three weeks each time. I jumped the walls with main removal Schlaflosigkeit.Obwohl are I'm a normal person, you have suspicion to use high levels of fear and paranoia that day not only as a default for a not Sustancia or a person with a medical disorder. I'm fed up, so dependent on this topic. I have never believed pot was addictive, and I think it still physically caused a dependency, but Gee, is certainly mentally addictive. Pot is concerned, my relationships, my social life, sometimes working to let alone empty memory, short-term memory, clumsiness, lack of attention when drugs, lack of motivation (for help with Creatividad alcohol, that marijuana), let alone the Kosten.Ich know, that right to stop but as BFD mentions all the reasons above, the resistance is what resistance. reduced and of course, our old friend will came into force.I am more than ever determined at this time. I hope I the force have to say, it is not that I need. I've done it in the past with other behaviors of dependencies and won in many cases not be stopped (thus my I considered no serious dependency, abuse, which is what turned on more by, acceptable by society and law, but we actually negative), but just learned my limits and Moderation.Ich am sure that I can do with the pot. This is the moment that I have the success can be seen. But this forum because it seemed comforting and I feel that I'm not alone. Be helpful that my cry in the workplace (I managed that, included) and enough in my mood was followed by a euphoria fast extreme dark mental, not sudden madness but symptoms experienced by some of you. It is reassuring.Thank you for your experience. I think this will help. 16 years, it says that hallucinations Marijuanna withdrawal include side effects for some people. Sometimes simply just because you can't sleep or even eat your brain might have a tendency to play poorly on you. (+ not, to their daily dose of grass) Not very hard, but enough to you a little travel to hallucinate. Well, eat and do their best to sleep well. Important not give, and for me, who doesn't think as cannabis psychosis or Paranoiia-cannabis and things also. These are only the Medicalterms consisting of physicians, to categorize different people with different symptoms. But the thing is different people have different symptoms, the normal. Don't forget to admit time, eat well, sleep well and you feel better. First of all, note that my experience with this drug and in the East, not the same. Please keep in mind that before my opinion about this drug and how I decided to destroy.I smoke marijuana and stop, because I was about 18 years old. I am 34 now. I stopped for a while in the year 2010 (the date is 1/1/11-happy new year!). I am new to smoking if I have a beach trip to Bodega Bay, CA Act. in May 2010. For some reason liked me sitting on the beach, my Favoriteplace in the world to smoke a joint and watch the waves break. But smoking cessation 27.12.10 because ultimately she showed me what he once did in my life. I'll be a vague Zozzone don't want to do it, except when I wake up and vegetables every day. I would say there is nothing wrong, but for a life is what? Christ, you'd think, it would not be in the present. Call me hypocritical, because I am. I say to do one and another. It is what pot. I finally got up to the point where I wanted to, rather than a smoking wanted to give up. 26.12.10 I have my last chance. I asked my Lord and Salvatore, to rid myself of Jesus of this drug of cravings. Has until today.However, because you will already not 3 days later, doesn't mean that my mind is not crazy. I'm not sick in the stomach, I'm not mad, I have ' % mnot with panic attacks. Delete my only symptom is extremely severe sleep disorders. I stayed in this year for the new year. for all 24 Zeitzonen.Gestern, it was the same, Eve and the day before. I managed to overcome this ordeal to a few hours of rest. I call it a test, because it is what it is for me. My relationship with Christ is 100%, because I kept only dry. Had nothing to do with him, other Thansurrendering my searches to do. So happy, dump shows a half ounce of some of the most powerful I had prevented me in the Bad.Was of the sleep this is my mind runs faster than a formula 1 race. He is very excited. It's really funny. I am song stuck in my head, I did not win and will not, no matter how hard try. , It turns out the Lichtschalter.Egal how physically my body and my mind was simply put, exhausted, regardless. Pot does something, how the brain naturally does and takes a while to return to normal. It is said that melatonin helps. Maybe I'll try now.I agree all lovers of this drug in the sense that it is maximum. It is very relaxing and maturation. Miracle of work for sleep, eating disorders, can facilitate the treatment of chemotherapy and any other drugs, taking into account the fact that nobody died from smoking marijuana, it is Thesafest. You also agree that it should be legal for various medical purposes. Patients with cancer, AIDS, glaucoma and a handful of problems greatly benefit from marijuana Othermedical. And forget not, not all the same, if you quit smoking. You think you can Soloche all depends on what the motives are. ? Do Ponte Alta tobacco consumption? Or you are a cancer patient on chemotherapy, you must be those or little down to keep?But what makes my brain chemically, and psychologically, it is not useful for me! It destroyed my relationship with Christ. It was once again sliding Venditoreai report, I felt like Michael Jackson moon walk. I knew it was wrong, but I don't know how. It is easy to make if you're up. Realeasy.So here is another night without sleep. Hooray!It comes to sleep disorders. I know from the previous period, which I deleted. It takes a few weeks for the return of the brain in its normal cycle. If you really want to leave, please please, convert a Frist.Aber Pot Reallymesses to Christ. Not only for smoking marijuana. It has a wonderful joy Andsatisfaction, a relationship with him. It is very easy. The thief on the cross beside Jesus said you only notice and Christ said important today there would be with him in paradise. The thief believes that Jesus was, who told me that he, the son of the living God. Here is how it was stored.If you want a real relationship, you come to Christ broken and with nothing else to offer. It is when Christ will deliver and discard. And he said: incredible, indescribable freedom. I won't be in heaven and hell. There is an other Diskussion.Denke I, it's up, how many want to be pronounced actually at the end of marijuana?Don't hesitate to make us far from funny. I expected no less of the world. Bien.Si anyone have any questions, I will be my email in bulk. Taken from not 1 thousand spams a day, so it's no big deal if you like spam. Email Atjsreciepts at gmail. com, if you to stop this drug seriously. (and poorly written email useful recipes. The Properspelling was already taken) pray for you, if you want others can advise and support when needed. Please set the share of marijuana in the subject line so I can find the email just about the treasure of spam in your Inbox. I realized that many here only sober less than 10 days have been! Why? Listen, if the smoking of marijuana for 20 years to see and to try for a long time to leave. "When can start really weird in my head! as these illusions: I doesn't have any friends. Yes, I'm a Focking looser. drew me into the world to isolate, did he not say, phone etc. with fever. my eyes bartender. Hatred, depressed, desperate, to himself. Nightmares, angry, crying. I tried it so many times and always the same symptoms to stop, stop smoking, which stop before, please cant u shit. Would be helpful: you try not to think about! We will mix with other people (a healthy, if s!) and Glück.Hey good, because I always fever? No one speaks, annoys me. Hi there ya Skunkismessingwithmyhead, I totally agree with what you say. It is really absurd, if the smoke's alleged crime was involved, but the youth of today are drunk Yes stop.and bus, modern Skunk is far beyond any available ten years ago. When I first started toking (1980s) grass was mainly how hack and above all very soft (by African example grass) imported. some strong things there in Amsterdam (E.g. pollen) and want to take you around the dam also order even fear a beer! The first outbreak which is its average experimental teenager now make strong, only to an elephant paranoid, or at least very hungry.So to say I'm sorry, was a smoker hashish has consciously increased behind the good and bad things. Today is day 10 and sleep is my only problem, but it opens the Pandora's box full of other things from someone close to me. It seems that hash that contain my device must reject many things. I am currently fully committed not to smoke. once. For me, this is as it should be; , Promised a cigarette, as you always clean my downfall was me before. I'm not someone, take it or leave it and then fully commit, me. But, I know that many other people who moderate their consumption so clearly not as addictive, like a man of peace, good tobacco can. good luck to everyone and say;) but not too much. Favor mother worried, is your child yourself? Or DUT. If you forced it its not surprising he directs his wrath upon you. He initially probably began due to lack of parental presence and involvement in his life smoke. In other words, it's not his fault, he is a child after all. The only advice I can give, is love and patience, communication and therapy. Includes their positions later for 17 weeks, gives it some Links.Ich hope that everything works. Here is another link. I began smoking marijuana, now 13 .i 28, i.e. has a year after my first smoke smoke it every day and have since then.Today is my fourth day without a cigarette of the Knospe.Ich tried to quit a couple of times before, but most of the time took only one or two Tage.Die worst symptoms I'm afraid insomnia and Stimmungsschwankungen.Ich think that it is expected that some days I smoke bud from 07:30 to 02:30 (2 hours of sleep would be in the afternoon).Bud was my life so far, but it's time to a rap, as not I call my studies at the 1 start and will not if you continue to burn.GOOD LUCK TO ALL! Sensibly, always would give light a lace up again by the sounds of it. Fear (panic), there is a reason for this. Search for reason and half the battle is won.Exercise. Eat well. Go with people who do not smoke. Finish, a Pricanluda of the change of in lifestyle, to do things, rather than sitting and smoking find. Long walks, weights, cleaning the House, oil dependency change course, reading blogs, paint the kitchen, start a business, to find a second job. Keep brother busy. I hope that it works for you.FreeStay, clean and solid. Ive smoked 4-5 times a week for a year, I have 5 days clean, 3-4 days were very hard, I felt paranoid in half the time, edge people for the smallest thing would constantly, attack was the most important thing that had to do, and I'm sad, but I kno is compound OccupanoHo of believe that includes retired and nothing will prevent me from, a man and said to yourself, that you do this, and nothing can stop you! Hi everyone, I'm in my fifth week with a slide. Second time of WDS wasn't so bad, but those are night sweats happen. I would say that it is the drug out of my body. I concentrate more on the exercise routine, but boredom is as bad as everyone says.Life used to be more fun. It is very difficult to get. I'm not so depressed, but very sad, if that makes sense.I come every day to a rare type of collage and it is really useful to read people. Suicide, grass is no reason to do it alone. Easy to disguise the pain and to make life bearable. God knows, I have my problems (dealing with the sexual abuse committed my father and my family, I then leave) said MJ was much easier to forget.In another week and think less grass, but lose my friend. It's like a new death in my family. But now I can breathe better, more exercise, eat little, however, is left completely alone. What massacre! For me. I've read most of the posts here and they had bad withdrawal symptoms. View, I smoked every day for most of the 1920s. The same not much grass per day, but every day.About an ounce or two per week. All these symptoms had and still have. I'm quitting before 9 Wochen.Ich am still confused and attacks of anxiety, but the pain in my body begin to decrease.Men seem to sleep problems seem to be anxiety attacks and I also have the same problem. I wake up every night and my heart accelerated and the Lord's prayer to repeat until you behind asleep. Meditation works too. Dreams are crazy and very lively. I m still stoned. It was very emotional. But now the emotions come under Kontrolle.Ich also think that let him spend my life.The characters that turn compared to the mirror in Harry Potter you right in the Kopf.Zeigen my State do what for most people here against withdrawal actions. Walks and work. Read and deal also helps.(Proceed to permit of the easy work of the bongs blunts joints and pipes, and experiences of real life for a change: +) bad, check this thread every day so if anyone needs help evil be close. I went through a resignation alone and is not is not funny. Be strong. To: TEU Anixiety told us that much time smoking haven't you problems of weeds or withdrawal symptoms. But there is one downside, the neurons, which the chemical stress-rate rules are no longer required, since its type artificially. Stop smoking marijuana and these neurons are stunted. Finally, the human brain learns to correct the stress, the time required varies from one person to the other. Nerve cells start to shoot it like without marijuana.It is not something that can check a person for themselves. A weak person to call, because they are affected by fear, because what is happening in the subconscious is simply ignorant and a big underestimation of what happens in our brain, which we have no control.Yes, you can learn how to cope, while the brain is reform and not smoked, but not the process speeded up. Unfortunately, a person can answer the constant fear to increase fear what was happening, while each person in retirada.Como, in an Antidepresivo - if you will suddenly no longer a bad turn. Big Pharma is not called these withdrawal symptoms, but the suspension of the symptoms. The person who is the withdrawal of marijuana wants to be in the same field as this Unterstützer.Jeder a perfect medical - marijuana or claim is not that a drug at all - of course, is the occurrence of a plant. Opium is also a natural herb. Cocoa is a natural herb MJ should be illegal? People you are not worried about smoking? I don't think that 95% of the chronic users according to Abstinenace not be a problem.This tab is a good resource for people struggling with anxiety or at least try, this outbreak - but for some reason a quite a fright to supporters of the legalization of marijuana. I don't know why.No doubt, if the substance were legalised we would learn more about the benefits of this. Studies in rats and monkeys are ridiculous and show very much. I think that this will be a bumpy road for a while for us. It is an opportunity to see what kind of things are made. I think that the problems we, however, is not available because the grass gave us a ticket by IDA in the world of dreams and we have never really encountered it. Wow, what an exciting sight, it is not surprising therefore smoke time. Not much easier to deal with things. Perhaps a being loose. Ashley, I have exactly the same feeling! I was the last steam three months after smoking an ounce or nearly every day for 3 years, thinking that vaporizing is much more healthy lung. It was still to go. It's not as much fun as before when he was 21. I'm on my fourth day of sobriety. I started to remember is me yesterday at my friend's House and I was at home from their parents for dinner. I felt alone and drugged. rare. Not surprising, but certainly can be passed. Allow a 1/4 head ache from time to time second zap. I took the melatonin-b4 reading. I woke up this morning very tired after 7 hours of sleep, which tends to be very for me to be. Lazy. There is no energy, nausea, sweating bullets sometimes 1 minute and then following at normal temperature. I'm also paranoid and afraid of dying have cancer or something terrible. I'm trying to listen to relaxation, a reaction of the old school music and songs of the 80s, Hall & Oates, Billy Ocean, Aaron Neville and what I about my relationship with my father to think that were very tense in the past 6 months.I haven't seen or talked to him, because I was up to 2 degrees, as a ruined woman, had used our family, and so on, after my father, rather than a few songs to listen to, to hear again, I started to cry all the time and decided to write an email and with my father Luther Vandross song was a video on YouTube with pictures of our past together, as I a child against the dance. Miss me so much. He was my hero. He was my coach at several different football and baseball teams. Since his departure from my mother, our relationship was not the same and never found. But very emotional. Recently, I went back to the University to keep track of the safety of the vessel or a different career. You can't go to the class, because I feel so exhausted of all energy. hope you have enough hours to get up and go to my last Kurs.Ich really hope that this is a good way to ends. The people here are obviously withdraw JAS. the only one to forget. I had believed that he had withdrawal symptoms, but on the first day. Do not eat. I have a head about 3 hours before I slept normally. Ffall asleep and not for about 4 hours after my regular sleep time. the second day, eating them not again. same symptoms almost in the same fantasy. Today, I have yet to eat. as well as headaches. Maybe is the grass not good? It is possible that haha I'm sorry I smoke more 3gs then slowly per day. I smoked together g 1-1.5 g gram bowls had a racket in the bag of all time. In the say not experienced and principles. After smoking for 7 years. Have you click only dry less than a day, maybe once a year, on average. He smoked almost an ounce a week Jack Herrer Premium buds. JAS will then not be negative is, just go to smoking. Show how many people here wrote the same trigger. A coincidence? I'm not doing. By chance we all think it would be fun to do things on a website? No, we see not on this site, if we knew the good symptoms one day that and everyone can quit Yes. It's just harder for others. Max and Truthtalker: Why should have this tough stance?Of course, some people have problems with marijuana, but it is because they problems and use of grass. Someone with herbs and problems with smoking should stop and solve their problems I'm sure. But the Fund not to my digestion to miss or pain or vomiting as alcohol has become several times. and has done wonders for me psychologically. As I have said that you should use with reverence, if you choose to use it. We have something like herbs on this planet, to have the blessing of giving. Cannabis has this dangerous aspect is involved with mental health problems in people. People need clear her demons and they have the emotional and intellectual maturity, he had no problem with that. If it is to control the habit of your life well, there is a signal, that can be, that you should never give have sleep disorders with or without smoking. I have not smoked in about ten days, complications & sleep well. Cigarettes seem obviously much more dangerous. Keep in mind as you have used to speak this sound angry. What's he saying?It means that if someone starts talking angrily and violently with insulting, etc.? In my opinion this means that someone has to deal with some emotional problems. and probably give you much marijuana smoke at least up to the fact that he matured. as a so-called go F * itself. You enter here. Marijuana is not addictive or dependence not only. It is more than that people have dependencies, a friend. they have a little compassion? I'm confused, some say, that addictive, grass, others say not. I Definateky think it is mentally addictive, but it's not so bad? I was a chronic marijuana smokers over 15 years, now I have almost 23. I have the last 2 years no day without them. The only reson why I left, because I want to suffer from major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and phobia, I have smoked marijuana not three days ago because I was sick, so I'm trying to decide if there is a farm or not to call. Do you think that my mental illness also succeed? Because it GAO to the point where I do not survive, so I thought I would try marijuana smoke want to stop to see what you think has?Helps with depression or not makes no difference. I'm sorry, but I've smoked marijuana, for seven years. The only negative point that I lived, is that I had to pay for it. Cannabis has a bad reputation because of economic control which has liquor industry the silly Western society, and why many mediocre morons want to project the reason for their constant mediocrity on cannabis. MndukeCongrats own test. Now exit and show your employer as a precious commodity it is them. good to know that it is not necessarily responsible for the grass. I feel totally incompetent and psychologically not valid, if he was transferred. While I slipped and I bought 2 Roberto, I feel good. I have anxiety and also some paranoia. This was not the case when I was chronic. Now that I'm clean, my anxiety and nausea disappeared completely in the morning. Allows preview and Klarheit.Vielleicht he should apply in the secretariats. Haha. 2008-07-11 the 24 years the I 9 years every day smoking 3 years, I smoke since, that I decided to stop because I wanted it. I saw this forum and decided to post a tip, for me: I hope this helps!I'm not hungry for two days sober and not sweat much good mood food for 2 days and I with my choice, my dream, I've never taken anything more than marijuana to sleep! But now I sleep well, just because I use (1) ambien CR (sleeping pills) I have the recipe, because I knew, it wouldn't be able to sleep when you smoke marijuana stop (not recommended for a pill to sleep can be very addictive!) But to be used with caution and has not only 30 pills a month back to sleep at night injured inalienable as well as filling!, works very well for almost sleeping, but wake up nausea from my withdrawal from marijuana! But I wanted to for all, if you feel nausea or cold sweat you a shower with a temperature lower than the usual work for me, if I payouts showers, then one to feel much better feeling! Back one or two hours later more, but until you beyond in the payouts I recommend a cold shower. Power you now doing better! I take 3 showers a day just to get rid my nausea, headaches and dizziness. I know that in a week or a month I feel better, but while I take a cold shower this time. I hope that these help or someone with your symptoms.SincerelyPete, California. I wanted to only 2 parts with all the people who say that this weed is not addictive. I say, it's something. I agree that the level of dependence on drugs may be smaller than others, but it is still a dependency. Ive been clean for a week and a half after smoking bud for 14 years and was extremely difficult. However it was ruled more so that it mean for me, seven years methamphetamine is looking to start, there are 4 years. My advice is to remember why you first and know that it will improve. There was a time for all of us that we had never used. Time, patience and believe us there cause. God bless you. Hello crazy are also 16 and started when he was 14 years old. Man In the in exactly the same situation as you, I had 3 huge panic attacks when I upwards was and fear that have die.and of the next anxiety.nausia.lack of appetite Fuk with my Thort booking agency, stop, etc. my appetite returns after two weeks, and I resisted fear has for a TiempoPero now am week 7 and a half and style get scared and my head is covered as hell. I have convinced my friend Stoner 2 withdraw everything and have. ? Successfullybut now I'm style Goin through this shit and I also want to know when anything can Stopplease someone help? PCE. Hello to all.If almost every day for the last five years (smoking is here and there a few cuts) and I currently, release for fine semi bin (I'm in my second year of medicine and got in a couple of months, which I will, operates, network of hospitals and clinics at my school, that is to say, could get the best medicine after my RotationJe). I smoked in the rule on some anxiety and alleviate insomnia, but now, like the other times I've been breaks, I have a big problem, exceeded (the first week is generally miserable, but I'm almost done).I discovered, however, a new problem that took place last time took a break last April and seems to find appeal. I noticed a pretty significant decrease in libido and some welly. Has no one made the experiment and if so, how long it takes? I've read that this can happen to great user when using, but looking through the literature, they still have a reference to this incident during the retreat find.On the positive side, I think this is one of the rare cases where is romantic inept comes in handy. I am trying the use of marijuana. I had a lot of balance symptoms, including sleepiness, irritation, anger, depression. It is not as easy as some people say stop, but I'm always a great effort, to do my best. I am currently in less than a week and I hope to overcome my use of marijuana. willig, I found this site, I smoked grass, since I was 15 In the now 22 and I have my usual, I was with her now 11 days in these 11 days, ive had strange dreams, sweaty hands and feet and insomnia and also found that eating less, when I started to smoke and shortly afterwards really enjoy sports and was very good at Ellosincluso in the last two years, I had panic attacks and again I got situations of social hatred, which led to not so much when you get out and feel much better with myself and I find myself much more, that he used to a lot of friends have to leave and the family who smoke and I've been around them makes them 11 days and trying State FumarPero I resisted, if I can anyone can. for all those who are retired, takes time, but do not let fear fear takes a challenge and relax most of the time also help Lee and exercise fear worrie bothers, but continues his quiting to repeat, it's non-smoking well for fasting State for 4 years and drink a lot and was In the Dificilpero ahead, that I meditate repeated body soul spirit and Disapline helped, and when the anxiety begins, no to say there is nothing wrong with only your mind and basically retired the coup d ' état against his own opinion. Her condition 1 month and 2 weeks since I stopped and design the In the better breathe Helppp of freely exercises with my fear and the fact that hiking, but I kept in mind always, always tired and there and step see things and I'm in a State of Despressive, help? Greenless 13th day for me. Obsession, sweating, anxiety, insomnia, no longer is a big problem. It is difficult for me to wake up knowing that no puff me. I have to do or Sometin ' quick to try to forget that I my life, lol the Spice can be added!He is always right, you will feel a little better every day. I don't believe in any traditional God, but I pray for you. If we contribute our part, something in the universe gives us a helping hand, I guess. Hold on!Nomorebuds, BRAVO! You have my admiration. I understand what happened, even if you're not completely from the hostel. As I said, it makes sense to go, if it has been 4 days with xanax brand in rehab! Alprazolam looks was not sufficient to give it an attack. All you wanted to do was cautioned by you and others about the dangers of cold Turkeying Benzos and/or alcohol, if we seriously take part. Pot WD can be very uncomfortable. You may feel as if you die to drugs WD. But no one dies of pot or even opiate WD! Personally, a few years previously experienced when attempting to CT pills, the fucking frenzy. Diazepam and alcohol is not recommended to interrupt suddenly for daily consumption. If you don't know how gradually to stop by itself, it is advisable to seek professional help.And, however can physically be removed from every drug, only half of the battle is hard. Unless we win if we clean, or very moderate, can stay long-term. In my case, it is impossible to smoke marijuana immediately. Rechute several times, to cheat me again. Without exception, control, smoking once a week or so, only for weeks and even months back my wake n ' baking routine again. I'm not saying this is true for you, you can one of the lucky few who in smoke can moderation, even if once went to a wake N ' BAKER. But the fact that you have abused in the past puts you at high risk of abuse. It took 30 years and sunk a lot of tears and sweat to this reality. For me and for the majority of addicts it is all or nothing. I've also seen many addicted to be too often naïve recurrence and relapse. Ask the question and 100% honest in your reply: I'm addicted? "Maybe not. Perhaps are you too young to know.So, now I'll try to avoid change all to relapse. I know that physical WD is only the beginning of the process. Just the idea of smoking in 'Moderation' in the future make me fail to entertain. Today I do not smoke. Tomorrow, my commitment is to renew.Strength and courage at all! Hello fellow Monster! I thought 5 years ago because it broke one side of cough. Yes. It would be the first time here. It was a damn. the pain in my left breast. Fever, chills, insomnia, depression, loss of appetite, irritability, headaches, emotional roller coaster. all of them.I went for acupuncture, that I found very useful, and he began yoga every morning do. instead of wake n bake wasn't track breathe! My mantra was that every breath is sacred and would never smoke filling my lungs out.But then upwards. Is the euphoria. You get that great feeling that this the real you!Recently, smoke still on vacation. then, holidays on a friend had pots grass in the freezer. Ok. There is too much temptation for me. I took a little and then began to buy again. many smoking last month.I'm just new brakes! He had no cloud since Sunday and that she withdraw. At least this time I knew what to expect. and it is not so complicated.I wanted to just connect and say, anywhere in the world! Makes me feel better. I smoked marijuana by very high quality every day like not the idea of the end hooked to a new (SSRI's celexa citalopram etc) to start ive had mine other Stressers as my job of 5 years and more, lose, why stop, is to find a new job. There he months ago smoking this fear really had on me. John commits a criminal offence to me. Each has slight differences in their brain chemistry. Some of us had become underlying mental health problems drug-free grass until we, trust him. If you depend on to provide, on a fabric you calm or relax and suddenly you feel the withdrawal. Some of us grass, a constant companion for decades. Some people can smoke much marijuana and addicts never become, because they have different brain chemistry. Maybe, you are one of them, but wanted the risk? Maybe there will be a next time by one month break, even verified.The people in this forum was controlled by weed and decided to regain control. It is everything.There are no stupid Fragen.BFD. I need ¿(Hola_todos,_espero_que_todo_el_mundo_está_ganando_sus_batallas_individuales_se_puede_colgar_fr_las_cosas_allí))) certainty, but I hope someone understand)) because I no longer like 5 weeks smoking marijuana, or thought so I I think I hear it all the time? did anyone understand? I have all the things and people remembered insomnia and Fooked dreams, really heard bogey nightmares, but I myself constantly to think; s my head in lol really do excuse the pun.White is not, maybe it's just me I think quickly to go to the doctor I need help, but im gona keep the faith I know, one day is good luck. This is to develop a blog. ««««Peace)).»» Since I grass, would I otherwise feel anymore. But now In the more not to smoke, but I feel exactly the same, as he was on drugs. I went to the doctor, but I have checked Pereonality diseases and think I have Avoidant personality. This really or symptoms of this condition are normal trigger drug withdrawal symptoms?Thank you very much. I'm sorry (e). They are bred to the right and stopping cold Turkey 4 and 1/2 years of abstinence, and we have not either smoked moist. The words are in this post trying to suck the spirit of the ignorant to believe that marijuana is as addictive as morphine or the door of the House of the grandmother prescribed other drugs legally with Entzugserscheinungen.Also, while DEA busts and it to the court sends perpetrators addicted the opium through upwards takes and dies with a prescription in hand. I think, we should actually the family or retreat died experience of them convinced that marijuana is something that should be worried.Thank you for your reading and good bye. I wonder whether someone occasionally lucid when she seeks is suffering from severe overheating and excessive sweating with lively. I have not smoked for over two weeks and although I reflect my Duvet, even more than in the past never many nights he spent because I sweat a lot! You're not usually a man in sweat in every respect, but unfortunately for the defects break there is no stop. I quit smoking marijuana to a nuisance for most, but do it regularly so that I have my house too much tolerance or work, go back in time and do not want to catch me. Otherwise they fit and healthy but this excess very concerned, often to visit sweating my girlfriend and I don't want her bed with cold sweat Turkey be wet, if there are other pleasant body fluids for the Exchange. Nobody is in the same boat. Hi all, I again. Scientist-Wow is an injustice, I attempt it bud, long smoke and speaking weed killer or hash?Well, I'm a bit and the clean 60 days. Yesterday evening, the chimera, that he had instructed and illuminate, but hey-do not. in my dreams. Too bad, had beautiful set in my dreams and wake up still clean! Sleep Oknow, but above all with more than before the dreams, but maybe the normal amount? What is normal, not much remember but I case links before, but not 100%. ? Fashion seems to have disappeared, but I got depressed on unit and a little deficient a few weeks. I still think I a kind of normal will return and sometimes give a thought at all, which is what good no drugs. But this dream is a joke! good luck to all. many people can take or leave the drug, but for those of us who do not, I think we should all leave. It is day 12 and I feel like a new man. Sleep and my appetite is normal again and I feel good. Anxeity level is high as always me high and even if there are times when I feel, is now easily controllable. My reflexes are sharp and if my mind and soul. It has improved my surfing to the next level, and I am snow in this ski winter with all this energy renewed. If you want to quit smoking, go ahead and never give up. Consider spiritual help. Yes, get out of your Bible, Koran, Buddha or anything else. The world is a new place now, and I'm thrilled! May peace be with you all. Hi my name is very good and I am a pot! I am 37years old and I know that my life has taken on this herb.Every day, I've smoked throughout the day in the last ten years.I can not do anything without a joint smoked.Smoking before my girls basketball and volleyball playing, I'm sad to say that I think most children basic education graduating smoked.Smoke in front of Church, Yes, I always said the first church, smoke on the street and all over my clothes, my car, my house, and someone whose temperatur grass smells more than a 5-minute drive from my House have a blunt waiting for me in the ashtray in my Truck.Alle.I can not sleep, eat or work without grass, it's so bad, that if in the time without smoking I, what that time to go, more sad Medicare.La, so I smoke it began my 14 years, telling me I had a friend who smoked me began to make highly offensive when you come for the first time rauchenEs not meet, if you stop smoking with Elmo smoke two joints at the same time with Jac if bad my stomach and ery pass, I got rid of him, that before long ago, but I'm not the stop smoking broke inside of me, it seems that it has deteriorated.I'm autonomous persons recently closed my Office and began work at home, because I can always smoke home page, now I because I'm too busy, to be stoned to death.I want to not smoke so bad, but the idea of it, I'm afraid and makes me even more smoke, I do no friends is sitting at home in my room, especially in the dark and get high, my anxiety level is ridiculous, I can't stand the idea of the amount and now the House please can anyone tell me, whats the first step in this case at least two stop joints (10 or more blunts) a day habbit advice very, much appreciated.Thanks in advance ~ slim ~ happy to follow the restoration of the judges.If your case is similar to myself and others, continue to fear decrease, until it is easy to handle, but this can take months. The normal fear of life, he uses to stun with plant, which can be a challenge, will be always there. But how can you physically and mentally better, the challenges of life are less scary. If you are like many of us.Now you know jj. I really think that you can do. The recovery probably will be slower now, but keep the kind of believe, and the process continues. Viva!. So here and update. The I smoking last two months, it stopped (have smoked every day, on one or on a month not to disturb in anyway stepped down w / my personal or professional life, leave me alone and treat not w / rogue trader). Headache and insomnia for most.One thing that really bothers me, I'm always bored and little motivated. As mentioned above, I want the grass to use first. It worked better and less monotonous/annoying (have more or less an operating cab). Play guitar and much more fun projects besides. The joy of the run and SCO. Now, I am totally anti-motivated and sit all day wishing I had a little grass, that will make a mockery of life again. I feel like a combination of wave, get not all w / my life now and I want to stop, so I do all the things which I like before. Why it's everywhere I've read says that it should allow the grass, do things so be motivated. I found the front 100% complete to be true. Life is boring (can not honestly say that working in a box for most of the day, awful, then leave the House) and the grass, that a happier human being be not material and actually. Some people say that religion is the key to happiness, but it seems a bit ironic that people should believe to an invisible man in the sky, / mortal sin if there is a non-toxic substance, causes and a number of diseases to cure the proven euphoria. I don't know, maybe I'm just pompous talk, but I love marijuana and wish, that it is not illegal.(Note: all politicians who are in the hands of the company lobbyist, who have something to lose, if it is legal, such as police, prison, alcohol and tobacco is, big pharma, company, etc.)I prefer a shorter, happier than a long and traurige:-(life.) I smoke to explain views and guard and baking for 6 years. It was a day where I smoke at least 10 not joints. I decided to quit and there are 3 weeks so far. the first week was terrible, was depressed and could not sleep. After 3 weeks, you want to stop smoking, but still wake up every 2 hours and cannot fall into a deep sleep! But I think that this condition is improved. Mental strength is everything guys! Two years later, and strong thread!My experience - I'm smoked at the age of 35 and up to 1 month almost every day since I was 17 years old. Certainly in the last 10 years or less, which only time where would this stone, as he in the work & weekend, always smoking was a joint and a cigarette in the evening. The link is so strong, smoked a cigarette at work and enjoy it, but if I smoke a cigarette 1 minute later the work ended up to be evil.Suite, once when I tried to quit smoking joints, but I kept on smoking Cigatettes (duration approx. 1 month), has estimated that I was constantly at work.It is a month, I stopped and Nico gum use. For the first time in 18 years, nothing spent more than a few hours without smoking.So far I power a few weeks ago, but with strong cravings (much more than for the joints as cigarettes) but the last two weeks are full of fear (stomach seems constantly I do a bungee jump), sleepless nights, waves rage and not much food especially at night (when usually my hunger through a bed caught stoning!).Basically, all the other symptoms mentioned, but I am a month and doesn't. Perhaps for this reason many people has a placed just 18 behind it, so I think I'll bring something steadier.I would like to contribute to the debate on the question of whether marijuana has done more. I personally have always smoked solid, but many people in my smoking green Autour after what was always my would be and that from time to time. When I was a child, all used to normal Bush, he is not stronger than solid normal. It is only during the last 10 years or so, it's so normal that everyone smokes hydro grown Skunk, which has become undoubtedly stronger. And goes up to the dam they thought to make a new way, more Fuerte Burbuja, tray, no matter that they come later.I've ever had with these things, it would have a few bumps and mussels, although I know that many people. But he was certainly more. waiting for my memory comes back, although it can be a disadvantage, I now remembered it will be seen that it twice, maybe will not the same movie in the location!Also, anyone who thinks that he can pump full of drugs for many years and suffer no payouts and side effects when the leave is clearly a joke itself.Yes, in moderation is good, bad, many of us could not follow.Good luck for the others, I think I have resolved, now only look after our laurels on the line! Sorry, double post, sorry!As I said, I think that smoking in the definition would fit the heavy. In the last two years the idea would leave enter my mind, but then quickly pass.bah, very difficult, but I love you etc. etc., these last few weeks had quite a complete turnaround. Few things contributed to this, IE. a dealer out of business, a little wrong with mark, tired, helping others, which look like is not returned, mainly the sick by scoring and make money for people who can, control he not, finances or habit, same malaise fed up, I'm going to do something, but as soon as I had initially not provided lending a hose of water or 5 Last is perhaps a bit hypocritical, because often they had no control before, during and after the work of smoking and basically Bong on my page anywhere you have glued go. Last week he said enough! Reducing on a gram for two days and a half a gram on the other side one day completely clean, of course, the next day I told a bought her things day of rest, as usual to wake up work and success, two had God, feel evil, lazy, confused thoughts and a feeling of something in my life that I have run. It was four days ago and I honestly feel better to go through sweats and slight restlessness that I medications. IN the not a doctor and I am not an expert in the mental, but read the above and the fact that it difficult that some people really do, I wonder if they want to stop. I know, I'm In the only four days of reforms, but these people, no MJ, said, I feel honest me have not smoked for 4 days, which itself is greater than the negative. I've never tried and I worked spent some 80 000 $10.00 on the last things, this figure is embarrassing. It's not that it would have 80 k in my pocket, but I have some of the world, I had a block of land, etc., I am here and I apologize for this purchase easy but I made this or Mayo does not help, some people also in the free must be 100% sure you're sick of smoking, perhaps reducing the dose for a short period of time before you let it go. I ate fresh fish every day, grab a mens multi vitamin, drink diluted Gatorade, easy and rather than walking the dogs for 25 minutes, now I'm going for now. Yes, my forearms are sometimes brews and sleep is one makes one and turn off the whole night, is drenched in sweat while he, but it is so. Give all past time and a life where I constantly think don't care to see. Good luck and strong tries every stupid habit. Response to this indicator. He does not begin right in the first place. The grass is a sedative, the fear caused, so my problem smoking long term exacerbated. But there are short-term, temporary relief. It's hard to look at benefits in the future, if it sucks.I have not smoked in a week today, and it's always a little easier. On the comment by illiteracy, which I was just in a moment of weakness to attack. Pretty typical for me. I feel everything. I find to write comfort when reading these messages and my own. It is very reassuring to know that I am not alone in this boat. Hi friends, well, it seems that we're a bunch of Pot Jonzers. He smoked much since the ninth grade. I managed to get out my four years of College. I don't think that would have made it through a course if it had been an active addict at the time. Strangely after successful make while the masters and doctorates in active smoking much (white, like I didn't). I'm working on this and that to fight and have a level of productivity, but not kicking ass with things of the kind of Karriere.Warum I'm mumbling. Now, he raises his head in the clouds sometimes my dependency marijuana (usually around 5-20 g of the killer smoked every week). Reasons for breaks, vary and include: 1) distance, so the time and only my head want to feel free. (2) a type of work is a difficult class, never before the lessons taught. In this case, I quit smoking, it is a month in advance, so it's possible withdrawal and they have a clearer head when class begins. (3) where a negative event in my life, like the death of a family member. I try to stop, because smoking marijuana can exacerbate my bad mood and just sit and smoke the grass and be constantly depressed.If I quit, I never said, that it forever (I have a psychologist who believes that you forever - should be correct). The first days of the grass suck (guess what? Here is where I am now). Gracias_a, I have several times and the symptoms that they feel are 1) do not know what do 2) course, Jonze grass with me, 3) I'm nervous, 4) I have a shorter fuse (I hate because I happy usually happy go, if the grass - and that is, I want to be) 5) life seems aburrida6) Schwitzen.Und what is with the cope and make progress? Now, I discovered for myself when I during the first 3 or 4 days to do so without smoking then my cravings and side effects can reduce. My first few days symptoms take valium, not much, just a little (10-20 mg / day). I think that helps me nowadays difficult to reduce to overcome my fear and helps me sleep. Like valium, is to tend, you make me not, nothing, or at least not so much interested in. So, does for me, me, which I don't like, that I do not smoke marijuana. Of course, it is careful with valium, because it physically addicting, but it was no problem for me. This is probably, because I do not quite like valium and is my drug of choice, the grass. If you survive the first four days, all are pretty good runs. I'm a huge wave of energy and somehow they become super productive. So I stuck an error at this point, if I have a list of things to do do - smoke constantly things, the I as. If the list is too little and too troublesome, may it again in Cloud 9 and the list to lose. Let not the length of the do normally but list and I don't smoke. This can continue and get a lot of things. Between 4 and 30 outside the lawn too much and not already the need for valium not missed. However, if I tell him, about 30 days, then I start to smoking pot. Sometimes Yes, sometimes I don't. When that happens, my tolerance is low and little, is a killer buzz me (of a different kind, the smoke daily rumor). It have a different strategy is very useful for me is that I'm trying to have a girlfriend who smoke grass, but no matter if I do it. There are many women out and about. Some time ago I had a girl, was so great that wants a Jonzer weeds such as me and I sat all the time and smoke. I could never take a break, because they don't. The tramp was deceived me, too, but that's an other Geschichte.Nun, I hope that this has been enough for anyone. I'm with the best in their efforts. I leave you with a joke to take a salt with a grain: the ducks, when they were without pot?Geeeee, this music is shit. PeopleJohnny B. Goode greetings. Hello Mu "Mu'allim 31, smoking marijuana state for 17 years. I tell you, seeing all these symptoms that you thus begin to create them for you. Or feel of a change in lifestyle. If you worked in the same job for years and then moved to another place, you feel different?, courses, you would, begins not to go to the showers and shit would you? 1 week felt something rare, Yes, what had legs and nights without sleep, but after a week of falls. Best advice I can offer is exercise. Hiking, weighs, jogging, running everything.Make your life, adopt new HobbiesOh and by the way, at the age of 12, who wrote, that cannabis helps fight cancer, it seems to me when I had my first joint. Could it be that I used to justify says look Oh grass, nobody died, Yes, then probably eat glass and razor blades Toughens stomach also isn't it? Hahaha, Bawbag. In the coming year will be the 20th anniversary of my smoking marijuana. 19 years, I was at about 3 times 2 for probation and the other held to see if I could. 6 months, the longest period of abstinence for me is (not optional). I smoke an average of 05:56 tilting someday, if he asks these numbers I can double. I've smoked only 5 days, see how my body responds. Now, I want Sh_t. My stomach is like F_ck Queezy. I'm starting to executions. I can not eat, to save my life.I not yesterday was a slice of pizza, ready, because I was very dizzy.I've lost 8 pounds in a few Dayz 3. I have no appetite at all. One thing that I like is that I begin to dream again, and weight loss. .Ich stopped 4 months ago. Smoked I have for some time, that counts as a joke by dose of K2? Maybe because when I was not arrested, that according to K2 for weeks smoking felt I me nausea. Do not smoke cancer sticks, for the losers. Delete the cannabis is very real. I smoke quickly (a few more Dayz). If you try, the habit to always break, I respect the decision. But if not, smoking marijuana every day! (RIP Nate Dogg). Good: all early warning signs before door as well, sometimes a call to wake up. In regard to your bf that you betrayed, needed not that crap in your life, surely not that much worse problems screech good forgiveness unfaithful to eradicate it. He knew very well that you're a Weedhead when I met and now they trying to make better decisions, before she changes of mood, etc etc. communicated I also don't can who blame, say you would want to kill the devil, if I were you everyone deserves the bs drama in her life. Also can you not be no derailleur, that is someone in the world even accuse, not for the actions of others and what to do with their lives, his employee the individual choosing to stay clean and refrain the medicine, the I so much love. Keep strong your head at the top of the stay, and try it again. Her condition has a couple of months, I have now left. Has the urge to smoke a few weeks after I no longer stopped, I thought they were gone forever. Lately the weather has here incredibly. When in the rule, in the summer is coming back, In the happy to go and people to see, but now everything is so dull and boring. No matter how I stay busy or I work above, bad for a moment, then dull depressing kicks resting well and only at home want to go. I grew up with grass, it was up almost half of my life. Without him, I sometimes tag more.I think I have the reasons why I gave up to remember and do the best for me in this way. My mind is clear and I can not remember things. Also it is easier to enter into a conversation, the I no longer. This are all the best, smoking marijuana. But In the still boring as hell. Is no one here a real former drug addict? A person who is detained for more than a few months. Give me an Addvice, how long it was only to leave behind and without side effects of boredom? I think it is the only side effect that I leave and In the satellite! While I busy, how am you will be changed? (At best very unlikely) where this is not done, this forum is for people to share their experiences and offer human support. Already, you can go whenever you want (and for that matter, an idea of what a red flag to have the education when it comes to drugs?) and you must not online, submit a complaint, which we love to listen to not turn. Smoke, download and get missing invaders! And Doomtree, comment E-bolt was incredibly awesome! Above - not really because today I smoke resin. Not don't hear so that it even worse, because today it someday would be 3, it was impressive and had to change something in my head. I could not sleep until about 5A wanted to sleep then all day. What bothers me and the work is completely overwhelming - they are now aware there remains much to do. I think it has always been, but now there isn't no mental peace thoughts on this topic (, for a normal person who would sleep through the night). Not good and does not want to chew. I want a good pizza and that comfort and the warmth of families take conquer it and do everything very well. In fact nothing else, but it's only the outside of my current wiring of the brain. Back to square 1, I think. I noticed that the random memories arise, I know he would come, if you're not in that other State. I love, and they want to see where everything goes question I me, even if only one difference, which I'm doing and I'm looking forward to my new and improved, but sometimes even. Finding strange, old memories will increase someone else what is? Doomtree, anywhere in the world, I hope this food 6 will be basic, the grass still there for us during the day. I have an irrational fear to lose my contacts, but that's funny, because if there is one thing that I am good, that is to find a bag. Although my favorite dealer: city or killed the other and a step waiting for me and make my money. A currency of ten cents is a dozen Pocket). For me, for a while, a brilliant Christmas had my last Brief.Er. To clean, even if I smoke about 2 months 1 4 months now (don't do that, it has helped a little).Finally, my fear is tolerable. The key is the CBT therapy. Those who suffer from panic attacks or generalized anxiety disorder CBT must be verified 100%.It seems that some of you have just started. My advice is only sustainable, messages from other people be read and thankful that you're going. You improve your quality of life, although not necessarily immediately. Happy new year! Q: Hi I pot smoked since I was 15 years old. I am now almost 30. I decided to stop because it was expensive and decided that it time to the grow was. I had a lot of things lately in my head, I'm not sure what I'm going through withdraws. Cry Evry Nite before going to bed. I can't sleep my legs are very restless. My husband smokes. Many smoking daily. He has not decided whether he wants to go back. That is not really bothered me (I don't think). I have some anxiety, my stomach of Moors and its nodes. By please help if you can. What should I do? Hello everyone, since the smoking of marijuana/hashish I was 14, now 28 and decided that I would be on my health.I smoked falls and a few other Porro Fukays/8-10 per day. gradually coming out and in the last two weeks, the IV maybe had 5 Fukays all, and some days, some Worte.Ich was a sore night and I have great difficulty to sleep, even had no feeling of fear, not sure if I and the Club, which good and generally feels appetite, I want to know, if the symptoms disappear soon, Diploma thesis, thanks! Just do yourself a huge favor. Let the grass and forget. It is easier said then done, not? I'm not a true believer in God, wrong. Satan, or elsewhere. But that doesn't mean that you can't find. If you really love him and I believe that he will be the winner in your life, you need grass to stop. There you dream to friends and how to magically make you stop. You need to find. Grass is just a haze in front of you. Good luck, that God through a fog so dense that you can not see 2 feet in front of you can be found. Now, it is a step in your life. Stop the pot. The rest can take a backseat. How do you think it's the opposite of everything. Thanks for the warning again Bongsquad, dig your Creedo for the oppression of the large plant that marijuana in all its benevolent forms is very bad. Wow, I can believe someone through a gram per week could come; Here are some serious toking. I've been just through a medium or some good cranberry and a Q of sticky hash, which brought owned, but my last 2 weeks to keep in the new year bit too crazy, and then even though I felt I exaggerated a little, to clean. Never was addicted after the tilt, not I don't smoke, if it was grass and put as little tobacco in my Biffters as possible. Experimentally, I had to see some role when it comes to keeping something that night sweats on the outside, but without any joy in the last two weeks. As always my detoxify came to an end, tomorrow I'll get the good things of a spell, but I'll try and say consumption of cigarettes, to see whether the next batch of Vizio leisure goes a bit smoother to reserve the evenings. There are tips in the flipside peeps. Legalize it! Hi, I'm on my second day of not smoking pot. I smoked every day for the last four years, at least one day the fumes on a bag of 20 books.My friend is also so that we help each other, I have trouble with him to talk, as In, that much more than ever the kind of person who does not open, when I help, but seriously 2 days later and In the need opened. Ask for help, I never did it, and now I feel so sure at the stop Marihuana.Meine main reasons for quitting, I feel trapped in a routine, fucks me every day, then more marijuana to smoke must only because the medicine has turned into a financial nightmare, I like to think how much wasted on these things.Removal is difficult, it was 5 days once before, but then she relapsed. I am confident this time, height and depth, but the benefits are immediately visible. I feel more alert, intelligent, the eyes seem more socially acceptable, best approach (it's hard to explain, just the text and who has the clearer air) and I am one of the main advantages I see still getting fun! Just like the old me the unstoned me. Of course there are negative for the first week or so, it's early in the morning and I can't sleep, feel sick, had to leave the pub, because I thought it was gunna panic attack, eliminating the withdrawal symptoms on Google and here have found.I'm mark, which really help this page talk, you do not want so u maybe, but it's good to speak would burn more of you.I hope that 3 will this day there not too hard with me!. One of my friends had marked before 8 months scientific grass. I smoked this bud exclusively since then.Note that, if you play poker, or think that someone called I always set the papers that I need and who ever thought a couple gets thinking about her Thema.Vater of my friend's minutes was heavily involved in the Government project in the research as MK 60 or more.I could smoke maybe some drugs for mind control. Pot 4 - seriously, it's not fair. If you smoke is 100% good, but offend not people who are trying to quit. Couldn't a drug, marijuana, alcohol and tobacco, sugar, and caffeine. Hell can be viewed drugs even tv and video games, if you think about it. Although I give you that MJ is the most benign of all these (including television or video games, world of Warcraft) and probably the output easier, but nevertheless is a drug and it is a struggle to finish, when a habitual user.Como of legality are, I do not think that any drug that is illegal (even the difficult ones) so long that someone else gets hurt, but that's another issue everyone should be together. Especially smoking HII 2 months ago. It was nothing to do for me, already fair and a waiver on a few weeks before, which eventually stop me had, was when I, started to paranoia and anxiety attacks very uncomfortable and feared many of schizophrenia (especially after the remarkable experience). I talked 2 Professor of psychology at the University and said should disappear after a week to 10 days, but we have not smoked for almost 2 months and still completely not pages like this feel good, paranoia much better since Ive and the simplified found, because he feared that made me PermanentementePero at each start by thinking In not to normal time again I have horrible anxiety then feel your In the how stuck in a vicious circle. I have my dream 2 pretty poorly done, if I think that the problems I had can not sleep in absolute values 2 hav tele n even I not 4 years can sleep hav, and I find myself really awake on strange thing is that he made my life every day for Tuttiottengo anxiety, but I have no problem, where I work, and I am at my new job (la most people, very friendly with all that I've (empty, I'm Han Tenido lo tapeworm PARECEN Tener problemas IR y hablar con SUS Amigos) for his State two months and the anxiety and paranoia are much better, but I'm still light and space, especially if I at work), am In the what everyone thinks, wondering, is all the more feel? should be better now? Maybe if I see a psychiatrist? Possibly there are never enough people to each other, support, if it comes, something as looking firstly thanks to all who wrote something in the last 6 months. The withdrawal is also very attentive. I have been a daily smoker, an or a day with my closest circle of friends sometimes go almost 5 years. Affects many aspects of his life and the fair, which decides. I heard a number of withdrawal symptoms as ive tried to stop, but I've subjected recently to a new and wanted to see whether someone that has gone through heat waves. This led to 2 on a cold night with the Windows open, the people in the car, you wondered whether you have activated the heating. When you have finished, on foot or in a lively area I Brucerei rose by feeling as if he had this AURA of Radianting heat for me. I have to say that they had occurred during a very intensive week, and I had completed drained. Luckily for me, I rarely drink. The next day, I smoked, I spent days irritable and grumpy, but only for 1-2. They can't stand it on the way to do it withdrew. It seems to me that it will be closed very quickly, unlike when they rejected him. I know that alcoholics say that a drink is too big and a thousand not enough. I hope that this is not the same for drug addicts. I think that now, I'll try to make it completely remote. It is reassuring to know that mein ' hangover ' lasts only a few days, but that could change, so to make sure I'll try for total abstinence.I am very happy for what you feel better. Try to remember, as you feel the next time you. The pot, as it calls the kettle black. Dr. Carl Sagan in pot (written as Mister X, marijuana reconsidered (1971): experience of cannabis has improved my appreciation for the arts, a theme that Quit Weed And Cigarettes I had never before appreciated.) Understanding of the intent of the artist I can sometimes achieve results when I'm down. It is one of the many human limits, since cannabis has helped cross. There were also some thoughts on art, I know if they are real or fake, but they are fun to do. I watch, for example, spent some time the surrealist work of high Belgium Yves Tanguey. A few years later, he was long swim in the Caribbean and fell exhausted into a beach, formed by the erosion of a coral reef in the vicinity. Arms crossed looking saw colors domed pastel coral fragments, from which the beach before me a large painting by Tanguey. Perhaps this Tanguey has visited beach is still in the Kinderschuhen.Es a similar improvement was my appreciation for music with cannabis. For the first time, I heard a harmony of three different parts and richness of counterpoint. Since then, I've discovered that professional musicians at the same time can easily several parts separately in their head, but it was the first time for me. Once again the learning experience has, if high at least to a certain extent, when I'm down. The pleasure of eating is strengthened; Arise aromas and flavors, which usually overloaded for some reason, seems to notice. I'm able to concentrate on the feeling. A Pope will have a texture, body and other potato, but much more flavor. Cannabis increases the pleasure of sex – on the one hand are also an exquisite sensitivity, but in contrast to delay orgasm: partly to distract me with a wealth of images before my eyes over. The actual duration of the orgasm seems to stretch considerably, but it may be that the usual extension of the experience that comes with smoking cannabis. I have a week ago. I'm 28 and they smoked every day for about 8 years. I do regular physical activity and whether you believe it or not, it has that I smoked every day. In fact, one of my favorites to top things were made (I think it was very high). I do not know who help my stop making smoking but still really, really want sometimes to smoke a joint. For example I have a great job and got it on the lawn. In a team of football club and play even Triathlon have the lawn for scream (Sprint and Olympic distance, PAS Ironman.and to be honest, that I sucked in the bathroom). I have to say the the pot me more lethargic, but only if my husband every night or Fumerei Bowl. Also, if I was a day or two without, would be very irritable. What I want to know is: If you keep it as a joint week, that would be nice? I know that every day is too much, but shit! Now I want a joint! Home sale of eleven management day yesterday and it was a very stressful. I wanted so much articulation. Is that so wrong? I was taking a bath, burning candles, reading, heating of some essential oils for relaxation and my friend gave me a good massage, but he's still a joint. I miss the smell and taste and can forget my hectic day. * sigh * what to do. Increasingly unnecessary, stumbled across this forum during one of several research that all major types of advice to my habit of grass (others are the correct information for grass line termination are based on the use or clinical and glued completely). I know exactly why you should stop smoking and are looking forward to the weeds without life and what kind of help only me depressed and confirms the idea that is shaking. Honestly, I'm pretty sure that I do not smoke marijuana more, even though I know that will improve all aspects of my life, when I do it. If you don't come you back and saw a future full of hatred and fatigue. I have almost no confidence in me, and so I want to be positive, probably under my own feelings physical ailments and mental extremely is reduced. Despite everything, I'm going to do now, give these words in the ether. You have no grass, and because I do not pay anything until Friday, without I. A week without seems impossible at this time, demons are probably friends gems shaft, def, smoking resin or maybe even questions, my dealer give me a whole number on the front. Now, where I posted see it, is a sadder than ever before. I have basically to give it up, and tomorrow will be consuming my thoughts all day anyway. I hate that I caught in the trap in this place. Perhaps, if only I by one iota of progress and success could have gathered, I could go a little more. I'm at a turning point, and tried, all forces at the tip of the right way to collect. I welcome advice on this important and fragile principle on my trip. (Basic information about me: 29, fell is in the grass at the age of 15 years and never looked back.) Daily smokers of late adolescence, several times per day, that in recent years, he knew the bowl in his hand off my feet rattled down in the morning, while they are on the ground, if I fall asleep. Type of non-smokers; This is great w/but he gave feels more in the I stunned, I'm connected to me.I feel more connected, me too!) With all that said what you think about it twice, and I think Yes. But my brain was founded in the love of grass and is now my enemy in what even more difficult than face will be challenge. I don't know what this put out there to be expected, but at least I think they put it and not knowing where everything is better than nothing. Good luck to all who try it. All tomorrow? Looks like a perfect day, to create a hope for positive change. Scientific report from the University of Vermont, young people who smoke marijuana regularly and can be can cause the same symptoms of withdrawal as adults, although the prevalence and extent of symptoms are lower than those observed in studies in adults.72 white male young people, especially young people between 14 and 19 years, scientists have an outpatient treatment for marijuana abuse information collected. His drug abuse behavior was measured through interviews and questionnaires. The classification of participants observed the presence and severity of specific symptoms, which are known to have associated with abstinence from Drogen.Wissenschaftler, that 78% of participants with at least 2 symptoms, 58 percent reported at least 4 symptoms and 44 percent reported at least 6 symptoms. The most common symptoms were demanding, marijuana, depression, irritability, restlessness, sleeping difficulties, hostility, loss of appetite, increased aggressiveness, anxiety and headaches. Is at least 22 people tested their marijuana anxiety, depression, irritability and sleep problems as a passable, with the thirst for marijuana, the only symptom displayed just as seriously. Ive been smoking to ruin pot for 2 years, and its double wedding, Causae of my friends seem all move, homeive Group also found that grass are a waste of Dineroque is fun to smoke with friends and makes it less depressed by anyone should start smoking Shitit it is hard to stop. Hi guys wanted to come bak and say that I feel a little bit awesome after 29 days! It is amazing to see how it works.He studied a little and MJ has his drug venlafaxine is an anti-virus (Todos Sabemos) now helping with a low rate of smoking u happy now if you smoke, much Everyyyyyday keep your Brian make thc Seratoine stream (this THC Realses) wanted once u stop smoking grass Seratonie levels to fall, because RSS-feeds not so is not THC why is u feel depressed / Anxsity.Es was prescared a pill called Paraxodine 10 mg about 10 months ago and it is a fight against the drug venlafaxine taken havnt crossed my pill is all bad, they gave me, a reuptake inhibitor is help Seratonie knows, not to see how it feels, madness, but it seems are so lol - keep guys improve take not!. Glen - is there a place for the recovery of drug addicts, not a news site. The idea of bias is irrelevant, because we're all here, because we want to quit smoking. Of course, you focus on the negative aspects of the use of marijuana.Reefer madness was rather ridiculous, but just as badly, and even more harmful for the companies that are current myths that the grass is harmless and addictive. Even melodramatic modern reefer madness, obviously wrong generally and vilified by marijuana, often Web sites propaganda smoking psychology of grass actually undo, because they believe that you want to see the ridiculous lies on the lawn and you want to, because they are the opposite must be true, and the grass has completely harmless. Unfortunately, they are a kind of critique of the propaganda, while he falls into the clutches of another. If you wisely are enough, to doubts about the accuracy of the reefer madness and things too, and then smart enough, to the correctness of the articles and videos say grass for doubt is harmless. No one can lie. If you can, and make a well rounded search, which will come to a different conclusion. Yes, the third day and the feelin 10 times as good as yesterday, but I'm still crazy mood ring grooves where sick little shit, and then a second later happy. I think even clearer, I've only felt like it probably a dozen times in the last 5 years and it seems however to forget how cool when you go back to the Gras.Das are only, what, I don't like, is this damn dreams to go every night if you sleep sober where I have a bad Shroom trip, both arrested or expelled the outaThat sucks that you and I wake up in a terrible sweat. It happens to me every night, who do not smoke for a few months. We hope that this does not soon or IMA go crazy. Since I see no shame, but (psychiatrist), they can be quite the drug-oriented and industry are formed by drug money. Are you a psychologist? I know that the medicine as it is sometimes said, life can save a & I can't say anything about it, although I sometimes imagine that it could perhaps have other options? It must go with what you know & thing is currently available; difficult question. I think many herbs (such as St. John's wort) can help with anxiety depression &. In addition, sometimes, something in the diet (E.g., coffee or processed sugar), if it is deleted, can do wonders. prescription drugs to end, I know that it can be dangerous. I think that a good priest (bad, I know) can help a lot (I guess that predominantly female, if possible [of course even rarer]). a few suggestions, I hope the way, I smoked marijuana last night. I went to the Club and had not much sleep, so broken and I had a slab of dark chocolate for caffiene. He had not eaten, but a whole bar proved to be all day cookie is too much caffiene & my emotional state is therefore not balanced. (could have a good trip to play tho) emotionally, I felt as if I die or seemed so fatal something, anything. Seen some food & & my friend & was going through a difficult time. She offered me some smoke & felt immediately much better. I remain not always for my 2 months a plan than cannabis. Well, I'm happy that I've helped, but I don't want to smoke out of habit. I had a good experience, that reminds me of the downside of caffeine. I can the work of Dr. Thomas Szasz for more information to the detriment of the diagnoses of mental illness and seeks for their treatment recommended. Even if this helped much I can beat, but I really think that this is an important issue, to seek, to both sides of the Od Bigsmoker, you have a lot of movement? Maybe help a cleansing diet? Creative hobby? I hope that it can be useful. I wish you all the best. I don't know if anyone has noticed that you can find almost always a marijuana smoker. I think that the grass visible, especially around the eyes, emaciated and locked up Blätter.Wir need features looked and acted so strange to other people who do not smoke. Thank you Toochewed for put the Incoherancy into the equation in a previous post. It is true that skeptics seem strange.Although he was head over heels lover of grass, I'm sure that she could kill me, if I had brought. I smoked a lot, it was on the edge of the Blutvergiftung.Ich wanted one other and fact, but not that she was placed at the end.The only, what is now, I have bad insomnia, only a few hours of sleep each night. My 12 days and today was the worst for withdrawals. I understand not tho, so far, been more or less tolerable to my symptoms.But absolutely my victories today. Boo hoo. Good luck to all. PS Jono, ass who go to, I'm also on CIGS! One thing at the same time tho. Day 5 and my appetite is back, thank God, because I lost 10 kg in less than a week. Very well read in 3 or 4 hours at night and restless, if I. Fear is to reduce some, and I don't think that I'm fully much of my skin. Although must tell me very critical people and I take care of my tone. My memory is getting better and better and my thoughts are more organized than when I was in flames. The fact that I insert am how I never of course stand up and I want with boring conversations with strangers everyday things. High energy than surfing activities and at the end, so I still will help hart. Good luck to all those who end it is very difficult for the first 3 days, but the start is then easier. It's been five weeks, since I posted here and the last 7 weeks, since I don't smoke (apart from a small pipe more, shot a couple of weeks as something wrong at the top by a couple of hours) and improve things. Anxiety and stress are still major problems, and I'm starting, goes to a psychologist to work. Daily headaches ceased for a while went back after he smoke and small amounts of smoke grass (never enough to nothing), but they feel they are not as frequent or as intense as before. I'm sure that it is actually your tension headaches or chronic headaches against chronic migraine, the relief. I really think that most of the mass is of the constant problems for me fear, when I discovered that really crap and fear are each of them symptoms that I experienced the symptoms of anxiety and the rest are probably my brain still convalescent after a prolonged use of drugs at a young age. I you always have some sort of glass on the key to a good view, but every two weeks is also gradually better and two came days ago the most recent step in this Department. Recently, I found a lot of evidence that cannabinoids and THC in the right dosage oral (depending on the dose stoned get) really the very beneficial for health many wise and harmless things for everyone (with the exception of allergies). One of the major potential advantages is the ability to heal (shocking, but look), to stop at least the spread of cancer cells. This information (apart from the aspect of the fight against cancer) reduced my anxiety to think that I have permanent damage of the brain and also by the fact that completely unjustifiably worried I have cancer and am dying lol. However, imagine that an update. One thing I was really bored, and I think that it could be, not be stoned eyestrain (television and computer), anxiety, or adaptation to, or a combination thereof, is, I a little confused even those spells when I see that a strange design, patron of agility, lights or a camera with angle of depth flashing. Now as part of disorient me my brain cant quite short, so I know what can you have just seen and dealt with, and he has struggled to catch up the. 100% I don't know, all kinds of seizure or epilepsy, an EEG was done and everything, but I was wondering if anyone who can understand? And the last thing this again, I have the impression of passing movements and everything based on memory. Not necessarily daily in the talks only in life because I'm here, but I'm not much time. But it is getting better. In any case, I'm sorry, you go back. Looking, I lost my good friends many years ago, the rest known more than just friends - Dopare were companions to speak openly. You know, I used to be a drug addict, in addition to the be a Weedhead. My contacts are not more business and the members of the family. It is a great source of anxiety and boredom. Sometimes to a meeting of the NA and aid. Methods 12 steps have great benefits and can be perfect for some. It is at least a quick and effective means of insulation; Found you meet a true friend in this. If you're like me and not your Cup's tea, you should even visit a meeting for stuff. NA is the reflection of society: see the losers, hypocrites, religious phenomena and honest people to meet. For me, it is not the solution, but one tool among others. You can help a lot, because even a blog such as this can never replace a flesh - and - blood presence.Our success depends on our ability to replace grass with other interests. After the acute WD believe that mine is the most frequent cause of relapse. I know that it is very difficult, in Active WD, but it is absolutely necessary, the body and mind. You have to forget your mind on weed to train! If you are in full WD, but to change your lifestyle may not be obvious the real battle for the victory. We must with the obsession of the smoke (what more btw in WD,) break, allow reflection to celebrate a train, promote or alleviate anxiety to have. To an extent, who this blog to visit, even read, think and speak of marijuana obstacles can be! The trick is to forget the pot. For the moment, long walks, watch captivating movies, cleaning the House, swim, masturbate. anything to keep your mind you Dummkopf.Und please don't forget, that T-E-M-P-O-R-A-R-Y is the intensity of your discomfort and your obsession. In a few weeks is the physical component of their dependence had almost disappeared, had extended you only fight with a sharp decline in WD syndrome. Then you'll be able to find out what could be luck. The constant obsession will be replaced by the periodic 'temptations'. You have to work next hard to find healthy alternatives that are the passions. Well, that's where you'll be without delay, if you hold. It is quite clear that, in fact, life is like a drug addict is a degraded mode of operation? Is it quite clear that happiness is impossible as a drug addict? Life is not easy, if you or do not smoke, but it is much more difficult as an addict to sabotage its natural mechanisms.A chance, the people of happiness! Viva!. Ive been smoking daily since I am 15 years old and had recently left to recover from severe acid reflux (which can be caused by excessive smoking). Last week for the treatment of heartburn constant symptoms was gone although there are healing and arousal, anxiety, etc., slowly, and I hope that next week will improve! Drug IV smoke about 8 years and I say this as one gram per day because a Varuna lol In the rick. I sat on the sofa playing COD on PlayStation and dream. I stopped, because I lost all my money. (IV) spent more than $200,000 on it in 8 years. now, the iv published just three days ago. I've got a headache 24/7 I have a nose and thought Fuked flows and In the all so ill. or allow approx. 3 years a week ago and almost dead after 5 days in the hospital for 2 days. You should not start, because this time worse feeling and thinking In the mark b in the hospital for some time and trusting Giv up you fuck it, while for life. I've smoked 38, my whole life. Thus the majority. and arrested yesterday with Zyban and works, do not smoke. I am very proud and happy. I never want to stop. I've been trying to stop in January. I can not remove me insomnia. until I smoke I started depressed me clinicly and although I know that this effect does not have all the things that I shot, and it increased my quality of life. I'm trying to stop professional and educational reasons. If it were not for my profession than ever before. I do not know if it is worth all this misery. I read some comments from people, the questions are no Sypmtoms from cannabis recovery and then to say that smoking and closed and only a small amount each week, well, we then I smoked 6 years there and for most of them much on the target week and similar to good condition, there were no cud be reinstatement issue weeks without it and not Xperience ever. But in Froom Ive year lunch last night by a hose / him killed, and recently decided it was time, some ideas Schiarirmi, identification, or even Lookd symptoms set off, anyone who thinks that b able to stop, would you but only during the few days ive had at various stages. Nausea, anxiety, aggressiveness and extremely bad memory. In addition to not being able sleep Anhen, visit this page with the account many other people who had exactly the same Xperience how can you b turn to pretty heinous and say these symptoms Arnt focused on the withdrawal. You Obviousley have no was a heavy smoker and tried to make the cold Turkey cus if you want more b according to every1. Further have the shadow of a doubt, for 4 to 6 months and constantly smoking pot from the stem until you go to sleep, and then I am sure, that you believe it very differntly. Better feel every day. Much more positive and happier. For me, the grass was a depressive. It has to tell me years, because he smoked clear grass-induced depression. In fact, a vicious circle. I finished a compulsive wake ' n bake smoker. Climbs on you. Many of my friends are the same, but the obsession of the undergrowth and drug addict raves about shakey justify a friendship. KIA Kaha, be strong! 4 days of rest. I have 14 years. Cold the whole time, I have still more panic attacks to vomiting, and I am especially afraid. I smoked for about a year. But I smoke every day, you have to stop that (my mother let one month school delete me) last month and now I'm in school and weeds. You are my headaches withdrawal. I'm going to my experience so here goes. I am on the second day my mission to get rid of Vice. I would say that pensioners for the rest of you here are. I think we're not smoke was ordinary things in the 1990s or are our parents were in the 70s (though I disagree). Without the things that float up in the 300-400 or went Pro with the best teams. I have nothing against this plant food on the planet, hemp is how actually to complete heart every day on the most bombed, nutritionally. It is seeking to do the Omega-3 fatty acids and a huge amount of protein in each serving. Forget not the myth of the day, where his friend has a seed in those links, make friend sterile! Otherwise, it is very healthy! I digress from the subject (real Stoner). So yes, I'm an activist of hemp (kind of), but I can not smoke (shit). I'm also a fanatic of nature, partly because of what I have explained my love affair with forgetfulness me as a child in the years of my impressionable mainly due to that I have built up over the years. 04:20, I post Austin, Texas (Stoner huge city moved). Didn't you know that I moved here, to kill Arrived just at the end, I don't know how or why. You will know when you have to do. As with everything, this is nice, it is evil, and I practiced this lesson almost 20 years, since I was 14 years old property. Time to end. A year ago, stop drinking, I was once on cocaine (boo), Xanix, Clonepin, Effexor (it 250 mg). Cannabis remains only in the line. Never heard of increasing nutrition when it comes to a dependency? You want something from her helpless above? Get a juicer, eat sugars (fruits), organic, natural, just exercise your back, meat only once or twice a week, stretch, meditate, to speed up the shot of the digestive tract, high speed to the release of toxins. If the car is not slow he ran would give you the best fuel? Do why not the same with your body? Oh yes, make sure that the dealer legal drugs. I am referring to the doctor would like to inform you. People people luck. I use Internet to investigate several things almost every day, but rarely publish whatever. I feel compelled post here, because although I don't think the importance of recurring events, everything, everything in my life seems most recently with searches to do have.Almost all my friends are trying, now some of the several substances or behaviors your grass to leave. I have 26 years and most of my friends are 20-30, a time when people who spend most of their free time holiday to begin to recognize how much time to lose. I know that many people have me said that you try a medication are recently and continue to do is just ridiculous. It is that this experience to see others who finally added take me convinced to heavy smoking marijuana. For me is at least much more difficult to see, my own searches than others.When he was about 23 years, gave cigarettes, antidepressants and sleeping pills, which he became addicted had since I teen at the same time, the retreat was syndrome. Although it sucks pretty bad, he has it at the first attempt without assistance and was not really as bad as I had expected. However, when I decided to take the time on a Gold Nugget, I did that a few times over the years, it was more difficult with you quit other drugs for further and I pair regularly for at least a month and then stopped, substances of all major classes of Medikamenten.Einige say that marijuana addiction is a psychological dependency, but that does not really mean something. Body and mind are linked in a way inseparable, which has become increasingly evident from day to day medical research. (Although some do not need to read this research know these connections and is just a reformulation of the very old ideas). We humans have a mind aware, does not mean everything simply because our body is unleashed, because what we have to give. Physical dependence is a misleading term, because the mental aspect that makes it so hard is to overcome looks and spirit to cause physical symptoms of drug withdrawal that can manifest. No matter how terrible suffering is when you know that your due to abstinence from drugs, can walk through the intellectual will advance. It is your mental strength, which ultimately determine or not stop using the drug, so there is no dependency that is strictly physical. Uncontrollable physical dependence do an activity that can be applied to animals not finished decision part of your brain that can replace the other parts of the brain, but is fortunately am 15 days a not for Menschen.Ich and nothing prevents that maximum 90 days (unless someone hits or something more). I spent 30 days without a few times before, but have realized that I never have enough, that my brain for optimal performance. Those which are repeatedly to smoking 24/7 through chemicals in pot with the spirit, through intensive use in the long run interact, your brain literally changes and can leave some time after function with full power in a variety of ways for your brain. Increases the enjoyment of everything you love. Use often affects the ability to enjoy, if you are not the things that you like. Use makes easier some changed extensive States. Use too often, it is hard to get valuable, if you, you simplify your life seem less not high. But something can be done on a drug, with the possible exception of the scope of application of States of consciousness, which should be made too often anyway because you need to maintain a mental function analyse and implement the use of all information, which is very disturbed, you get without him.If you are even completely free from drugs and smoking marijuana, it takes between 3-7 days to get all of your system. You smoke more and more often to build things in your body gradually. If you have smoked for many years regularly, leave 90 days to get the benefits that probably they want to quit smoking. Some say that up to a year. 30 days drug testing is passing normally sufficient, because there are a number of discounts in many common drug tests checks whether a specific concentration in you, the chemicals in the drug metabolites below are fully.I want to some things, which were helpful to me, if I over a period of no smoking, needs to share, for each person, which apply, because as soon as you tried longer 90 days as it relatively easy stay abstinent for most if your intention is to end.When I a moment of clarity suddenly why smoking to quit, I write angry note, even degrading and I read it when I am near a relapse to me on the right track. Work to total exhaustion as often as possible and hard next drink plenty of water, which reduces the amount of time that you will spend, suffer themselves and work supported by other means. Avoid drugs of any kind, legal or not legal, and even drugs such as excessive TV/film, watch, MMORPG and food you food without significant nutritional value, because if you replace it with another thing, not to break the cycle of dependency.In regard to withdrawal symptoms, it seems intimidating, but you have to deal with them. If more willpower to use, depends on you it something else instead of marijuana. The spirit can do terrible things if you do something or think something and would not agree. The only way is to align what you want, what you want. It may take 90 days, it can take a year, or you could be your whole life slave on certain parts of the brain that does not fully understand unfortunately currently the bowel sounds for many people is to go. However has anyone change the ability for the better.Good luck to all attempts to stop. Make sure that this person did not say not addictive in this weed. Nothing can be fascinating. But I have not also forget everything simply because its a search does not mean that it will be very difficult to overcome. Bigsmokeri I feel exactly the same Lieutenant, but it is only 3 weeks listen IAM much better for what I've done, but style Nausia, when they are in public places, but goes with Persistancei of intellectual Tengo 16 Años and often felt that he was but this challenge alone, this site has really helped and continue to visit foil me long after my recovery, Way to give those in need because it is that I have it memories to him helped, in the worst of all for the people of blogging, save, to detect, because life after the herb for Amazingpce Itthank. Well, I'm now day five, much weight insomnia feeling persists, but took simply to sleep by the advice of a friend, that it is made by Tylenol and is not at a distance. I would like to just a few days, however, come as a dream more easily is to be started. My appetite more time back to normal is to attribute this to the fact that smoke always before eating and then consume large amounts of food. My stomach, I don't know what reduces the normal size at the moment, so I hope that the next week or so, my appetite to normal back. The time especially at night I have a pretty sad and depressed. The majority of smokers was at night, so it is logical. My wish, completely disappeared due to this, and that I wake up every morning, I feel more internal, more positive. I have crazy dreams, last night again normal side effects interrupted. I start training tomorrow that I sleep my body for the rest of the day, but not only better sound. Everything should be okay. I will Berichten.Anleitung in a few days. My husband has check this page almost every day (by the way, really weird BFD) Jeff smokes every day. Sometimes I'm in the garage, if he smokes. At my work we deal with the accounts managed by the Government, and now wants to each drug tested. This is done in a few weeks. I think I'm trying to do all this, is there: you also, no smoke fail the exam?They are the mainstay of our House in a frenzied on this situation. I know that Second-Hand Smoke (cigarettes, hear) all information about this topic like please smoking would be very appreciated.Keep the excellent work, I hope that my husband would take the decision to resign.Concernedwife. WOW, I'm impressed. One day open invitation and not you feel crappy! You should feel this good!I smoked before work, at work, and after work. I bake Estela-n -. When he was awake, he was loaded. (or even for free, I could). Ultimately, I'm not even the highest. I only had to smoke to be normal. I know exactly what you mean with 'live' at the moment. All fats or why bother? Strategy games, TV, read, visit, eat. Everything you have done to enjoy smoking.I still go around my friends who smoke, but luckily for me, I have a lot of friends do not smoke also. It has 2 great things in your favor. 1 this decision made, you were not under pressure it a method 2 goals and a concrete plan of how to achieve this.Although you probably think that brain on grass (fact better), is your works it just the grass talk. I have been 1 month today, my brain is very good, thank you, and my mood swings are gone. If it outside of tobacco, was unhappy. A real bear. Now there are days where I don't, that even think. I have major headaches, talk, but everyone is different.Ho slip once and I bought 2 Michele in about ten days, but I went back to not smoking, if they were gone. I say this to not give permission to smoke, but you grant permission to be less than perfect. There is no one. If you fall, you are not discouraged. This does not mean that they trivialize what you do not forget that there are people, the ex, stop smoking crack cocaine, methamphetamine, cocaine, or heroin. | I know | I'm very cool all very well and is for me as frightening and unknown territory. | Also, I didn't. I myself am when |m isn't very high. Those who know me, know me only high. as in 7 years the only is the ones I had. No matter what happens. I do | It would be very high. and | You have some bud hunts, which would be too bad hardcore heroin or crack addict. ¦ ' I spent hours and hours to scrape clean container for a small injection of resin. ¦ ' Lied, stolen and friends of people just to get high. Maybe | You are the problem and not pot. But you can not deny that these behaviors are not in good health. and | Do not do these things when | I'm sober. So for me (not pot not all smoking. · do nothing but love for you) pot has had a very negative impact on my life. The irony. Pot has saved my life and ruined his life. It is now time to return to my life. Thanks to all who take this message seriously and fight to quit smoking. and thank you for Toochewed for his sympathy, understanding and balls.p.s. | I need lots of help to advance it. I want to sound not cheesy, but the boat was my life. That was my goal of the soul in the morning to get up. It made me really happy. and it's gone now. Thank you again. How to write in caps and insult, the everything you can with the limited scope of the English language. I'm doing. the last refuge of idiots. Still, games means that which kills cells in the brain than other smokers, grass, where the hell is yours? Keep in mind this prohibitionist here the kind of specialist language cling, to justify his intrusion into the privacy of others? I don't know that your God would be very proud of their understanding of human existence. I love your stories, everyone helps me my searches to this sweet plant deal. I'm a bit dizzy, day 2, vomited. Cold sweaty hands and feet, sharp as f8ck, smell my underarms (usually never do), so I'm in the shower a few times a day. But I'm proud of it. And as a woman, I can see my skin in the face better. When I finished two weeks later, I saw 5 years younger! Something I'm faster, a hard angular folds.It holds around the world). I do not agree with this article, in some respects. First, some of the things that we use daily in our body are far worse than marijuana. Transfats, marijuana much more addictive caffeine, sugar, alcohol and a property. I think that some people addicted are what, whether it is personality, and for them the right of withdrawal symptoms there, but as you mentioned at the beginning, is not about heroin. The body is not really physically dependent on your opinion, no matter how different you say. Nor personality leads to this extreme voice once, then I, that mentioned marijuana not for Sie.Sie at the beginning of his article, I hate to say it, the power of marijuana to ten times but this is just false information. The power has changed little in the last century, that data from the 60-70 years of a goddess were deformed, which took place only in the Mexican herb, not correctly saved, had was of poor quality, and compared the results of an internal culture, which only had gathered and said makes had suddenly. You are of course to use unfair controls in a scientific study. Hashish has existed since hundreds of years (oil derived from marijuana) and the same performance. In fact a higher power marijuana is actually a healthier choice, because then you have to smoke as much. Not to mention marijuana many consumers use evaporators, which bypasses the smoke damage to the lungs.Really I could continue but obviously I my opinion based on my experience of life with the people that surround me, and I know that everyone is different, but. Recovering drug addicts, I understand that you real had this obstacle symptoms if you overcame is great, because everyone is different, but I find it very difficult to take post seriously when is more than half of the information of reefer madness, there are many scientific studies all over the world by true professionals (not pot heads) and almost all of their evidence conclusively Quecomo is everything, what the Viemoderation is the key. If you do not find the moderation that is not for you, but still be closed, it can be much cheaper than a drug, processed marijuana in security (of the highest quality, vaporizers, in a safe place). Our company has been invaded by their Pharmies and ruin your life and your liver has much more than a little weed. There is startling evidence that show that people with acute MS capable of, their lives in almost half of the pills, which in the introduction, carefully regulated, marijuana for his regime. Also indicates that marijuana intraocular pressure decreases by opening up the blood vessels (Yes, red eyes), this live positively to many, many glaucoma patients has helped their lives with their vision.Everyone has his own Vice and marijuana for many people out there, but please don't judge as good and honest marijuana smokers sorry to live a normal, happy, and productive life. In regard to smile as you said, congratulations to all former marijuana smokers who see smoking now how horrible pot really is! I'm talking about seriously? Can not understand, is a very good thing, because some people can be, and what causes fear can help each other with their fear and without antidepressant, that you think is really annoying. ? Please try to keep an open mind. Ben, thank you for the support that yesterday you feel much better me I went to the gym and not as red, before I wanted to sell my Axnsity and now I know that I relaxed and much more! Relax your Amazijg as a game of the mind and damn again so bad and disappear. Fortunately for me, it is detected in time, and realize that I don't need this crap!(I smoke only for 3 years all Nite after only gym and I can say thank God that my portfolio does not as bad as others here on this page) What can I say, people relax and it is the worst past each mind fucked! I want the old bak and its still there! It seems that my brain says Hello life without weed control. Gabriel Fernández yes I have tried not smoking cigarettes, but it was too hard, I managed to reduce from 8 to 10, I have 2-3 days. Thank you for your support. Thank you Bruder.Ich also heard that fasting for a meal or two, while drinking lots of water to the detoxification helps.And finally, since this is the third time that I try to leave, I have every time easier to say. Not really no anxiety, depression or anger (which I also the last two times indeed). Too long to stay awake. 10 now, I've been awake for 48 hours and I've tried to stay tomorrow fresh awake for 12 hours to class. Bffff. It is for the search of MK, I have to say what happened to me I have ever heard a pot head say no stove. I think even if smoking with certain other drugs can be difficult, as a form of LSD. LSD distorts reality and gives the effect of a stronger perception of reality. If your killing your brain. If I were you, I would be free of this epidemic, because some effects of LSD for an extended period can be final. IN the no specialist and I do not know, your friend, but I have a similar trip before triped and Exspereinced, that the epidemic is smoking. I'm afraid, maybe Perseption so confused reality, Rationlize is the fact, that you are doing something brain helps the Realisticaly be marinated. Try to let smoking perticular bud and smoke some Reggie and see whether it has the same effect. I would also use a urine test and see if pass warm soul for something else in addition to grass. If you could be fungus spores from Psilosybon do the effects similar to LSD and a screening test to be displayed. In this case, you know with certainty, which is his friend of marijuana. Fungi can change like LSD but also his mind, if not worse, depending on the load. Represents the reality distorted is not good for you, and could play a deadly game. In the wanted to not scare and if he always definantly Jelouse smoked for this epidemic, but is sober ID have to say be very careful with him. Also, his friend may be by using a form of pesticide that changes the effect of the grass. I'm friend. To DJB. Re depression. I was diagnosed with depression and I fluoxetine 20 mg, for me. But I have found that I have long term heavy marijuana use was a sedative for me (remember, all of this affects differently) because he was too much in my head, my energy also weakened. There are better ways to deal with depression, better than the relevant medication. You will feel much better. I'm 49. I involved the outbreak, because he was 14 years old. I love, but I have 7 days earlier for health reasons. Wonderful, elegant, was 2 ounces a month (1/2 oz per week).Well, I'm very nausea and my tummy feels like a knot. I was irritable. resigned in March 2007 to January 2009. NO prob lost I just.So, now it will be final. I'm very stubborn and take it. Once again are the reason to quit for health reasons.But the symptoms of withdrawal are killing me. I was smoking marijuana several times a day for 8 years. I decided to stop and its been two days, really very difficult and I want to stop. I have been vomiting, angry, sleepless and in terrible sweats. Hot flashes are a normal symptom, because sweating occur, two IIS is driving me crazy! Instructions! Hi StreetScholar, and fifth had the symptoms sound very similar to the others on this site describe. I did everything, more tremors of the hands and jaw, especially in the morning. I bake Estela-n -. Every day all day. I smoked before work, at work, after work until sunset. I have quite anti-social, wanted to be separated or not anywhere from my box. Finally brought me even go under the Einfluss.Die first week of not smoking, was very angry. I avoided people and things that he knew me would worsen. Now 5 weeks clean, don't even think about. All what you need is a change in mentality. I think that this can stop anytime my life more productive weed frei.Ich at a certain time, but I am concerned about the consequences. This lasted 16 weeks, a couple of years, but somehow caught again. If you are someone in the vicinity, some who haven't tried.I found this site very encouraging be. People know I'm talking about, because they were too. She holds there StreetScholar, it is easier. Hi smoke marijuana sounds every day and WelcomeIt as if you the motivation of this time. I've tried to leave several times with varying degrees of success. This time it seems different. I have a mentality better after reading some of the posts here. Knowing that my symptoms were typical, and that I wasn't crazy, really helped me.The people on this site have been through what happened, and it was very comforting for me. We know little tips and tricks that can help you.Worry too much about problems with memory and concentration. The pollutants the body leave it returns in British Colombia (before cannabis).A large amount of cold water with ice cream drink is refreshing and helps, to eliminate the waste its cells clog. Treat yourself in every way good. (except one)Deep breathing exercises are good for anxiety. Respirer breathe through the nose for 5 seconds, 5 seconds, wait and then you breathe slowly through your mouth for 7 seconds. Do this 10 times and feel relaxed. The exercise is ideal for insomnia. Take a walk in the neighborhood, but not immediately before going to bed. Cool down before you try to make me sleep.We are open 24 hours. Here at any time. Victoria is there, and you can tell you everything you need.Once again, welcome. And to endure the daily degassing unit. As the State of almost two months without grass. I can say that it is not as bad as the first two weeks (no more cravings, got almost no more attacks, I can more food and I can no longer sleep), but still Probleme.Manchmal (especially on my days) seems very depressed for no reason, without any ambition to really extreme Downers, bad, I've done nothing to do but watch TV or movies. And at the same time, they feel under pressure, a happy face for all. In other words, I believe that I was without stunned summer can have fun. I'm getting now for a few days in a row.I need constant encouragement and activities, but they are not obviously and always available.After a few days work bad usually begins to feel better. But the depressing days still await me next time if me is boring.What I want to say is, Yes, I think it is good luck hope, but takes time. And the time is different for each of them. For me, take more time than I thought.Wishes happy to have either, but on the other hand, the only thought which comes to mind is that now that's what I do now? And response even with the expectation of the work to come. Don't give up, the disease will soon return to say how. Thank you for the read. Welcome in JpYour loss of appetite is used to the be hungry when you eat you. This is done in a week or two. Don't worry, you are not hungry, the feeling, then that is normal depression. I think that the grieving process of part of it can be attributed to. We are mourning a friend and reliable weed control. Not only that but the grass messes with your brain chemistry, neurotransmitters, especially as levels of serotonin, dopamine, and epinephrine. If you are clinically depressed, they must also Autocorreggersi in a few weeks. It takes, it is always better.BFD. Angel 420You should be proud of yourself. You have an excellent choice, be sure before the grass to achieve this goal. So begins a circle of Positvity in your life, in contrast to the negative area, all are them and us. Instead of a spiral downwards like a landmark descends, we begin to climb upwards. Who knows what could be our potential, until we started the return trip. Stay strong, my friend, you can and do what you want. how it was decided to smoke again In the decide to break his time, Ive been smoking pretty heavily me 4 to 8 grams heavy indicates headband og Ogpurp and Bubba. High school had some, but not as well as smoking. When I first started smoking, was once a day, at which 8 for more than a week that was taken, shingles and 2 months of excruciating pain, Zoster, which these spiritual exercises have smoked anything, makes perfectly for months until I have, that I talk sometimes half a day, I smoked and arranged around. Once he better start smoking less, back, but many are still seen In the 8130 ' 5, which I finally decided for a while maybe 4ever knows one night and unnecessary Snoking b not to jump lol I once in my car Everybreak and destroy my Spray.Ich know this is bullshit, I want to stop, but it was not in me and fuck me I try Leaveim no executions security dreams you not :) and my stomach is killin ' me. I still have a few moderate PHN IN the gravel fear concludes that the victim must back the pain relievers, which doesn't help and it does hurt. Now In the is not, makes me feel bad, but I'm worried that when this bump and my PHN erupts. I'm going to the doc today, which you checked in cases when your only symptoms resignation or PHN then good but would rather b safe then I'm sorry. Jono will increase dreams. I had a few very good. He was afraid of what 1, when I left a few years later. This is 3, what kind of sleep my first time even if a bad not so shocking for me. But there is another stop smoking herbal steals your dreams from your Hello World part, I would like to only Soviets is to see happy people who support each other, as they here are their great and gives me hope for this bad habit. I am currently on day 4, it is now 5 and I can't sleep, so I'm here to tell my story. I am a professional woman of 24 years, since he was 15 years old. I tried several times, but somehow he moved back, when I look back, I now know that I not strong enough, to the temptation to withstand. Withdrawal symptoms are awful and if she's not his own in a surprise. I know In the first on day 4, but this time In the 100% decided to withdraw from the contract and not give up. I think that the individual must be mentally ready. You really want to stop, you must have the force of will and be prepared, be very willing, as we know, is not easy. The Rite now in my life iv Graduuated of universities, we do not know how you smoke it, all grass and I want to start my career. Smoking pot affects my memory and ability to concentrate for a long time and is not suitable for my desired career. I hope that keep all the best of luck and you like updated In exe. Let me start off by saying thank you! This page has seen me and feel much better, it feels, that In the only cause is not!I have been using for 3 years in all daily marijuana! and since I went on holiday and it was not in the position, my hands put it anywhere was but I took vacation and it was good for 3 days, but when I came back all hell broke loose!I thought I had the swine flu. = X cause In a healthy human, I'm going to the gym In the big guy 6 foot 4 inch 276 pounds. It was the worst for me, who had never heard of these things, my body wanted to, even if the 2-4 days were worst day 6 and I feel Thesewithdraws me but not as much as on the first day of 2-4, for me, but I'm still feeling nervous Naoussa, sweating for no reason. So today I went and rehab have me at a local GNC store to at least some of them the THC out of my body. I didn't, I thought what was happening to me, I pay out excess weeds not! I thought that high blood pressure, low Zuckergehalt.Blahhh bla until what my girlfriend said I should check, whether you In the retreat, which brings me to this Web site. While reading I said to myself, this is what ho! So I felt much better and more relaxed, but sometimes the feeling to go cause (Hey Aronld use, to a cigar smoke after a training-lol) but especially in the Nite when sleep your smoke after a heavy workout relax would my fear then at Nite with me and welding at the height is. I would like to add that my dream not by bad sleep of nature and knock-in 4 hours of sleep drink a cup of tea, but I at 06 and the done woke up I can go back! Also In the mark just wait and see what you and HappensTHANK get the post! P.Ojala, some of you, it made me feel better, because it has done for me. Hi I am 32 years old and have smoked daily for 14 years. I have 4 days ago, and it was extremely difficult. Horrible heartburn and have constant head pain was. There was a decided to do first a little research.Thank so much for the info and help, I think that I am not alone. 1 day closer, to be a non-smoking. :). Hello to all. I'm a 26-Yes a-year-old man has been smoking daily for 16 years. There were several times where I went where no smoking for a longer stay of the week. During these trips I had withdrawal symptoms, except for random cravings take drugs, but I think it was because I was on vacation and always busy / entertained. However, it is now 3 days since I last smoked mine. Day 2, I thought that this virus, chills, sweats, was only of the stomach nausea upset stomach. It took the whole night, and I finally got to handle 14 advil to sleep to take. Day 3, I felt better, but the nausea at night returned. At the time start to feel after reading these posts I itself better. I was always a supporter of the idea of the material mind. Drink Emetrol, which a liquid syrup, which is essentially of sugar, that helps with the nausea. Another technique I use is the acupuncture point on the underside of the wrist that blocks receptors cause nerves, nausea. But the best way, to overcome this feeling of trying to forget. If you stay there, I don't feel anything nausea. So I force myself to get up, maybe some jumps, to do the game. just my opinion, to be sick. Yesterday, I had the vaccine or disease diabetes with sudden and prolonged nausea. My feelings were, perhaps because they are still smoking, but I HAAATE pain stomach. So much and so well that die several times. I already start to know better (or rather suggests), the symptoms disappear. He did not smoke, because my oblivion in toking was only a temporary financial problem. To know what it feels like to stop him, me doesn't matter, that no longer starts. You've always loved smoking, and it is a sad thought that I leave. I hope that the next few days will be less painful than the previous ones. Good luck to all go through this. I know not how it on this page landed here, but everything has a reason. I am a 56 year old man smoking marijuana began 14 years ago. I have to smoke all day every day from the years when I was young. How old not necessary all the time, after you weeks and months and even years between high. I've got a job for my entire life, I have raised a beautiful family of 4 and my wife and I have a very solid relationship. Do not drink alcohol because I don't want and I had, what, that was the hardest to leave tobacco. Not once had a negative impact in all the years when I stop smoking marijuana for an indefinite period. Three months ago, it was the last time that I woke up and was almost 7 years. Believe my point is that we are all different and that smoking marijuana for any reason, do it or not. Everything we do has a reason. It helps me relax more. Take a few puffs and put things about sealed air, next time, I'm feeling of relaxation. I smoke the best from Holland and for all is a very nice person available have no problem, to help those who are in need. New find this country is loosening of marijuana laws and is prescribed for patients by their doctors. There are many reasons for treatment with marijuana. The money wasted to eliminate marijuana try thinking. I don't know, but much nonsense has the opposite effect on me. When I see that two teenagers sitting on the couch and one of them, it melts on the couch and another said that it was high on pot. The first thing that POPs in my mind is wow, it's a weed and where find I some grass, formed in quack about, what I have is that it can take not my keys shit. I firmly believe so, that if you have or get the effects of stop smoking pot perhaps there is a reason and it is easy to blame the grass. It could be psychosomatic and allow you to believe, that all the garbage. Reminds me of a comment called, that years refer to the madness? Addictions are everywhere look and bombards it every day, but the pot only slightly should be used sparingly us and never to mask other problems.With regard to the withdrawal of the grass in my opinion, it is at best very soft. It is much easier to stop. But tobacco is legal and there is nothing much to anyone, support. It is a drug, which regulated added due to the amount of nicotine, it is very exciting. People die from this garbage and it is still consumers. Worse, there are things that are hung up on the lawn from this kind of propaganda, who really believe this garbage. No one should smoke marijuana, but choose to know that getting a degree of risk is it, when we do this. I just hate it, if it is a little smoke now grass to climb on a pedestal and say, how much you try to quit. Most of the symptoms described things that smoking or not all grass. Don't forget that we all have to pay the violins. I hope not to offend anyone but I try to keep it real, and no I am not now raised at least 3 months, but be. Marijuana is the same thing 30 years ago, the grass was another 500 years, used jewel DEA, poorly stored, to prove his power 3 years ago. Then came some Headies in 2002 and tested em and said OMG is super weed. FAKE, its just cold, the marine police ships drugs, then it crashes, it is a huge money maker, all be fooled. Drugs are bad and I have my attacks, but came out on top, and I know that, but you believe all not the hype, life is a journey, can you change him, without effort, takes not only changes. Hi DJB, you're not a conversation! All came to share our thoughts, and we're all here to help each other. It is good to hear that you are taking the first step to detoxification. Everyone is different and the scales are estimated, because they differ from one person to the other. What smoke, smoked, who smoked, and how much. ? Moreover, the genetic population, personality etc. taken into account, which is, I recommended two peak months for dreams that so long blocks, although it could be less. With regard to the other symptoms, I'm two weeks and my irritability has fallen sharply, but still that was fighting with other factors, IE. Anxiety, dizziness, nausea and insomnia. I know that, as soon as it is completely out of my body, about 3-4mths then I will feel 100%. I don't see how the herbs do without, I love you so much. I took my problems every day for 14 years, I have hidden themselves away from them. But honey, which does not not work, because no one can hide forever. All you do is intended to use on Earth. I did, and I have very bad. Without better brain function grass. Believe me, I already live clarity in my thought process. Only through fourteen days and see what you think. I'm sure that everything will be much clearer. I personally I want no slave to be a drug. We wish you good luck and do not forget, a common, do you need to get on this site for strength, but also works). I switched on and switched off for the last 4 years smoked. Before my life last Wednesday had a few weeks earlier. If I lived holiday, I don't because many symptoms of withdrawal will be up to a week without it (headache). Today is day 5 without, and in total I have my decision of my life and never Fumero J not another in my life taken again. I leave you for 3 years, but of course like everyone kept come back, because life without him was too boring.Well, to be honest, life without is it better. I reduce the exercises in modern Marijuana withdrawal symptoms. The headache was in two days, but the nausea is persistent. DEF Irratability and of course the loss of appetite.but of the fact that my headaches were quick to experience indicates me hoping that other symptoms worse.For those who want to regain their lives, this is your chance. I know that everyone says that grass is not addictive, but these symptoms definition can say that are wrong. What give him. good luck to all. Hello to all. I'm a 25 year old woman who has smoked for 10 years. With 15 years, I have tried, because my old friends first slept, but try as much as I was fascinated by the high, everyone knew.In retrospect, it was that he was old, that I needed or desired smokes every day from the age of 17. Even as you ton per week smoke maybe only a quarter. Smoke now in the last few years a Woche.Als I at the age of 21 and 4.5 O with me, that the idea of counting was not my fear through the roof, I moved abroad! Also a dealer origin days and I noticed that all pot Tokers.Ich don't think all of the friends I made in this new country, harmful for my life, I was smoking a good job, was at the top of my game and not suffer from poor memory or something, but not permanently to maintain a home and blaze after a day of full work-if it was good or bad a day. Herb was not only already a recreation for me, but a serious relationship. Found that I have less time out of the House and go to work, to visit grocery stores and people who I had visit would be home and escape or go to the houses of friends and do the same. When I ran, a demon on the retailer was to collect ride home.I decided to leave for many reasons. And I was about 2 years ago. Then I see an infection of the breast, such as not these blogs and other people in the same boat thought to find and this herb has payouts. He had to take two weeks work, he suffered panic attacks, feeling close to the throat, sweaty, hot and cold sweat and dizziness, which made me hang on the wall to go anywhere! It was like a frail 90-year-old. Inexplicably 6 weeks after it let go, I had a day very hard and achieved a little smoke. Hello again once a week or a Gewohnheit.Diesmal its for the good. But as some here I suffer seriously. Should be for all the negative people who really don't comment on this blog if you are not suffering and need help, did not know that she could suffer withdrawals with grass, and had the symptoms I it is 2 years psychological might be, and that just like seemingly all, withdraw that. My doctor told me that levels of THC in your system cause chemical imbalances, only when the THC can be true, that you are back!This time I decided to try me ween out of the grass. I started 2 weeks ago. I smoked dope 12-15 per day. The first week was 5 joints per day. In two days, he had the shakes, body, loss of appetite, panic attacks, sweaty palms and the warm and cold sweats. Worse, it is the feeling, there is a knot in my throat, breathing is shallow and I can do nothing, because I'm trying to breathe. In the past week fell to 3 or more joints per day. Most of the attacks is worse, my heart was hit in the stomach, he was shaking so much. Feeling the neck is still there and fear mainly for 18 years, while you get usually work. Remove random or others? I ended up going to help in the Dominican Republic. It helped me panic attacks, understanding, which in turn improves many serious. Xanax I a very addictive prescribed also, now, there personality, so I'm not 250microgram what I think in the long run, tablets only 3 x, there is a low dose for a week. I have only when symptoms of withdrawal, sweating, trembling, etc., not with an anxiety or a panic attack, what in my opinion is the key in controlling the own attacks, instead of pop then have me relief for repair or mixed spark!Today, she'll be hanging at 1.5 per day, and on Wednesday I up 0