A nostalgic, this post is for me - it transfer reminded me of old color labels system. Delivered with a small radiator. The 1923 T patrol is Anotherrare TN Kit. Was very difficult to obtain, but finally in the year 2005. as usual, built the team as a rough.A sheet sticker had stickers of the police, but after 37 years (the kit is in 1969), these were damaged and unusable.I had some signs of police photod├ęcoupe and replace looks very intelligent according to color map in the car. Ford Model T Speedster 1924 by such StartEdit as a generation of truck model 23 life evil T (old Office Kit). The kit aside, restored, Chassisand Enginebut did not know what to do with the rest of the car.After many consider Ford Model T PicturesI decided to make my model T Speedster. Fire fender sand Wallwere van 23 given for delivery. Wasmodified represents (windshield has been cut) Anddownsized height width (speed.!). The seats are old entries Froman, as Stylebucket the old Office 25 updated Roadster Kit. Small Toolkit, the spare wheel is Ford Pickup. from a 34 AnotherAMT Roadster Kit is a remnant of the 25. I Avutoper used a little tank and fuel in the Alwaysoval Modelsare Sprinter with no tank-hand spare parts. The seat and the fuel tank 1 mm housing plastic Weremadefrom. Windshield, Speedster models oval Oftenseen, was also Fromscrap (in fact, a wine plastic CDcase.).Finishing touches of the Ford was the gold Stripingon, Fender, tank, tool box and Pulsarprofx Decal System some other parties and small copper radiator (a sticker replacement kit from custom one).In 2005 could Yes not, when Henry Ford is model of Approvedthis for the production line, but the fire engine 1927 t one of the rare official Kit to buy. The kit is from 1969 and Wassold at the time of $1.38. And I want to not know really what today wears a mint Kit. My team was full, but I was very wrong box. In fact broke down, so I have a Decentprice Kit. All my models built this game as a rough. Includeddecals kit for fire of Riverside, but after 37 years worsened Decalshad due to age. I had made a different game from me and Allthoughthey are not very good that the pictures are very nice (and expensive). And that is apparently in the car, because it is a complete wing sprinter, I decided to make all Otherparts as they were. As if someone healed body only mercury factory has replaced.A plug (with Red Mercury M) consists of scrap. Windshieldgot, some puzzles, the remains of an another T and designed so that to get to the correct height. The grille was built around a little. Irounded wears the insignia of the mercury edges above and a small plate after cutting added. Received small door handles and trunk lid and dashboard also the required Angaben.Und here are the pictures of the cars is complete. This model began life as a Kitfroma from the AMT 1925 Ford Pickup. It reduces the sides of the bed and a different model (a Towingtruck Lindberg Kit) Towingequipment Addedthe. trailer team received some additional Cosascomo and lamps kit spacer reinforcement. The Lindberg was also a box of Extras.Ein spare wheel was added on the right side. Tyres and inner tubes labels were Decalsfrom of a replacement Kit.Schleppendes other equipment was not functioning, ButI fully functional Arrivatoa with different Parteien.Was reminds me that you really need, a tow truck photo take inaction. ,,.