Objectives for usability and mass market appeal. GoPro, has kept things simple on the other side. You do not have maximum features and form factor or price is very tempting. But good quality and reliable metric of evolving a lot of accessories that makes it attractive to a wide range of use cases. ? Dog trainers? No problem, junior bust your costumes chucho. Use the bridge? GoPro covered is almost laughable. What keeps these days, the burden of proof on the rest is needless to say that, although there is plenty of competition, when GoPro GoPro before a lot of this concern. Clear, $ 399 for the upper House, isn't cheap. But even in this case, to ├ęditions GoPro ($ 199) and money ($ 299) white a, if not the absolute best specs, requirements. This is evidenced by GoPro, an improvement from 33 percent in the sharpness of the image with respect to the power of the new look Hero3. Of course, there is only one way to really judge and do the other side of the. And we did exactly that and accept that the head-to-head, Hero3 shots + not only appears sharper, but with much more brightness has better colors mostly. In fact, add the light that only really perceived image quality. In the screenshot below, it can be with stone buildings Hero3 + closer look, see plans shop alimentos-Hall, offering less detail Hero3 metres for the first (clearly on the ground into gravel, in particular). What is this new battery? Now, we are pleased to announce that seems to make a solid difference. Owners of old cameras, GoPro economic trends may have been developed for energy management. It is always difficult to get rid of people, but the difference with the new battery is decent. In our efforts, we have a good general use, reduced to three or four hours of constant use. Progress, but it is advisable to carry some spare parts, if you can. Have a spirit of adventure? Love the video? If we apply this to you, then you're probably familiar with the GoPro. Heck, if you've left them both off the coast, there is the possibility of having a. Each iteration of the camera has promised to bring your selected task in more detail and clarity. This is what you can, pull the cam in the bag this time to a different purchase inspired the zumindest hopes to answer-GoPro. Accessories? GoPro a. lot. So, technically, we are not done with the material. If the Hero3 + Buy Black Edition (i.e. what we want to test them), get a waterproof housing, water a WiFi remote (equal to $ 80), two quick release cycles, two sticky mountains (an apartment, a curve), a rotating arm of the trio and a cable (USB). Is less bulky than the package once, but despite this, you need to go.Besides what is box has launched a series of new accessories besides the GoPro Hero3 +. We have some of these delicious. So, while it gives you extra cost, it is mention for pure cost, if nothing else. The thief map should still: Flex clamp jaws. As the name suggests, it's just a higher achieved with patented swivel clip GoPro high. Pine also has an adjustable neck, with which he recorded a rear corner of the offline range. This is not recommended potential really add some new options from the point of view, but for everyone. Have you tried submitting a Freebord (to see) in the video and the neck adds a lot of changes in the video (also fell at the end of the race), is best suited for the more stable Objekte. If only a few subjective standard or pull out. Instead carry strap new hook heights QuickClip Edition without the need, the more prominent headlamp clips in those pants. Other innovations include a fool (revised), a mountain of chest and junior easier, however, once Welcome: Monte updated regularly. There are these official forms and third parties for some time, but the official rehabilitation GoPro, a chance to see (and I'm so, so cheap, too). in the Web page of GoPro, if they can learn the specifics like shoot 960 p 100 frames per second? (The answer is Yes, by the way). It is not only the resolution and fps is already limited. Protune has made a return, a preset mode for professionals, providing more control during the post-production phase. There are also several proportions. If you shoot at 2.7 K or 4 K, decide, 16: 9 or 17: 9 (4 k, or 4096 x 2,160 x 1,440 2.7 2704 k if you follow). During filming in 1440 p, there are also old 4: 3. Is your lot of video options. In fact, we are absolutely not gelogen. You have to look at a number of settings available, with ultra wide down the line, narrow and medium to collect between 720 and 2.7 K for 720 p and 1080 p only field.Surprisingly, we haven't finished yet again. There are some new options, less technical in nature and should be more about this great opportunity. First is the aforementioned SuperView, which is sympathetic to 4: 3 and basically the broader, including the 16: 9 format. GoPro wide angle perspective track as more engaging, but given the layman is more sympathetic, while, in 4: 3 TV (black bars, extending it should not). Another new option is the path to something low light self explanatory, Marcos victims per second when the lighting conditions are poorest of the above change more calcium. If we wrote a couple of weeks earlier in this section, it would be a very different result. Why? Because society, much like the main competitor of GoPro. Most likely, you've come here from examples of video and will not fault. GoPro is simple: shoot high quality recordings, you choose what angle/perspective to leave. If you read or more, so first of all, how shameful, but then it's good to know that there are many options for movies. To test each individual should hold us until next week. We have, however, to ensure that we supported all resolutions, a variety of options of Visual field and frame rate. In short, what interests us is the quality of the pictures, that you take the entire range and as always, which is material. We have our GoPro in water and the decline of direct action Skate use two typical falls, but also some Featuretests. Der internal and external General before so wanted to test was the SuperView. The feature to write here is something that was very tense GoPro. The company's founder, Nick Woodman, said that, so far, all in 4: 3 for additional cooking shot (with 16: 9, cut the top and bottom) collected. This means that the image is if you want to be nice to play with most television sets or use only with black bars and it offers always the larger format. SuperView is the solution, it effectively would seize only 4: 3 and dynamically extends to 16: 9 during registration (if all goes well, is better than many boring post production software).The idea is that the result of the best of both worlds. Purists might cringe at the idea of any image and we understand. Others will be happy that they called for more information about their experiences, you can get in the record. Our experience? Addictive, it is certain that the hopes of GoPro, but there are also Visual distortions edges, as you can imagine. The only superView connections and is already a brand widely angled shots. Action moving quickly, this effect is particularly noticeable, but when the subject is right in the Middle, the bigger picture for the immersion in this mode can appreciate; It depends a lot on the issue. With three Hero3 + camera choice (black, white and silver) should not be an issue of price. You should also not quality. GoPro takes a sheet of Apple and their camera always better written the book, even if it has only an incremental update of Hero3. But, given this better logging, has several options, better battery and not to mention props and more, it's really nothing to complain about in a smaller enclosure. This is the best GoPro really ever with a 12 months cycle, apparently in place, now if it is new at GoPro, time for the owners of the previous model has to make a tough decision. For some that is not quite new, here's the update, but must-have-be justified also won't be disappointed. Ski season is now upon us, after all.Daniel Orren contributed to this report. ,,.